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  1. Bug Bite
  2. sharp needle like pain in right top of foot
  3. Post tali navicular fusion
  4. Visible veins on top of feet
  5. how to make not to smell sock
  6. Sharp, Stabbing pain in my foot!
  7. Feet Fears and phoebias
  8. I'm so confused about what to do next.
  9. 5-wk post bunionectomy question
  10. Anyone have problems with the tendon in FRONT of the ankle?
  11. ankle fusion
  12. Pain on the Top of My Foot
  13. Knee problems after PTTD surgery?
  14. Ankle ligament repair with incision that wont heal
  15. Severe Feet Pain Waking me up at night
  16. Scheduled for surgery to shorten my 2nd metatarsal looking for any input good or bad
  17. Should I get bunion surgery?
  18. Bunion Surgery
  19. pronation? neuroma?
  20. A super short question about physical therapy post surgery
  21. bent foot
  22. Mom's amuputated toe, and the resulting issues
  23. TERRIFIED for my bunionectomy
  24. Ankle troubles, eight months post surgical
  25. Ongoing foot issues.
  26. walk without crutches after midfoot fusion
  27. Ankle reconstructive surgery
  28. Need help-question about midfoot fusion
  29. i am baaaaaaaaaack!
  30. Terrible pain in toes and feet & Peripheral Artery Disease
  31. mini tightrope bunion procedure - post op pain
  32. Blisters
  33. Has anyone used a Cold Low Level Laser during rehab?
  34. What causes limping after bunion and hammertoe surgery
  35. my toe hurts when i walk and bend it
  36. 20 Weeks and Doing Great
  37. In need of help please! (flat feet)
  38. Swollen Ankle After Stress
  39. Knee walker, to steer or not to steer?
  40. what kind of doctor for bunionectomy?
  41. what to expect for 1st phys therapy appt after PTTD surgery
  42. Walking after a double fasciotomy
  43. after bunion surgery
  44. Reflex in cast after ankle surgery
  45. 5th metatarsal fracture and the Aircast
  46. Scar tenderness?
  47. Calcaneus boredom
  48. Twice the charm? Facing mid-fusion/tendon transfer or possible triple arthroedesis
  49. 10 months of foot pain... still no answer. Any thoughts?
  50. Post Foot Surgery
  51. posterior tibial tendonitis
  52. ankle reconstruction surgery
  53. Ionto Patch
  54. 6 weeks post PTTD surgery Kidner Procedure
  55. osteochondritis dissecans, surgery?
  56. help
  57. Bilateral Chevron / EBIce cold therapy
  58. Ankle fusion without tendon transfer for flat foot
  59. calcaneal ORIF + chielectomy?
  60. Post Dwyer Osteotomy Recovery
  61. warming sensation in foot
  62. heels spurs/plantar fascitis
  63. Revision Surgery Planned
  64. What is the reason for foot sole burning sensation ?
  65. Bunion surgery - Boesch method
  66. Foot Pain (extreme at times)
  67. Shoes after 1st MTP Fusion
  68. suggestions for peeling heels?
  69. urgent help needed
  70. Ankle pain-below ankle bone inside side of leg
  71. any of the MBT or Sketcher sneakers help for toe and feet problems?
