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  1. PTTD - Surgery on December 17!
  2. Lisfranc injury questions! Please help!
  3. Tailor's Bunion and Hammertoe Surgery
  4. First Thoughts On A Second Opinion (Hallux Rigidus)
  5. OCD Talar Dome Surgery
  6. Very sore ankle after essentially 12 weeks of NWB?
  7. Now that I'm walking more the bottom of my feet are sore
  8. First pt today, 12/11 at 7 1/2 weeks
  9. Getting nervous! Surgery is tomorrow
  10. TKR as related to Plantar Fasciitis
  11. Bunion & Hammer toe Surgery
  12. Broken Cuboid Bone
  13. Peroneal tendon surgery, cyst removal, and bone chip clean up.....with burning down
  14. Flat feet Reconstructive surgery: 4 weeks post op
  15. Got my 12 week post-op appt with surgeon tomorrow!
  16. Lisfranc Recovery Question
  17. 5th metatarsal Fracture-unhealed one year later and just diagnosed
  18. i made it this far!
  19. Slipped off my scooter
  20. Bunion elevation
  21. Pain still after bunionectomy and osteotomy 2nd metatrasal
  22. What type of anesthesia?
  23. New York, New York!
  24. Calcaneal osteotomy on Thursday
  25. Can't walk on Foot after fall
  26. Feel cant walk on foot
  27. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection
  28. Clicking two weeks post surgery?
  29. Ankle Problem
  30. Calcaneus fracture
  31. small break in the talar bone
  32. Anyone have a hand callus from crutches and/or scooter?
  33. help i cannot get up!!
  34. PTT repair & tenosynovectomy
  35. Post-op from Cheilectomy & Recovery Question
  36. So what does gradually mean?
  37. HSS for surgery
  38. chevron bunionectomy post op
  39. Navicular stress fracture (accessory?)
  40. Triple Arthrodesis/Subtalor fusion
  41. ouch that hurts!!
  42. hammertoe moved after pin was removed
  43. Peroneal Longus transfer: Two Week Update (new username)
  44. toe pain at 8 weeks post op for PTTD
  45. 1 week PT down
  46. PTTD Surgery - all done! Now the fun begins!
  47. Help!! Having fusion surgery for calcaneus fracture
  48. Sesamoid issues - dr rec in Chicagoland?
  49. Morton's Neuroma: RF Ablation-Dr? Success? Tried everything else...
  50. post op bunionectomy
  51. Bilateral bunionectomy bathing procedure... ugh
  52. Pes Cavas/Ankle Stability Surgery
  53. Front Foot Pain
  54. Sandal for Fasciitis and/or PTTD anything w/arch + heel lift???
  55. 6 week check up...
  56. Using crutch to do PT!
  57. Ankle Distraction (Arthrodiastasis)-2
  58. "Twitch" way shall i lay?
  59. Bad neck/shoulder/upper back pain from crutches??
  60. Calcaneal Fracture
  61. scared to death
  62. Think I did too much
  63. Re: Tactics for coping with life after surgery
  64. Ankle reconstruction surgery
  65. Peroneal tendons + more
  66. pressure sores
  67. Surgery 3 weeks
  68. Several fractures in metatarsals, cuneiform and cuboid
  69. Left Ankle Progress...
  70. does anyone have info about Foot-Tuck Fat Pad Augmentation?
  71. Exercise 4.5 months post injury?
  72. Bilateral puffiness in soles of feet
  73. Heel Pain
  74. foot surgery causing pain in same knee
  75. Breaking up scar tissue
  76. 1 week post peroneal transfer update...
  77. Post op Oats
  78. Ditch the scooter, ditch the crutches, ditch the boot--Start walking. Wha?
  79. Strange bump on my ankle
  80. afraid to move!
  81. calcaneus surgery years ago?
  82. Topaz surgery for PF
  83. triple arthrodesis surgery
  84. 5 weeks post op pttd surgery
  85. Natural fusion?
  86. Flat Feet
  87. iwalk free anyone?
  88. Crutches and Ice
  89. Kind of don't want to walk now...
  90. Foot Problems
  91. Tight tendons
  92. Plantar Release Surgery
  93. Orthotic(s) for Repaired Calcaneus?
  94. Triple Athrodesis and Running?
  95. Bunion surgery 1 week ago
  96. Bunion surgery 1 week ago
  97. Ankle Distraction (Arthrodiastasis)
  98. planter warts
  99. When told "Out of the Boot", did you stay completely out?
  100. Ah PAIN!!
  101. Pain and the wait for surgery...
  102. Will I ever wear high heels again
  103. Those electric shocks- what are they?
  104. When to take less pain meds...
  105. Infected big toe nail
  106. Ice Machine...
  107. 9 months after Austin Bunionectomy and Tailor's bunion
  108. POP 10 weeks post-subtalar fusion
  109. Twitching toes?
  110. Ahhhh! Twitching Toes!
  111. Achilles or not?
  112. Anybody cook for Thanksgiving?
  113. Relearning to walk--advice needed
  114. post-op ecovery schedule? peroneal tendon repair + brostrom
  115. Steri-strips: When did you get them off?
  116. my doctor appointment
  117. Peroneal Tendon Transfer Surgery Yesterday!
  118. Ball of foot Swelling
  119. 6 week cam follow up
  120. almost 2 weeks post op
  121. New Pain
  122. Multiple Foot Surgeries - still pain
  123. After 7 months, surgery scheduled
  124. Failed Bunion Surgery
  125. anyone in UK? subralar arthrodesis,bone grafts,midfoot fusion,osteomyletis etc?
