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  1. walking boot causing pain
  2. Peroneal Tendon Repair Recovery
  3. muscle twitching after OCD surgery
  4. tingly, prickly feeling on bottom of feet
  5. 5 wks past bunion sugery
  6. insertional achillese tendonitis
  7. Pin removal and problems after foot surgery
  8. metatarsal fusion with flat foot reconstruction
  9. Pain hit me like a ton of bricks post Bunionectomy
  10. Big toe fusion
  11. Feet pain, what next?
  12. Weird Foot Infection
  13. tightening ligaments in left ankle
  14. heel spur questions...
  15. Dark black spot on Ankle
  16. PTTD acting up with PT
  17. PTTD... Is There A Light At The End of the Tunnel?
  18. 9th foot surgery coming up
  19. Before and after x-rays of posterior tibial tendon surgery
  20. SCAR (blood blister?) after surgery!
  21. Open sore and swelling next to nail. Ingrown or not?
  22. OCD lesion surgery in two days, please help!
  23. 9.5 weeks post op flat foot rec.
  24. Ankle surgery possible??
  25. Foot size, Physical therapy
  26. Physical Therapy and Size of my Foot
  27. Calcaneal osteotomy screw question
  28. How should I start walking after a bunionectomy?
  29. Cute shoes after surgery..?
  30. Hypermobility and PTTD?
  31. Can I play sports again?
  32. New and Nervous
  33. arthritis after bunion surgery
  34. PTTD plus peroneal tendonits? Surgery??
  35. PTTD plus peroneal tendonits? Surgery??
  36. When did you get permission to drive after pttd surgery?
  37. I need help. my son plays football, I have a problem with his feet!
  38. Should I get surgery?
  39. Bilateral Chevron Osteotomy NERVOUS
  40. Toe Fusion Plate Cracked!
  41. What to expect from ankle surgery...?
  42. Walking boot and sore hip
  43. Fibial Sesamoid removal
  44. Joint Stiffness
  45. Acupuncture???
  46. Now it's my husband's turn...ugh
  47. Almost 14 weeks out!!
  48. recovery austin ostomy/bunionectomy
  49. Things to do after ankle/foot surgery? :(
  50. 11 weeks after bunion surgery PAIN
  51. Screw Removal after lapidus procedure
  52. Very painful foot issue!
  53. Clunking in Ankle
  54. Cortisone shots. Anyone had them?
  55. Dealing with stigmas after major foot surgerey
  56. foot pain-front of foot
  57. plantar fasciitis
  58. Please Help!
  59. Views on Lapidus Procedure
  60. Sprained Ankle While Sleeping?
  61. In desperate need of suggestions on dealing with a cast
  62. calcaneal osteotomy and cold laser therapy
  63. Sprained ankle over 2 months ago...
  64. Dwyer Osteotomy
  65. scarf akin bunion recovery
  66. possible achilles tendonitis?
  67. Top of foot pain
  68. My wound is healed!!!!!
  69. Can you walk out after neuroma surgery?
  70. 2007 Heel Fracture Problems and Questions
  71. plantar fasciitis/rupture or something else?
