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  1. My experience: 4 weeks post calcaneal osteotomy and PTT repair
  2. Terrified at the thought of ankle fusion.
  3. Walking cast fitted
  4. Swollen foot
  5. PWB - any instructions-advice?
  6. Brostrom Procedure
  7. What kind of ice wraps worked best for PTT reconstruction?
  8. mild pain near ankle when walking, goes away after a few seconds
  9. Fractured Heel
  10. Subtalar fusion with a calcaneal osteotomy
  11. Subtalar Fusion
  12. Bunionectomey Issue
  13. PTTD surgery on 08/13/13
  14. thoughts regarding nerve pain on top of foot
  15. Two post op questions
  16. I Overdid It
  17. RYN shoes in Calgary / Canada ?
  18. Burning sensation in ankle
  19. Capsulitis of second toe following bunionectomy
  20. Long haul flights
  21. Cheilectomy fail
  22. Ankle Swelling and Pain
  23. Ligament reconstruction worries
  24. Failed surgery - autoimmune issue?
  25. new member - surgery yesterday
  26. So... just HOW do you go about finding the best surgeon?
  27. Washington DC area PTTD Doc/Surgeon?
  28. trying to figure out options for broken calcaneus
  29. Foot Pain on both feet
  30. Post-op pain
  31. 9 year old daughter: debating sub talar ankle implant
  32. ATFL tear not healing
  33. broken calcaneus, no surgery
  34. Foot pad
  35. calcaneus fracture
  36. Anyone know, or had surgery by, Dr James Holmes at Univ of Mich?
  37. Ptt reconstruction as an out patient?
  38. Brostrum Gould Non Weight Bearing Rehabilitation
  39. Foot pain- No insurance and no money for MRI
  40. Six Months Post-Op! (Flat Foot Reconstruction + PTT)
  41. need Dr recommendation for Michigan area
  42. PTTD & Calcaneal Osteotomy - Having screw removed
  43. Hallux Limitus
  44. Anyone NOT have surgery for complete tear of PTT
  45. Right Ankle Surgery
  46. 2 months post-op update
  47. Keller Arthroplasty Surgery on my big right toe
  48. Is it doable to catch a train 17 weeks from brostrom surgery?
  49. outside foot numbness
  50. Ankle Stabilization Surgery (fixing the bones in ankle)
  51. Toe tendon surgery NWB
  52. Update - dismal
  53. 9 months post surgery
  54. ankle distraction arthroplasty
  55. Neuroma in the feet
  56. 20 week update
  57. Both sesamoids removed on the same foot?
  58. new here flate feet and bunions
  59. Osteomyelitis (Foot infections)
  60. Who is a good doc in Philadelphia for a cheilectomy
  61. Heel pain 2.5 weeks post Achilles tendon surgery
  62. Seeing surgeon numero dos.
  63. New pain in ankle
  64. Osteoarthritis is second toe-need advice
  65. Bunion Surgery Sleep Troubles
  66. Fell and stepped on foot post pttd surgery
  67. Advice calcaneal osteotomy and peroneal tendon repair Monday
  68. Successful Toe Fusions?
  69. which brand implants are better
  70. have 4th scope surgery, or other options?
  71. Mysterious toe pain
  72. 7 months post op- Subtalar cortisone injection next?
  73. big (great) toe fusion - 89 yrs. old - risks?
  74. four foot surgeries and two more foot surgeries to go
  75. screw removal
  76. Hi all
  77. Triple Arthodesis surgery
  78. Bunion surgery... Week 8
  79. 2nd Metatarsal Fracture
  80. Pttd surgery December 27 - screws removed August 12th
  81. calcaneus fracture
  82. Hammertoes?
  83. nonvisualized ATFL on mri
  84. cramps in foot after surgery
  85. Flying after surgery? Debridement and microfracture on my ankle
  86. Healing heel
  87. Pain and Frustration after Ankle Legiment Repair
  88. ankel fushion
  89. Jumped from balcony
  90. Upcoming stage 4 pttd surgery
  91. 6 Months & cannot weight bear on my heel.
  92. Needing help in deciding if the Brostrom procedure is a good idea
  93. Anxiety before surgery - how to cope!
  94. Help!
  95. Help!
  96. PTTD on the other foot
  97. Light at the end of the tunnel!
  98. Podiatrist or Orthopedic Surgeon
  99. Brostrom Surgery 10 week update
  100. OCD of the Talus/ATFL Repair
  101. Recovering from Osteotomy & Cheilectomy
  102. Ankle fusion and replacement
  103. I have foot molds - where to get orthotics?
  104. Is this more than a pity party? concerns?
  105. Pains accross the Bridge on my feet
  106. Avulsion Fracture nonunion healing, a year out.
  107. Nonunion Avulsion Fracture - a year out.
  108. Calcaneal Osteotomy & FDL tendon transfer
  109. Modified Kidner Recovery and Traveling
  110. New here and just had PTD/OCD microfracture surg
  111. Foot problem
  112. he broke off a drill bit in my ankle
  113. Morten's Neuroma
  114. Just had PTTD surgery this week
  115. First cast experience - what is normal?
  116. 10.5 weeks and counting
  117. Post bunion surgery
  118. 2 Weeks Post Op - Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery
  119. injured heel/ foot
  120. Sprained ankle
  121. How to get rid of corn?
  122. My Lisfranc Timeline
  123. Corn on baby toe
  124. Subtalar Implant issues?
  126. Calcaneus fracture Please help
  127. bilateral calcaneus fractures
  128. Surgery tomorrow: ligament reconstruction, tendon repair, screw out. Scared!
  129. Cast Comes Off Next Week -- Now What?
  130. Before surgery tests
  131. possible ankle sprain
  132. planning on getting screws out.. calcaneal ost... a lil nervous
  133. Homolateral Lisfranc Fracture
  134. Subtalar Implant Problems
  135. Tennis following cheilectomy - hope found here
  136. Post Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  137. Physio after "minor" PTTD surgery
  138. Best gym shoe for walking
  139. Tingling and pain in foot for months...
  140. Options for a failed ankle surgery?
  141. Sprained foot 4 months ago
  142. Possible srew moving !
  143. Hallux rigidus
  144. OCD of talus bone
  145. Will I ski/exercise again after ankle surgery?
  146. too late for me to do the Denovo?
