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  1. Question about optical migraines
  2. eye pain
  3. blurred vsion
  4. Possible Eye Strain?
  5. If I'm in a dark place, I see the exact same things I would see with my eyes closed.
  6. Corneal Ulcer - No vision yet please help/advise
  7. Optic neuritis and black spots?
  8. Dilated Eyes in Kids
  9. Seeing my IOL ?
  10. Blepharoplasty Update - Former Poster
  11. Blurry spot in Vision, No firm diagnosis.
  12. Low vision problems, what jobs can I do?
  13. Uveitis/Iritis
  14. Lawd I look ugly with glasses & lenses dont work
  15. Could i need Glasses
  16. problem with mirrors
  17. White part of eye bright red
  18. sudden blurry(unfocused) vision
  19. Clogged eyelash follicles
  20. Eye Extremely Sensitive To Sunlight
  21. Can't seem to find a comfortable contact lens prescription?
  22. Split Second Black Sight then goes back
  23. detached retina lower part
  24. Fixed eye floater, doesn't float.
  25. Do you have any unusual floaters or other opacities?
  26. Right Eye Slow to Open
  27. Not Glaucoma
  28. Lower eyelid and puffiness under eye (only 1 eye)
  29. Risk of retina detachment and exercise
  30. Eye problem
  31. Black lines on CC on TV and shadows/large spots
  32. Anxiety/Confusion when wearing contacts
  33. Floaters Caused by vitreous detachment not always serious
  34. Retinal detachment due to retinopathy of prematurity
  35. Did I hit my extraocular muscle?
  36. Will Dry Eyes caused by mgd/posterior blepharitis every go away?
  37. strabismus ... need help :(
  38. I cant stop pulling out my eyelashes, just need someone to talk to
  39. help
  40. Can't See the Stars
  41. Small individual sparks in vision
  42. Recurrent periods of blurry vision. Any ideas?
  43. what is the cause of eyelid cyst?
  44. Transparent/Shimmering/Sparkling Area in One Eye
  45. Salzmanns Nodules
  46. Eyesight operation
  47. small red bump on lower eye lid
  48. very welcome
  49. Discharge/Gunk in my Tear Ducts every morning!
  50. Strange Vision Problems... Please Help
  51. Drooping left eye
  52. GPC Won't go away.
  53. Glaucoma
  54. Pinched cornea...
  55. TORIC IOL IMPLANTS after cataract surgery
  56. Has Anyone Had Success Alleviating Black Floaters?
  57. Eyebrow problem
  58. Quick, sharp eye pain when going from light to darkness
  59. An odd vein-like/bloodshot-like are on my eyeball (The white part)?
  60. aching,bulging-feeling eye
  61. Really bad veins under eyes, please help
  62. How many Dr's must I see?
  63. Sudden Vision Loss
  64. Vision problem
  65. Is this a eye floater?
  66. Crystalens and YAG surgery problems HELP
  67. Head and Eye Pressure After I fell & Hit my Head
  68. Post ERM/vitrectomy cataracts?
  69. Post Vitrectomy exams
  70. Cataracts- Multifocal IOL vs Monofocal IOL
  71. Dancin' Boots, We Need Update, Okay?
  72. Are Dry Eyes more prone to infection??
  73. whats the BEST Blepharitis Treatment to get under control
  74. Dad having trouble with new glasses
  75. Infrequent blepharitis symptoms??
  76. floaters and light flashes
  77. Mgd/Blepharitis-Expiriences??
  78. tired eyes
  79. clear mucus under eye lid
  80. Eye puffyness
  81. Help for anisometropia
  82. Supplements for general eye well-being?
  83. Suddenly, Eye is blurry. Is this forever?
  84. Cornea Ulcer Recovery...Please explain
  85. Eye ball problem
  86. My Eye looks like its cut around the iris!?[Pic]
  87. Blepharitis... is there really a cure??
  88. Progressive lenses or readers
  89. Visual Snow for 20 years, is it curable?
  90. Dust behind my eyeball?
  91. HELP PLEASE: Split-second Black Outs
  92. Serious eye issue, or just bad allergies?
  93. Flashes and floaters - recent origin
  94. Iridocyclitis, Scleritis and Episcleritis all at once
  95. Accumulation of lymphoid tissue following facelift
  96. Scratched Cornea after facelift
  97. Blurry vision that switches eyes periodically
  98. Weird.. blew my nose and seen stars!!!
  99. Blepharitis Lid Redness
  100. Infant has stripe of brown in typical blue eyes
  101. I have high IOP but ran out of eye drops.. what to do?
  102. Vertical Heterophoria?
  103. i might be overdosing on eye drops PLEASE READ I AM VERY WORRIED :(
  104. Newly dx'd with glaucoma
  105. Blepharitis/Meibomitis please help :(
  106. Cbs
  107. ILM peel
  108. What Is Going On With My Eyes!?!?
  109. Eye drops for Conjuctivitis
  110. Feels like somethings in my eye
  111. Meibomitis questions please help, soo confused :(
  112. LASEK Protocol: Advice Urgently Req.
  113. Tunnel in the center of my vision, HELP.
  114. Swollen Right Eye
  115. Contacts: dry eyes & lens awareness
  116. Anyone tried Advocare Optisight Supplement??
  117. MGD Due to acutane.
  118. steroid injection post surgery
  119. What can I do about this
  120. Eyes pointing outwards-double vision
  121. ILM peel
  122. bright spots in vision
  123. Losing hope with Central Serous Retinopathy
  124. Swollen right eyebrow for 6+ years
  125. Anti-histamine length?
  126. Dimming vision and color fading and blue spots
  127. blinking obsession :(.......