  126. How Long Post-Surgery Before I Feel Up to Leaving the House?
  127. Sleepy foot.
  128. Having Cheilectomy next week - feeling scared and depressed
  129. 1 week down!
  130. Pain!!
  131. Hi Ho hi ho, back to work I go
  132. Coping Mechanisms???
  133. I am an idiot - was being stupid and put all my weight on my bad foot
  134. Knee Scooter tips & tricks
  135. where to go next? rt leg/foot pain.
  136. not again... scared this time!
  137. Foot problems
  138. My A2 PTT reconstruction
  139. I'm PWB... sort of
  140. Recovery going well... Brostrom, OCD, tendon release
  141. I'm finally joining the surgery club
  142. Bunion Surgery
  143. Morton's Neuroma and Cryosurgery
  144. Oats recovery question
  145. 1st metatarsal non union
  146. hammer toes
  147. Unable to avoid the inevitable - Surgery!
  148. Had Triple Artho done 6 weeks ago and need advice .
  149. Pain and swelling oh my!
  150. bunion painn
  151. Scheduled PTTD/Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery - what's down the road?
  152. Flat foot surgery, hammertoes and bunion repair
  153. Being NWB is making me gain weight
  154. walking after foot reconstruction
  155. Phalangel v. Periaticular v Decompression Osteotomy
  156. Pop and Knot---not your everyday dance move!
  157. In even more pain NOW post op then before surgery...
  158. Calcaneal Osteotomy - Document Recommendation Los Angeles
  159. Washing CAM liner
  160. subtalar fusion
  161. What? Another surgery?????
  162. Bursitis of the feet
  163. Nerve pain?
  164. Hallux Rigidus—Pain vs. Mobility
  165. Stiffness on both feet
  166. Cam boot hurting my foot
  167. Great toe joint replacement update
  168. CAM walker irritates broken ankle
  169. Bunion Surgery questions
  170. Ultrasound Bone Growth Stimulator-Fusions
  171. Foot numbness after surgery
  172. Knee Scooter?
  173. Cryosurgery for Morton's Neuroma
  174. 2 Years of Chronic Arch Pain, PTTD or Tendinitis?
  175. Re-Injured My Ankle 8 months after Surgery
  176. achilles tendon, calcaneus fracture 5 mo post op
  177. Opinion on Crocs?
  178. I am 49 and just had my bloodwork
  179. Shoe suggestions?
  180. back on my feet
  181. Broke 5th Metatarsal help!
  182. PVL - Possible heel cord lengthening surgery?
  183. Ankle surgery
  184. PTTD/Flat Foot - how did you know it was time for surgery?
  185. Denovo NT and Brostrom Procedures
  186. MRI Results - Help please understanding
  187. Just not quite right....
  188. Outside of ankle -refuses- to pop, in serious pain...
  189. big toe implant problems
  190. Ankle Instability and OCD
  191. unknown sore spot on side of toe..please help
  192. Hagland's Deformity/Pump Bump, result of calcaneus fracture?
  193. Financial help
  194. I survived my first day back to work! Now in CAM boot.
  195. Broken/fractured toe questions
  196. What is wrong with my foot?
  197. need advice on subtalar fusion
  198. 2nd Surgery... Perineal Tendon Merge :(
  199. Severe Pain Arch of Foot
  200. Adding to the joys of walking...
  201. Flat Foot Reconstruction - Doctor Recommendation - Los Angeles
  202. Big Toenail Problems
  203. My surgery - what to expect with recovery?
  204. I am finally walking a little after 10 weeks
  205. I'm walking today!
  206. Running with a triple arthrodesis in both feet
  207. screws in foot callapse
  208. Pttd mri
  209. At home recovering from PTT and foot reconstruction surgery
  210. Kidner Type Procedure
  211. Considering A toe surgery (PLEASE HELP)
  212. loss of foot muscle and padding under foot
  213. Surgery & lots of it!
  214. Partial Weight Bearing
  215. Back to PWB??
  216. Pain after first physical therapy session
  217. Collagen injections for foot fat pad atrophy
  218. Podiatrist versus Foot and Ankle Ortho Surgeon?
  219. Subtalar Fusion-The Ongoing Saga
  220. Looking for excellent bunion surgeon in greater LA area
  221. Bunion Surgery this week
  222. painful lump on ball of foot
  223. Ankle surgery, take II - need advice!!
  224. Ankle surgery & recovery - input please.
  225. ORIF - Shattered Calcaneous (Heel)
  226. doc just recommended a Triple Arthrodesis procedure
  227. Front of Ankle Tightness
  228. sleeping in the boot
  229. Hammertoe
  230. Bunion surgery post op help please!
  231. Doc says don't need PT after surgery. Huh?
  232. reoccuring Ankle Syndesmosis Injury Surgery Recommended Info Included! Please Help!
  233. It never stops...
  234. 2 Weeks Post Op from Bunionectomy & Hammertoe
  235. PTTD surgery and hive
  236. Cortisone shot at base of the toe on right foot.
  237. ? additional surgery to remove pins ?
  238. Sprained Ankle to go with Broken Calcaneus
  239. Stuck in a difficult situation post lisfranc surgury
  240. Canadian seeking bunionette surgery in the US
  241. hardware removal after heel osteotomy
  242. Calcaneous surgery that failed
  243. Negative MRI - now what?
  244. Comminuted calcaneal fracture
  245. Weight bearing
  246. Arch pain after rest
  247. RUNNERS- Running after tendon transfer
  248. Day 5 post op - going to try shower
  249. Question about ROM and Pain after Ankle Impingement Surgery
  250. Timing of Ankle Surgery

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