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  1. Infection?
  2. Right Eye Irritation
  3. scleral buckle removal
  4. Problems after Cataract Surgery
  5. floating vertical hairlike line in line of vision of right eye
  6. how long until I might see improvement after visudyne
  7. flourecent light sesitivity
  8. Pterygium Surgery
  9. Blurred Vision in one eye on and off
  10. Red eye
  11. Pink eye and contacts
  12. Bumps and irritated eye
  13. Black spot/patch when I look up or to the side. Both eyes.
  14. yellow spots
  15. Not a fan of Crystalens
  16. Eye problems?
  17. One eye: bumps on eyelid, crusty, red, burning, watery...
  18. Something is wrong
  19. cataract on my right eye
  20. Eye swollen and red...see a doc? Or wait?
  21. Punctual Occlusion problems
  22. What is wrong with my eyes?
  23. Aaargh....
  24. My eyesight gets worse every year
  25. everytime i wear my new contacts... my eye gets bloodshot' what is wrong
  26. Question re: Bandage Contact and Corneal Abrasion
  27. This is what the retina specialist saw that coincides with blindspot of 3 years (pic)
  28. Irritated eye - embedded matter
  29. blepharitis help!!!??
  30. Akinetopsia question
  31. eyelid spot
  32. 1 yr+ and still no proper vision... Grrrrr...
  33. List of the most unusual symptoms
  34. Eyes and vision
  35. Strange Eye Issue:
  36. Laser Iridotomy
  37. Glaucoma Questions
  38. Blurred vision
  39. I am very freaked out right now.
  40. C3-R Treatment: Racing The Clock
  41. woke up, one eyelid wouldnt open
  42. Eye styes
  43. Fire ember in my eyes from a cigratte
  44. night vision
  45. Halo around lights..
  46. Peripheral Eye flashes
  47. Contact lense safe?
  48. Flickering vision due to lattice degeneration?
  49. yellow sight
  50. wake up with yellow sight
  51. Help Decipher Eyeglass Prescriptions - 1 Year Apart/Very Different
  52. Eyes irritated in the morning swollen and red
  53. just had a vitrectomy!
  54. Black lines in eyes on waking
  55. New to this board
  56. bright red veins on the white of eyeball?
  57. Undiagnosed gray/dark/blind spot for 3 years... New one in other eye yesterday
  58. Severe eye problems after Cataract and replacement lens surgery
  59. Inability to watch films in 3d!
  60. Losing sight
  61. Vitrectomy in my future ???
  62. Shaky Vision. Nausea. Vomiting. Help.
  63. segmented iris hypochromia
  64. Eye Strain - Looked everywhere for answers!
  65. Vitreal Floaters
  66. recovery time
  67. Eye is still sore after 2 months surgery
  68. narrow angle glaucoma
  69. Split/Second Blackout like Blinking
  70. Shadow In Upper Vision
  71. sclera
  72. Are These Really Floaters?
  73. Two post-op eye surgery questions
  74. viral pinkeye
  75. Corneal Dystrophy..symptoms
  76. Sore eyes
  77. Zig zag in eye?
  78. Left Eye Less Vibrant Vision! So Strange! Any Others?
  79. Near Sighted and working at a computer
  80. Eye concretions and contact lenses
  81. Sneezing
  82. glaucoma & bradycardia (pacemaker)
  83. eyes red and hurting. dry eyes or something more?
  84. broken eye vessel hurts
  85. what is the stringy stuff in my eye
  86. Currently recovering from eye surgery; a bit concerned and have a few questions
  87. steroid eye drops not helping
  88. ILM Peeling
  89. Safe sleeper without glaucoma risk
  90. what to do when one eye becomes smaller than the other one
  91. Eye and skin problems
  92. excessive eye blinking
  93. Lightheaded and loss of vision
  94. Lft eye feels larger than Rt. Pain, tightness in lid, eye seems hard
  95. does drinking alcohol interfere with tobredex opth ointment
  96. what causes itchy peeling eyelids
  97. glacoma
  98. Blepharitis problem - I'm close to giving up
  99. VISION PROBLEM (Everything looks small and distant)
  100. eye surgery for me?
  101. No relief from chronic dry eye! Tried everything!
  102. Hard to describe vision problem
  103. Left Upper Eyelid Swelling - Noticable for 5 years +
  104. Convergence insufficiency issue
  105. Seeing strange things for 1.5 years Im 15 please tell me whats wrong
  106. itchy eyes
  107. blurred vision with dots
  108. Does anyone here know anything about inferior oblique myectomy surgery?
  109. How soon will sight return or improve after vitrectomy ?
  110. Pink/Purple and Blue dots
  111. unusual vision
  112. what are black lines in your eyes and dots ?
  113. constant silent migraine eye/ear/head
  114. shimmering/flickering of peripheral vision after cataract surgery with IOLS?
