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  1. OCD X 6wks - no improvement, increasing pain
  2. Pttd - post surgical plaster cast
  3. Exchange fiber glass cast for the Aircast@
  4. Flat feet surgery, can you give me some advice?
  5. PT and Exercises after Hammer Toe Surgery
  6. Ankle injury still hurts 2 years later
  7. nerve pain medication?
  8. Had ankle microfracture and debridement 5 weeks and 3 days ago
  9. Finally able to bear weight "hurts terribly"
  10. Dorsiflexion after Brostrom/peroneal repair
  11. Big Toe - Soft Tissue Athroplasty vs Fusion
  12. Limited range of motion after ankle microfracture surgery
  13. Magic KT Tape!
  14. Post Denovo cartilage graft - talus OCD lesion - bone growth fusing tibia and talus
  15. Pain and an Aircast for Shattered Heel
  16. Weil Osteotomy & PIP arthrodesis???
  17. Screw removal surgery - February 17th
  18. Pins and needle sensation in my right foot
  19. 2 tendon tears in my left foot
  20. Frustrated: 5th surgery on Thursday
  21. Bad pain in foot with no injury...
  22. The boot got the boot !
  23. Four Surgeries in Six Months
  24. Cortisone injection in foot November & December. Now weird heartbeat
  25. Foot/Skin Problem
  26. Lawn Mower Accident - Podiatry help
  27. Destroying cam boots
  28. losing dorsiflexion
  29. Ankle fusion vs ankle replacemet
  30. question or 2
  31. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction surgery
  32. Suture in my ankle almost 2 years after surgery...
  33. When to start pt?
  34. Had Lapidus Bunion surgery 3 weeks ago
  35. No diagnosis, in Pain, Scared
  36. Heel Pain
  37. Any DIY/Crafty People out there? Need Post-Op ideas!
  38. Terrified about upcoming Ankle surgery
  39. OCD in the Talar Dome, Should I get surgery?
  40. Reflections from the past year
  41. How long did you take pain meds.
  42. Foot Problems Related To Work
  43. Anterior Tibial Tendon
  44. Lump on top of foot
  45. pain at 90 degrees
  46. Broken foot and ankle not healing properly after 9 months
  47. How much $'s are bone stimulators?
  48. hyprocure
  49. bunion questions - Help
  50. Accessory navicalur pain ...
  51. Day 86 and can finally walk with crutches/boot
  52. Chiropractic podiatrist for pttd in s. Fla
  53. Pain Meds
  54. Pain along area of incision/hardware site of foot
  55. Nerve/circulatory issues following calcaneus surgery
  56. subtalar joint fusion
  57. Question about cam boot
  58. Fractured Calcaneous
  59. flat feet, bunions, hammertoe and peroneus brevis tendon rupture
  60. I walk 2.0
  61. bunion surgery
  62. 5th Metatarsal Fracture
  63. Reaction to steri strips after surgery
  64. Calcaneus fracture - longterm recovery
  65. Bunionectomy
  66. How long for bone anchors to absorb?
  67. Flat Foot Surgery Problems
  68. Getting Screws removed in early Febuary
  69. Foot nerve pain
  70. Anyone else joined the gym again under a year since calcaneus fracture??
  71. How long will I be non weight bearing
  72. Still in pain 9 mo after cheilectomy
  73. Never Ending Ankle Pain
  74. PT and Walking!
  75. Ankle Scope Recovery Stories
  76. Brostrom Procedure Issues?
  77. Completely torn ATFL
  78. PAINFUL WEAK Ankle 6 Months Post Op
  79. Anybody have experience with Focused Aspiration of Scar tissue.
  80. Help! Depressed and gaining weight. 11weeks post-op.
  81. Need help - warts on foot/toes
  82. Surgery yesterday, so much pain!
  83. Hallux limitus Surgery ... same problems almost a year later.
  84. Fusions? How long to heal?
  85. Anybody have much experience with scar tissue in your foot?
  86. bunion surgery/hammertoe correction
  87. Extra bone on the outside of my foot?
  88. Foot surgery - Weil Osteotomy
  89. Calcaneus osteotomy after Calcaneus malunion
  90. Random dull pain around ankle
  91. Plantar fascitis during recovery
  92. Foot trapped under fallen tree - severe ankle pain
  93. Mortons Neuroma removal over a year ago I am still in agony
  94. Bone healing
  95. Another Surgery ... FRUSTRATED!
  96. It CAN get better and it IS worth it
  97. Heel fracture will get better ... right?!
  98. Swelling and joint movement post bunion surgery
  99. tendon surgey
  100. Sleeping without the CAM BOOT
  101. Sleeping in THAT boot!
  102. Ankle surgery questions
  103. long term de novo results?
  104. Toe Crossed Over?
  105. Pain on ball of big toe after bunion surgery!!
  106. Peroneal Tendon allograft difficulty
  107. bunion operation soon
  108. Pttd surgery purple foot
  109. Upcoming surgery ... agh!
  110. Cast After Joint Fusion Surgery
  111. 2nd surgery on right ankle--Bilateral OCD stage 5+
  112. Remove hardware?? Calcaneocuboid Arthrodesis
  113. managing stairs post surgery
  114. Screw pain questions- Calcaneal Osteotomy
  115. Recovery time from mortons neuroma surgery PLANTAR Incision
  116. 7 hour foot surgery
  117. Hard cast removal after pttd surgery. Pwb with boot
  118. What if my foot has not been cast at a 90 degree?
  119. Ligament Reconstruction surgery
  120. Silver bunionectomy success?
  121. Posterior Tibial Tendon tear repair and Achilles tendon tear repair
  122. Ankel foot surgery
  123. Screw removal from calcaneus injury I've been naughty
  124. Chronic ankle pain, advice please!
  125. Torn AFTL, CFT, Split Peroneou brevis and partial deltoid tear
  126. Foot Surgery
  127. Pain on outer edge of right foot only
  128. Metatarsalgia
  129. Triple arthrodesis w/Achilles lengthening concerns
  130. foot surgery
  131. sudden achilies tendonitis, should you wear a boot?
