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  1. Hemicap implant question
  2. Congenital gastrocnemius contracture....
  3. Medial Malleolus ORIF w/ two screws
  4. Flat feet - Orthotics
  5. Ankle talus allograft waiting
  6. Fell in PT and it was great
  7. Am I developing a blood clot?
  8. Did I ruin my ankle microfracture with aggressive ROM?
  9. Bunion and second dislocation surgery
  10. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
  11. Left Foot Surgery #2 :(
  12. Shoes for early walking/incision pain from brace and shoes
  13. New to Forum - Husband had Foot and Ankle surgery - He's not healing
  14. anyone go home on a pain pump
  15. Sore feet
  16. Left ankle allograft surgery
  17. Ibuprofen Not Helping
  18. Spinal vs general anesthetic ?
  19. question about warmth making pain worse
  20. First week post-op.
  21. Bunionectomy
  22. Plantar Fascia Issue
  23. Talonavicular fusion with gastronemius recession
  24. numbness after surgery?
  25. Ankle distraction failed
  26. Triple arthrodesis 1 week to go!
  27. Variety of arch pain, flat feet
  28. Rehab/skilled nursing post-op?
  29. worried about Lisfranc injury
  30. Back again! Reinjured my repaired brostrom/syndesmosis need to vent!
  31. Sharp pain in ankle
  32. Ankle hurts when stretching
  33. Pttd
  34. Has anyone had an injection in the Talonavicular joint?
  35. Who knew high arches were a bad thing?
  36. 10 weeks post calcaneal osteotomy and still need crutches
  37. 3weeks post op!
  38. Dueling MRI reports
  39. Screw question
  40. 5 1/2 months post PTTD surgery -- over-correction?
  41. Pttd newbie!
  42. Timeframe for a Non Union
  43. Lisfranc--about to switch to FWB
  44. Hello All
  45. Double Ankle Fusion
  46. Jones fracture with High Arches
  47. Hello All
  48. Life after ankle fusion surgery
  49. Please Help!!!
  50. HELP! Want this cast off my foot!
  51. Protecting incision from brace/shoe?
  52. Appointment with my surgeon was today
  53. FDL tendon transfer, calcaneal osteotomy, spring ligament repair. lapidus proceedure
  54. Peroneal tendon tear experience?
  55. Broken foot
  56. Post Brostom Recovery
  57. Non-Healing PTT -- surgery?
  58. 16 weeks and major progress
  59. Appt with OS next week---nervous
  60. Flat Foot Surgery
  61. plantar fasciitis
  62. conservative treatment for flexible hammertoes
  63. Chronic posterior tibial tendinitis
  64. How much do doctors know for sure
  65. Ankle Debridement vs Total Ankle Replacement
  66. Veins
  67. Jammed big toe
  68. After 7 months of pain doc thinks I may have a free body fracture in my foot/ankle.
  69. Shattered Calcaneus
  70. worried ... lump on foot after surgery
  71. Pain On Inside Of Ankle Post Op
  72. Talonavicular Fusion with Gastronemius Recession
  73. please bear with me/pain is still hard to manage
  74. Scapula Peroneal Muscular Atrophy - Normal Nerve Function
  75. PTTD - Recommended surgeons in Seattle/Eastside?
  76. Sleeping with aircasts?
  77. Post op calcaneous surgery
  78. Subtalar implant removal
  79. Modified Kidner/Accessory Navicular
  80. Bunionectomy
  81. Correct Toes for Neuromas?
  82. sf area specialist in OCD?
  83. kidner procedure 7 weeks ago and pain
  84. Ankle fusion after calcaneus fracture
  85. 9 months out, 2nd surgery needed.
  86. home from pttd surgery a lot of pain
  87. Wound Vac Questions
  88. Advice re ankle issues
  89. shattered calcaneus please help!
