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  1. 6 months post surgery and healing VERY slowly, normal?
  2. Post Surgery (1/14/11) for Triple Arthrodesis
  3. Does this Bunionectomy look normal?
  4. having brostrom with knee scope next week
  5. Broken pin after bunionectomy
  6. Very Bad Calcaneus Fracture - One year on
  7. shattered calcaneus
  8. Painful, ice cold feet
  9. Bunion surgery and hypermobility
  10. Orif calcaneous plate/screws removal recovery?
  11. No surgery for now but OMG it hurts!
  12. fallen arch reconstruction surgery
  13. Does reduced pain level = healing???
  14. Calcaneal Osteotomy
  15. post op flat foot reconstruction question
  16. Where am I post triple arthrodesis?
  17. Another long post about a foot problem
  18. Has anyone ever had major foot surgery with Dr. Steven Sheskier in New York City?
  19. Very depressed, almost 12 weeks 5th met break
  20. Pttd Recovery
  21. two questions- just curiosity
  22. Austin-Youngswick decompressive osteotomy
  23. cheilectomy decision
  24. Blister Under Toenail?
  25. Need Pttd surgery but ankle has improved.
  26. 5 month post op pttd surgery, anyone else have this?
  27. 9 weeks post subtalar fusion
  28. Bunion operation on both feet
  29. 15 Weeks Post PTTD Surgery & Can't Find Shoes
  30. Ankle Sprain won't go away!
  31. Stiff toe
  32. Question ? Calcaneus fracture
  33. Ankel/Foot Problem
  34. Ingrown toenail - granuloma and infection conundrum
  35. Now what?
  36. Recovery Time After Screw Put In - 5th Met??
  37. New hammertoe
  38. I injured my ankle in a wierd way
  39. Foot Mutation : Never Seen Before...Do These People Know What They're Doing?
  40. Screw removal?
  41. The Foot-Tuck Fat Pad Augmentation™
  42. Flatfoot Reconstruction Surgery - Scarring
  43. lisfranc injury and recovery
  44. Pttd
  45. questions about fat pad atrophy after cortizone or any injections
  46. My Lisfranc Injury
  47. arthroscopy recovery time after a triple fusion
  48. Sore feet while running
  49. Cryptic Burning After Surgery
  50. calcaneal osteotomy and achiles length- recovery and numbness?a
  51. OATS Surgery 7-22-10: Insurance finally paid
  52. Can fat pad atrophy be caused by nerve damage?
  53. Modified Brostrom and nerve damage
  54. Cut into my nail to clear fungus, will it regrow?
  55. Little advice for fractured 5th Metatarsal
  56. Lis Franc Fracture... the road to recovery.
  57. Double Bunionectomy Support Requested
  58. broken heel
  59. pain ball of foot...
  60. I am finally getting my life back
  61. Toe pain
  62. Hammer toe - correct without surgery?
  63. Foot Callus Caused by Blastocystis
  64. Rash around incision?
  65. Dealing with snow
  66. Foot pain
  67. PTT???
  68. went to Doctor this morning and...
  69. Started physical therapy after Brostrom
  70. Hammer Toe surgery
  71. Pttd surgery recovery
  72. PT for foot with subtalar fusion, walking with a shoe?
  73. Question..my sister got a scarf bunionectomy and she came out with a walking boot...
  74. fat pad atrophy symptoms ball of foot
  75. hoping for walking boot tomorrow ..been since Dec 1 nwb..
  76. Fat pad atrophy? ball of foot due to injections?
  77. Nervous about ankle surgery
  78. Lise foot fracture aaaaaaagggghhhh
  79. bunionectomy scheduled next month
  80. Brostrom Procedure and toe nail polish
  81. Foot pain (sesamoid?)
  82. Alcohol injection cause fat pad atrophy ball of foot or any complications?
  83. UK NHS PTTD (stg 2)Surgery due 17th Jan 11
  84. ROM excercises, weight bearing and tendon popping
  85. Bunion surgery wasn't so bad
  86. had ankle fused. still in severe pain
  87. Hardware Removal
  88. Need advice on PTTD surgery
  89. Bunion surgery and depression
  90. Blood rushing to foot
  91. Partial weight bearing walking aid?
  92. Driving After Bunion Surgery?
  93. Question about swelling
  94. hemi-joint replacement
  95. orthotics after flat foot surgery
  96. My Foot Surgery Experience:)
  97. Pttd
  98. Upcoming bunionectomy, osteotomy and cheilectomy
  99. Merrel Sandals after bunion surgery
  100. Worried about upcoming foot surgery
  101. Happy New Years
  102. Post Surgery Sensitivity
  103. Transition from hard cast to walking boot
  104. 21 weeks post flat foot surgery
  105. Arch pain
  106. ok bunions recovery questions....still swelling...
  107. feels metatarsal head, pain and shrinking feeling third and fourth toe
  108. All you T.A. experts.....a question
  109. Lower leg pain
  110. anyone else with foot feeling numb and weird when accidentally step flat footed...
  111. Cryosurgery, Radiofrequency ablation for neuroma
  112. looking for best surgeon for neuroma in Washington DC area.
  113. Peroneal Tendons - 5th met break
  114. Swelling and pain 3 months after bunion surgery
  115. Pttd surgery 11/1/10
  116. Triple Arthrodesis recovery
  117. bunion surgery now hip hurts when I walk, anyone else?
  118. Transitioning out of a cast ... process? and stiffness?
  119. Just had surgery...hope I didn't ruin it. :(
  120. Calcaneus
  121. Horse stepped on foot
  122. Ankle/foot May Be Broken, Other Symptoms
  123. Brostrom Procedure Recovery
  124. 4 month post op update
  125. Calcaneal smashed
  126. range of motion exercises post chielectomy
  127. Great shoes I bought, stiff soled and cushiony inside
  128. Broken Ankle
  129. Pros and cons using Aircast vs. velcro boot post osteotomy
  130. 8 weeks in a cast -- any ankle exercises?
