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  1. 3 Month Post Surgical Pain (Plantar, Tarsal, Neuroma, and Achilles)
  2. Compartment Syndrome and Lisfranc Injury-- Need input
  3. Whose had non-unions of MTP joint fusion??
  4. Screw Removal, bone shaving
  5. OCD lesion of medial talar dome
  6. Made it to the other side
  7. Pain on bottom outside edge of feet
  8. Post-Op Visit Report and Questions
  9. Bunionectomy
  10. Not getting a boot?
  11. getting k-wire out! scared...
  12. Question for Fellow Runners with ankle OCDs
  13. Ankle OCD
  14. pan management
  15. Neuroma surgery -plantar approach
  16. Dry lump top of foot.
  17. Ankle buzzing
  18. smashed heels
  19. foot drop, severed Peroneal nerve.
  20. Toe shortening surgery
  21. I survived!! Revision Mtp joint fusion surgery
  22. Top Ankle Specialist in MI, IL, OH?
  23. Pain when pressing on the heel of my right foot
  24. Pain in ankle bone
  25. New diagnosis for stage 1 pttd
  26. Calcaneal osteotomies - so many different types !
  27. cramping and general pain in foot
  28. Big Toe Issues
  29. Brostrom Failure?
  30. flatfoot surgery
  31. Terriifed foot surgery so scared
  32. Plantar fasciitis surgery
  33. removing screws after lapidus
  34. Ever be pain free with PTTD?
  35. broken heel
  36. cheilectomy done 2/15/12
  37. stepped on foot nwb!!
  38. Stabbing pain in foot
  39. Feet problem for about 4months PLEASE help!
  40. Help! PTTD, PF and dancer's tendonitis
  41. Double bunionectomy for mom with an 18 month old toddler?
  42. Brostrom Procedure on 2/22/12
  43. Scarf bunion removal, 1 foot at a time.
  44. alcohol injections for neuroma's
  45. Burning feet/back problems?
  46. Hallux Rigidus footware advice please
  47. Tarsal Tunnel
  48. Severe pain after foot surgery
  49. Lump in bottom of foot
  50. Should I go ahead with synovectomy, ATFL and CFL reconstruction?
  51. Calcaneal Osteotomy without tendon work?
  52. Struggling with SCREW after Calcaneal Osteotomy
  53. ankle distraction arthroplasty
  54. Brostrom repair
  55. Bunion Surgery I NEED HELP
  56. Plantar Fasciitis or gout?
  57. Fallen arches
  58. Subtalor Joint Arthritis
  59. Need shoe ideas!
  60. Knee walker disadvantages
  61. 5 days out, PTT reconstruction, Calcaneal OGaststeotomy,
  62. Hand still painful after fall last month
  63. Subcutaneous Granuloma Annulare(Pseudorheumatoid nodule)
  64. Apparently I didn't have the whole story...
  65. 6 Month Post Flat Foot Reconstruction
  66. cramping in bottom of foot
  67. Ankle surgery questions
  68. hallux rigidus, elevated 1st metatarsal?