  132. Plantar Plate Tear - Will it heal?
  133. New calcaneous Fracture
  134. Torn ankle ligament not healing?
  135. Sharp ankle pain returning months after ATFL tear?
  136. Screw removal after calcaneal injury
  137. overlapping toe surgery lates 2 screws were removed
  138. Bunion surgery?
  139. Range of motion after bunionectomy
  140. Sprained ankle
  141. Big toe joint
  142. 14 yo w/AVN big toe (DeNovo, allograft, autograft surgical procedures)
  143. "Gappy" Incision
  144. overlapping toe surgery
  145. Peroneal Tendonoscopy 21 months after Brostrom
  146. Recently diagnosed with Bilateral OCD, surgery scheduled for 12/20
  147. Started weight bearing at 9 weeks
  148. 5 months post op all american surgery
  149. Osteochondritis Dissecans Stage 5+
  150. Talonavicular fusion with gastronemious recession rehab
  151. Mickhen
  152. MRI Interpretation Please Help?
  153. Were you braced after 6 months?
  154. Recovering Heelie ... Need some opinions.
  155. Ankle fusion - not fusing ...
  156. One Year Post Surgery
  157. Is this nerve or surgical pain?
  158. Weight bearing after Calcaneus Fracture
  159. Metatarsalgia
  160. Ruptured ATFL ... possible talar dome lesion? Please help
  161. The Crutches Fail
  162. Toe nail infection
  163. Strange Ankle/Foot Injury
  164. CAM Boot pain
  165. Question about injection in nerve symptoms
  166. Issues more than a year after surgery
  167. I've broken my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th metatarsals
  168. Yoga?
  169. Looking for a good physical therapist after PTTD surgery in the Boston area
  170. Footwear after Bunionectomy
  171. Posterior tendon transfer
  172. Facing flat foot surgery
  173. Saphenous nerve resection
  174. Sharp pain, tingling, Numb feeling on bottom of foot
  175. Success Rate of Ankle Microfracture?
  176. Back to weight bearing
  177. Tendon Transfer post-op question
  178. Reducing Scar Tissue After Bunionectomy
  179. Finally able to do a single heel raise!
  180. I had ankle things done, and now it popped ... is that ok?
  181. Lisfranc hardware removal question
  182. Second PTTD Reconstruction Done
  183. EHL Tendon Injury
  184. double foot surgrey
  185. Bunionectomy with Oseotomy
  186. Has anyone else had a failed brostrom?? What would be next??
  187. blilateral pttd,sesmoiditis,bone spurs- advice sought
  188. So when is my foot going to fit back into my shoes?
  189. Orthotics after Bunionectomy
  190. Pain in ball or foot after bunion surgery
  191. Help with my Peroneal Tendons
  192. Sural neurectomy and resection of enlarged peroneal tubercle
  193. Recovery from posterior tibial tendon transfer week 12
  194. foot is still a mess
  195. last Thursday 8 weeks post op my surgeon put me in a walking knee high boot told me i
  196. My story, including worries!
  197. Morton Neuroma
  198. Dancing Cat is back
  199. How accurate was your ankle MRI or US?
  200. Anti inflamatories I'm taking for my foot
  201. Calcaneus
  202. Giant Cell Tumor and PVNS Questions
  203. plantar fasciitis and bunion removal surgery at same time
  204. PTTD/flat foot surgery this week! Yikes!
  205. 3 yrs dealing with injury
  206. Swelling almost 7 months post-op
  207. broken sesamoid bone
  208. Does it matter if my toes don't work?
  209. Sitting with foot down after bunionectomy
  210. "Pre-hab" for ankle surgery?
  211. Bumped foot after bunionectomy
  212. Wigglng toes after bunionectomy
  213. Re injured ankle
  214. Ankle Fusion VS Amputation
  215. Could you please tell me about the surgical fee?
  216. Early weight bearing after OCD talus microfracture?
  217. Bunion, Hammertoe, and Neuroma Surgery
  218. How to decide to get ankle surgery...
  219. Pttd recovery going well
  220. Painful Snapping ankle
  221. Advice please
  222. Ankle fusion recovery
  223. Ankle Ligament Damage and Shin Stress-Related Changes
  224. Popping Sound While Walking After Sprain
  225. What next?
  226. My Story ... About to go Through Ankle Distraction Arthroplasty
  227. Having screws removed 6 months after calcaneal injury op
  228. Second PTTD Reconstruction
  229. surgery big toe
  230. Pain in sole of foot
  231. Does time between injury and surgery affect healing?
  232. neuropathy type pain in my feet
  233. Tendon Tear -- Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfuncti
  234. 2 injured feet
  235. Small, painless bruise won't go away
  236. redness after bruising
  237. PTTD surgery
  238. Please help im freaking out ... full Brostrom on right ancle .. what to expect???
  239. cold ankles
  240. Confused on what to do next
  241. Tarsal Tunnel Release
  242. gastrocnemius recession VS Achilles lengthening
  243. 6 months after calcaneus fracture surgery
  244. Screws and plates in your surgery
  245. Austin & Akin Bunionectomy & Osteotomy along with active outdoor lifestyle
  246. Frustrated - sprained my healing ankle
  247. Heel pain while lying down
  248. Think I'm gonna have ankle surgery
  249. Triple arthrodesis - will this ever end?
  250. Fell off ladder, crushed calcaneus, 8 days postop

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