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  1. Incisions feel "tight" with numbness around them 5wks post-op.
  2. Here we go again...
  3. Bunion Surgery !
  4. bunion and fusion surgery
  5. Calcaneal Osteotomy/ PTT repair-- day 28
  6. triple arthrodesis after 9 weeks
  7. Brostrom and a tumor????
  8. Second cheilectomy one year later????
  9. i have cellulitis
  10. oats
  11. Big toe fusion
  12. Pain relief - OPC
  13. Top of foot pain
  14. internal scar tissue in top of foot
  15. Splint Removal and Casting: 4/4
  16. Post ankle OCD drilling
  17. cortisone shots?
  18. Cast off! Back from my 3rd post-op visit-Update!
  19. Cast damage?
  20. accupuncture for stage 2 pttd?
  21. Osteochondral lesion of the talus - help
  22. how much pain?
  23. Cal fracture 8 months postop burning at night
  24. Bruising in boot?
  25. Should I have my after surgery dressings looked at, bandage bleeding through?
  26. Foot surgery 4/2/12
  27. Brostrom-Gould modified... What should I expect?
  28. foot turning purple/grey
  29. Sprained ankle-- not sure of severity?
  30. Flat Foot Reconstructive Surgery Question
  31. OATS knee to ankle
  32. 9 weeks post drilling for OCD feeling great!
  33. Is PTTD very deceiving?
  34. 5 major surgeries in 6 years
  35. Keller Arthroplasty for hallux rigidus
  36. Foot Drop
  37. Foot Surgery
  38. Subtalar Implant Removal
  39. Triple Arthroplasty Jan. 13th, 2012 - complicated
  40. Exercised while in boot?
  41. In a cast with cramps in that calf and arch!
  42. Subtalar Pain and fusion
  43. ARGH!!!! O/T need ins. help/opinions
  44. Partial achilles tear or calf tear - help
  45. Bah! Fourth toe twitching... LOL
  46. Progress after Brostrom... !
  47. Had hardware removal surgery today!
  48. Plantar Wart Removal Surgery
  49. after surgery
  50. bottom of heel
  51. Foot surgery
  52. Bunion research study?
  53. Bunion Op Gone Wrong
  54. Lisfranc Post Surgery (1 year) Excruciating Pain...
  55. Pain Question
  56. Arthrodesic Triple Fusion - March 08th, 2010
  57. Question about Meds...
  58. What's wrong??
  59. stage II pttd afo or surgery
  60. fallen arches
  61. Foul Smell from Cam Walker
  62. Crazy itchy from Percoset... Help!
  63. a few different problems in foot have a few questions about mri and xray results
  64. black stuff under large toe nails
  65. Second Emergency Operation and INFECTION
  66. Hallux Limitus - what does my future hold?
  67. Need help with PTTD
  68. scar tissue after tendon transfer
  69. Peroneus Brevis Tendon & ATFL
  70. HELP!!Tendon Sugery Suggested Big Toe...Is it Necessary??
  71. Posterior tibeal tendinitis with FDL tendon transfer surgery:a journey to healing
  72. Reconstructive Foot Surgery
  73. Polar Ice Machine Question:
  74. Reconstructive Foot Surgery
  75. Boot to bed?
  76. Surgery = Done :)
  77. Stinging and itching, now a bruise on my foot?
  78. pttd/flatfoot confusion
  79. Calcaneal Osteotomy
  80. black stuff under toe nails
  81. Lumps underneath middle toes
  82. Today's the Day.... Phew!
  83. Weird Pain!
  84. Pain in my calf after foot surgery
  85. Brostrom Scheduled for 3/28
  86. 8 months after ankle OATS - still in pain
  87. please help... calcaneus fx... surg vs none
  88. No! I'm not excited... Sheesh.
  89. Well tried asking for help
  90. PTTD and just had Chiari surgery - overwhelmed
  91. pttd pre op tomorrow
  92. Subtalar Fusion
  93. Really strange problem with feet
  94. Suggestions for a recovering NWB student
  95. Bad Circulation In Left Foot?
  96. Podiatrist? Or ortho surgeon?
  97. ? About Fibular Groove Deepening and Bone Pain
  98. Calcaneus 3 years on
  99. Question about ankle pain
  100. Frustration with recovery from 2/22 surgery
  101. Screw removal, bone shaving, etc.
  102. Post-Bunionette Surgery-Teacher
  103. What happens when the tendon ruptures?
  104. Extreme pain!!!
  105. Comminuted calcaneal fracture intra-articular? What Now?
  106. Hammer toe/claw toe/bunion surgery
  107. Ready... Count down to surgery!
  108. Hallux rigidus - injection v cheilectomy?
  109. officially diagnosed PTTD. Share stories,info!
  110. Medial Calcaneal Slide Osteotomy
  111. Weight bearing at last, any tips?
  112. too heavy cast after lapidus bunionectomy
  113. No more stitches, and first post op visit report.
  114. PTTD VETS... impingement ?
  115. Therapy + Bruise
  116. After ankle sprain popping sound
  117. OATS Procedure on right ankle Out patient
  118. Try new shoes before bunion surgery!
  119. Surgery scheduled, but at last minute new opinion arrives..
  120. Painting Aircast
  121. "only" a Stage I osteochondral lesion
  122. Tendonitis in foot (PTTD)
  123. question
  124. Second toe cross over and sewing toes together??
  125. I wish I had seen this 10 weeks ago!
  126. Lingering ankle sprain
  127. Recovering from ankle surgery
  128. Need help with pain management
  129. Hallux rigidus
  130. Issues after Toe Joint Bone Spur Surgery
  131. micro fracture surgery on my talus results
  132. Back to work tips?
  133. LisFranc misdiagnosed
  134. It happened-I fell!
  135. What would you do? Upcoming post-op visit
  136. anybody else have pain a week and half out of surgery?