  69. Has anyone Had sunbtalar arthoereisis
  70. Help Ankle Fracture Recovery
  71. six month update
  72. Cast Covers-Which is best??
  73. Calaneus fracture
  74. Workout related injury? Anyone got the same?
  75. Sprains after Ankle Debridement
  76. broken ankle six weeks post surgery getting calf pain
  77. Futura Implant and insurence help
  78. Brostrom, Arthroscopy, PRP
  79. Astym treatment following neuroma surgery?
  80. Heel and Ankle Question...
  81. Surgery Next Week - MTP Joint Fusion Revision
  82. Please read, can i squat after orif
  83. Need advice about cotton osteotomy!
  84. another ankle de novo question
  85. Sprained ankle Grade 3 symptoms?
  86. Lapidus Bunionectomy What type of cast goes on after surgery?
  87. surgery or not
  88. flat feet reconstruction
  89. 6 yo son broke both heels bones- just need info and experiences
  90. Knee Walker, Mobilegs, & Cooling Machine Questions
  91. question on Brostrom procedure
  92. Calcaneous Fracture - Hardware Removal and Wound Trouble
  93. What do I do after I've been diagnosis witha microfracture
  94. Metal Plate in Big Toe Strange Pain
  95. OATS ankle procedure new 2012
  96. Severe Ankle Sprain -- Surgery?
  97. Preparing for Ankle Surgery-Have Questions!
  98. Screw Removal
  99. Transitioning from NWB
  100. Need advice - neuromas
  101. Bunion surgery
  102. Urgent! Info re:Metatarsal fusion to Cuneiform Bone please?
  103. Foot cramps
  104. Accessory Navicular
  105. Physical Therapy afted PTT Reconstruction & Calcaneal Osteotomy
  106. Questions
  107. I was hoping for some answers...
  108. Bone Marrow Edema within lateral talus and calcaneus
  109. ankle reconstruction and living alone
  110. Best shoe for ball of foot and forefoot pain
  111. Bunion surgery with mini external pins??
  112. Bunion surgery with tendon cut
  113. Calcaneus Fracture and Dislocation
  114. Recovery from ankle sprains
  115. Ankle Swelling - Please Help!
  116. Bunion Recovery
  117. Hallux Limitus – If it's mild, why the heck does it hurt?!
  118. Fusion of the accesory navicular bone, calcaneal osteotomy, gastrocnemius recession
  119. screws and plates from spiral fracture
  120. What questions should I be asking?
  121. Foot worse for the wear 12 weeks Post-op
  122. really sharp pains at 8 weeks post op
  123. why do my feet do this? please help!
  124. Had my micro fracture surgery today
  125. what semi-rigid brace support is the best for my ankle?
  126. flat foot reconstruction worries!
  127. Pain near ball of foot
  128. Brostrom gould repair
  129. Frostbitten toes- severe?
  130. Chrisman Snook Surgery
  131. plantar fibromatosis
  132. To Fuse or Not To Fuse? (Ankle)
  133. Two year update on heel bone fracture
  134. hallux limitus/regidus
  135. Need professional advice on what to do about this toenail
  136. Accupuncture and foot issues
  137. Fusion of Big Toe - Recovery time
  138. Triple Arthrodesis post op 9 days popping/burning?
  139. surviving pttd surgery with a toddler
  140. Plantar Fibroma
  141. Non Union & Need Repeat Surgery Advice, PLEASE!!
  142. OCD Stage?
  143. Halix Limitus Post Surgery
  144. Broken ankle and ligament damage help
  145. Foot pain, Depression, and comfortable shoes
  146. Posterior Tibial Tendon Reconstruction with Osteotomy INFO PLEASE! Sugery Feb 9
  147. Flat foot reconstruction
  148. So I had an ankle replacement
  149. Calcaneous Fracture - Heel Pad Pain
  150. Tendon transfer for drop foot
  151. foot/ankle quandry
  152. foot/ankle quandry
  153. HELP! Please?
  154. Talus AVN, Options, opinions, venting
  155. Could I have had the wrong kind of bunionectomy?
  156. bunion fusion hammertoe surgery
  157. PTT reconstruct/calcanel osteotomy 4wk post-op pain
  158. Ankle extremely cold to the touch 8 weeks after OCD surgery
  159. Foot surgeries, scar tissue, neuromas, tarsal tunnel release
  160. Big toe problems; looking for suggestions
  161. How do you keep from being stir crazy?
  162. Posterior Tendon Re-attachment Surgery Question
  163. Calcaneus Fracture - Harware removal
  164. Post PTT & calcaneal osteotomy surgery
  165. Ankle ligament reconstruction surgery?
  166. Post-op MTP Fusion/Graft and resections
  167. Ankle Sprain with possible syndesmosis fixation required. Questions.
  168. Triple Arthrodesis Rehab
  169. Rehab after severe comminuted calcaneus fracture/ORIF with cuboid
  170. PTTD: Minnesota Surgeons?
  171. Ankle Surgery for heel re-realignment
  172. Brachymetarsal 4th toe surgery
  173. Sharp pain in feet in the morning
  174. Help!!!! I have sprained my ankle 3 times already
  175. Footproblems
  176. stress fracture - air boot causes more pain?