  90. Anyone have JUST a subtalar arthroreisis?
  91. Can an ankle sprain cause thin skin?
  92. Plantar Fasciitis exhausted options!!
  93. Foot still hurts 5 months post-op
  94. Sesamoiditis verses sesamoid fracture
  95. PTTD surgery today Sept 15, nervous!
  96. Update plantar fasciitis
  97. 2+ Peroneal Tendon Surgeries
  98. Update
  99. Please Advise :)
  100. What have you liked in a shoe when first wearing one?
  101. PTTD surgery on 9-15-14, nervous thanks to all for your support/advice! !
  102. Twitching and nerves
  103. Sesamoid Injury Ball of Foot
  104. bone graft from shin, will i be okay using knee scooter?
  105. surgery soon having trouble paying for blood clot meds, humana drug ins stinks
  106. Ankle Surgery - Recommendation Required
  107. Avulsion Fracture/Torn Ligaments
  108. Has anyone washed their boot liner?
  109. PTTD with full ROM?????
  110. Pereneal tendon reconstruction
  111. Tendon Tear in my foot
  112. purple foot 4 months after
  113. Returning to long distance walking after ankle surgery?
  114. Richie Brace (I don't like it)
  115. Staph infection
  116. Screw removal surgery recovery
  117. Swelling - Help!
  118. peroneal subluxation. What if I never treat it?
  119. Advice on footdrop
  120. 25 steps forward, 5 steps back
  121. HELP ME. Girlfriend broke heel a year ago, still not better.
  122. Decision re: bunion/crooked toes surgery
  123. Persistent, debilitating foot pain after kidner procedure
  124. Broken Ankle Help
  125. Talonavicular or Triple Arthrodesis and PT recommended?
  126. Wish Me Luck
  127. Pain from Screw in heel
  128. Ankle ligament surgery
  129. Non weight bearing v. driving
  130. Fifth Metatarsal Fracture
  131. Did it Again: Grade III sprain
  132. Heavy Feet
  133. PTTD surgery soon what kind of bed tray did you use in recovery? Thanks
  134. What is full recovery like after calcaneus surgery?
  135. Ball of foot sore after metatarsal surgery
  136. My PTTD surgery is scheduled I am nervous!
  137. Cold compress
  138. Subtalar Implant - Life After
  139. Calcaneus pain and nerve pain
  140. Who is best PTTD surgeon in Atlanta
  141. Revisison for Triple Arthodesis
  142. 18 WKS Metatarsal Stress ractures, not healed, need help!
  143. Should I bite the bullet? on fdl tendon transfer and Calcaneal osteotomy
  144. Advice calcaneus fracture
  145. Help! Has anyone been in this situation after Scarf Osteotomy surgery?
  146. shattered heel
  147. Chronic foot problems
  148. Podiatrist said I need Kidner Procedure
  149. post surgery exercises?
  150. Ideas for physio exercises?
  151. I have Spinal muscular Atrophy which is a Motor neuron Disease
  152. Medial popping
  153. 7 Weeks Post OP FDL Tendon Yransfer & Calaceal Osteotomy
  154. Ankle Halo
  155. MRI and xray came back normal but my ankle has been swollen and painful for 7 months?
  156. The pneumatic boot
  157. Is Surgery Worth It for Peroneal Tendon Tear?
  158. Talus OCD: should I get microfracture surgery? (with MRI)
  159. Almost 3mo post op
  160. Calcaneal Osteotomy Overcorrection
  161. PTT surgery in 2 weeks
  162. In case this helps someone else who has trouble sleeping with casts/boots/etc
  163. Five years of foot issues
  164. New Heelie: shattered heel
  165. Revision for Triple Arthrodesis
  166. New to Boot - feels like there is a bubble under my heel
  167. Calcaneus Fracture Treatment
  168. Calcaneus Fracture: Physical Therapy
  169. Ankle/Foot Surgery
  170. Tendinitis- Bad enough to need foot boot or MRI?
  171. Calcaneus Fracture
  172. Walking boot causing broken ankle to hurt more
  173. Could a peroneal tendon subluxation cause all this?
  174. Incision
  175. Help! Did I break it again?
  176. Getting Boot after 10 weeks in cast. Is it going to hurt?
  177. Numbness After Ankle Surgery
  178. pttd surgery 3 months not fussing right
  179. anybody ever experiment with prescription orthodics after injury?
