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  1. my subtalar fusion not so fused :(
  2. Intractable Keratoma...
  3. Ankle Distracion (RAD, Ring fix)
  4. t minus 6 days!! getting the jitters!!
  5. Neuroma attached to tendon
  6. radiofrequency ablation for neuroma
  7. plantar faciitis
  8. ankle fusion
  9. Dangling feeling from neuroma
  10. 6 Months Post Op Lisfranc Follow UP
  11. Ultrasound for neuromas
  12. 2 weeks post MN surgery - lots of pain
  13. Iontopatch for scar tissue
  14. 101.5 fever 3 weeks post op
  15. Trust OLT Surgery Diagnosis?
  16. Foot pain, possibly 2nd Metatarsal Overload Syndrome????
  17. Tuck nerve in muscle - neuroma
  18. Scab on Incision
  19. Rsd from neuroma surgery
  20. Help deciphering ankle MRI
  21. plantar approach neuromas
  22. Broken Distal Fibula (broken ankle)
  23. DId anyone weight bear after OCL surgery?
  24. calcaneus fracture & physical therapy
  25. 11 Days Post Op
  26. Deltoid Ligament sprain???
  27. Posterior Tibial Tendon Repair, Skiing
  28. heel fracture - foot extension (rom) pain
  29. 3 Weeks Post PTTD Surgery
  30. OCD Tibia. Did I Bear Weight Too Soon?
  31. Gram
  32. Bilateral OCD ankle surgery in a week..
  33. Decompression for morton's neuroma
  34. podiatrist appointment and getting cam walker
  35. Manipulation under anesthesia (MUA)
  36. rom excercises
  37. cam walking boot
  38. Tibial osteotomy for osteochandral lession
  39. Torn ligament in foot
  40. Newbie asks if people are able to swim soon after PTTD and Osteotomy?
  41. PTTD/ Flat foot reconstruction one day post off
  42. Ankle Fusion
  43. Nerve/Leg & Foot Issues (Long)
  44. Bone Fusion in foot
  45. Advice please - PTTD surgery 13 weeks ago
  46. What to expect from a CT scan on the foot?
  47. 3 weeks post bunion surgery questions
  48. Calcaneus (Os calcis Osteotomy), Medial Cuneiform Osteotomy + bone graft
  49. How painful is it when stitches are removed from foot?
  50. PTTD 8 weeks p/op...What´s your opinion?
  51. Lisfranc Injury Recovery
  52. foot surgery for 14-year old daughter
  53. 10 weeks post Brostrom - problems
  54. Midfoot fusion recovery?
  55. Bone Bruising in the lateral of the talus
  56. Lisfranc recovery story, 12 weeks in.
  57. Arthrogram MRI for OCD
  58. neuromas
  59. Acquired Flat Foot
  60. Calcaneus osteotomy Spring Ligament Reconstruction
  61. Calcaneus (Os Calcis) Osteotomy Surgery
  62. outside of foot pain
  63. Taping foot
  64. Foot is crooked. Plz help I have no idea why.
  65. which night splint for plantar faciitis
  66. Taping foot for neuromas
  67. joggers dont cut it in the fashion industry...
  68. Bone removal side of toe
  69. Sensations-neuroma surgery
  70. Nerve fibers - to cut or not to cut?
  71. Success
  72. antibiotic neuroma surgery
  73. Calcaneus Fracture - Orthopedic surgeon or Podiatric surgeon
  74. scar tissue injection
  75. scar tissue and more scar tissue... blaaaah
  76. Neuroma ligament question
  77. my daughter has osteochondral lesion of the talus
  78. could not find the nerve
  79. Had an accident tonight need info.
  80. I Have Plantar Fasciitis and it Won't Go Away! (Part Two of the Nightmare)
  81. Help with MRI results of left foot!
  82. Surgery for 14 year old young man
  83. neuromas scar tissue question
  84. Broken heel recovery questions
  85. Frustrated...need to vent...sorry!
  86. what's wrong with my foot?
