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  1. Is there a way to measure floater severity?
  2. substitute for Genteal Severe Dry Eye Gel?
  3. Flashing lights in my eye
  4. Eye twitch for 8 months! HELP!
  5. Has anyone found relief for pingueculitis?
  6. Hazy/cloudy vision.
  7. Bold bright pastel like vision?
  8. Many floaters & clump of floaters - Vitrectomy
  9. Durezol steroid drops - swollen retina - Do they work?
  10. Am I making it worse??
  11. Does using water as an eye drop is detrimental to the eye?
  12. High eye pressure confusion!
  13. Blepharitis and wet ones
  14. Floaters that move and swirl
  15. Copper chip flew into eye
  16. Post Vitrectomy for Macular Hole
  17. adjustment to new glasses
  18. Eyelid mystery - please help!
  19. Vision Disturbance When Looking At Moving Things!
  20. ERM peel 2013, ILM peel now needed?
  21. Swollen upper eyelid?
  22. Should I look for a new eye doctor?
  23. Dry eyes, floaters, mild double vision and so on.
  24. Optic neuritis, Med or no med and stomach question
  25. Eye bubble on my Conjunctiva
  26. Eye strain without digital devices
  27. vision issue
  28. Retinal detachment or retinoschisis.
  29. Seeing large moving bead of light in peripheral visoin
  30. Tiol Lens Testimonials...
  31. Flickering in dark, vision dark for short moments, seeing colours in dark, pain
  32. Hard contact lense intermittently correcting my vision?
  33. Post Surgery
  34. Blurred vision indoors
  35. Recurrent acute uveitis
  36. Field vision test
  37. Filamentary keratistis
  38. eye pressure and dry eyes
  39. I had cataract surgery at 12 yrs old, I'm now 25 ... Question ...
  40. Why Does My Vision Improve when I Push on My Eye?
  41. Yag laser surgery
  42. Chorodial Nevus in both eyes?
  43. Uncomfortable pressure around right eye
  44. Distortion in Peripheral Vision
  45. 20/30 vision in my right eye
  46. Is inderect LED light harmful to the eyes?
  47. Eye pain only in one eye when looking to the left
  48. No one can help
  49. Blind Spots near central vision
  50. Retina Tear Repair with Laser and Blank Spot in Peripheral Vision?
  51. Off Balance
  52. Recovery from TRAB360 surgery
  53. Intraocular lens (IOL) not implanted
  54. Contact complication
  55. sparkles and wavy blurry vision
  56. Blurry Vision in Right Eye Following a Hangover
  57. Can I ignore sudden CYL in glasses? (Lasik + Keratoconus)
  58. Focal Points or What?
  59. Blockage of view of left eye
  60. Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy (AMN)
  61. something on my eye
  62. scar on macular blur on central vision
  63. Iritis related problems?
  64. post vitrectomy
  65. Why does my new glasses make everything weird?
  66. Seeing pink in vision
  67. severe dry eyes. need help.
  68. Flickering & vibration Vision
  69. Need reading glasses with light
  70. eye floaters
  71. Pressure Feeling
  72. Shadowed vision? Doctor doesnt know..
  73. Objects emit light
  74. Clear lump on white of eye that comes and goes!
  75. ive got a scar on my macula..
  76. Glasses prescription help
  77. Seeing my nose and related difficulties
  78. Vertical rays/streaks of light when squinting
  79. Seeing bright spots like I looked at a bright light
  80. IOL lens implant testimonials wanted
  81. Round shadow spot off to the side of left eye!!
  82. Dark spot on iris?
  83. Eye
  84. New glasses aren't right ... options?
  85. Did the doctor mess up?
  86. I just had retinal tear (partly?) repaired
  87. Eyes damaged by computer use?
  88. Corneal Abrasion - eye still feels scratchy
  89. Double vision anyone?
  90. Tinted vision in left eye?
  91. 27 and myopic degeneration!!
  92. High Eye Pressure
  93. Eye Pain
  94. drunk vision after dental work
  95. 'Borderline' Intraocular Pressure? What does this mean?
  96. Terrified of the eye doctor
  97. Lesion next to macula in left eye ... tumor?
  98. Double vision? And Myopathy
  99. eye pressure and narrow angle
  100. quick help reading my prescription
  101. PVD worse, shadow and veil in vision increased, sight distorted
  102. Keep poking my eye and prescriptions keep changing
  103. Weird eye problems ...
  104. Specific Corneal Abrasion
  105. What's wrong with my eyes?
  106. Enhancement number 2?
  107. Preventing Eye Infection
  108. Tecnis Multifocal Lens in only one eye
  109. Have i got damage
  110. Constant light in peripheral vision
  111. C3-R after RK
  112. What is this film in my right eye I can't blink away?
  113. Sudden blindness with no answers ...
  114. Anyone else experiencing jaw weakness?
  115. Saulsmann Nodules
  116. Stye and Blepharitis Treatment
  117. Eye test referral
  118. Small lump inside lower eyelid
  119. rheumatic fever
  120. My vision went blurry
  121. scar on the left eye macular
  122. left eye central vision.
