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  1. Why are most of the people here female? lol
  2. Peroneal/extensor tendinits
  3. How soon can you squat/deadlift after ankle surgery?
  4. (4) Failed Foot Surgeries
  5. Morton's neuroma
  6. The painful shift to weight bearing
  7. Post Op Bunion Surgery
  8. Suggestions on taking those first steps.
  9. Probably need surgery on Achilles in rsd area
  10. 2 weeks post op
  11. pain improving with surgery coming up
  12. Accidental Weight bearing on NWB foot
  13. Brostrom procedure with internal brace
  14. Deltoid Ligament surgery
  15. Rock n Roll is good for the soul and Rehab
  16. Help With Boot Walker after the cast came off
  17. Future bunionectomy
  18. Split tear peroneus brevis
  19. Pains in bottom of foot after ankle microfracture surgery
  20. Injured foot question
  21. Hole in toe nail?
  22. ATFL and CFL replacement surgery
  23. 7 mos post-op still healing
  24. ligament issues causing foot cramps?
  25. Screw in heel - weird sensation
  26. Rode my bike for the first time again yesterday
  27. Cast Off - Still NWB though
  28. 4 month check-in
  29. Sural nerve peroneal tendon issues
  30. Full weight bearing in boot?
  31. mtp fusion: Can I walk a lot in 9 months?
  32. One more question about weight bearing
  33. Is this going to heal? Nonunion fracture.
  34. 2nd ATFL repair
  35. How quickly to go from PWB to FWB?
  36. The Final Countdown - Cast Off
  37. Surgery is booked!! Subtalar fusion!!
  38. Ankle fractures with surgery.
  39. what am I missing?
  40. foot surgery(bunion fusion)
  41. Fusion of big toe - cast vs boot
  42. Foot taping for orthotic lift: Experiences?
  43. Aircast & Crutches
  44. MRI and metal in ankle
  45. Broken Heels
  46. Wearing a shoe
  47. Posterior tibial tendon repair
  48. is there a time range for max recovery from brostrum?
  49. Modified bromstrom Gould reinjured?!
  50. Broken ankle (post surgery)
  51. Stress Fracture not healing
  52. Is soreness normal with PWB?
  53. Prognosis for torn deep deltoid ligaments and longitudinal PTT tear
  54. problems after cheilectomy
  55. 1 day post op
  56. Post op six weeks from PTTD
  57. Nickel sized bump on leg, in-between shin and calf
  58. Flat foot surgery 2 months ago - I feel like it was useless...
  59. complicated case
  60. Talonavicular Fusion
  61. Becoming Weight Bearing after PTTD Surgery
  62. Broken Big Toe - Healed - Still can't bend it
  63. Broken Big Toe - Healed - Still can't bend it
  64. Torn Anterior tibialis tendon -- What to expect for treatment?
  65. Weight Bearing with 1 Crutch with Lots of Heel Pain
  66. Calcaneus Displaced fracture
  67. Help - This cast is a nightmare!!
  68. Ankle fusion?? Help
  69. PTTD Surgery 2 years ago, and calves!
  70. 2 Years Since First PTTD Surgery!!!
  71. What to expect with broken fibula in a cast
  72. Unknown Knee pain
  73. Triple Arthrodesis - my story
  74. Ankle Surgery - Dr visit
  75. Calcaneus fracture... Please read and offer opinion based on experience
  76. Transitioning back into Workforce after PTTD
  77. Shoes after subtalar fusion
  78. Prickly burning sensation at bottom of my feet
  79. What is appropriate healing time?
  80. Treatment for swollen shin/ankle 4 years after injury?
  81. Pain on outside of foot after Flat Foot Surgery
  82. Fusion ... HELP!
  83. Fractured calcaneus recovery pain
  84. Calling all Crutches users! Tailbone pain..
  85. 1yr+ Post-Op Flat Foot Reconstruction... Anyone else still having problems?