  177. Home recovery from Triple fusion arthrodesic surgery
  178. Tired of Foot/Ankle Issues!!
  179. Post Bunionectomy
  180. foot pain
  181. post operation ankle ligament reconstruction questions
  182. Calcaneus fracture 5months postop pain
  183. Toe surgery/Bad Cast
  184. whats wrong?
  185. Subtailor Fusion
  186. OATS recovery: how long until desk work?
  187. Stress Fracture in Foot?
  188. gastrocnemius release
  189. ankle OCD surgery post Op
  190. Neuroma nerve tucked in muscle
  191. Posterior Tendon surgery. Results
  192. Lack of post fibular sesamoidectomy progress
  193. surviving pttd surgery with a toddler
  194. Limbrel - anyone use it?
  195. Pin in big toe after fusion - feeling it?
  196. Orthotics making pain worse!
  197. hammer toes
  198. Ankle OCD talus Denovo recovery
  199. Sesamoid problems/What are common Sesamoidectomy complications?
  200. Is my burning feet problem unique?
  201. Big Toe Problem
  202. Broken calcaneous
  203. Calcaneous Fracture - When to Bear Full Load?
  204. flat feet
  205. Foot pain from playing golf
  206. 7 months out w/Brostrom & Talus OCD
  207. Acupuncture for scar tissue
  208. athlete's foot while wearing an orthotic boot
  209. Lipoma on ankle after sprain
  210. Neuroma - cryrotherapy
  211. Triple arthrodesis
  212. tendon transfer after 2 lapidus procedures
  213. Ankle Tendon Repair Surgery Questions
  214. Fusion or Joint Replacement
  215. 5 years post op pttd ankle pain
  216. Black line coming out of cast after surgery. :/ scared?!?!
  217. Tingling and Burning after Fibial Sesamoidectomy
  218. lisfranc dislocation with two fracture
  219. Orthotics or surgery for PTTD?
  220. Post Calcaneus Surgery - Dealing With Pain
  221. Bunionectomy in Vancouver?
  222. And I thought the worst was over!!
  223. Chicago surgeon for midfoot fusion
  224. Ankle Instability
  225. Foot Numbness is driving me crazy!!!
  226. what is non-weight bearing
  227. brostrum repair
  228. Here we go again...
  229. Burning pain after Foot Surgery
  230. SOS!! Cheilectomy (Bilateral) Surgery done - now what?
  231. flat foot hind foot reconstruction
  232. Kidner surgery???
  233. Achilles Contracture and posterior tibial tendonitis
  234. podiatrist over ortho
  235. Calcaneal ORIF update + new chielectomy
  236. Itchy Foot 5 Months After Bunion Surgery
  237. Bent pin in second toe
  238. Lapidus revision with a bone graft
  239. Callus???
  240. new to site
  241. Drinking over xmas but have gout
  242. Treating Osteochondral Defect of Talar Dome with Platelet Rich Plasma
  243. post-PTTD surgery pain experiences?
  244. medial ankle snapping, thinking PTT problem
  245. New Heelie - Comminuted Calcaneal Fracture
  246. New Heelie - Comminuted Calcaneal Fracture
  247. Hardware problems after flat foot rec..?
  248. Toe Lifting With Pin Normal?
  249. bunion and hammertoe surgery, what to expect after
  250. Please help me , I have very severe panic disorder!

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