  137. Pf
  138. Handling the mental aspect of immobilization
  139. ankle/ foot
  140. Is it normal
  141. Waiting and Whining... (Foot surgery)
  142. Lateral ligament reconstruction with tendon allograft
  143. OATS autograft
  144. Anesthesia Issues???
  145. Reconstuctive foot surgery.
  146. Brostrom- immediate WB?
  147. Mild Tenosynovitis of Posterior Tibialis Tendon
  148. PWB questions???
  149. Small, painful bumbs on ball of foot
  150. Has anyone had a metatarsal fusion surgery?
  151. Mrs
  152. Purply pink discoloration ontop of one foot
  153. Bunnion Surgery \screws and swelling
  154. L5 radiculopathy , Neuroma, and Epidural steroid injection
  155. Sudden, severe foot pain with some numbness.
  156. Questions from an Ankle Surgery Newbie...
  157. Non-Union after graft from iliac crest?
  158. recovering from foot surgery anyone feel like talking?
  159. I kissed ny son goodnight... Ankle surgery.
  160. Left big toe tingle sensation
  161. Surgery 2/29. Home 3/2. Calcaneal osteotomy w/ flexor tendon transfer.
  162. Blisters between my toes?!? (TA post op)
  163. Ankle Surgery: General vs Local Anesthesia...
  164. 3 Month Post Surgical Pain (Plantar, Tarsal, Neuroma, and Achilles)
  165. Compartment Syndrome and Lisfranc Injury-- Need input
  166. Whose had non-unions of MTP joint fusion??
  167. Screw Removal, bone shaving
  168. OCD lesion of medial talar dome
  169. Made it to the other side
  170. Pain on bottom outside edge of feet
  171. Post-Op Visit Report and Questions
  172. Bunionectomy
  173. Not getting a boot?
  174. getting k-wire out! scared...
  175. Question for Fellow Runners with ankle OCDs
  176. Ankle OCD
  177. pan management
  178. Neuroma surgery -plantar approach
  179. Dry lump top of foot.
  180. Ankle buzzing
  181. smashed heels
  182. foot drop, severed Peroneal nerve.
  183. Toe shortening surgery
  184. I survived!! Revision Mtp joint fusion surgery
  185. Top Ankle Specialist in MI, IL, OH?
  186. Pain when pressing on the heel of my right foot
  187. Pain in ankle bone
  188. New diagnosis for stage 1 pttd
  189. Calcaneal osteotomies - so many different types !
  190. cramping and general pain in foot
  191. Big Toe Issues
  192. Brostrom Failure?
  193. flatfoot surgery
  194. Terriifed foot surgery so scared
  195. Plantar fasciitis surgery
  196. removing screws after lapidus
  197. Ever be pain free with PTTD?
  198. broken heel
  199. cheilectomy done 2/15/12
  200. stepped on foot nwb!!
  201. Stabbing pain in foot
  202. Feet problem for about 4months PLEASE help!
  203. Help! PTTD, PF and dancer's tendonitis
  204. Double bunionectomy for mom with an 18 month old toddler?
  205. Brostrom Procedure on 2/22/12
  206. Scarf bunion removal, 1 foot at a time.
  207. alcohol injections for neuroma's
  208. Burning feet/back problems?
  209. Hallux Rigidus footware advice please
  210. Tarsal Tunnel
  211. Severe pain after foot surgery
  212. Lump in bottom of foot
  213. Should I go ahead with synovectomy, ATFL and CFL reconstruction?
  214. Calcaneal Osteotomy without tendon work?
  215. Struggling with SCREW after Calcaneal Osteotomy
  216. ankle distraction arthroplasty
  217. Brostrom repair
  218. Bunion Surgery I NEED HELP
  219. Plantar Fasciitis or gout?
  220. Fallen arches
  221. Subtalor Joint Arthritis
  222. Need shoe ideas!
  223. Knee walker disadvantages
  224. 5 days out, PTT reconstruction, Calcaneal OGaststeotomy,
  225. Hand still painful after fall last month
  226. Subcutaneous Granuloma Annulare(Pseudorheumatoid nodule)
  227. Apparently I didn't have the whole story...
  228. 6 Month Post Flat Foot Reconstruction
  229. cramping in bottom of foot
  230. Ankle surgery questions
  231. hallux rigidus, elevated 1st metatarsal?
  232. Has anyone Had sunbtalar arthoereisis
  233. Help Ankle Fracture Recovery
  234. six month update
  235. Cast Covers-Which is best??
  236. Calaneus fracture
  237. Workout related injury? Anyone got the same?
  238. Sprains after Ankle Debridement
  239. broken ankle six weeks post surgery getting calf pain
  240. Futura Implant and insurence help
  241. Brostrom, Arthroscopy, PRP
  242. Astym treatment following neuroma surgery?
  243. Heel and Ankle Question...
  244. Surgery Next Week - MTP Joint Fusion Revision
  245. Please read, can i squat after orif
  246. Need advice about cotton osteotomy!
  247. another ankle de novo question
  248. Sprained ankle Grade 3 symptoms?
  249. Lapidus Bunionectomy What type of cast goes on after surgery?
  250. surgery or not

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