  86. Bone biopsy and cleaning of big toe joint
  87. Partial weight bearing in boot?
  88. Itchy Foot Rash been treated by doc, no relief!
  89. MTP Fusion in One's 60s
  90. Walking after calcaneal fracture
  91. PWB How to deal with Nerve Pain
  92. Foot swollen and painful
  93. Ankle MRI results and question
  94. Please don't hijack threads for side discussion.
  95. 1yr post op questioni
  96. Foot hurts when walking barefoot.
  97. my experience
  98. What's the Pain Like Post PTTD Surgery?
  99. Bunion Surgery and Recovery
  100. Plantar fasciitis pain - HELP!
  101. PTTD All American Foot Equipment List
  102. Foot Recovery
  103. Second surgery -stairs
  104. Any pain associated with removal of soft cast?
  105. surgery to remove glass from heel
  106. Double Bunion Surgery (Both Tailor and Regular)
  107. Posterior tibial tendon surgery
  108. Options for pain killers
  109. Comfort of cast vs. external fixator
  110. Orthotics, PT, what do you think?
  111. Aircast boot problem
  112. Recovery from posterior tibial tendon transfer 13 months
  113. Yippie I O KI Ay - One week Post Op
  114. good outcomes with Weil osteotomies
  115. Tarsal coalition
  116. Broken fibula, torn ligaments in ankle, sprained wrist
  117. Triple arthodorthisis fusion
  118. Dual Calcaneus Fracture 1 yr update
  119. calcaneus fracture
  120. Should I remove the screws in my left foot?
  121. Triple Arthrodesis
  122. Hammertoe and bunion surgery
  123. swelling and increased pain
  124. My Subtalar Fusion Recovery timeline @ 5 Months
  125. Stem Cell therapy for Ankle OCD lesion
  126. Triple foot fusion
  127. Bunion Operation and Recovery
  128. Deltoid and lateral ligament repair ankle surgery
  129. Heel Spur
  130. Chipped Tibia
  131. Bunion surgery scheduled 9/8
  132. surgical shoe post op
  133. ankle allograft
  134. PTTD D-Day One Week Away
  135. calcaneus stress fracture
  136. Depressed and mad at myself
  137. What does this MRI report mean?
  138. 4 Weeks Post Op Flat Foot Reconstruciton and Bunionectomy
  139. calcaneus stress fracture
  140. Broken tibia!
  141. Pttd in teens???
  142. double ankle fusion
  143. Toe Fusion Surgery: my experience so far
  144. How long does it swell on the incision after an ATFL reconstruction
  145. Muscle Relaxants
  146. Help! Advice needed calcaneal osteotomy and tendon transfer
  147. Had Subtalar Fusion, now CRPS
  148. Looking for new athletic shoes.
  149. Fat pad impingement knee
  150. Newbie heelie
  151. 20 months post Flat Foot Reconstuction
  152. Sprained Ankle that will not heal
  153. Accessory Navicular Questions
  154. Subtalar, talonavicular fusion and fdl tendon transfer
  155. Wearing a full boot before bunion surgery?
  156. Ankle/foot pain
  157. Screw removal complications
  158. Cleared to begin shoe wearing today!
  159. MRI report of left ankle-need help understanding
  160. Torn tendons, in cast, concerned
  161. Could I gave stress fractures I'm both feet?
  162. Potentially Misdiagnosed, Help?
  163. Possible broken or injured toe
  164. Subtalar Fusion - please help
  165. PTTD, Hallux Limitus, moderate pronation and sinus tarsi
  166. Gone over on ankle
  167. Six months after PTTD surgery
  168. tight Brostrom Repair
  169. Am I over thinking things
  170. Should I get my screws removed?
  171. surgery for ankle/foot 9/16 triple arthrodesis
  172. Ankle joint pain- post exercise
  173. Swelling on the side of the foot
  174. Foot Size Change after Ankle Fusion?
  175. Fibula Fracture at top with Nerve Injury
  176. oats procedure
  177. Maybe somewhat strand ankle issue.
  178. New to the group and need some advice
  179. SCARE and LOST oats autograft transfer DATE approaching
  180. Peroneal Tendon Repair and Recovery Support
  181. Do I need Surgery?
  182. Transition to shoe - any suggestions?
  183. Base wedge osteotomy with extender rail
  184. Plantar Fascitis and Metatarsalgia :(
  185. cast off in a few days
  186. need advice please
  187. Sinus tarsi syndrome
  188. Aircast Walker versus traditional cast?
  189. Where to next?
  190. Why do flip flops keep blistering my feet?
  191. 10 week post op and walking!
  192. Broken Fibula and Syndesmosis Rehab
  193. Metatarsal dancer's break hurts after a month
  194. Can talar bone bruises become OCDs?
  195. Posterior Tib Tendon Transfer
  196. Nest area items
  197. Calcaneus fracture; return to work?
  198. Transition to weight bearing
  199. foot surgey on both feet
  200. Calcaneus Fracture thoughts at 1 yr
  201. Questions -Post Op Update: 8 Weeks
  202. How many cpt codes didn't they tell you about before your ankle surgery?
  203. Ankle MRI results - need help
  204. Bunion surgery - now physical therapy
  205. Steroid injection was on Friday, still have pain.
  206. Calcaneus Fracture and Outcome
  207. Studio Wraps?
  208. Wheelchair or knee walker after gastroc recession?
  209. Inbone 2 tar
  210. Tar inbone 2
  211. Learning to walk (in a walking cast)
  212. Triple joint fusing and heel cord lenghting and tendon transfer and heel bone realign
  213. Broken ankle and post-op discomfort
  214. Did you have a good Brostrom repair?
  215. Not numb but strange feeling
  216. Posterior tibial tendon surgery
  217. Posterior tibial tendon repair surgery
  218. calcaneus fracture
  219. Flat Foot (only one of them ... ?)
  220. husband needs triple arthrodesis but has leg clots
  221. Questions after ankle reconstruction
  222. Failed cheilectomy?
  223. What was/is your experience going to PWB from cast?
  224. Nerve problems one year post surgery
  225. Surgery Date set - Freaked Much!!!
  226. Who here has had a mid foot fusion?
  227. Set Backs
  228. Preparing for bunion surgery
  229. Shattered Calcaneous need advice
  230. Recovery period
  231. Lisfranc misdiagnosed/undiagnosed - fusion? Help!
  232. Brostrom Repair: too tight/tilted calcaneous
  233. common problem?
  234. Exercise before PTTD, Flat foot reconstuctive surgery
  235. Newbie -- 7 weeks post-op
  236. Cast to Boot 5wks post-op update and questions
  237. Return/Regain Active lifestyle after ankle surgery
  238. Crooked foot and ankle
  239. Mosaicplasty Surgey for Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus
  240. Researching Denovo NT options & outcomes
  241. Left calf discomfort
  242. Broken foot
  243. Heal Fracture
  244. Three Years Post-OP for PTTD, nightmare continues
  245. 5 wks post flat foot reconstruction- need advice
  246. Getting ready to ditch the crutches
  247. Split tears on both sides of ankle!
  248. 8 months post ankle Brostrom procedure
  249. Wierd rash on foot
  250. feeling like a celebration!

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