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  1. foot
  2. Toenail fell off - yet nothing seems wrong
  3. Returning to walking after 5th Metatarsal mid shaft break
  4. Afraid aircast not providing enought support
  5. toe transplant
  6. Brostrom porcedure-was told I was hypermobile
  7. Had Brostrum ligament repair+Brevis to longus transfer+calcaneal Osteomy
  8. Foot Drop
  9. Plantar Fasciitis
  10. Weird feeling in either foot at times - Help!
  11. toe infusion
  12. What's wrong with my ankle?
  13. I had expirience Morton's Neuroma for approximately 3 three years.
  14. Fracture Blisters
  15. Numb, tingling, painful toes... need advice
  16. High ankle sprain turns into a heel problem? Help!
  17. Cast Protectors
  18. Surgery May 14th
  19. ankle fusion along with calcaneal osteotomy
  20. Soul Support Orthotics
  21. Rt calcaneus fracture. Lt hip pain !
  22. Calcaneus broken in 3 pieces
  23. Can PTT Heal Without Surgery???
  24. 7 Months post cheilectomy surgery update
  25. Unhappy with Heel Surgery
  26. peroneal tendon tear
  27. Recovery post bilateral Akin, Weil, and hammertoe correction
  28. swollen legs black toes elderly
  29. calcaneus fracture HELP?
  30. Newbie facing PTTD surgery-please advise
  31. Foot Injury
  32. Arch Pain
  33. Question about pain after peroneal repair
  34. calcaneous facture
  35. Ankle Braces
  36. Ankle fusion and recovery
  37. Have to get flat foot corrective surgery on both feet.
  38. Foot drop
  39. how long can inflammation pain last after bunion surgery?
  40. Pain 12 weeks after Big Toe Fusion
  41. 5th met fracture
  42. Upcoming Foot Surgery
  43. Shoes
  44. Shoes
  45. Possible Brostrom Surgery
  46. Orthopedic shoes-can they help with the discomfort?
  47. Question
  48. Help somebone please tell me what to do.
  49. surgery of the foot releasing the plantar fascitis tendon
  50. Pantalar Fusion
  51. foot cramps
  52. 9 weeks post-op and in a boot at last
  53. Bunion inflamed and red on airplane
  54. Peroneal Tear Repair, Ankle Scope, and Brostrom procedure...what to expect?
  55. short toes
  56. screws removed
  57. time for surgery?
  58. Burning senstion on bottom of feet
  59. hi, ganglian cyst, plantar fasciitis
  60. Shoes after Big Toe Fusion
  61. Calaneal fracture sith compart syndrome
  62. Post op (PTT with Arthrodesis) pain
  63. shattered calcaneus
  64. they missed a stitch when removing
  65. Foreign object in foot
  66. Nonunion after bone graft
  67. could it be plantar fasciitis?
  68. OUCH! Why does my big toe hurt?
  69. Broston (?) procedure in October 2009
  70. ankle sprain after brostrom
  71. talonavicular fusion with tibial graft
  72. Outside foot pain
  73. can flatfoot cause tarsal tunnel?
  74. Brostrom - 16 weeks PO
  75. Mr of Ankle
  76. Foot pain
  77. new here - Posterior Tibial Tendon AND Fascia surgery
  78. Why Is the Skin on My Feet Peeling off
  79. Plantar Fasciitis - or gout? Or?
  80. How long were you on pain meds post surgery?
  81. When could you walk without support?
  82. updates on ur Bunionectomies in last 12 mths
  83. Whats wrong?
  84. Failed double cheilectomies
  85. Has anyone had good results with Morton's neuroma surgery?
  86. High heels after Lapidus Bunion surgery
  87. how do you keep your sandals from getting the white stuff on them when your feet swea
  88. Help! Young brother has smelling feet
  89. Light burning in right bottom heel.
  90. Midfoot fusion - How long in the boot?
  91. desperate with no help from anyone
  92. Non union and screw wobbling
  93. Ankle problem
  94. Big Toe Dislocation and Now foot is twitching...
  95. Life after a calcaneus fracture?
  96. Shoe suggestions for post op bunionectomy???
  97. Surgery, Now or Later? Ankle fushion, arthritis, etc
  98. peroneal tendon surgery
  99. Five months with a "new" foot
  100. My big toe crosses my second toe when I swim on my front
  101. Hammertoe and bunion surgery.
  102. Austin bunionectomy and screw fix recovery
  103. Heel spur cause you ankle pain/tendonitis?
  104. lapidus bunion surgery 4 days ago
  105. pain in toes
  106. Calcaneus: skin burns on opposite side?
  107. Pain after arthrodesis
  108. Newly Diagnosed PTTD Stage II
  109. "D" procedure-Minced cartilage and/or fixator
  110. Exercising after Gastroc Release
  111. Non-Displaced chip fracture of Anterior Calcaneus (heel) Questions
  112. 14 yr old considering fusion..Please help
  113. Cheilectomy Recovery Time?
  114. Pain in right ankle? Aggrevated by heels!? :(
  115. 9 week post op x ray question
  116. Facing foot reconstruction
  117. Lower Leg and Foot Question
  118. Good surgeon in Bay Area, California for OCD-microsurgery suggestions please
  119. foot swelling for no reason
  120. Toenail problem...
  121. Pain in last three toes
  122. Footwear post fractured calcaneus
  123. MRI of the right ankle without contrast
  124. Sudden pain
  125. Foot/ leg HAS to twist out to walk
  126. pain in ball of foot
  127. cold ankles
  128. will it do damage to walk on foot swollen from infection
  129. Kellers Bunion Surgery
  130. Calcaneus Fracture
  131. Arch Support Sandals Less Than $100?
  132. sharp stabbing pain under big toe
  133. foot drop scared and full of questions
  134. who has dr. mark meyerson operated on?
