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  1. Advice re 13 y/o pes planus?
  2. Please explain these results
  3. Will toe go down with Budin Splint?
  4. Big toe fusion a year later
  5. Sprained ankles
  6. depression
  7. Considering bunionectomy
  8. Considering bunionectomy
  9. big toe and second toe
  10. need advice please
  11. 7 wks post-op bunionectomy - feet look the same!?
  12. Pain and discomfort from wearing boot
  13. Burning pain & sleepless nights after double bunionectomy
  14. Calcaneus aftercare
  15. anybody any ideas??
  16. toenail fungus
  17. anybody any ideas??
  18. 5 months post-op PTT transfer, need your advice, help
  19. Shoes for AFO braces?
  20. 1st MTP fusion- Now 2nd MTP Pain
  21. Frustrated flat foot reconstruction surgery
  22. Pain associated with weather change and hardwear
  23. Who should correct Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear?
  24. surgery versus botox for tendon problems in a 6 yr old?
  25. Feet callused and hands too????
  26. Hallux Rigidus two implants and NO HELP
  27. extensor & flexsor longus muscle damage due to Plantar Fascitis? - ADVICE?
  28. is good feet stores good and reliable
  29. doctor giving up
  30. triple arthrodesis recovery/17 years old
  31. questions about persistent ankle/achilles injury and falling arches
  32. Anthem denies OATS for daughter, now what?
  33. foot reconstruction questions
  34. Pain in muscle on bottom of foot
  35. hip hip hooray
  36. fractured heel/calcaneus
  37. Treating suture after stitch removal & scar prevention
  38. boot or no boot
  39. Physical Therapy
  40. post op update
  41. 1 month post op subtalar fusion
  42. Inner ankle pain
  43. Inner ankle pain, nothing showed up on x-ray or MRI
  44. Bursa under ball of left foot - surgery or something else?
  45. Post Surgery Question
  46. Foot Lump
  47. Triple Arthrodesis
  48. Double Bunionectomy Experience
  49. Severely communited calcaneus fracture
  50. cane
  51. Has calcaneus surgery caused insomnia?
  52. almost 12 weeks post op flat foot surgery
  53. ankle sprain was really a calcaneal fracture
  54. Graduating to a Shoe
  55. no one knows whats on the bottom of my foot causing pain
  56. Tarsal Coalition
  57. physio after calacaneal osteotomy and pttd surgery
  58. Is it swelling or bone?
  59. Peroneal tendon pain after Brostrom Repair
  60. Peroneus Quartus Muscle: Rare form of Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain
  61. The posterior tibial tendon in my foot is completely torn.
  62. Dark spot under big toe
  63. partial weight baring in aircast? problems!
  64. questions about my upcoming midfoot fusion and bone graft
  65. Post-surgical anxiety?
  66. Screw Removal - Healing Time
  67. AZafo for PTTD, collapsed arch, achilles pain;
  68. 2nd metatarsal acute fracture. airboot - can I sleep in it?
  69. 2-Month Post OATS Dr. Visit
  70. Peroneal Tendon Surgery...What to expect
  71. walking after broken ankle
  72. OATS Recovery - 5 days in......
  73. Intraosseous hemangioma of the heel (calcaneous)
  74. Plantar Fasciitis!?
  75. broken screws, what to do
  76. Dead Toes
  77. calf pain after foot surgery
  78. Foot sprain - help!
  79. broken ankle= broken spirit
  80. lisfranc repair
  81. 10 weeks post flat foot reconstruction
  82. Fairly large OCD with very limited pain.
  83. Pain after casting for OCD lesion
  84. Right Foot ongoing problems
  85. ankle and foot pain
  86. Itchy swollen instep
  87. Ankle laxity - no pain
  88. Peroneus Brevis Tendon Transfer for drop foot
  89. Calcaneal Osteotomy-Screws Removed Today!!!
  90. 14 year old - OCD Stage II - immobilization or surgery?
  91. Big toe pain
  92. midfoot fuison
  93. Happy Feet
  94. Anyone Have a Postive Outcome??
  95. Exactly 4 months post op, PTT transfer, Osteotomy(lateral column lengthening)
  96. Kidner surgery already walking?
  97. Now I'm partial weight bearing
  98. Jones fracture screw causing problems
  99. External fixator removal questions
  100. Bilateral bunionectomy..told to bear weight straight away!
  101. Fiberglass cast issues, has this happened to anyone?
  102. Post Op Depression - Feeling Powerless
  103. Fat pad atrophy
  104. Please help, foot injury, need to know what's injured in my foot
  105. Pttd surgery
  106. Gastroc slide surgery for flat foot?
  107. Positive Calcaneous Stories
  108. Help...What Can I Expect From Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery?
  109. sharp ankle pain
  110. Big Toe Fusion - Does the long recovery time help fusion?
  111. fell down on my bad foot
  112. 8 week post op
  113. 9 weeks post foot surgery, is this normal?
  114. One foot colder than the other
  115. Orthopaedic Foot Doctor
  116. Soft Lump on Sole of Foot?
  117. 8 weeks Post Ops - OATS Procedure
  118. abnormal bone growth after ankle surgery
  119. 5th metatarsal stress fracture-Help, please!
  120. Ankle dislocation/fracture of fibula 3/2010
  121. cold foot
  122. Scared to death.....
  123. Swelling, Pain and Cramping in Foot
  124. Calcaneus fracture
  125. Tell Me About Your Flat Feet Please
  126. Red spot on the bottom of feet
  127. 2 Years post ankle scope...lots of pain
  128. Had my other foot done today
  129. when can you wear heels after bunion surgery?
