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  1. Do I actually need new glasses?
  2. Please HELP! Blurred Vision Last Several Months
  3. Help me identify an odd eye condition I witnessed.
  4. Just had eye exam. Some questions :)
  5. Freaking out - URGENT!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  6. Freaked out during eye exam
  7. A Month-Long Infection? Help!
  8. Blepharitis
  9. weird swirly light thing in left coner of vision
  10. tired eyes
  11. contact lenses allergies ?
  12. Should I go for laser surgery or intra-ocular implant ?
  13. Dextran drops
  14. opthamologist or optometrist?
  15. left eye twitch along with small muscle spasms and headache
  16. Better for Short-Sighted Person: 15'' or 17'' LCD Monitor?
  17. My eye:
  18. Could your recent vision problem be due to your thyroid medication ?
  19. Dry Eye Redness
  20. Blepheritis? Or something else??
  21. Could my glasses be causing these symptoms?
  22. White flashes in eyes with headaches
  23. toddler with bump on eyelid
  24. Macular Degeneration and Lucentis
  25. Re: Drooping eyelid
  26. Childrens vision
  27. Dullness behind right eye
  28. Keratoconus
  29. What is going on??? Total loss of vision, virtigo and now seeing double....help
  30. Vision loss.
  31. Healing process after scleral buckle
  32. Floaters?
  33. Puffy Eyebag
  34. My poor little 6 year old/ blepharitis/meibombian gland dysfunction
  35. Eye Care Advice
  36. Might i have pink eye?
  37. blepharitis help!!!??
  38. Ioc and yag
  39. Lost vision in eyes
  40. Jumpy vision, worsened by music
  41. Losing vision in 1 eye
  42. Can anyone recommend an opthamologist in the Portland OR / PNW area?
  43. Bright lights in vision
  44. Double Vision after watching TV and Cataracts
  45. Did eye fail to heal properly in 1994 from attack?
  46. Eye and Vision
  47. Seeing "flashes" after bad coughing spell
  48. Adult pinkeye twice in one month, vision loss
  49. Retinal Detachment Post-Surgery Question
  50. Blurred vision with Gas permeable contact lenses
  51. Questions about how IOP is measured
  52. random bouts of blurred vision with or without glasses on, slight dizziness....
  53. Pink/red ring around iris
  54. where sunglasses
  55. Vision problems lasting over a year after a migraine. Please help.
  56. perceiving the nose as halved nose shadows
  57. Unexplained Dizziness/ visual problems, please help.
  58. Floater treatment
  59. Lots'a movement in my field of vision - Symptoms
  60. What do you make of my retina scan?
  61. red eyes without being itchy
  62. New to Blepharitis...Any advice?
  63. Short sighted
  64. Right eye closing
  65. Blepharitis
  66. (Aleve) Naproxen sodium 220 mg Cause Dry Eyes?
  67. Occasional black blobs in corner of eye?
  68. Vision Loss on Seasonique
  69. Conflict with eyes prevent me from reading books
  70. nodulectomy on my left eye
  71. eye inflammation from chemical irritants
  72. Eye issues
  73. New black spots
  74. Floaters question
  75. Flashing dots
  76. Blurry vision and red eye - caused by low vitamin d??
  77. Odd vision problem making me miserable.
  78. tiny dot
  79. Weird acute vision loss and headache
  80. dry eye
  81. Eye Allergy or something else - DESPERATE
  82. Eyes gone deeper then deep!
  83. Watery eye and pain after cold
  84. Question about delaying ERM surgery
  85. IOC Crystalens Problems
  86. Increased blurred vision
  87. Post Cataract Surgery
  88. IOL Surgery complications
  89. Blepharitis
  90. Strange sort of afterimage that doesn't seem to go away.
  91. Creaking/Squishing Noise in Corner of Eye
  92. eye hemmorige relapse
  93. Cataracts from Pronlonged Use of Prednisone
  94. Vision prescriptions conflict
  95. Any goods reports from vitreous eye surgery?
  96. Droopy eyelid, pressure on one eye??
  97. 7 yr old with one eyelid involuntarily closing
  98. Question about dark cicles below eyes
  99. Unbearable pain with eye infection
  100. feeling faint and lost partial vision in left eye
  101. Off the peg reading glasses
  102. Right eye fades when I turn out lights before bed
  103. Dark Spot in Peripheral Vision for seconds, but NOT floaters
  104. eye blur
  105. spots and skwingles.
  106. Reading & Contacts
  107. Salzmann's Nodules Treatment Success?
  108. Excessive eye crust below lashes, for a long time, hasnít gone away, what do I do??
  109. Sideways Vision & Double Vision WORRIED!!
  110. Salzmann Nodulectomy Results question
  111. Flashing lights for a lifetime?
  112. Cornea Transplant Experiences Please
  113. Sudden Eye fog
  114. Visual snow, nerves & mood
  115. I can't distinguish blues and greens.
  116. Glaucoma and Herbal Medication
  117. Help... Heavy forehead and lazy eyes affecting my life
  118. unknown eye problem causing headaches ?
  119. bright light to flash in eyes
  120. Glare problem with Acrysof Restor lens
  121. accommodation problems?
