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  1. 7 days after mid foot fusion and bunion repair. Stepped down full force.
  2. Waiting for ATFL repair
  3. posterior tibial tendon transfer
  4. Test results - tarsal tunnel & tendinitis
  5. Going to the bathroom
  6. 6 month post Lapidus Bunionectomy Please Help!
  7. Gastroc recession
  8. Anybody tried this ??????
  9. foot and ankle problems
  10. Toe fusion plus hammer toes
  11. Has anyone had a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction?
  12. Reconstructive surgery post calcaneal fracture
  13. Bunion surgery
  14. Fell on foot after surgery! Help
  15. Foot pad contusion/bone bruise
  16. Transition from non weight bearing to full
  17. Old timers! Come help!
  18. Feet swelling
  19. Tarsal Tunnel Surgery - HELP! My Foot HURTS!
  20. Failed screws in osteotomy.
  21. Swelling after triple arthrodesis
  22. Pttd surgery
  23. 2nd Surgery Help
  24. Calcaneal Heel Fracture - Week 6 - Noticable Improvement
  25. High ankle sprain, instability & numbness/tingling
  26. PTTD surgeons Boston?
  27. Anterior ankle inpingment
  28. Pain
  29. Questions about flying after surgery
  30. Ankle distraction arthroplasty
  31. Abductor Hallucis in the wrong spot
  32. Torn CFL but intact ATFL
  33. Always a little positive thinking - 3.5 years out Calcaneus Explosion
  34. untreated possible fibula fracture ... oops?
  35. Foot pain and leg tiredness
  36. I don't feel normal
  37. Reversing calcaneal osteotomy & triple arthrodesis instead
  38. Posterior Tibial Dysfunction - Advice
  39. Triple Arthrodesis Left Foot in 5 days.
  40. Keloid Scar and hardware removal
  41. Cheilectomy
  42. PTTD surgery first post questions
  43. Physical Therapy Results
  44. 7 weeks post Subtalar fusion.
  45. MTP fusion feeling good
  46. Upcoming tibial sesamoid removal surgery
  47. Calcaneal osteotomy etc
  48. Metatarsal Osteonomy 6th wk post op ... info please?
  49. Bimalleolar Fracture recovery time?
  50. Bleeding From Incision Tarsal Tunnel Surgery
  51. Closed Fractures both heels
  52. Pain Meds After Tarsal Tunnel Release
  53. Pinched nerve won't heal
  54. Next step after failed surgery
  55. ever woken up to a lot of pain without knowing what caused it?
  56. Heel Osteotomy Question
  57. Deep pain in the foot area
  58. Ankle Popping After arthroscopy
  59. Graduated from PT
  60. Swelling 5 months after flat foot reconstruction
  61. Excessive fluid drainage after hardware removal
  62. Recovery after Calcaneal Osteotomy
  63. PT after ankle sprain
  64. Osteoarthritis problem with feet.
  65. tingling from tensynovitis or ligaments?
  66. Plantar Fasciitis
  67. Calcaneus Fracture non surgical, ankle disappeared from the foot, 10 weeks later
  68. Cheilectomy YESTERDAY -- Boot Question
  69. MTP fusion foot is red
  70. Single leg heel raises
  71. Orthotics Questions
  72. Problems with Physical Therapy after PTTD Surgery
  73. toes sticking out of cast?
  74. 26 weeks... Success??
  75. Strengthen tendons before surgery?
  76. Toe Suffering for 3 weeks, please read and help.
  77. Continued pain after lis franc "recovery"
  78. living after surgery
  79. 6 Months post-op and NO PAIN!
  80. 10 Months Post-op
  81. Hardware Removal after Triple Arthodesis (Foot/Ankle)
  82. Diagnoses on heel/ankle?
  83. Orthotics for Morton's Neuroma
  84. PTT Repair Surgery
  85. Ankle Pain, want to know more about it; looking for some advice!
  86. PTTD surgery - should I???
  87. 2nd metatarsal fracture - need advice
  88. 17 months post-op injury
  89. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
  90. immobile toe
  92. Hardware is hurting me 12 weeks post op
  93. what's the time limit for ankle surgery?
  94. Shoes Post-Cheilectomy
  95. Help! Prednisone Withdrawal for Extreme Swelling after Flat Foot Reconstriction
  96. Allergic to Codeine
  97. PLEASE HELP Flat Foot Reconstruction
  98. Pttd surgery recovery
  99. Mild calcaneus stress fracture
  100. Failed screws
  101. Burning, stinging in toes
  102. Subtalar fusion surgery was on Tuesday!
  103. Did orthotics work for you?
  104. New ideas or equipment to use for pt
  105. Getting screws removed 9 months after PTTD surgery
  106. 24 year old athlete with PTT repair (partial) and deltoid ligament repair
  107. Re-sprained surgical ankle
  108. Any good technique or machines or lasers ?
  109. Modified Kidner Post-Op Protocols?
  110. advice needed - flat foot surgery
  111. Lingering Pain After Puncture Wound
  112. Brostrom in 3 weeks
  113. Having hard time to 30 pound weight bearing
  114. What kind compression sock ????
  115. ankle crushed 25 yrs ago, ankle replacement??