  72. Ah got my cast off flat foot reconstructiOn
  73. 1 year after OATS and Ankle Pain
  74. comstant burning, stinging pain in feet
  75. Calcaneal Osteotomy-Post-op
  76. PTTD surgery
  77. Sinus Tarsi Pain in Left Ankle
  78. Ankle arthoscopy brostrum & perneal tendon debridement
  79. PTTD sufferers... how did yours start?
  80. PTTD surgery recovery: slow toenail growth in cast?
  81. First week of bearing some wgt after calc. ost surgery and heel hurts
  82. Casted today for PTTD, stage 1, hurts worse?
  83. Dont kow what else to do?
  84. Hallux Limitus Rigidus surgery report
  85. Non Union after triple
  86. 12 month flat foot reconstruction checkup
  87. Broken Heel - will it ever end!
  88. Ankle pain sucks
  89. Ankle OATS Procedure
  90. Surgical shoe prescribed for stress fracture
  91. Should I have a second ankle arthroscopy??
  92. Flat foot surgery soon- any pointers
  93. Calcaneus Fracture info
  94. Bone Stimulator for non-displaced fracture?
  95. Need Help with Plantar Faciitis
  96. Calcaneus Fracture
  97. The troubles that follow "Morton's Toe" are...
  98. Joint stiffness after flat foot reconstruction
  99. OCD Surgery booked!
  100. Achy feet
  101. Joint Implant in Index toe - 25 years old
  102. Is it wrong to ask for surgery while it's convenient?
  103. 22 - Calcaneaus Fractured - Will things ever be normal again?
  104. Child Had Calcaneal Osteotomy
  105. Questions for people who had bilateral calcaneal fractures on Both feet.
  106. I am getting tired of the problems with my right heel
  107. For those that had Brostrom for instability....
  108. Fibial Sesmoidectomy from the bottom of foot
  109. Looking for Maggietaz
  110. 2.5 months POST ankle impingement surgery. Biked. YIKES!!
  111. midfoot tightness/stiffness
  112. midfoot tightness/stiffness
  113. Calcaneal Osteotomy-Post-Op
  114. posterior tibial tendonitis questions
  115. Foot/Ankle Anatomy Question
  116. Tendon Subluxation Anyone?
  117. Ankle Fusion or Replacement?
  118. Out of town PTTD Surgery
  119. Tendon Subluxation Questions
  120. posterior tibialis tendonitis
  121. "Electrical shock" feeling after peroneal repair: how long will it last?
  122. Almost Five Months Post Flat Foot Reconstruction
  123. Removal of internal pins 5 years afte bunionectomy
  124. 12 months post op flat foot reconstruction
  125. Soreness 35 wks post op FDL transfer/Calcaneal osteotomy
  126. Desperate for this to end.
  127. So Nervous for Surgery
  128. my ankle is still swollen after six weeks
  129. Extremely nervous for upcoming bunionectomy
  130. Flat foot reconstruction recovery!
  131. Fractured heel
  132. Does everyone have PT after Brostrom?
  133. Calcaneus Fracture
  134. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, is this normal protocol
  135. Grade 2 ankle sprain: any personal experience?
  136. 1st week of physical therapy after broken Heel Surgery.
  137. ? about sleeping with boot
  138. horrible foot pain
  139. Flat foot reconstruction surgery
  140. orif of calcaneus
  141. Flat foot surgery second opinion
  142. Unscrewed?! Post Lapidus Procedure
  143. Broström Procedure returning to duty in army
  144. 4 weeks post op OATS
  145. Ankle fusion, using external fixator or not
  146. Flat foot reconstruction- Post op questions
  147. intra-articular fractures
  148. Non-operated foot having problems after pttd surgery
  149. Aggressive Post Op rehab after ankle arthroscope for OCD debridement and synovectomy
  150. A Myriad of flat feet/PTTD questions
  151. Stress Fracture?
  152. 16 weeks post op flat foot reconst.
  153. Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery and Recovery
  154. Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery
  155. Exercise upper body after heel fracture
  156. Peroneal Tenosynovitis - surgery question
  157. Pedicure infection
  158. pimple-looking spot on incision after bunion surgery
  159. Sesamoidectomy Gone Wrong
  160. 1 week Post Op Update & a Question
  161. ankle swelling, cyst in heel
  162. What is week 9/week 10 post-op like with heel fracture?
  163. Broken Ankle Cast Advice Please!
  164. Pain/Ache in Foot - Feeling Kinda Stupid
  165. Post Surgery
  166. Fall while wearing brace, four weeks post op. What are the chances of re-injury?
  167. More surgery for me
  168. PTTD Sufferer
  169. Walking boot dealing with depression
  170. pttd solutions?