  147. cheilectomy yes or no??
  148. Lapidus Recovery - no issues!!
  149. Told to wear platform shoes & ktape?
  150. Foot Elevation from a 5th metatarcel spiral fracture
  151. Flat foot reconstruction surgery-success rate?
  152. Trying to walk after flatfoot surgery... now knee pain :(
  153. 4 weeks out from Achilles tendon repair
  154. Help if you can
  155. Bad Results from hammertoe surgery
  156. Almost 5 months out :) The good and bad
  157. Ankle OCD - again
  158. Post Subtalar Surgery Advice. Need Your Help!
  159. swelling and heat
  160. Denovo consideration
  161. Ankle OCD and Microfracture - Next steps
  162. Drill, Baby Drill, for my OCD ankle, part II
  163. Post Morten's Neuroma Surgery
  164. Ankle surgery no.3 - sooner or later, and cast questions
  165. 3.5 Months Post Op foot brace question
  166. Osteotomy with tendon transfer- anyone?
  167. Use of diclofenac gel after PTTD surgery?
  168. PTTD surgery a few questions
  169. Ankle Won't Heal
  170. My recipe for warming feet
  171. Screws for bunions & exercise help!
  172. Twisted ankle after surgery
  173. Bunions
  174. Interpreting right ankle ultrasound
  175. Seeking board certified foot surgeon
  176. Modified Brostrom Surgery
  177. Checking in from surgery on 3/14/13
  178. broken foot- when to schedule follow up xrays?
  179. scarf akin operation
  180. Nerve pain in heel/toe after ankle surgery
  181. Some good news! But pain persists
  182. first steps!
  183. Stiff toes after bunion and hammertoe surgery. (I need advice!)
  184. Hindfoot Varus... calcaneal osteotomy???
  185. Shin Injury Swelling (foot)
  186. I'm curious about my ankle
  187. 1 Week Post Op Update
  188. 2 weeks after Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  189. Sharp "giving out" pain inside ankle
  190. In massive pain 8 weeks out brostrom! Need to vent!
  191. Wanting to walk, what to look for in Physical Therapy
  192. Navicular accessory excision - how long is recovery?
  193. Post bunion surgery
  194. Ankle Stabilization
  195. Need inspiration
  196. 12 weeks post op flat foot surgery...frustrated!!
  197. Lapidimus Bunionectomy/Volar Plate Repair
  198. lisfranc injury
  199. Anterior Tibialis Surgery
  200. Has anyone done botox for plantar fasciitis?
  201. surgery is scheduled for July 3rd
  202. Need some advice before surgery for OCD of my Talus on Tuesday!
  203. Fall 2 weeks after microfracture - is it bad news?
  204. surgery for tendon transfer and screws
  205. Surviving the post OP shoe blues
  206. Ankle Reconstruction
  207. Two weeks post-sx
  208. Has anyone ever broke their Calcaneus~~PLEASE HELP!!!
  209. New symptom 13 weeks post ATFL ligament reconstruction
  210. How did you know if your surgery had worked or failed?
  211. New To Board Ankle Question
  212. Please help! Now PWB but ankle still gives out the same after brostrom!
  213. Lis Franc, Failed Fusion & Bone Stimulator?
  214. Alcohol Induces Itchy Feet
  215. had to put my foot down
  216. Foot problem
  217. Recovery Time of PTT Tenosynovectomy
  218. PTTD Post-Surgery Hardware Removal
  219. Shatterd Calcaneum
  220. Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Question
  221. ACL Cadeaver graft - Failure timing?
  222. Plantar fasciitis and night splints
  223. My foot
  224. Anyone have Hyprocure done?
  225. 4mo since surgery-walking in shoe-limp?
  226. PWB-Is this normal?
  227. 7 weeks post op Triple Arthrodesis..Doc said walk
  228. 5 Months Post Surgery and Still Swollen
  229. Cheilectomy doc
  230. Aggravating Posterior Tibial Tenosynovitis
  231. Heel Stress fracture
  232. ocd ankle surgery pain
  233. Swollen feet and ankles after beach trip
  234. total knee replacement - will low calorie diet will hinder recovery?
  235. Strategies for Dealing With Pain After Calcaneal Osteotomy
  236. 4 weeks post-op ankle MF w/stem cells & plasma
  237. Equinius foot after calcaneus break
  238. PTTD surgery- need subtalar fusion and tendon transfer
  239. MTP Arthrodesis Big Toe. Surgeon didn't warn me.
  240. Fall after PTTD Surgery
  241. Ankle/foot pain And MRI
  242. Cast Issues: Better After Stitches Removed?
  243. Phasing Out Pain Meds
  244. Feels like a rubberband around my ankle
  245. 2 failed fusions... heartbroken!
  246. Calcaneus fracture - cracking noises during nwb movement/pt
  247. Toe pain after flat foot reconstruction
  248. Peroneal Tendon Subluxation
  249. Toe twitching spasms (Bunionectomy)
  250. Crushed left heel

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