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  1. Calcaneal osteotomy, modified Brostrom procedure, gastrocnemius slide
  2. help ankle op pending, got my date
  3. Pressure sore above incision
  4. Calcaneal osteotomy/Tendon transfer
  5. Minor Calcaneus Fracture
  6. Bunion pin removed big toe turned
  7. Metal work removal!
  8. When to do the other foot?
  9. fractured talus and more...
  10. calcaneal fracture and walking
  11. blood clot?
  12. Burning, red feet at bedtime
  13. 8 month check up flat foot surgery
  14. Foot correction surgery - sutures out friday - help!
  15. Sutures coming out!
  16. ankle replacement
  17. Foot got chopped by AXE!!! HELP!
  18. Metatarsal Pads - Orthotics
  19. Calcaneal Wedge Osteotomy & Modified Jones Procedure & Tendon Transfer
  20. Incisions and flat foot surgerey
  21. Having flat foot reconstruction surgery 4-20
  22. question about bunion surgery recovery
  23. 6 Week Post Op Appt Tomorrow
  24. Ankle Microfracture, talus dome
  25. Crash Course In Being a Heelie Revised-Calcaneous
  26. Calcaneus fracture - continued stiffness
  27. Just had right foot bunionectomy
  28. Heading back to work in 2 1/2 weeks!
  29. WB 6 weeks after calcaneus Fracture
  30. Is this ever going to end? :(
  31. Had flat foot surgery and contemplating switching surgeons for treatment. Bad idea?
  32. Accidentally put weight on foot... ughhh!
  33. Did I ruin my ankle microfracture?
  34. Cast problems
  35. sore itchy toes
  36. 12 weeks post a microfracture surgery
  37. hemi-implant failure correction
  38. Ankle Fusion
  39. Cryosurgery, Radiofrequency Ablation for neuroma
  40. Ankle surgery (Brostrom) if you are single or living alone
  41. Chronic stress fractures - Story of a broken Soldier
  42. Incredible Pain three months after High-Impact Auto Accident - Broken calcaneus
  43. how much atrophy?
  44. Osteotomy recovery pain question
  45. After non-weight bearing???
  46. Sub Taler Fusion
  47. calcaneal bone between tendon and ankle
  48. Taekwondo feet problems
  49. Why orthotics?
  50. PTT debridement and peroneal tendon tears repair
  51. Need Help with Philadelphia doctors.
  52. Cheilectomy Recovery Problem
  53. Post Flat Foot Reconstruction - Shoes?
  54. Got brave tonight!
  55. Damaged tibialis (I think)
  56. plantar fasciitis
  57. help ankle op pending
  58. When to see a foot dr?
  59. non-union fracture after osteotomy/cheilectomy
  60. Flat Foot Surgery - 11 day update & question
  61. non-union fracture after osteotomy/cheilectomy
  62. Test before I lose question..again
  63. calaneal osteotomy + fdl transfer + spring ligerment repair
  64. advice for Posterior tibial tendon
  65. New Ankle distraction surgery thread
  66. toe nail problems
  67. Shattered calcaneus - how will it hurt?
  68. Torn Tendon from Car accident
  69. Good shoe padding
  70. Unable to do single heel rise
  71. 2 Weeks Since Bunion Surgery and Foot is on FIRE!!
  72. Broken toe?
  73. Heel feeling more pressure in hard cast
  74. What is the best sandals or flip-flop or open shoes for neuroma and heel pain?
  75. reconstructive foot surgery
  76. Hammertoe Surgery..? to do it or not?
  77. High ankle sprain
  78. High Ankle Sprain
  79. In need of ankle surgery advice
  80. GOUT.....
  81. Cyst on top of foot
  82. minimally invasive keyhole bunion surgery on both feet
  83. Significant traumatic arthritis 5th met/cuboid -- now what?
  84. Post Morton's neuroma surgery
  85. having foot spasms...
  86. Pins out, Bandages Off....What now?
  87. Cast off/Stitches out (Foot recon/Achil/column calc. ost.)
  88. Fall down go boom!
  89. Recent ankle repair.. anyone else had similar?
  90. Loss of Fat Pad
  91. Nerve conduction needles
  92. Nonsurgical treatment of OCD/OLT Talus
  93. Bottom of foot surgery - any kind
  94. 5 days out from flat foot surgery
  95. avulsion fracture of the fifth metatarsal and peronal Tendonitis
  96. 12 weeks PTTD surgery
  97. Still cant sleep! 2 1/2 weeks post flat foot reconstruction
  98. Broken ankle
  99. Tuck in muscle - neuroma
  100. Sleeing with a sprained ankle
  101. Foot Fungus Issues
  102. Post op for ankle osteotomy and OATS
  103. Firefighter with a question
  104. Other foot now hurts?
  105. Nerve pain after calcaneus surgery.
  106. flat foot surgery-subtalar implants
  107. A few questions- severe calcaneal fracture
  108. outta surgery but not outta pain!
  109. Blood Clot Prevention
  110. 7 mth check pttd surgery and back in boot
  111. Really nervous/scared about ortho visit Thursday
  112. Ankle Fusion Recovery
  113. terrible swelling 5 weeks post bunion surgery
  114. Calcaneal Fracture of BOTH feet
  115. Brostrom Repair and Dwyer Osteotomy in a month
  116. manipulate toe to rip up scar tissue
  117. Neuroma pain in ball of foot..
  118. 21 days post flat foot reconstruction
  119. deterioting bone in foot
  120. Comminuted Calcaneal Fracture
  121. My Lisfranc Injury - Surgery Required, Several Dislocations and Fractures
  122. Lisfranc
  123. broken 5th metatarsal
  124. Flat foot reconstruction/Achilles lengthening issues.
  125. OCD Surgery or try Orthotics First?
  126. calcaneus-archillies tendon
  127. PTTD and peroneal tendon tears and ligament damage
  128. dr suggestion for Philly Pa?