  115. gray rings in sclera around iris of eye
  116. Eye hurts
  117. why more mucus come to one eye
  118. bright spots in vision
  119. Pain on sides of eye
  120. Could this be Corneal Edema? If so, what to do?
  121. double vision and advair
  122. Question about weird visual symptoms
  123. Uncomfortable with the idea of 'LASIK'...
  124. eye problem
  125. After-images among other things
  126. Hair in eye
  127. Left eye pain and see stars when I look at sky
  128. What are the bright flashes I see sometimes in the corner of my eye
  129. Eyes
  130. Chronic Eye Conditions
  131. Multi-focal lenses - second opinion advise
  132. Discoloration in eye
  133. why my eyes wont open in the morning
  134. Black dots while looking at white
  135. Both of my top and bottom half of my eyes are red. Is it pink eye? It doesn't hurt
  136. Urgent! Which to see..Opthamologist or Optometrist?
  137. Jumpy Shaky Field of Vision
  138. Tiny Black Dots
  139. HELP ??? I'm very worried
  140. reversed eyelashes
  141. Question about cataract & lens implants
  142. Is this the beginning of vision problems?
  143. Occasional fogginess in my right eye
  144. eyeballs
  145. vitreous detachment
  146. wavey lines in eyes
  147. membrane growing on outside of childs pupils
  148. Thinning of the retina symptoms?
  149. 20/25 vision but blurry at times
  150. white/yellow growth in each of my eyes!!!!!!
  151. Head/face pressure, affecting eyes
  152. loose skin on surface of eye ball
  153. Recurrent Corneal Erosion & side effects of medication??
  154. Pterygium Surgery
  155. Eye Floaters and Flashes
  156. Will using an Inversion table worsen PVD?
  157. blindnss and hypophysis tumor
  158. blindnss and hypophysis tumor
  159. Dark spot in vision in the morning
  160. Chrystalens IOL
  161. Vision goes pink after bright sunlight exposure
  162. dry eye syndrome in california weather!
  163. 15 y/o Shifted Vision, can't find answers.
  164. Dry eyes
  165. Blind spots after looking at lights
  166. Conact Lenses - Red circle around one iris
  167. grainy vision
  168. blood splotch in eye white
  169. far vision ptoblem
  170. Eye pressure with twitching
  171. Floaters & flashes
  172. Astigmatism - First time glasses wearer, question please
  173. watering eyes
  174. my 3 year old is shortsighted
  175. Punctal cauterization
  176. Purple Vein in Eye
  177. Surgical Treatment For Convergence Insufficiency?
  178. dilating eye drops causes blindness?
  179. myopathy developing later in life?
  180. Does size or area influence?
  181. Double vision
  182. Cataract surgery-From plano to plus
  183. Recent Lazy Eye Appearance Issues (Pics Included)
  184. what does it mean if you are able to see the gas bubble a week after vitrectomy?
  185. Possible RCE?
  186. Vitreous Detachment-anyone have this?
  187. How long for chalazion (lump on eyelid) to go away on own?
  188. Protruding eyes.
  189. odd flash of light after blow to eye
  190. Should i carry on regardless of my condition?
  191. Visual floaters, doctors can't see anything wrong
  192. My bf vision
  193. Can these eye exercises cause wrinkles?
  194. Problems after retinal hole repair (Cryopexy / Cryotherapy)
  195. Risk to eye from weekly disposable contact lenses?
  196. Harmed eye?
  197. eyes problems
  198. Violet lines in vision in the dark
  199. Maxidex Treatment
  200. Lump under eye (past eye trauma)
  201. Odd question about my eyes
  202. Blurry Vision
  203. Eye problem and others
  204. How Do You Perceive Your Nose (convergence question)?
  205. Shampoo in the eye?
  206. Cornea Dystrophy
  207. Can I buy prescription glasses onine?
  208. spot in left eye
  209. how do you get out something stuck in your eye?
  210. using restasis
  211. How often should i get an Eye Test?
  212. IPL for dry eyes (MGD)
  213. Eyes become dry
  214. tell me about your cataract surgery
  215. Horners Syndrome after sympathectomy operation
  216. retinopathy question
  217. Drunsen and Blindspots, vision problems
  218. double vision after being punched in the eye
  219. Blindness and social security
  220. Eyelid Bump
  221. Do I have asymmetrical eyes? If so what are the causes?
  222. why do i get white stuff from my eyes
  223. Dependant on Tobradex, how to wean off?
  224. sensitivity to light, also lightheadidness and nausea! PLEASE HELP!
  225. Looking for Best Ophtamologist in NewYork
  226. Help: Strained Eyes wont go away -- advice?
  227. My visual symptoms...
  228. Simultaneous flashing in both eyes ?
  229. after Cataract surgery vomit
  230. Eye Redness
  231. Viral conjunctivitis or allergy?
  232. Any good cheap around eyes dark circle remover?
  233. Torn retina, -14, flashes, floaters, dimming, migraines and any solutions??
  234. what causes blurry eye vision when you first wake up
  235. Does the anti-seizure medication Vimpat cause dry eyes
  236. red eye
  237. chalzion
  238. Eye Irritation
  239. Is my Opthomologists being unethical?
  240. Retinal Detachment Surgery Recovery
  241. Dry Eyes/Under Eye Pain
  242. My eyes hurt
  243. wavy lines in my vision
  244. Monovision Contacts Options
  245. astigmatism and snellen visual acuity
  246. Bright spot on eye
  247. blurry dot on eye
  248. spots before eyes
  249. Blurred vision and low counts
  250. optic pain