  123. Buzzing eyes
  124. Amblyopia or Astigmatism?
  125. Partial white pupils in pictures...
  126. Lacrimal sac cyst
  127. Floating spot in right eye, turns to light when moving head virtically or horizantal
  128. Orthocaretology
  129. Lacrimal gland lump
  130. Can see clearly for the first time in my life and I don't like it :S
  131. Blepharitis
  132. Eye pain from allergies? Or eye pain from underlying cause?
  133. Loss of vision in only left eye lasting for 1-2 mins every 15 days
  134. Shimmering snow as eyes adjust to brightness
  135. Anyone wear Progressive Glasses along with Contact Lenses ?
  136. Vitrectomy recovery
  137. victrectomy for very small macular hole
  138. Eye
  139. Pinpoint pupil after cataract surgery
  140. Eyes won't focus
  141. Vertical Heterophoria - Is It Real?
  142. Thinner lenses for very high prescriptions
  143. Eye freckle
  144. Dark spot when blinking/squinting.
  145. IOL implant not compatible with my RK eyes - very frustrated!
  146. Contact lens keratitits
  147. Any Ideas on what's wrong with my eyes ?
  148. sharp pain in eye, but doctor (opthamologist) said ok.
  149. black dot in street lights etc in right eye
  150. Blind spot when blinking.
  151. Flash of light when I blink
  152. Can anyone help me with my lazy eye?
  153. Woke up with cloudy vision in left eye
  154. Dry/Itchy eyes after wearing contacts for the first time
  155. Dry eye and ethmoid sinus
  156. double vision when I get up and when driving
  157. Flickering vision when blinking??
  158. Iritis without KPs?
  159. Can anyone help?
  160. Really confused
  161. Cotton ball like dots/opacity found on inner ear lens
  162. Vibrating/Flickering Vision
  163. Omega 3 for Dry Eye Syndrome ... Has this helped anyone?
  164. Worrying
  165. Vision focus glasses concept
  166. Best Type of Lens for Higher Prescriptions
  167. Burning feeling above left eye
  168. eye discolouration
  169. snapped my eye looking back
  170. Floaters after Eye Trauma
  171. Vision Sight change
  172. Cpeo
  173. Are there any precautions needed before cataract surgery for a Glaucoma patient ?
  174. I can "hear" my eye's move..
  175. Eylea injection
  176. I can see my nose and its causing me to be depressed!
  177. 12 days post Lasik - Vision not great!
  178. Poor visual clarity with high prism
  179. Poor visual clarity with high prism
  180. Children's eye tests.
  181. Words and Images repeated in vision
  182. no hearing till 5 month of stapedectomy
  183. [Weird] My Eyes Momentarily Focusing This Week
  184. Is it necessary to use glasses for newbie?
  185. Contact lens issue after years of wearing
  186. i can turn my left eye to the left [weird]
  187. swollen cornea after cataract surgery
  188. Darker Vision Both Eyes
  189. myopia worsening
  190. Stabbing pains *inside* the left eye.
  191. Hard lense cleaner
  192. Eyes get tired easily
  193. Irritation in only one eye when wearing contacts. Ongoing for months
  194. Help on IOL's for cataract surgery
  195. A little near-sighted after cataract surgery
  196. Issues after a corneal scratch
  197. eye 'floaters' - should i worry?
  198. Ophthalmologist vs. optometrist
  199. Should I be worried?
  200. tips needed for after cataract surgery
  201. Strange bruise on eyelid
  202. Posterior Blepharitis Please Help!!! :(
  203. Mom has Fuchs'-Cornea Transplant???
  204. Seeing nose in vision
  205. Olive Oil clogged my eyelid glands
  206. Xanthelesma
  207. Detached retina in Mexico
  208. Back of eye inflammation?thyroid?
  209. Snowflake in the eye
  210. Eye problems...
  211. Bacterial Conjunctivitis contact lens wear
  212. stabbed w screwdriver
  213. Eye Concern
  214. Recovery after retinal tear, vitrectomy and bubble
  215. Blurred vision after corneal ulcer
  216. Convergence Insufficiency?
  217. Really worried about going blind?
  218. sudden vision problems
  219. help needed re drops for cataract surgery
  220. what worked for my Corneal Erosions RCE
  221. vision problems
  222. Restasis use, severe dry eyes after cataract removal and multi focal lenses implanted
  223. Xanthaplasma
  224. Vision loss
  225. BlephEx - how much did you pay?
  226. The mystery of why I saw the light bulb as red.
  227. one eye got near-sighted fast
  228. Severe Dry Eyes in Teenager ... please help
  229. double vision
  230. styes and chalazion in past 12 months
  231. Hit in eye with hatchet. Blurred vision after 4 days.
  232. post cataract surgery drastic changes in vision
  233. busted blood vessel in eye
  234. stationary spot in one eye
  235. Constant redness from glaucoma eye drops
  236. What is causing my dry eyes?
  237. Chronic Computer Eye Strain/Dryness?
  238. Eye pain/strain only when looking at screens?
  239. Black spot in center of floating blue spots in eye
  240. Can my vision affect my hearing??
  241. Is This A Concern?
  242. Restatis being withdrawn?
  243. Weird far sightedness???
  244. Eye or Brain origin of occasional circle in one eye
  245. sparks in your vision w/dark blobs
  246. Macular Pucker, who has had successful surgery?
  247. Worm-like wiggling under my right eye
  248. Cigarette burn to eye
  249. pressure behind eye... and head..
  250. Double Vision, Unsteadiness and Sharp Head Pains