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  1. What a Day!!!
  2. are massages helpful
  3. anticonvulsive drugs for fm
  4. I need your help - hurting so badly
  5. Updates, updates!!
  6. getting help to live and work
  7. Bluelakelady: question please?
  8. Has anyone been given Suboxone?
  9. Please write in paragraphs
  10. So angry with docs office staff!
  11. Going to beach and feeling stressed--stupid and shameful??
  12. Anyone do trigger point release on themselves.
  13. F.m.s In Nz
  14. Bluelake..what is happening with...?
  15. Check out my thread about the girl from NewZealand; her mother posted a reply!
  16. introduction attempt 2
  17. THE LIST, bumped up for newbies, thanks copper!
  18. Support Group-Ohio
  19. Undiagnosed symptoms, please help me!
  20. welcome danballa
  21. New here, looking for a place to call home.
  22. A young girl from New Zealand with Fibro
  23. Does anyone see a pain management Dr.
  24. Goldenwings Is Back, Check Her Thread To Tk!!
  25. I'm feeling so BLAH :(
  26. Doctors stink-Rant
  27. Quote that I read every night!
  28. Something to think about
  29. welcome new friends
  30. General first timer greeting to community here
  31. oh, My aching back
  32. does humidity make it worse ?
  33. Ever feel like you are letting everyone down??
  34. Sick of Pain?
  35. do you get fevers with fm?
  36. Im back...again
  37. does anyone do Yoga????
  38. If you've been diagnosed with Fibro, you might look into
  39. Also need advice on Methotrexate-husband has SLE lupus
  40. Anyone go to the Hospital?
  41. My story: from GERD to FM(?)
  42. Gymnast Vanessa Atler Dx'd with Fibro.
  43. Tooth and Facial Pain
  44. Help for travelling
  45. blue needs your knowledge of methotrexate and enberol(sp?)
  46. fibro? does it cause low abdominal cramps?
  47. im back!!!
  48. saw my wonderful rheumie again today
  49. Best vacuum for fibro?
  50. Follow-up w/ rheumy
  51. what kind of doctor should you see?
  52. What medications?
  53. New here
  54. Fibro...glasses and contact lenses
  55. for goldenwings a get well soon card, sorta
  56. Mothers with fibro/children with developmental issues
  57. Studies
  58. need advice
  59. Fibro or lupus-- still searching
  60. Could this possibly be fibro...?
  61. Fibro or not?
  62. Ambien...
  63. Went through Mayo Clinic's Fibro program any ?'s
  64. Bluelakelady for you...a must read!!!
  65. IMPORTANT: Check out the list FDA recalled meds distributed by Able Laboratories
  66. Finally going to see a Rhuemy!!
  67. Let me introduce myself<mother of 5> with FMS
  68. How Drug Companies Keep Tabs On Physicians.
  69. Prolotherapy and other possible solutions
  70. Dad dying -- pain is getting worse ...
  71. Singer Rosie Hamlin Campaigns for FM Awareness
  72. Ultram not helping, please help
  73. Dull headache with cymbalta
  74. New one-skin hurts
  75. Was I expecting too much from Cymbalta???
  76. for tk and her shrink
  77. is this a symptom of FM
  78. Unused meds.
  79. Difference between TENDER Points and TRIGGER Points (sorry so long, lots of info)
  80. Just wanted to tell someone...
  81. Hello Again..Been Awhile. Awareness Day Succes
  82. for goldenwings dear hubby
  83. Question about Chronic Myofacial Pain/Fibro
  84. 7 Weeks of Methotrexate
  85. ANA test
  86. routines...?
  87. body pains
  88. Happiness and FM: This one's for YOU bluelakelady!
  89. Just Diagnosed
  90. Signs and symptoms of Fibro?
  91. Chronic constipation caused by pain medication?
  92. For Girl57
  93. my latest problem, its never ending
  94. Research catching up... Cough Med Can Help Fibro Pain.
  95. Red small bumps----several on both legs
  96. Can you get CFIDS/Fibro from yeast?
  97. ?or Momwithms
  98. Neck and Upper Back just awful
  99. Ukiahvallymom - are you having success?
  100. Esophagitis
  101. tk can you help please?
  102. ladies, yeast infections?
  103. Elbow or feet pain
  104. A new pain...
  105. Curves Update
  106. trying to find the connection between all of us.
  107. How old?
  108. Need HELP: "Hot" feeling in lungs w/shortness of breath
  109. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
  110. Magnet therapy for FM?
  111. At Last People Who Will Beleive Me When I Say I Hurt All Over
  112. just found out i have fibro
  113. I'm back have found a NORMAL job...
  114. Question about sore, big bites, etc.
  115. Eye Problems with Fibromyalgia
  116. How do you lose weight with FM?
  117. Canker Sores
  118. Clinical Trials
  119. Hand and Arm tremors-Come with Fibro??
  120. Lyrica (pregabalin) waiting FDA approval. Possible med for FM?
  121. I have the BEST rheumie ever!
  122. Virus
  123. I am afraid ....
  124. For tk
  125. My appt is tomorrow (Tuesday)!
  126. Anyone else notice this?
  127. Thought about You....TK
  128. Has anyone every had radio frequency lesioning done
  129. The stupid thing my husband said
  130. Fibromyalgia and Folliculitis
  131. Fibromyalgia
  132. cymalta(flexiril) and Ultram(Tramadol) Expericence so far
  133. Exertion and then fog
  134. judge ruled unfavorable.
