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  1. Yet another Brostrom question
  2. Ankle Surgery for a torn ligament... What is it called? questions..
  3. Prolotherapy for PTTD stage II
  4. Re: Still pain after Triple Arthrodesis
  5. What kind of pain with plantar plate rupture or capsule tear?
  6. OCD vs. Tendon Pain
  7. Dr. Nath's Foot Drop Surgery??
  8. Flying After Foot Surgery
  9. Can they confused with neuroma, plantar plate tear or capsule tear by ultrasound tes
  10. Evan's calcaneal Osteotomy questions??
  11. Pain on both sides of Achilles tendon post pttd surgery
  12. Opinions on shoe inserts...looking for advice
  13. Marcaine-lidocaine shot in foot
  14. stone bruise
  15. Drastically different recommendations
  16. Neuroma, ultrasound, MRI
  17. Scared. Fall three weeks post op peroneal surgery
  18. Post bunionectomy pain
  19. Foot Pain after soccer
  20. need bunion surgery advice
  21. Sprained R ankle while recovering from L ankle surgery
  22. More questions about OATS procedure.
  23. Fat Pad Atrophy is why I can barely walk...
  24. surgery update calaneal osteotomy + fdl transfer + spring ligerment repair
  25. Four Months Post Op
  26. Since you've all been so helpful...
  27. Fifth metatarsal neck stress fracture + PTTD
  28. K wire, big toe fusion and thats just 1 foot!!
  29. fluid in the heel bone
  30. OATS procedure in a few months
  31. Screws rejecting
  32. 4th toe tucking under 3rd toe - new problem
  33. Finally - Cast off - almost 8 weeks!
  34. forgetful dr
  35. What after cast removal? OCD
  36. So confused need some serious advice!!
  37. O.K. I'm starting to freak out a little
  38. 2nd peroneal tendon surgery/sural nerve removal
  39. peroneal soreness with some activities
  40. Can anyone explain the Iceman device in more detail?
  41. second microfracture on ankle OCD and ligaments repair
  42. 2 Shattered calcaneus (heels)
  43. Toe Surgery (my 1st post - don't know the lingo yet)
  44. 4 the love of god please help
  45. Limping with Gait after Pttd surgerey
  46. Tarsal Coalition in pain free 10 yo. surgery experience?
  47. Problem Subtalar Revision Arthrodesis
  48. 5 weeks post op fall - Brostrum Procedure
  49. Painful spot - post-calcaneus fracture
  50. muscle spasms at night in feet
  51. Do non-surgical bunion treatments work?
  52. ankle stablization
  53. Swelling post pttd surgery after "promotion" to shoes
  54. Has anyone had an Ankle Fusion..and What was the results?
  55. Post Op Bunion Surgery
  56. Tripple arthrodesis
  57. Question for those with ankle/subtalar fusions
  58. I'm back with more problems
  59. Cheilectomy
  60. Please Help - Bruising along Tendon? (picture)
  61. Just fell off the new walker - worried
  62. Calcaneal Osteotomy-Post-Op
  63. calcaneal resection
  64. How to cope being NWB on one side with a bad knee on the other
  65. pttd surgery on Monday
  66. 14 weeks post pttd surgery
  67. Foot drop
  68. foot sugery.
  69. Gastroc Recession??
  70. Raising Arches
  71. Foot drama
  72. Bilateral chevron bunionectomy plus tightrope
  73. Calcaneus Surgery or not
  74. Pain one year after navicular bone healed?
  75. Left foot/ankle swelling -- What solved it for me
  76. 6 days post-op after ankle replacement
  77. Lisfranc & I
  78. Overview of ankle OCD treatment options
  79. Osteotomy site Post-op OATS
  80. Ankle replacement for 25 year old.
  81. 2 years after OCD 2nd microfracture, pain at the back of the ankle
  82. 15 weeks Post Op Flat Foot Reconstruction
  83. Fallen arch in one foot due to injury
  84. PTTD surgery with or without Calcaneal Osteotomy
  85. walking boot for ankle fracture????