  135. Osteotomy(External Fixators) - Surgery next Friday
  136. Ankle surgery with hardware -- will I ever play softball again?
  137. Calcaneal Osteotomy Help!!
  138. Calcaneus Fracture - My Story so far
  139. Aircast and Exercise
  140. Calcaneus Fracture
  141. How long before going back to work?
  142. what is puss bubbles on toes?
  143. shoe recommendations
  144. recommendation for sneakers.
  145. Plantar Fasciitis
  146. Anyone completely clear of foot pain after 2 years?
  147. Its now 1 year
  148. Advice about kellers bunion surgery please
  149. 6 months later foot still hurts
  150. how long after bunion surgery can I start physio?
  151. Peripheral venous insufficiency
  152. Any alternative to a Knee Scooter??
  153. Posterior tibial tendon tear
  154. Weils and IP fusion last week
  155. Successful lisfranc
  156. how long does foot fusion take to heal?
  157. Broken ankle and torn tendons
  158. almost 7 weeks post op pttd surgery
  159. Broken/Chipped fibula/ankle
  160. Shattered heel in 1998, still have problems
  161. New toe joint 2nd toe
  162. 3 surgeries for ankles
  163. No insurance for ligament surgery
  164. PTTD surgery scheduled.... questions for people who have been there...
  165. Inner ankle pain...scar tiisue??
  166. IPost surgery swelling .
  167. Pool after flat foot reconstruction?
  168. Peroneal Tendon Surgery Question
  169. shattered heel, foot and broken ankle
  170. toe injury
  171. Toe Fusion or Not ?
  172. Muscle Pains, Cramping and twitches...can this be from Torn MUSCLE ?
  173. How scary is starting PT?
  174. Odor
  175. Bone Spurs
  176. Strange pain in foot! Can anyone help?
  177. Heel Blister inside cast/boot
  178. flat feet
  179. Swollen Feet
  180. Freiburgs Infraction/surgery to correct. Has anyone had
  181. toe fusion
  182. Did anyone stay numb for weeks post op?
  183. These are the procedures that doctor is recommending, would appreciate input please.
  184. Help with treatment of MRI findings of foot/ankle
  185. Anyone with RA had fusion surgery for pronated foot..concerned about being off meds
  186. My foot feels Burning inside , can this be a ruptured tendon or nerve in foot ?
  187. orthopedic surgeon who can do bunion
  188. Hard skin blistered = Gout attack
  189. Tactics for coping while non-weight-bearing after foot surgery
  190. Post Op Blues
  191. Blue toenails, please help
  192. 1 Year Post Op/ 6 Months Post Op PTTD
  193. Achilles tendonitis following Brostrom
  194. Nearly time for the op
  195. I need shoe finding help please!
  196. osteotomy surgeries
  197. Long term pain meds for calcaneous
  198. how do you tell if there is abnormality on an mri of the foot
  199. Pending Surgery
  200. Fractured Calcaneus Questions
  201. Stubborn husband -- crushed big toe
  202. mrsa in the bone what do you do
  203. Numb Ankle/Foot
  204. Concern over my x ray - non union??
  205. what is a broken blood vessel on the bottom of my toe
  206. foot feel cold but warm to touch
  207. sensitive to food choices, help with healthy ideas?
  208. concern
  209. how long does a bone spur on top of foot take to heal after surgery
  210. 8 months post lapidus and still limping
  211. Chronic Pain after Surgery
  212. post austin bunionectomy...silly question about toe alignment
  213. Question about outward signs of fracture healing
  214. Extreme fatigue post surgery - help?
  215. How does Pins come out after surgery from my fingers.
  216. Cyst on my left foot and leg tighness/soreness
  217. mortons neuroma surgery
  218. how do I get rid of a corn on my heel
  219. foot pain
  220. Tips on adjusting/recovery after simultaneous double cheilectomy
  221. how long for foot incision for sesmoidectomy to heal
  222. Bone growth stimulator
  223. my right foot hurts on the right side
  224. Minor Foot Surgery - Pain & Questions
  225. Ankle OATS procedure
  226. ankle cramps
  227. Should I amputate my foot?
  228. Ultra running after microfracture and scope?
  229. Orthopedic Surgical Experience-Recent
  230. Austin Bunionectomy scarrings and Pain post op
  231. how to tell if a osteochondral defect is healed?
  232. OATS ankle procedure- KNEE PROBLEMS??
  233. what is th % of recovery after removal of hardware from heel fracture surgery
  234. BILATERAL BUNIONECTOMY 3 months on!!!!!
  235. Reconering from neuroma surgery and dislocated toe
  236. Recovery from Plantar Fasciitis and nerve damage
  237. completely ruptured peroneal brevis - should I get surgery?
  238. Cramping toes PO
  239. Ankle OCD in my 13 year old daughter
  240. Plantar Fasciitis surgery
  241. Pain after bunion surgery
  242. Disadvantages of Knee Walkers
  243. Great toe hammertoe surgery and pain
  244. Overlapping Little Toe
  245. bottom of foot pain
  246. 2 Feet Remodled...
  247. Questions on the Chrisman-snook surgery
  248. Survived Ankle Arthroscopy
  249. PTTD Surgery - still limping after 5 mos
  250. how to find reflex to foot in my hand

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