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  1. Twitching toes?
  2. Ahhhh! Twitching Toes!
  3. Achilles or not?
  4. Anybody cook for Thanksgiving?
  5. Relearning to walk--advice needed
  6. post-op ecovery schedule? peroneal tendon repair + brostrom
  7. Steri-strips: When did you get them off?
  8. my doctor appointment
  9. Peroneal Tendon Transfer Surgery Yesterday!
  10. Ball of foot Swelling
  11. 6 week cam follow up
  12. almost 2 weeks post op
  13. New Pain
  14. Multiple Foot Surgeries - still pain
  15. After 7 months, surgery scheduled
  16. Failed Bunion Surgery
  17. anyone in UK? subralar arthrodesis,bone grafts,midfoot fusion,osteomyletis etc?
  18. How Long Post-Surgery Before I Feel Up to Leaving the House?
  19. Sleepy foot.
  20. Having Cheilectomy next week - feeling scared and depressed
  21. 1 week down!
  22. Pain!!
  23. Hi Ho hi ho, back to work I go
  24. Coping Mechanisms???
  25. I am an idiot - was being stupid and put all my weight on my bad foot
  26. Knee Scooter tips & tricks
  27. where to go next? rt leg/foot pain.
  28. not again... scared this time!
  29. Foot problems
  30. My A2 PTT reconstruction
  31. I'm PWB... sort of
  32. Recovery going well... Brostrom, OCD, tendon release
  33. I'm finally joining the surgery club
  34. Bunion Surgery
  35. Morton's Neuroma and Cryosurgery
  36. Oats recovery question
  37. 1st metatarsal non union
  38. hammer toes
  39. Unable to avoid the inevitable - Surgery!
  40. Had Triple Artho done 6 weeks ago and need advice .
  41. Pain and swelling oh my!
  42. bunion painn
  43. Scheduled PTTD/Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery - what's down the road?
  44. Flat foot surgery, hammertoes and bunion repair
  45. Being NWB is making me gain weight
  46. walking after foot reconstruction
  47. Phalangel v. Periaticular v Decompression Osteotomy
  48. Pop and Knot---not your everyday dance move!
  49. In even more pain NOW post op then before surgery...
  50. Calcaneal Osteotomy - Document Recommendation Los Angeles
  51. Washing CAM liner
  52. subtalar fusion
  53. What? Another surgery?????
  54. Bursitis of the feet
  55. Nerve pain?
  56. Hallux Rigidus—Pain vs. Mobility
  57. Stiffness on both feet
  58. Cam boot hurting my foot
  59. Great toe joint replacement update
  60. CAM walker irritates broken ankle
  61. Bunion Surgery questions
  62. Ultrasound Bone Growth Stimulator-Fusions
  63. Foot numbness after surgery
  64. Knee Scooter?
  65. Cryosurgery for Morton's Neuroma
  66. 2 Years of Chronic Arch Pain, PTTD or Tendinitis?
  67. Re-Injured My Ankle 8 months after Surgery
  68. achilles tendon, calcaneus fracture 5 mo post op
  69. Opinion on Crocs?
  70. I am 49 and just had my bloodwork
  71. Shoe suggestions?
  72. back on my feet
  73. Broke 5th Metatarsal help!
  74. PVL - Possible heel cord lengthening surgery?
  75. Ankle surgery
  76. PTTD/Flat Foot - how did you know it was time for surgery?
  77. Denovo NT and Brostrom Procedures
  78. MRI Results - Help please understanding
  79. Just not quite right....
  80. Outside of ankle -refuses- to pop, in serious pain...
  81. big toe implant problems
  82. Ankle Instability and OCD
  83. unknown sore spot on side of toe..please help
  84. Hagland's Deformity/Pump Bump, result of calcaneus fracture?
  85. Financial help
  86. I survived my first day back to work! Now in CAM boot.
  87. Broken/fractured toe questions
  88. What is wrong with my foot?
  89. need advice on subtalar fusion
  90. 2nd Surgery... Perineal Tendon Merge :(
  91. Severe Pain Arch of Foot
  92. Adding to the joys of walking...
  93. Flat Foot Reconstruction - Doctor Recommendation - Los Angeles
  94. Big Toenail Problems
  95. My surgery - what to expect with recovery?
  96. I am finally walking a little after 10 weeks
  97. I'm walking today!
  98. Running with a triple arthrodesis in both feet
  99. screws in foot callapse
  100. Pttd mri
  101. At home recovering from PTT and foot reconstruction surgery
  102. Kidner Type Procedure
  103. Considering A toe surgery (PLEASE HELP)
  104. loss of foot muscle and padding under foot
  105. Surgery & lots of it!
  106. Partial Weight Bearing
  107. Back to PWB??
  108. Pain after first physical therapy session
  109. Collagen injections for foot fat pad atrophy
  110. Podiatrist versus Foot and Ankle Ortho Surgeon?
  111. Subtalar Fusion-The Ongoing Saga
  112. Looking for excellent bunion surgeon in greater LA area
  113. Bunion Surgery this week
  114. painful lump on ball of foot
  115. Ankle surgery, take II - need advice!!
  116. Ankle surgery & recovery - input please.
  117. ORIF - Shattered Calcaneous (Heel)
  118. doc just recommended a Triple Arthrodesis procedure
  119. Front of Ankle Tightness
  120. sleeping in the boot
  121. Hammertoe
  122. Bunion surgery post op help please!
  123. Doc says don't need PT after surgery. Huh?
  124. reoccuring Ankle Syndesmosis Injury Surgery Recommended Info Included! Please Help!