  129. Tens treatment
  130. OATS but with allograft in 5 days.
  131. Bunionectomy surgery post 6 weeks
  132. Sinus tarsi syndrome?
  133. Immense pain after ankle arthroscopy, is this normal?
  134. Needing some vibes please. So fed up
  135. bilateral calcaneus fracture
  136. Update from London
  137. Stitches versus glue
  138. Chevron Bunionectomy
  139. Applying ice over a Plaster cast?
  140. post mpt fusion
  141. post of pttd surgery having problems sleeping
  142. calcaneus fracture with chronic pain
  143. Ankle talus replacement surgery question about recovery
  144. Best Running Shoes
  145. Anything left after fusion
  146. foot pain
  147. 6 days post flat foot reconstruction surgery
  148. when is it bad enough for ankle fusion?
  149. Heel and Achilles Numbness following PTTD surgery
  150. Sprained Ankle.
  151. First PT session today
  152. Scar tissue injections -
  153. Advice needed on Brostrom surgery
  154. my subtalar fusion not so fused :(
  155. Intractable Keratoma...
  156. Ankle Distracion (RAD, Ring fix)
  157. t minus 6 days!! getting the jitters!!
  158. Neuroma attached to tendon
  159. radiofrequency ablation for neuroma
  160. plantar faciitis
  161. ankle fusion
  162. Dangling feeling from neuroma
  163. 6 Months Post Op Lisfranc Follow UP
  164. Ultrasound for neuromas
  165. 2 weeks post MN surgery - lots of pain
  166. Iontopatch for scar tissue
  167. 101.5 fever 3 weeks post op
  168. Trust OLT Surgery Diagnosis?
  169. Foot pain, possibly 2nd Metatarsal Overload Syndrome????
  170. Tuck nerve in muscle - neuroma
  171. Scab on Incision
  172. Rsd from neuroma surgery
  173. Help deciphering ankle MRI
  174. plantar approach neuromas
  175. Broken Distal Fibula (broken ankle)
  176. DId anyone weight bear after OCL surgery?
  177. calcaneus fracture & physical therapy
  178. 11 Days Post Op
  179. Deltoid Ligament sprain???
  180. Posterior Tibial Tendon Repair, Skiing
  181. heel fracture - foot extension (rom) pain
  182. 3 Weeks Post PTTD Surgery
  183. OCD Tibia. Did I Bear Weight Too Soon?
  184. Gram
  185. Bilateral OCD ankle surgery in a week..
  186. Decompression for morton's neuroma
  187. podiatrist appointment and getting cam walker
  188. Manipulation under anesthesia (MUA)
  189. rom excercises
  190. cam walking boot
  191. Tibial osteotomy for osteochandral lession
  192. Torn ligament in foot
  193. Newbie asks if people are able to swim soon after PTTD and Osteotomy?
  194. PTTD/ Flat foot reconstruction one day post off
  195. Ankle Fusion
  196. Nerve/Leg & Foot Issues (Long)
  197. Bone Fusion in foot
  198. Advice please - PTTD surgery 13 weeks ago
  199. What to expect from a CT scan on the foot?
  200. 3 weeks post bunion surgery questions
  201. Calcaneus (Os calcis Osteotomy), Medial Cuneiform Osteotomy + bone graft
  202. How painful is it when stitches are removed from foot?
  203. PTTD 8 weeks p/op...What´s your opinion?
  204. Lisfranc Injury Recovery
  205. foot surgery for 14-year old daughter
  206. 10 weeks post Brostrom - problems
  207. Midfoot fusion recovery?
  208. Bone Bruising in the lateral of the talus
  209. Lisfranc recovery story, 12 weeks in.
  210. Arthrogram MRI for OCD
  211. neuromas
  212. Acquired Flat Foot
  213. Calcaneus osteotomy Spring Ligament Reconstruction
  214. Calcaneus (Os Calcis) Osteotomy Surgery
  215. outside of foot pain
  216. Taping foot
  217. Foot is crooked. Plz help I have no idea why.
  218. which night splint for plantar faciitis
  219. Taping foot for neuromas
  220. joggers dont cut it in the fashion industry...
  221. Bone removal side of toe
  222. Sensations-neuroma surgery
  223. Nerve fibers - to cut or not to cut?
  224. Success
  225. antibiotic neuroma surgery
  226. Calcaneus Fracture - Orthopedic surgeon or Podiatric surgeon
  227. scar tissue injection
  228. scar tissue and more scar tissue... blaaaah
  229. Neuroma ligament question
  230. my daughter has osteochondral lesion of the talus
  231. could not find the nerve
  232. Had an accident tonight need info.
  233. I Have Plantar Fasciitis and it Won't Go Away! (Part Two of the Nightmare)
  234. Help with MRI results of left foot!
  235. Surgery for 14 year old young man
  236. neuromas scar tissue question
  237. Broken heel recovery questions
  238. Frustrated...need to vent...sorry!
  239. what's wrong with my foot?
  240. Ankles sore and stiff all day
  241. dexamethasone iontophoresis for neuroma
  242. Calcaneus Help
  243. triple arthrodesis post op help
  244. seated scooter vs. knee walker
  245. Son had posterior tibial tendon transfer for drop foot.
  246. Numb tingly toes!!
  247. shockwave neuromas
  248. best walking/CAM cast for bilateral heel fractures?
  249. anyone else with bilateral heel fractures
  250. Fractured Heels (calcaneus) - Recovery Time

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