  131. Ankle Microfracture 7 days ago - I FELL!
  132. Back from hospital for screw removal
  133. Ankle Arthroscopy Recovery Time
  134. Foot surgery
  135. Calcaneous nightmare!
  136. help with foot issue???
  137. Is this the reason for my foot pain?
  138. Ankle joint injury
  139. Jones Fractue: Zone 1/Zone 2 margins?
  140. chronic pain 7 years after having r-foot crushed in a car crash
  141. recovery from tendon lenghting/Calcaneal osteotomy/midfoot arthrodesis
  142. Help? About Hyprocure...
  143. Toe burns from the inside out...
  144. Base 5th Met Fracture - non-healing common?
  145. Did i break one of the bones in my foot?
  146. Calcaneus fracture
  147. Toes swelling 5 days post cheilectomy
  148. My Lisfranc injury
  149. Question about a cast
  150. Post PTTD surgery-new shoe size??
  151. screw removal
  152. Stress Fracture
  153. Stood on a broken glass on Friday
  154. ok fat toe a little bruised and can bend big toe... how long?
  155. Question about toe fusion
  156. Triple Arthrodesis
  157. Surgery scheduled for arthritis of big toe...what questions should I ask??
  158. Distance runner: Cyst & ATFL Chronic Tear & High arches
  159. Posterior Ankle repair and ankle scope surgery in two days. Scared!
  160. who is weightbearing within a month who had scarf bunionectomy?
  161. rehab of broken foot
  162. Levaquin & Footies - did you know?
  163. Extreme Foot Pain.PLEASE READ
  164. neuroma surgery
  165. P T T Surgery site sweating
  166. Pain with walking, post PTTD surgery, crutch techiques
  167. how long for recovery
  168. Physical therapy questions
  169. PTTD Op - helpful and positive advise sought
  170. So Much Pain - Almost in tears
  171. Weight bearing immediately following Brostrom
  172. cheilectomy, going to do it
  173. Peroneal Tendonitis vs Peroneal Tears?
  174. evans osteotomy...huh???
  175. ok ladies a question:) weird feeling in big toe normal and the tugging feeling at the
  176. Final X-Ray -- cast on or off?
  177. Bunion surgery 3 wks post op - pressure between big toe? help
  178. Do PTTD Stage 2'ers Always need surgery?
  179. arthritis? ankle pain
  180. Gym exercises following bunion surgery
  181. 5 wks 5th Met Break - still painful?
  182. Can someone advise what this is on my foot?
  183. Returning to work after flat foot reconstruction
  184. Pain when walking after bunion surgery.
  185. Keller arthroplasty success stories???
  186. Has your good foot grown since breaking calcaneous?
  187. how can i stretch my calfs?
  188. What to expect when cast comes off?
  189. triple arthrodesis pain
  190. Accessory Navicular is getting bigger! Help!
  191. Triple Arthrodesis Surgery
  192. Had scarf bunionectomy yesterday..
  193. I need help
  194. Freaking out!
  195. Plantar fascitus tradtional surgery vs endoscopic?
  196. Plantar Release Surgery (need advice)
  197. Is it broken?
  198. Fractured BOTH heels
  199. Post Hallux Limitus surgery expectations?
  200. How to manage after ankle replacement??
  201. Bilateral Bunionectomy & Hammertoe Correction
  202. Bunion surgery has anyone had the pin left in?
  203. who has a preexisting heart condition and had their bunions done with no trouble?
  204. line drive softball to shin bone
  205. possible accessory navicular surgery
  206. Itching Under Cast
  207. Long recovery after ankle sprain?
  208. Bunion surgery post op OUCH OMG
  209. why is my foot peeling
  210. Peroneal Tendons - did I re-tear?
  211. HappyThanksgiving
  212. lateral ligament reconstruction recovery
  213. my foot surgery is Dec 1 and what types of anesthesia is there? and...
  214. LIsFranc Success
  215. cheilectomy--any road cyclists out there?
  216. Facing "Sub-Talor Joint Fusion" Surgery
  217. how long is surgery for peroneal
  218. Sore on Foot
  219. foot surgery recovery
  220. calcaneus fracture sharp tingling sensation
  221. 3 mth. post op flat foot reconstruction
  222. Ankle, inner front pain ? no idea whats wrong
  223. External Fixator - Tibia Open Fracture ?
  224. Triple Arthrodesis
  225. 4-Months Post Op Flatfoot
  226. flat foot - arch reconstruction surgery
  227. biopsy of bone came back negative
  228. Bump in foot
  229. puzzlegal
  230. achillis and calcaneus pain
  231. puzzlegal
  232. Looking for surgeon in Fl for flat foot
  233. Could someone tell me what my physiotherapist is saying here
  234. Starting physical therapy
  235. Swollen left foot
  236. pls help
  237. Cramp in metatarsal pad
  238. Why do my toenails point upwards?
  239. peroneal tendon recovery
  240. 6 Months Post PTTD op, Osteotomy site pain, Cortisone shot & plate removal
  241. Insurance question -- HELP!
  242. Unable to move big toe 2 wks post-op, should I panic?
  243. ankle fusion or replacement????
  244. this is weird but anyone have this?
  245. Walking after Calcaneus Fracture
  246. PTTD surgery scheduled for 21 December
  247. PTTD Surgery - throbbing! pain near screw
  248. Bunion Surgery in Dubai, UAE or London, UK
  249. Toe Fusion
  250. Multiple fractures

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