  86. 82 days post surgery (calcaneal osteotomy, brostrom, gastroc slide)
  87. update from fluffybichon
  88. second operation on OCD, surgery in london
  89. calcaneous fracture walking time after surgery
  90. Post surgery for bunion..burning sensation in my foot is like fire in there!
  91. Triple arthodesis vs. AFO
  92. Big Toe Fusion or Implant?
  93. Re: Posterior Tibialis -what was your cause?
  94. plantar fasciitis
  95. Why do I have such constant foot problems?
  96. Just diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans
  97. Question about flat foot reconstruction
  98. Brostrom recovery question
  99. Fifth Metatarsal problems ( I NEED HELP)
  100. Foot Burning/Hurts to Touch
  101. going for triple repair
  102. crocks post TA ok?
  103. Question about spraining ankle after Chrisman-Snook surgery
  104. ocd defect in ankle and pain in the opposite knee
  105. Sudden pain in right foot and ankle with stabbing pain
  106. Skin reaction to cast?
  107. Bunionectomy
  108. compression socks
  109. Does my podiatrist know what she's doing??
  110. Big Toe pain
  111. 6 Weeks after Bunion Surgery - Ouch Pins Hurts
  112. Lots of pain in osteotomy incision 10 weeks postop
  113. second operation on OCD
  114. Anyone still using a handicap placard well beyond their surgerey?
  115. Post Toe Joint Fusion Recovery
  116. triple arthrodesis, april 2011 how is it going?
  117. Big Toe Arthritis post PTTD surgery
  118. Newbie Needs Guidance
  119. Hurt my toe?
  120. Lapidus Procedure - Severe Pain - 12 days post-op
  121. Worried For Surgery Tomorrow
  122. Brostrom Repair One Year Later
  123. BORED already! Brostrom & Talus OCD microfracture
  124. Foot and leg swelling
  125. Foot and leg swelling
  126. 12 wks post lapidus
  127. Foot lesions
  128. Accessory Navicular - Shockwave and Laser Therapy
  129. Surgery is one week from today. (gulp)
  130. Pain around the heel/arch
  131. Blow to Achilles Tendon
  132. Having very small feet
  133. Triple arthrodesis questions :)
  134. Upcoming Bunionectomy
  135. purple toe nail, no pain, no injury
  136. plantar fibroma after op
  137. extremely bad callus and feet turning white with moisture
  138. Flatfoot Reconstruction - Recovery once cast removed
  139. Pain in top of foot - second time different foot?!
  140. PTTD surgery with implant, and now without
  141. Heel pain-what could it be and how can I decrease the pain?
  142. Skin Necrosis After Surgery
  143. my left foot was much larger
  144. help please..double bunionectomy??
  145. Bunion surgery and stitches that didn't dissolve
  146. Pain resulting from flat feet
  147. Possible second ankle ligament surgery
  148. Arthrosurface
  149. Cheilectomy on June 15
  150. numbness/tingling
  151. Hardware Removal on June 2nd
  152. PT 9 weeks post ptt tear surgery
  153. Curious about longevity of PTT tendon transfer (FDL) with calcaneal osteotomy
  154. end of week 11 post op flat foot reconstruction
  155. Brostom Repair Strictly for Ankle Instability.
  156. new to healthboard
  157. ocd sizes
  158. Plantar Fasciitis-Oh the pain! (Tips?)
  159. How to get surgeon to admit UNDER-correction
  160. Twist in the arthrodesis/debridement tail!
  161. Severe Pain in the Foot
  162. Subtalar and Talonavicular Fusion experience 4/25/11
  163. Brostrom problems with hypermobility syndrome
  164. AHHH...I'm a cry baby now!
  165. 12 Week Post Flat Foot Reconstruction
  166. Recovering ROM post-op
  167. Calcaneus fracture - no operation story
  168. New Diagnosis: OCD of tibial plafond, HELP!
  169. Weird ankle problem
  170. shattered heel
  171. Sural Nerve issues after Peroneal Tendon Surgery
  172. I'm not sure what to do anymore!
  173. calcaneus fracture update
  174. Double bunion surgery recovery time
  175. Post Bunionectomy Question
  176. What to expect after Lateral ankle reconstruction
  177. help me ! my feet are killing!