  171. Stem Cell Surgery for Osteochondral Deffect
  172. Calcaneal Fracture - Severe
  173. Compression sleeves or not?
  174. ankle fusion
  175. Hypocure surgery 10 week post op still in pain
  176. 3rd Day Post Op - Bunionectomy with Osteotemy & Screw Fixation
  177. Ankle Replacement 1 month post-op
  178. Best Boot etc
  179. Lump Under Incision Post PF Release Surgery
  180. what can i do for pain after a lisfranc injury
  181. how may non weight bearing after second microfracture
  182. Lisfranc
  183. Bunionectomy & Hammertoe surgery
  184. Foot Pain
  185. Tarsal Coalition
  186. Calcaneal Osteotomy
  187. Re: Hardware removal
  188. Post Bunion Laproscopy
  189. bump on foot
  190. Re: Flat foot reconstruction surgery recovery
  191. Post surgery-- How long were you laid up because of swelling?
  192. Help!
  193. interpositional arthroplasy of great toe with a double sesamoidectomy
  194. Yet another Brostrom question
  195. Ankle Surgery for a torn ligament... What is it called? questions..
  196. Prolotherapy for PTTD stage II
  197. Re: Still pain after Triple Arthrodesis
  198. What kind of pain with plantar plate rupture or capsule tear?
  199. OCD vs. Tendon Pain
  200. Dr. Nath's Foot Drop Surgery??
  201. Flying After Foot Surgery
  202. Can they confused with neuroma, plantar plate tear or capsule tear by ultrasound tes
  203. Evan's calcaneal Osteotomy questions??
  204. Pain on both sides of Achilles tendon post pttd surgery
  205. Opinions on shoe inserts...looking for advice
  206. Marcaine-lidocaine shot in foot
  207. stone bruise
  208. Drastically different recommendations
  209. Neuroma, ultrasound, MRI
  210. Scared. Fall three weeks post op peroneal surgery
  211. Post bunionectomy pain
  212. Foot Pain after soccer
  213. need bunion surgery advice
  214. Sprained R ankle while recovering from L ankle surgery
  215. More questions about OATS procedure.
  216. Fat Pad Atrophy is why I can barely walk...
  217. surgery update calaneal osteotomy + fdl transfer + spring ligerment repair
  218. Four Months Post Op
  219. Since you've all been so helpful...
  220. Fifth metatarsal neck stress fracture + PTTD
  221. K wire, big toe fusion and thats just 1 foot!!
  222. fluid in the heel bone
  223. OATS procedure in a few months
  224. Screws rejecting
  225. 4th toe tucking under 3rd toe - new problem
  226. Finally - Cast off - almost 8 weeks!
  227. forgetful dr
  228. What after cast removal? OCD
  229. So confused need some serious advice!!
  230. O.K. I'm starting to freak out a little
  231. 2nd peroneal tendon surgery/sural nerve removal
  232. peroneal soreness with some activities
  233. Can anyone explain the Iceman device in more detail?
  234. second microfracture on ankle OCD and ligaments repair
  235. 2 Shattered calcaneus (heels)
  236. Toe Surgery (my 1st post - don't know the lingo yet)
  237. 4 the love of god please help
  238. Limping with Gait after Pttd surgerey
  239. Tarsal Coalition in pain free 10 yo. surgery experience?
  240. Problem Subtalar Revision Arthrodesis
  241. 5 weeks post op fall - Brostrum Procedure
  242. Painful spot - post-calcaneus fracture
  243. muscle spasms at night in feet
  244. Do non-surgical bunion treatments work?
  245. ankle stablization
  246. Swelling post pttd surgery after "promotion" to shoes
  247. Has anyone had an Ankle Fusion..and What was the results?
  248. Post Op Bunion Surgery
  249. Tripple arthrodesis
  250. Question for those with ankle/subtalar fusions

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