  122. New contact lens wearer, need some info...
  123. retinal detachment or migraine?
  124. Help!!
  125. Eye problem
  126. Very bizarre visual disturbances
  127. Please Help! Eyes are burnt out!
  128. visual field
  129. Medicare allowance for glasses
  130. Recently Diagnosed With Posterior Vitreous Detachment
  131. Lazy eye as a result of detached retina.
  132. Strange spot in vision
  133. red swollen eyes and face
  134. upper eyelid surgery - Blepheroplasty
  135. Question about a Welding incident.
  136. Coloboma/cataract/IOL/blurry
  137. Story of a scratched eye. Need advice.
  138. Optic disc pit and vitrectomy op failure?
  139. Double Vision
  140. Stye in my eye
  141. Vertical Diplopia- Surgery or other options?
  142. Do I Have Dry Eye Syndrom Or Do I Simply Need Glasses?
  143. first general eye exam after vitrectomy
  144. Recurrent Corneal Erosions
  145. Shortsightedness
  146. Blepharitis
  147. Light sensitivity
  148. Cold sore on my Cornea
  149. Twitching Eye
  150. yellow lines across the inside of my eyes
  151. laser surgrey for retinal tear &care after it is done
  152. How is Blepharitis Diagnosed
  153. Blepharitis---Causes
  154. monocular diplopia
  155. detachment
  156. Eye tears up, burns, and turns red
  157. What causes rapid vision deteriation?
  158. what causes a yellow mass at corner of eyes
  159. swollen optic nerve
  160. what causes a knot to form under the eye
  161. Dettol wound cleaner sprayed in eye
  162. Chronic Eye Hemmorhage
  163. Is it time for new glasses?
  164. Bump in the indentations of the eye socket..
  165. Detached Retina
  166. Crooked , curved and angled straight lines
  167. Swollen eyes
  168. Help! Ocular migraines all day!
  169. what is a bump or lump on the inner corner of eye
  170. Successful corneal transplant after ocular herpes?
  171. Recurrent Corneal Erossion. Am I being treated properly?
  172. Sharp Shooting Pain Center of Eyes
  173. Blepharitis Help!
  174. why replace lens after cornea transplant
  175. Eye vessel problems - can anyone help?
  176. Blurred Vision
  177. Macular Hole Surgery
  178. My eye
  179. Cataract surgery and intraocular lens
  180. 3 styes in the last month and a half
  181. tired eyes and blinking
  182. Eye Nerve Damage
  183. tiny bump under bottome eyelid
  184. Very small, smooth bumps (hundreds) under eyes
  185. Optic Neuritis?
  186. how often do I need an oct eye scan
  187. 24/7 visual light show in both eyes, but apparently i'm perfectly healthy?
  188. ColorBlind - Please Help!
  189. Blepharitis
  190. Any suggestions for me please?
  191. Flash of light, almost like lightening......
  192. should I get glasses?
  193. bump under left eye
  194. Focusing while reading
  195. Constant Red Eyes.
  196. Floaters
  197. Rebuild your vision without surgery, is that possible?
  198. Red eyes..
  199. myopia still getting worse after 30?!
  200. Right Eye Issue
  201. Different light perception in eyes
  202. Can anyone suggest what I have?
  203. Adie's Tonic Pupil Eye Patch
  204. feels like bugs crawling on my eyes
  205. Something is wrong with my eye
  206. White stuff on Retina?
  207. Is this red mark in my eye a serious problem?
  208. PTK and Corneal Erosion
  209. Watering Eye
  210. can getting bumped in the face cause ocular migraine?
  211. Chalazion
  212. Adie's Tonic Pupil caused by H1N1 vaccine?
  213. Black Spec On My Right Eye?
  214. Chronic conjunctivitis: will it damage your eyes?
  215. how to treat clogged duct in eyelid
  216. Light Glare and Halos
  217. Recurring Corneal Virus?
  218. Can reading in dim light damage your eyes?
  219. Inflammation vein on the left eye
  220. Infection?
  221. Right Eye Irritation
  222. scleral buckle removal
  223. Problems after Cataract Surgery
  224. floating vertical hairlike line in line of vision of right eye
  225. how long until I might see improvement after visudyne
  226. flourecent light sesitivity
  227. Pterygium Surgery
  228. Blurred Vision in one eye on and off
  229. Red eye
  230. Pink eye and contacts
  231. Bumps and irritated eye
  232. Black spot/patch when I look up or to the side. Both eyes.
  233. yellow spots
  234. Not a fan of Crystalens
  235. Eye problems?
  236. One eye: bumps on eyelid, crusty, red, burning, watery...
  237. Something is wrong
  238. cataract on my right eye
  239. Eye swollen and red...see a doc? Or wait?
  240. Punctual Occlusion problems
  241. What is wrong with my eyes?
  242. Aaargh....
  243. My eyesight gets worse every year
  244. everytime i wear my new contacts... my eye gets bloodshot' what is wrong
  245. Question re: Bandage Contact and Corneal Abrasion
  246. This is what the retina specialist saw that coincides with blindspot of 3 years (pic)
  247. Irritated eye - embedded matter
  248. blepharitis help!!!??
  249. Akinetopsia question
  250. eyelid spot