  178. weird sensation in foot
  179. Peroneal Sublaxation Surgery Recovery
  180. Osteocondral lesions of the talus in a 12 year old
  181. Wish they'd make their minds up!!
  182. calcaneus fracture and physical therapy
  183. Bilateral Scarf Osteotomy (bunion op)
  184. Moccasin Type Athletes Foot Problems
  185. calling all MRI experts!!
  186. has anyone had the doctor want to screw the screw back in?
  187. A vein in my foot is vibrating (Or what seems like it)
  188. 2 "bee-bee sized" bones sticking out lateral malleolus
  189. Comfortable womens shoes after pttd surgerey
  190. Heel pain, 45 degrees between vertical and horizontal when flexing hamstring.
  191. Exercise?
  192. 10 weeks post flat foot reconstruction
  193. PT Question after Flat Foot Reconstruction
  194. Painful upper foot when walking.
  195. Completely ruptured ATFL 2 yrs ago-NOW PROBLEMS!! Have questions.
  196. Cast is off!!!
  197. Amelne35
  198. Foot Problem
  199. ankle tendon pain?
  200. Bunion Surgery Recovery Question
  201. Waiting for surgery date for double bunion surgery
  202. foot surgery
  203. Cast vs aircast following Brostrom repair. Doctor says no cast after surgery
  204. non wt bearing cast discomfort
  205. bruised feeling on bottom of heel
  206. Trouble sleeping post bunionectomy
  207. Post Surgery
  208. Ankle Surgery Looming
  209. Shoes after stress fracture?!?!
  210. Haematoma on shin - advice needed
  211. PTTD, Cuboid Fracture and 5th Metatarsal avulsuion
  212. Slow recovery after surgery
  213. pain in foot arch
  214. Bilateral Calcaneus Fracture
  215. Sandals after flat foot surgery
  216. Ingrown toenails won't go away. :/
  217. So fed up with swelling!!
  218. Foot Surgery.. deep in depression...help, anything..
  219. Good post flat foot reconstruction news
  220. PTTD Surgery Subtalar Joint Fusion
  221. Calcaneal Osteotomy PT
  222. Foot: Bone Fusion and smoking
  223. Chronic foot pain post bunionectomy
  224. A bit shocked
  225. Drill, baby drill! Or not, for my OCD ankle?
  226. Ankle Tendon & Ligament Surgery
  227. walking on front of foot after cast removal
  228. 2nd scope-OCD looks GOOD! Question on recovery
  229. Should i get for surgery for ruptured ankle ligaments
  230. Brostrom Lateral Ligament Reconstruction
  231. There is a normal life after flat foot surgery
  232. new foot and leg pain
  233. Back foot pain
  234. wound vac question please help
  235. Question for my OCDers
  236. Hammertoes revision/re-do sx. Any suggestions
  237. Ankle Joint Distraction Surgery & RA
  238. Pre op questions - Calcaneous surgery - Recovery and what to expect?
  239. Pre op questions
  240. Concerned About Returning To Work
  241. Ruptured Blood Vessel in Foot
  242. Halo vs Fusion for Shattered Calcaneus???
  243. PTTD Surgery next month
  244. Sprained ankle
  245. Bunion Surgery
  246. Foot pain at balls of feet...cant figure it out
  247. Jones Fracture - now for some good news
  248. sum questions for post op 7 weeks
  249. good foot surgeon in southern california
  250. Potential screw issues already after pttd surgerey?

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