  130. how do you get dead skin off your legs after having on a cast
  131. hallux rigidus
  132. When is a stress fracture healed
  133. 34 year old, flat feet, help with gastroc surgery question
  134. flat foot surgery
  135. Toenail lifted, red bump at cuticle
  136. percutaneous tendo achilles lengthening
  137. Question about calcaneus and calf atrophy
  138. My toe is in pain, or feels num
  139. Fusion Revision Question
  140. 7 Wks Post-Op...How long before...?
  141. bio pro great toehemi implant
  142. Knee walker wanted (cheap) :)
  143. did my fibula break when screws were removed?
  144. broken fibula in 2 places/dislocated ankle ecovery process and time
  145. Bad foot pain every second
  146. 2 year old sprain - still have problems and a negative MRI
  147. Bow Legged but want to roller blade
  148. 2 weeks post op
  149. Falling While NWB!!!
  150. Unilateral swelling left foot and ankle with severe itching
  151. Calcaneal fracture
  152. how to keep big toe from sticking up
  153. ankle pain
  154. Please Help!!! Abductor Digiti Minimi Tear, Peroneal Tendon
  155. Anyone Experience Drastic Swelling Changes?
  156. Need Advice on surgery
  157. Question from Newbie on Plantar Fasciitis
  158. degenerative disease 1st & 2nd tarsometatarsal joints?
  159. Bottom of foot feels bruised post flat foot surgery
  160. Broken Toe, How Long Before I can jog?
  161. Ouch 6 weeks post op flat foot surgery
  162. old fracture nonunion
  163. no fracture but toe hurt when i move
  164. Talus Fracture & Dislocation
  165. Brostrom, peroneal and retinaculum repair plus fibular groove deepening
  166. what is the healing time for a non-displaced fracture of the distal fibula?
  167. post bunionectomy shoes?
  168. Burning pain in pinky toe
  169. Medial Plantar Nerve Problem!
  170. Fracture Advice Please!!
  171. Aching sore feet!
  172. 5 Wks Postop Flatfoot Surgery...In a Boot!
  173. Day After Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  174. Toe Problem overlap Blisters
  175. Post bunionectomy/hammer toe surgery ?
  176. Painful stiff feet
  177. minor/moderate foot pain, pronation, TT syndrome...related?
  178. A year and a half later
  179. Help with CAM walker selection
  180. return to work after flat foot surgery
  181. where locally can I find an orthotics expert
  182. PTTD Surgery
  183. Feet Advice - Hard yellow skin on balls of feet
  184. going stir crazy
  185. Neuroma Surgery - Positive Outcome
  186. podiatrist or orthopedic?
  187. Calcaneal fracture, any help, advice?
  188. Feet Advice - Hard yellow skin on balls of feet
  189. Bunionectomy in 5 days!
  190. Calc Frac- Didn't listen to Dr... nine weeks later. Anyone else?
  191. My heel fracture story
  192. Foot tingling is driving me insane :(
  193. Morton's Neuroma Surgery, do I do it?
  194. Subtalar arthrodesis w/ Achilles legthening
  195. calcaneal fracture
  196. very painful feet after walking for a short time
  197. after cortisone injection severe pain
  198. 5 weeks post-op from OATS Surgery
  199. Need your experience post-surgical for PTTD?
  200. Hallux Limitus/Life Limitus
  201. Walk on Heel after Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  202. Air boot application
  203. Foot Surgery for Children/Teen
  204. Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery Recovery
  205. Calcaneal osteotomy- screw question
  206. Anyone had a second met. stress fracture
  207. Terrible Flat Feet..
  208. Foot Drop
  209. Camwalker question....need some help
  210. Toe bone infection and pain in leg now
  211. five weeks post op flat foot reconstruction
  212. negative mri
  213. Surgery or Not?
  214. Decision time for my ocd
  215. Triple Arthrodesis
  216. nervous
  217. Subtalar Arthroreisis Surgery Pain
  218. Hammer toe surgery
  219. Four weeks post up cheiliectomy
  220. Brostrom veterans - how was rehab?
  221. 5th Metatarsal Fracture and Toes
  222. from health board to foot board
  223. Evenups
  224. What's wrong with my sesamoid?
  225. I have a non-displaced fractured sesamoid in right foot (medial).
  226. Can a severe sprain early in life cause problems with popping ankles?
  227. Will my Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome get better or worse over time?
  228. Osteo lesion
  229. Bunion surgery
  230. Surgery to remove the shattered sesamoid.
  231. Itching after bunionectomy?
  232. type of bunionectomy?
  233. Does Clubfoot Cause Flatfoot?
  234. Possible re-fracture of fith met?
  235. Sesamoid Fracture
  236. 4 weeks post flat foot reconstruction
  237. Talus Allograft procedure many questions
  238. Bunion Surgery & Flat Foot Surgery
  239. Surgery for flat feet
  240. OcD massive oats procedures
  241. Is this a tailor's bunion?
  242. top of foot shed
  243. Morton Neuroma Surgery
  244. Retrocalcaneal Bursitis/Haglund's Deformity
  245. Bunionectomy incision opened up...
  246. broke foot and ankle
  247. Gout
  248. pain on top of foot
  249. why my big toe joint hurt
  250. bunion surgery: when to exercise toes?

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