  87. Ankles sore and stiff all day
  88. dexamethasone iontophoresis for neuroma
  89. Calcaneus Help
  90. triple arthrodesis post op help
  91. seated scooter vs. knee walker
  92. Son had posterior tibial tendon transfer for drop foot.
  93. Numb tingly toes!!
  94. shockwave neuromas
  95. best walking/CAM cast for bilateral heel fractures?
  96. anyone else with bilateral heel fractures
  97. Fractured Heels (calcaneus) - Recovery Time
  98. I've never been able to find comfortable shoes!
  99. scheduled for evans osteotomy,tendon transfer and metatarsal fusion next week
  100. Toe Fusion Chronic Pain Help
  101. chilectomy pain bruising 1 year later
  102. Who's had Hip Bone graft for MTP fusion???
  103. Tingling Toe almost 2 years after bunion surgery
  104. Neuroma plantar approach
  105. Foot injury to tibial tendon
  106. Bilateral bunionectomy question
  107. ankle pain for decades, had flat foot reconstruct
  108. Ladies--Heels after MTP toe fusion??
  109. Severe pain after Osteochondral Lesion repair
  110. Bunionectomy recovery
  111. Calcaneal osteotomy-screws coming out this week HOPEFULLY
  112. Interferential Current (IFC) -- Opinions?
  113. Blue toes/feet post surgery
  114. Rescheduled surgery!!
  115. Toe Nail Spot and Peeling
  116. What does this mean in plain English?
  117. hi everybody
  118. foot pain
  119. big toe fusion and bone graft
  120. Calcaneous. 8 screws and a 3" metal plate.
  121. Post lisfranc fracture no-surgery
  122. Cronic Foot Pain
  123. 1st time back at work today!
  124. bunion
  125. calcaneous fracture/surgery 2 years later
  126. Is it fat pad atrophy?
  127. Lateral Ligament Ankle Reconstruction
  128. Recovery: Shortened 2nd Toe
  129. A bit of a scare
  130. Want to cut this foot off!
  131. Scarf Bunionectomy - post op pain etc
  132. 3rd stump neuroma surgery
  133. dark purple "blisters" on toes....what is this?!?
  134. Bunion Surgery Post Op - 2 1/2 months
  135. calcaneus fracture walking very difficult
  136. Toe pain after surgery to repair broken heel
  137. Toe bone healing too slowly?
  138. My TA 4 month update
  139. There is life after PTTD surgery
  140. metatarsal head misalingment.. fat pad atrophy
  141. Hallux limitus/rigidus -- seeking sports ortho or good pod inland SoCal
  142. Bunion Surgery
  143. 2 pieces of shattered sesamoid removed today. drain to be removed?
  144. Hallux Rigidus Implant Surgery - Failure or Normal?
  145. Posterior Tibial Tendonapathy-HELP PLZ
  146. PTTD Surgery Round Two
  147. big toe fusion/hemi removal/bone graft
  148. calcaneal fracture and walking
  149. Will arch pain get better with new brace?
  150. Shoe question
  151. OCD Sufferers - Has Anyone Seen This?
  152. Modified Brostrom-More pain after cast removed
  153. Kidner, Gastroc recession, Cotton procedure...
  154. Did new elliptical cause ankle effusion?
  155. I've been assimilated into the OCD collective
  156. 18 weeks post flatfoot surgery - many firsts this weekend!
  157. I've got a shoe on!!
  158. OCD / Arthroscopy
  159. Anyone have to go back to a boot at 5 mths post op?
  160. Bone Stimulator for non union after a triple
  161. terrible foot pain
  162. Lateral ligament reconstruction?
  163. shoes after flat foot surgery
  164. running after ocd?
  165. Ankle hardware removal
  166. calcaneal fractures?