  116. Wearing a compression sock
  117. Midfot Fusion prolonged recovery and problems
  118. Post surgery recovery
  119. Transitioning out of walking boot
  120. How long does ankle swell?
  121. Weird callouses? Causing pain!
  122. Triple arthrodesis
  123. Physical therapy post op bunionectomy?
  124. Severe ankle sprain timeline?
  125. Ankle lateral ligament repair surgery
  126. Ball of foot numb
  127. peroneal brevis tear
  128. Grade 3 sprain, tendon allograft recovery time?
  129. Extreme pain from calcaneus fracture
  130. Driving after pwb for 6 wks
  131. Weight Bearing ???
  132. Almost 13 weeks and counting ...
  133. No injury, but my leg is getting weaker and more painful?
  134. How to find flexor retinaculum of foot?
  135. getting wires removed from ankle
  136. Intra Articular Calcaneal Fracture (Heel Bone Fracture)
  137. Intra Articular Calcaneal Fracture (Heel Bone Fracture)
  138. broken foot
  139. partial weight bearing, at 30 pounds.
  140. Surgery for Osteochondral Lesion Talar Dome
  141. Anterior tibial surgery 4 weeks & post op pain
  142. Help me please!
  143. 16 Weeks post ORIF Calcaneus surgery, concerned about subtalar joint.
  144. Could this be shin splints?
  145. Orthotics For Cavus Foot?
  146. This Changes Everything
  147. I need help :(
  148. Over the Counter insert after Flat Foot Reconstructive Surgery
  149. Help! I fell off my knee walker and don't know if I hurt my tendon!
  150. New Member seekig advice
  151. Foot Drop recovery stories ... Looking for help
  152. First day without cast. omg
  153. achilles tenditious - at wit's end
  154. Another ankle sprain?
  155. Subtalar Foot fusion surgery on Nov 4th!
  156. 12 year old had Calcaneal Osteotomy: How long until virtually pain free?
  157. asking for referrals
  158. Having Trouble ... Please Help
  159. TAR or fusion for a 35y
  160. Talonavicular fusion surgery in 2 months
  161. sprained ankle still hurts after a year
  162. Ankle Surgery Coming
  163. Restoration of calf muscle
  164. Failed Operation and lack of treatment.
  165. My PTTD journey - surgery soon - questions
  166. NWB but need some exercise!
  167. Burning, tingling and red fourth toe on left foot.
  168. Lisfranc Sprain
  169. ATFL and CFL replacement surgery - skin burning
  170. Flat foot correction - Lateral column lengthening and Cotton osteotomy success rates?
  171. Metatarsal fracture post pttd surgery? Hope not
  172. What kind of LOTION you apply on the dead skin and the stitches .
  173. What kind of LOTION you apply on the deed skin and the stitches .
  174. Pain still a year and 5 months after calcaneal surgery
  175. Post-op neuroma nerve pain-HELP
  176. What to expect when the cast comes off?
  177. Burning pain after Neuroma Surgery
  178. 3 fractures in foot
  179. mtp fusion: what happens the day the cast comes off?
  180. Should I get a second opinion?
  181. Why are most of the people here female? lol
  182. Peroneal/extensor tendinits
  183. How soon can you squat/deadlift after ankle surgery?
  184. (4) Failed Foot Surgeries
  185. Morton's neuroma
  186. The painful shift to weight bearing
  187. Post Op Bunion Surgery
  188. Suggestions on taking those first steps.
  189. Probably need surgery on Achilles in rsd area
  190. 2 weeks post op
  191. pain improving with surgery coming up
  192. Accidental Weight bearing on NWB foot
  193. Brostrom procedure with internal brace
  194. Deltoid Ligament surgery
  195. Rock n Roll is good for the soul and Rehab
  196. Help With Boot Walker after the cast came off
  197. Future bunionectomy
  198. Split tear peroneus brevis
  199. Pains in bottom of foot after ankle microfracture surgery
  200. Injured foot question
  201. Hole in toe nail?
  202. ATFL and CFL replacement surgery
  203. 7 mos post-op still healing
  204. ligament issues causing foot cramps?
  205. Screw in heel - weird sensation
  206. Rode my bike for the first time again yesterday
  207. Cast Off - Still NWB though
  208. 4 month check-in
  209. Sural nerve peroneal tendon issues
  210. Full weight bearing in boot?
  211. mtp fusion: Can I walk a lot in 9 months?
  212. One more question about weight bearing
  213. Is this going to heal? Nonunion fracture.
  214. 2nd ATFL repair
  215. How quickly to go from PWB to FWB?
  216. The Final Countdown - Cast Off
  217. Surgery is booked!! Subtalar fusion!!
  218. Ankle fractures with surgery.
  219. what am I missing?
  220. foot surgery(bunion fusion)
  221. Fusion of big toe - cast vs boot
  222. Foot taping for orthotic lift: Experiences?
  223. Aircast & Crutches
  224. MRI and metal in ankle
  225. Broken Heels
  226. Wearing a shoe
  227. Posterior tibial tendon repair
  228. is there a time range for max recovery from brostrum?
  229. Modified bromstrom Gould reinjured?!
  230. Broken ankle (post surgery)
  231. Stress Fracture not healing
  232. Is soreness normal with PWB?
  233. Prognosis for torn deep deltoid ligaments and longitudinal PTT tear
  234. problems after cheilectomy
  235. 1 day post op
  236. Post op six weeks from PTTD
  237. Nickel sized bump on leg, in-between shin and calf
  238. Flat foot surgery 2 months ago - I feel like it was useless...
  239. complicated case
  240. Talonavicular Fusion
  241. Becoming Weight Bearing after PTTD Surgery
  242. Broken Big Toe - Healed - Still can't bend it
  243. Broken Big Toe - Healed - Still can't bend it
  244. Torn Anterior tibialis tendon -- What to expect for treatment?
  245. Weight Bearing with 1 Crutch with Lots of Heel Pain
  246. Calcaneus Displaced fracture
  247. Help - This cast is a nightmare!!
  248. Ankle fusion?? Help
  249. PTTD Surgery 2 years ago, and calves!
  250. 2 Years Since First PTTD Surgery!!!

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