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  1. Fallen Arches - Reconstructive Surgery
  2. mystery foot disorder... NEED IDEAS... HELP...
  3. 6 months post pttd surgery
  4. Major swelling & purple foot 4 weeks post bunionectiomy w/toe shortening normal???
  5. Not sure what's wrong and nervous
  6. Flat feet
  7. I need Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome support
  8. 8 weeks post op foot reconstruction
  9. Advice wanted
  10. New aches and pains
  11. Plantar Fasiciitis
  12. When did people start driving a car again after having a Right calcaneal osteotomy?
  13. ??peroneal sublaxtation
  14. lateral ankle reconstruction, subtalar joint scope, etc.
  15. Post-op foot surgery...
  16. Sesamoid Bone Removal Surgery
  17. Flat Warts?
  18. plantar fascia
  19. posterior tibial surgery coming and I live alone. How much help will I need
  20. Frustrated and Just Want my Foot Pain to End
  21. Independence and dignity restored.
  22. Cracked skin next to the incision after bunion surgery
  23. Purple/blue toes! Subtalar Fusion from Tarsal Coalition
  24. Feet
  25. MBT “rocker bottom” shoes
  26. Partial Weight Bearing!!!
  27. ptt surgery exercises
  28. Wart Question
  29. Broken calcaneus
  30. When does it get back to "normal"
  31. Unable to move big to up
  32. Post Op- Denovo Implant vs Microfracture
  33. Broken heel and fractured ankle
  34. Post-op. brostrom ankle reconstruction
  35. Failed laminectomy
  36. Throbbing bunions at night 'hard to sleep'
  37. Peroneal Tendonitits - What difference will a MRI make?
  38. Sub talar revision surgery
  39. Surgery set for 10/18/12: Peroneal Tendon Subluxation, Debridement
  40. Calcaneous Fracture - 2 year anniversary
  41. pain and tingling in foot.
  42. Lisfranc, Tightrope and Windsurfing
  43. Oats Update/Question
  44. Metatarsaligia surgery. Yay or nay?
  45. Shoe insole/insert question
  46. Ankle Cartiliage problems
  47. Elevation questions post PTTD surgery
  48. The Accessory Navicular strikes back.
  49. Undiagnosed foot pain
  50. Undiagnosed foot pain
  51. Kidner procedure recovery
  52. my foot pain
  53. feet and knee dysfunction causing pain
  54. Post op frustration
  55. ankle OCD post op pain 9 weeks out....typical?
  56. Haglunds Deformity surgery
  57. Fall 2 weeks post-op subtalar fusion
  58. Corn removal done by Laser Surgery?
  59. Is this posterior tibial tendonitis?
  60. Achilles pain
  61. right ankle, tendon and ligament repair surgery.
  62. Should I get brostrom Gould or Evans procedure for severe ankle instability ?
  63. Tender transfer and osteotomies
  64. I have a painful dime size lump of the bottom of the instep of the bottom of my foot
  65. Tendon Lengthening
  66. Avascular necrosis in both ankles
  67. Is anyone happy with great toe hemi arthroplasty?
  68. Fractured calcaneous
  69. Hallux Limitus Surgery Recovery
  70. Hot toes
  71. Hereditary Flexible Flat Feet
  72. Ankle OCD / Denovo Implant
  73. subtalar Joint fusion with a deltoid ligament reconstruction
  74. Brostrom-Gould modified.... looking for a knee walker
  75. Sports after subtalar fusion?
  76. Jones Procedure
  77. Metatarsal Fat Pad Atrophy
  78. Second neuroma surgery in under 4 months?
  79. 6-weeks Post-PTTD surgey
  80. Nine weeks Post op ocd debridement and tendon realignment in ankle
  81. Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
  82. Reconstruction Surgery
  83. PTTD surgery tomorrow
  84. Tiny Plantar Wart. Should I go to the doctor?
  85. Surgery today 9/25
  86. can you get flat foot corrective surgery in UK on NHS?
  87. Plantar Fasciitis
  88. Charcot Foot
  89. Sharp stabbing pain in my ankle?
  90. Torn ATFL & AITFL - Questions to Ask Surgeon
  91. Driving with an injury
  92. Help with MRI report.
  93. Foot problems - need advice
  94. Scarf bunion removal in 3 weeks
  95. looking for evidence to prove link between bunions and back issues
  96. Lisfrance fracture - long term recovery update, former marathon runner
  97. Bilateral Bunion Surgery
  98. Pending Bilateral Bunion Surgery Whoes
  99. Plantar Fasciitis - in boot for a month
  100. Anyone with PTTD able to avoid surgery??
  101. Had ankle surgery yesterday
  102. My Brostrom-gould procedure coming up My first upcoming brostrum-gould procedure
  103. peroneal tendon surgery??
  104. Four months out from PTTD surgery UPDATE
  105. life is good...14 months post op
  106. surgery or not
  107. Cuboid fracture recovery
  108. I think I messed something up! Any input would be hugely appreciated
  109. wish me luck
  110. Fallen arches
  111. Calcaneous fracture
  112. Pttd surgery
  113. modified brostrom repair pain
  114. limping after heel fracture
  115. bone graft on big toe
  116. Recovery Question Help.....
  117. Surgery was yesterday
  118. calcaneous fracture from a ladder fall
  119. High ankle sprain, fluid in joint.... now a stress fracture...
  120. plantar fasciitis
  121. PTTD surgery 9/25
  122. Post Op numbness
  123. Orthotics after PTTD surgery
  124. Reconstruction of the flat foot of an athlete?
  125. nerve pain after pttd surgery
  126. broken heel/calcaneus 23 years ago
  127. broken calcaneus - but have full R.O.M?