  180. Calcaneus Fracture
  181. Do you know the spring ligament?
  182. Cortisone shot following ankle debridement
  183. Returning to exercise after PTTD surgery
  184. ankle surgery with fusion and removal of talus bone
  185. Recovery after FDL transfer and calcaneal osteotomy
  186. Ankle Arthroscopy Questions
  187. Help! Foot pain
  188. Brostrom and Arthroscopy
  189. Any idea how to remove rogue steri-strip from my arch?
  190. Eversion after foot reconstruction
  191. Having PTTD,etc surgery, is there a place in MD that loans knee scooters? Thanks
  192. Tingling Toes
  193. Ankle Distraction frame removal recovery
  194. Bunion surgery
  195. Footdrop Question
  196. Pain from walking after calcaneal osteotomy surgery
  197. loose steri-stris in my cast
  198. When can i dance again?
  199. Got my boot...now what?
  200. 7 mo post foot reconstruction, discouraged
  201. 7 months post foot reconstruction, discouraged
  202. Could This Be Gangrene?
  203. Posterior Tibial Tendon Repair
  204. Not sure about surgery
  205. What was CAUSING your posterior tibial tenosynovitis
  206. Numb big toe on my right foot been a week
  207. 3 days after twisting post-surgical ankle, still sore. Problem?
  208. Has anyone else had nerve damage with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?
  209. Walking again after reconstructive foot surgery
  210. Bump on the heel where screw is
  211. Please help! Let me know what symptom of your PTTD.
  212. Twisted my casted ankle-sore peroneals
  213. Non-painful foot spasms on left foot with calcaneus stress reaction
  214. Just diagnosed with tendinoisis stage 2b, surgery in my near future, scared,
  215. Did my chielectomy work?
  216. Calcaneus cont a
  217. Foot problems and Mri results
  218. What's Normal for an Ankle Sprain
  219. ankle talus allograft surgery
  220. Can't move toe after surgery?
  221. Never ending foot pain-6/+ months and seem to be getting worst
  222. Radiofrequency or Cryotherapy Ablation for Morton's Neuroma?
  223. Recommendation for Morton Neuroma Cyrosurgery in So. Calif?
  224. 2 years post injury and 18 month post surgery talor dome bruise
  225. Need Advice!!
  226. Modified Brostrom: One Year After Surgery, Still In Pain
  227. Bottom of Foot Hurts
  228. hemi-implant toe replacement
  229. What did you find in YOUR cast? (a light-hearted moment)
  230. Posterior Tibial Tendon pain help please
  231. Stress Fracture-MRI shows Hyperintensities
  232. Parathesias - increase with WB?
  233. Tarsal Coalition
  234. Lapidus Surgery
  235. Progress at week 13
  236. Pain in my feet
  237. When will I take one step forward & another step forward instead of 2 steps back?
  238. MRI shows tear of Posterior Tibial Tendon, doc says scar tissue
  239. Surviving bilateral surgery & longer hospital stay
  240. Incision & Drainage on Plantar of foot
  241. PTTD for Traditional surgery or Minimally invasive surgery
  242. I want to go to HSS for PTTD surgery.
  243. Peroneal and tibial tendonitis surgery in 2 days. Scared!
  244. I am now at 4 months post-op -- new pains??? What is going on??
  245. Why does my foot feel tight?
  246. Gout, first episode
  247. Lapitus Bunionectomy
  248. Ankle Allograft
  249. Complete Ankle Fusion- Post 17 surgeries- Help!
  250. Broström operation 6 weeks out

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