  125. It never stops...
  126. 2 Weeks Post Op from Bunionectomy & Hammertoe
  127. PTTD surgery and hive
  128. Cortisone shot at base of the toe on right foot.
  129. ? additional surgery to remove pins ?
  130. Sprained Ankle to go with Broken Calcaneus
  131. Stuck in a difficult situation post lisfranc surgury
  132. Canadian seeking bunionette surgery in the US
  133. hardware removal after heel osteotomy
  134. Calcaneous surgery that failed
  135. Negative MRI - now what?
  136. Comminuted calcaneal fracture
  137. Weight bearing
  138. Arch pain after rest
  139. RUNNERS- Running after tendon transfer
  140. Day 5 post op - going to try shower
  141. Question about ROM and Pain after Ankle Impingement Surgery
  142. Timing of Ankle Surgery
  143. Some help... please. Questions after right ankle fusion
  144. Peroneal nerve injury/peroneal longus tear
  145. Cast off, stitches out and 2 more week NWB
  146. PTTD/Fallen Arch/Pronation?? Surgery??
  147. Fractured Calcaneus- need PT info badly
  148. broken foot
  149. Not healing from plantar fascia tear
  150. First day out, first foot slam
  151. Peroneal/Brostrum/Os Excision
  152. terms and abbreviations
  153. OCD microFX update
  154. Big toe fusion that only partially fused
  155. HSS Ankle Distraction with osteotomy
  156. triple athrodesis
  157. Broken toe and question
  158. Ankle OCD, Denovo NT surgery
  159. From boot to shoe overnight
  160. Broken heel :(
  161. Son with foot drop
  162. Peroneal tendon subluxation surgery tomorrow 10/18 - wish me luck!
  163. Metatarsal Head Resection
  164. Pain relief
  165. Can I go to PWB with a cane rather than a crutch?
  166. Ankle question
  167. all shook up!
  168. still coughing (a LOT) after a cold
  169. Might I have a stress fracture in my foot?
  170. flat foot with accesory navicular bone and posterior tendonosis
  171. blood from tiny spots in the foot
  172. How do you handle itching under your cast?
  173. Fallen Arches - Reconstructive Surgery
  174. mystery foot disorder... NEED IDEAS... HELP...
  175. 6 months post pttd surgery
  176. Major swelling & purple foot 4 weeks post bunionectiomy w/toe shortening normal???
  177. Not sure what's wrong and nervous
  178. Flat feet
  179. I need Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome support
  180. 8 weeks post op foot reconstruction
  181. Advice wanted
  182. New aches and pains
  183. Plantar Fasiciitis
  184. When did people start driving a car again after having a Right calcaneal osteotomy?
  185. ??peroneal sublaxtation
  186. lateral ankle reconstruction, subtalar joint scope, etc.
  187. Post-op foot surgery...
  188. Sesamoid Bone Removal Surgery
  189. Flat Warts?
  190. plantar fascia
  191. posterior tibial surgery coming and I live alone. How much help will I need
  192. Frustrated and Just Want my Foot Pain to End
  193. Independence and dignity restored.
  194. Cracked skin next to the incision after bunion surgery
  195. Purple/blue toes! Subtalar Fusion from Tarsal Coalition
  196. Feet
  197. MBT “rocker bottom” shoes
  198. Partial Weight Bearing!!!
  199. ptt surgery exercises
  200. Wart Question
  201. Broken calcaneus
  202. When does it get back to "normal"
  203. Unable to move big to up
  204. Post Op- Denovo Implant vs Microfracture
  205. Broken heel and fractured ankle
  206. Post-op. brostrom ankle reconstruction
  207. Failed laminectomy
  208. Throbbing bunions at night 'hard to sleep'
  209. Peroneal Tendonitits - What difference will a MRI make?
  210. Sub talar revision surgery
  211. Surgery set for 10/18/12: Peroneal Tendon Subluxation, Debridement
  212. Calcaneous Fracture - 2 year anniversary
  213. pain and tingling in foot.
  214. Lisfranc, Tightrope and Windsurfing
  215. Oats Update/Question
  216. Metatarsaligia surgery. Yay or nay?
  217. Shoe insole/insert question
  218. Ankle Cartiliage problems
  219. Elevation questions post PTTD surgery
  220. The Accessory Navicular strikes back.
  221. Undiagnosed foot pain
  222. Undiagnosed foot pain
  223. Kidner procedure recovery
  224. my foot pain
  225. feet and knee dysfunction causing pain
  226. Post op frustration
  227. ankle OCD post op pain 9 weeks out....typical?
  228. Haglunds Deformity surgery
  229. Fall 2 weeks post-op subtalar fusion
  230. Corn removal done by Laser Surgery?
  231. Is this posterior tibial tendonitis?
  232. Achilles pain
  233. right ankle, tendon and ligament repair surgery.
  234. Should I get brostrom Gould or Evans procedure for severe ankle instability ?
  235. Tender transfer and osteotomies
  236. I have a painful dime size lump of the bottom of the instep of the bottom of my foot
  237. Tendon Lengthening
  238. Avascular necrosis in both ankles
  239. Is anyone happy with great toe hemi arthroplasty?
  240. Fractured calcaneous
  241. Hallux Limitus Surgery Recovery
  242. Hot toes
  243. Hereditary Flexible Flat Feet
  244. Ankle OCD / Denovo Implant
  245. subtalar Joint fusion with a deltoid ligament reconstruction
  246. Brostrom-Gould modified.... looking for a knee walker
  247. Sports after subtalar fusion?
  248. Jones Procedure
  249. Metatarsal Fat Pad Atrophy
  250. Second neuroma surgery in under 4 months?

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