  167. fractured my calcaneus, told it needs surgery
  168. Kidner Procedure
  169. ROM results after bunion surgery?
  170. MTP Joint fusion--how's post op & recovery??
  171. Painful OS Peroneum Syndrome??
  172. Talipes/Clubfoot/feet?
  173. Decompression Osteotomy and Chilectomy - timeline
  174. 1st mtp joint fusion - cast issues
  175. Itchy joint STJ???
  176. Plantar Fasciitis
  177. 4 weeks after heel reconstruction
  178. pain in ball or foot after bunion surgery
  179. Help? PTT, Spring Ligament, more OCD lesions??
  180. Foot Drop
  181. Ankle sprain
  182. sesamoid removal 2/10
  183. PTTD Surgery
  184. Morton Neuroma Foot problem
  185. tingling/slight pain in ball of foot
  186. failed Cheilectomy and Now Fusion.. Questions
  187. Help! Foot surgery!
  188. Somebody please reply to my bunion surgery-need help for to-morrow
  189. 4 weeks post op bunionectomy
  190. Tendon pain ... or cuboid bone?
  191. heel fracture help
  192. calcanius fracture 10-27-10
  193. foot surgery
  194. plantar fasciitis can cause ball of foot pain?
  195. scheduled fusion coming up
  196. Walking after ORIF - no boot!
  197. Out of control ankle pain
  198. Any words of wisdom anyone?
  199. Heel alignment to repaid ankle instablity
  200. fractured fibular sesamoid and osteonecrosis AVN
  201. Terrible problems after double Bunionectomy
  202. tear repair only PTT no reconstruction
  203. Tip for navigating the ice and snow safely post op
  204. My PTT/flat foot reconstruction Story
  205. In my first 'shoe' after osteotomy cheilectomy and I'm in pain again :(
  206. 4 months post op PTTD w/ Calcaneal Osteotomy and Considering same surgery--CRAZY?
  207. Middle Foot pain
  208. Almost 4 months post op PTTD and Having Big Toe Pain... you?!
  209. calcaneus 16 screw and plate
  210. calcaneus
  211. Triple Arthrodesis Surg Feb 2, 2011 Questions
  212. Talus lesion surgery was complete success
  213. scar tissue on the heel
  214. Foot blisters? Please advice
  215. 6 months post surgery and healing VERY slowly, normal?
  216. Post Surgery (1/14/11) for Triple Arthrodesis
  217. Does this Bunionectomy look normal?
  218. having brostrom with knee scope next week
  219. Broken pin after bunionectomy
  220. Very Bad Calcaneus Fracture - One year on
  221. shattered calcaneus
  222. Painful, ice cold feet
  223. Bunion surgery and hypermobility
  224. Orif calcaneous plate/screws removal recovery?
  225. No surgery for now but OMG it hurts!
  226. fallen arch reconstruction surgery
  227. Does reduced pain level = healing???
  228. Calcaneal Osteotomy
  229. post op flat foot reconstruction question
  230. Where am I post triple arthrodesis?
  231. Another long post about a foot problem
  232. Has anyone ever had major foot surgery with Dr. Steven Sheskier in New York City?
  233. Very depressed, almost 12 weeks 5th met break
  234. Pttd Recovery
  235. two questions- just curiosity
  236. Austin-Youngswick decompressive osteotomy
  237. cheilectomy decision
  238. Blister Under Toenail?
  239. Need Pttd surgery but ankle has improved.
  240. 5 month post op pttd surgery, anyone else have this?
  241. 9 weeks post subtalar fusion
  242. Bunion operation on both feet
  243. 15 Weeks Post PTTD Surgery & Can't Find Shoes
  244. Ankle Sprain won't go away!
  245. Stiff toe
  246. Question ? Calcaneus fracture
  247. Ankel/Foot Problem
  248. Ingrown toenail - granuloma and infection conundrum
  249. Now what?
  250. Recovery Time After Screw Put In - 5th Met??

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