  135. Crying as I write this
  136. from Cymbalta to Lexapro... question about antidepressants
  137. Can Clonazepam make me depressed & tired?
  138. After Nearly 20 Years...
  139. Happy Fibromyalgia Awareness Day!
  140. I had to stop Duragesic - threw up everyday !!
  141. Cymbalta-How is it working for you???
  142. Hi. New to board and introduction
  143. Please try to help, I work nights
  144. TK needs her friends support:
  145. Could this be fibro?
  146. Holy crap? what a list of symptoms
  147. RANT about fibro awareness poster my husband saw m
  148. how i feel---
  149. another hubbie who doesn't get it!!
  150. Fibro And Ms
  151. The List (again) for the newbies
  152. Does this sound like Fibro?
  153. Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!
  154. Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise
  155. Fibro?????
  156. Cymbalta and stomach pain
  157. FibroMIGHTY Mom's!
  158. I have Epstein-Barr (what next?)
  159. fibro doc nj
  160. What smells????!!!!
  161. I've overdone it again
  162. Pain in abdominal muscles...fibro or something else???
  163. Meds = panic attacks and anxieties ??
  164. fibro and flying
  165. burning pain???
  166. Fibro hereditary?
  167. Is it just me?
  168. Will I always hurt this badly?
  169. New here - was just given Duragesic for my fibromyalgia
  170. Why does this sound like FMS? Could this be a diagnoses that Dr's Overlook?
  171. Back pain with Fibromalgia??
  172. Cold Sores
  173. Anyone have stabbing eye pain too?
  174. oxyprozin or daypro??
  175. difficulty getting pain relief from M.D.
  176. My Breakthrough,would love your opinions!!
  177. Anyone else have iBS with Fibro?
  178. fibro in just one area??
  179. severe chest pain, went to the ER
  180. just about convined I have fibro
  181. New to this board
  182. New pain..any similar or any suggestions?
  183. It isn't fibro
  184. Doctor in Ohio
  185. Constant muscle twitches in one area....
  186. did you know that may 12th fibro awareness day....
  187. Has anyone ever tried Topamax
  188. Does Ativan help with muscle twitches?
  189. HERE IT IS-- my email to Oprah
  190. Return to Work
  191. Question about medications for muscle twitching need some help
  192. Bizarre Diagnosis - any thoughts?
  193. Just diagnosed...maybe
  194. Just started On Fentanyl (Patch) HELP!!!
  195. Laughter as a Painkiller
  196. Could melatonin cause muscle twitches?
  197. Massages? Knots?
  198. mri results are finally here
  199. have you ever????
  200. fibro and weak legs
  201. Another newbie with a question:
  202. fibro and driving
  203. Not so much fibro related...
  204. Help! Questions
  205. How many men with fibromyalgia?
  206. Post for bluelakelady
  207. Does quinine help twitching?
  208. Stealth Viruses? READ IF YOU HAVE FMS SYMPTOMS
  209. What medications help muscle twitching?
  210. vibrations in leg
  211. Hi, new to the boards
  212. shakiness late afternoon
  213. HELP!!! Mouth pain unbearable!!!!
  214. severe pain in shoulders, upper back, on breathing
  215. Curves
  216. Frustrated with fibro and doc labels my visits as depressive disorder
  217. A book about "Us"
  218. How many have clonus and hyperreflexes?
  219. nodding off
  220. fired from pain doc, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  221. Fibro?
  222. central hypersensitivity pain disorder
  223. I am so confused, need help
  224. Has anyone tried OPC-3 for fibromyalgia?
  225. OMG OMG OMG, this is so cool!!
  226. Only MORE Questions, I'm coming undone
  227. Thanks for the welcome!!!
  228. Have any of you been checked for MS?
  229. Goldenwings and Sharalee
  230. brittle nails a symtom of fibro?
  231. night time pain
  232. New Symptom?
  233. FM related to Epilepsy?!!!???
  234. pain clinic appt - everyone should try!
  235. Interesting time at the doc...
  236. Fluttering sensations
  237. late periods
  238. Cymbalta for FM?
  239. Anxiety and Stress or Maybe FM?
  240. Could it be Fibromyalgia?
  241. fibromyalgia and heat
  242. Results of my brain MRI
  243. Question about where to get blood drawn for out of town lab
  244. Help
  245. B-12 for fatigue? How much and how much is too much?
  246. Do You Think ???
  247. spring in the valley of healthboards
  248. Not really sure about this.......
  249. Anyone have allergies involved with this ?
  250. does this sound like fibro?

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