  128. Eale's Disease
  129. Vision therapy for eye strain?
  130. Corneal abrasion
  131. what causes vision problems that look like holograms?
  132. IOP post surgery
  133. Occasional double vision, eye floaters, ghost images? Help?
  134. eyelid bump
  135. Spot/Shadow in vision
  136. Eyes not seeing light properly?
  137. Is this a floater
  138. Purple afterimages/trails around lights in dark
  139. Uveitis, and all of these symptoms. ready to give up!
  140. Possible complications of vitrectomy surgery
  141. vitrectomy, macular pucker
  142. what style of rx sunglases should i choose
  143. Strabismus?
  144. why i can't wear contacts
  145. can i take eye surgery
  146. Seeing a lot round blurry like circle
  147. can i wear sunglases? help
  148. how
  149. Post Vitrectomy/ERM surgery Pics
  150. eye power
  151. benign tumor under the eye
  152. Anesthesize eye in vitrectomy surgery
  153. crystalenses
  154. Anybody Know?
  155. long term retinal detachment/vitrectomy post surgery
  156. Eye problems? Would like to know what it may be?
  157. Nose always in field of vision
  158. Can you strain muscles in your eye?
  159. Nevanac side effects question
  160. Floaters - how long do they last?
  161. Hair and small pimple below upper lid near eyeball
  162. cold/hot
  163. Glaucoma meds are giving me red eyes
  164. bad vision post vitrectomy
  165. Link to Frames Site?
  166. Glare, starbursts, halos, double vision, seen 5 doctors. Please help.
  167. Eye red and blur vision in corener of left eye
  168. Different problems with my vision since 2009
  169. Eyeball Twitching
  170. Appt. with Neuro Opthalmologist
  171. Can my eye check up test be changed?
  172. Macular Pucker / Vitrecomy
  173. my vision keeps changing
  174. Dr kept saying "there's another snowball"
  175. Having after images and other symptoms. Help?
  176. Seeing Red, white, and blue lines.
  177. i had prk surgery and developed 2 weeks later uveitis
  178. Eye Bag
  179. Chalzion
  180. Eyeball is stuck to inner eyelid! Why?
  181. Orthokeratology??
  182. Seeing few long beams of light extending from ligth source and starburst like vision
  183. PVD & ERM prevention ?
  184. Watery eyes
  185. Should it take this long to adjust to glasses?
  186. -4.25 @ 23 yrs old, WHEN WILL MY VISION STABALIZE!
  187. restasis
  188. More than a "few" Floaters
  189. macular lesions ?
  190. Computer work
  191. Blurry vision after CATARACT surgery....
  192. Ocular migraines
  193. Shooting black squares in eyes
  194. Constantly Getting Conjunctivitis - I wear contacts
  195. Myopia not corrected by glasses
  196. Astigmatism
  197. Double vision
  198. Macular Pucker / Victrecomy
  199. Brown-Tinted Vision Following Cataract Surgery
  200. Got a hair in the eye is this dangerous?
  201. Opinions needed re: Impossible to wear glasses-after cataract surgery?
  202. Black dots and squiggly line in my vision
  203. Retinitis Pigmentosa Anxiety. Please help.
  204. Iritis
  205. Macular Pucker / Victrecomy
  206. April 2011 Chr Dr Y for approx 6 months
  207. Need Advice on my Eye(s)
  208. white drop kind of movement at corner of right eye
  209. Bad right eye
  210. Do stye's turn white after a few days? (pic included)
  211. I suffer from severe floaters and also other vision problems!
  212. Corneal erosion
  213. Update and question
  214. Occasionally uneven pupils
  215. little bump on the white of my eye
  216. what does a -10 contact lens convert to in the 20/20 system?
  217. vitrectomy, macular pucker: Local Anesthesia vs General
  218. Difference in reading prescription and actual
  219. vitrectomy, macular pucker
  220. meating people
  221. Vitrectomy with silicone oil
  222. Light Headed, Temporary Vision Loss
  223. Perfect vision but need to wear glasses ALL the time
  224. Contact Lenses problem - really strange!
  225. How to treat uveitis caused by 2nd IOL implant in one eye.
  226. Squiggly bright dots in peripheral for brief spurts less than once monthly...
  227. ICL Info and advice.
  228. Halos, Floaters, Unequal Pupils
  229. Starting with PVD in left eye
  230. epiretinal membrane and cataract surgery together
  231. Should I be concerned?
  232. eye pain
  233. I have ROP.
  234. Eyes rapidly moving up and down while eyes closed
  235. Eye Freckle/Choroidal Nevus
  236. blurry vision from corner of right eye
  237. Plugging Tear Ducts
  238. Blurry vision, double vision
  239. Optic migraine? And unintentional vibrating eyes?
  240. blind form left eye
  241. Haze
  242. Eye and head pain
  243. Cataract surgery
  244. In the light all the time?
  245. Film over eye?
  246. Small pebble at corner of eye?
  247. High Blood Pressure and Eye problems.
  248. URGENT!!!unresolved eye infection for 6 months
  249. Did eye doctor cause floaters?
  250. Recurrent Corneal Erosions for 2 years