  128. Bunion/ankle correction 5th surgery STILL problems
  129. Blood Clots
  130. Foot pain after navicular bone has been removed
  131. Driving after heel fracture
  132. OATs vs DeNovoNT for osteochondral defect in talus 17x8x8mm
  133. bone graft then the Denovo NT
  134. calcaneus fracture recovering?
  135. Reinjured heel?
  136. I fell today - Should I be worried?
  137. Had Austin bunionectomy done on Wednesday...
  138. hammertoe surgery
  139. Broken heel
  140. Function of a laser
  141. Who knows something about laser damage in the feet?
  142. Surgery over
  143. OCD microfracture surgery questions
  144. 7 weeks post arthroscopy/debridement
  145. referred for bunion surgery on both feet
  146. Top of the foot pain after ankle break
  147. I need advice please.
  148. Recurring Ankle Problems
  149. Exercise After a Modified Brostrom
  150. Fracture Blister Treatment
  151. Is a knee walker helpful after ankle arthrascopy?
  152. Exercise After a Modified Brostrom
  153. Fractured Calcaneus. In need of more info, please help!
  154. 13 yr old daughter post chrisman snook procedure
  155. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis won't go away
  156. Cramps in Cast
  157. 4 weeks post op oats :)
  158. Feeling frustrated
  159. Yet another surgery (or 4)
  160. Lat Ligament surgery
  161. How long until foot feels normal
  162. Torn Plantar Fascia Question
  163. Funky Feet
  164. Hallux Limitus from Lapidus procedure
  165. Just Diagnosed With OCD of Talus
  166. PTTD surgery four month mark - VERY discouraged
  167. Rolled/Sprained Ankle - Help
  168. How did you know when it was time for surgery?
  169. April/Haglund's Debridement - NOW Tarsal Tunnel?
  170. 7 months post OCD surgery
  171. Number of Incisions for Ligament Reconstruction
  172. Beating Synovitis
  173. OATS with Allograft One Year Later
  174. Ankle Arthoscopy
  175. Recovering After Tendon Transfer - Questions
  176. Implant Rejection (non-mechanical) - Hallux Rigidus
  177. Activity first weeks after surgery?
  178. Austin/Tightrope bunionectomy
  179. walking with elbow crutches
  180. fractured-dislocated talus
  181. Walking difficulty following surgery
  182. Fifth metatarsal Fracture week 8 Questions/Concerns
  183. broken calcanus will it NEVER recover
  184. Walking after a broken ankle
  185. Swelling after Big Toe Surgery - How much is Normal?
  186. Nerve block for PTTD surgery... yes or no?
  187. Subtalar Fusion success!
  188. hammertoe surgery
  189. They said mild bursitis
  190. Who's had brostrom
  191. Terrible Post Op Pain
  192. So sad and upset!
  193. Flexor tenosynovitis and injections? Do they work?
  194. Extreme Burning and Numbness... help!
  195. Brostrom Procedure
  196. My Calcaneus Fracture Recovery
  197. No cast, no surgery. SO MAD.
  198. Surgery or not?
  199. sesamoid fracture advice
  200. Surgery scheduled for 9/18
  201. Appointment Tomorrow
  202. Big Toe Failed Fusion
  203. Cellulitis?
  204. Subtalar Fusion
  205. Bi-Lateral Calc fratures update, not good update
  206. post-op PTTD, anticipating transition from cast to boot
  207. 5 weeks post ankle surgery - questions
  208. Pantalar Fusion/Arthrodesis
  209. Pantalar Arthrodesis
  210. high ankle sprain
  211. Surgery or no surgery?
  212. post op ankle swell
  213. Experience with a Tenogram?
  214. Four & a half months post-op Dr. visit for Flat Foot Reconstruction
  215. Exercise Pedaler / Mini Cycle?
  216. Help, 12year old daughter ankle OCD surgery I week ago
  217. PTTD Surgery - 12 days post-op!!
  218. Stress Fracture?
  219. Out of the boot!
  220. brachytoe
  221. Ankle Surgery - Syndesmosis Repair - What to Expect?
  222. Severe Plantar fasciitis and plantar finbromatosis
  223. 5 1/2 Months post PTTD surgery, having allot of pain.
  224. Pain all day everyday
  225. OCD surgery update
  226. What is normal after a cast comes off ankle? And what to expect from bone stumulator?
  227. hammertoe surgery how to recover
  228. foot/ankle pain, knee problems, back and neck pain all connected?
  229. Ankle Lateral Ligament Reconstruction Over Tightening?
  230. I forgot about the TINGLING!
  231. Update from Surgery
  232. Surgery in a month for Osseous Equinus
  233. Burning after Morton's Neuroma surgery
  234. triple arthrodesis surgery this friday-help!
  235. updates on oats surgery from 8-13
  236. accidentally put slight weight on ankle
  237. Calcaneal osteotomy-2 yrs post op- still in severe pain
  238. surgery hammertoe and bunion
  239. nerve damage
  240. Bunion Surgery on both feet
  241. 1 month post-op PTTD - when do you see significant improvement?
  242. High ankle sprain, MRI in 1 week, scheduling surgery in 2.
  243. When can I walk barefoot?
  244. Shoe
  245. Hurting Back -- from cast/boot??
  246. Transition from boot to shoe, ankle feels like it's popping in place
  247. OCD surgery scheduled for 8/21/12
  248. callus and bunion on right side
  249. Socks for walking cam boots
  250. still cant walk after bronsom procedure

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