  72. Broken Screw after toe fusion
  73. Three Weeks Post-Op Bunion Surgery - Walking?
  74. fifth metatarsal fractured
  75. Bruised Foot and Toes
  76. Sesamoidectomy
  77. Cracked Talus while pregnant
  78. shaving surgery on big toe
  79. Heel Spurs
  80. Misdiagnosed Sesmoiditis?
  81. New Here post bunion surgery question
  82. foot pain
  83. PLEASE! Help my brother!
  84. Can anyone recommend an Orthopedic Foot Surgeon in New York City?
  85. recovering from endoscopic plantar faciotomy surgery
  86. Ankle fusion
  87. messed up my ankle playing soccer
  88. Pain in calf after brostrom
  89. Found! Shoes for bunion problems!!!
  90. swelling on bottom of foot
  91. Flat foot surgery recovery - swelling
  92. came home the next day
  93. ankle impingement
  94. pain in ball of foot only when i stand up
  95. 4 Weeks Post-Op, PTT transfer, Calcaneal Lengthening
  96. Bunion surgery in Utah
  97. Calcaneous - Surgery or Not?
  98. Hammer toe surgery
  99. Why Do My Feet Burn when I lay down
  100. Bi-lateral Subtalar Fusion
  101. I've struggling for just a few years with morton's neuromas in both feet.
  102. RE: Broken Ankle
  103. what can be done about corns on small toe?
  104. fractured foot
  105. Shin/Calf problem
  106. im having toenail surgery could i have crutches
  107. chevron bunion surgery bruising
  108. tarsal tunnel surgery for ganglion
  109. Sprained Foot
  110. Boot stretcher
  111. foot hurts
  112. has anyone had a nerve block in their foot?
  113. Healing 5th met. fracture
  114. Vitamin B6 DRASTICALLY has helped my foot pain!
  115. Does an orthopaedic walking boot cause more pain?
  116. Big Toe oozing pus and blood mixture not ingrown
  117. 9 Months Post Op Chevron/Bunion Surgery Questions
  118. 6 day post-op bunionectomy questions
  119. surgery on teared extensor digitorum brevis tendon
  120. pain in forefoot
  121. Achillies Tendon trouble
  122. bACK MRI
  123. Accessory navicular question
  124. Fractured Calcaneous Questions?!!?
  125. Pain after successful fusion of talus
  126. Nonunion chevron osteotomy- TWICE!!
  127. Ankle Sprains X a million..
  128. Subtalar microfracture
  129. I had a basketball injury where my right ankle dislocated.
  130. sprained ankle.
  131. Still having problems/pain three years after surgery for torn cartilage in ankle
  132. Question regarding pin site after ex fix removal
  133. Lisfranc
  134. strange pain in ankle due to toe arthritis
  135. standing on left foot causing tingling and feeling of blacking out
  136. I am a dancer and have a fractured sesamoid.
  137. Successful (so far) lisfranc surgery
  138. Severe ankle arthritis
  139. Bandage too tight?
  140. Had my bunionectomy today
  141. am I nuts to think I can travel?
  142. top of foot pain
  143. Had my brostrom today
  144. So I saw my podiatrist today and received two new diagnosis
  145. Brostrom on both ankles?
  146. Postop Pain 3 Weeks After Ankle Replacement
  147. Swollen shin
  148. Pain in both lower legs and feet
  149. 3 weeks and 4 doctors later, broken accessory navicular
  150. I'm scheduled to have my OATS procedure performed on my right ankle.
  151. Pain after brostrom surgery
  152. Shoes for post-calcaneus fracture
  153. Dwyer Osteotomy Recovery
  154. pain in legs an feet
  155. Posterior Tibia Tendonitis
  156. Going in for foot surgery
  157. I'm trying to help a friend find a good Dr for OATS procedure in NY.
  158. Distraction Arthroplasty-ankle joint distraction
  159. Microfracture/drilling for osteochondral lesion on metatarsal head.
  160. Do you think I have gout? Help Please!
  161. After PTTD surgery
  162. Implant surgery collapsed mid section of left foot
  163. recently got out of my boot
  164. 16 year old scared of getting big toe bone fusion
  165. Burning question about Calcaneus Surgery
  166. update 2.5 years after OATS
  167. had my brostrom procedure and arthroscopy
  168. Foot/ankle popping and knee pain
  169. Just had subtalar fusion
  170. what does it mean when your feet burn and shooting pains
  171. Pain after Calc fracture
  172. shoes with toes
  173. rented a knee scooter for 6 weeks
  174. Brostrom Procedure
  175. Grade 2 Sprain to Grade 3??
  176. Subtalar fusion and the fusion of one other joint. Terrified
  177. lump on arch of foot
  178. Ankle Injury Questions
  179. Triple Arthrodesis of the foot
  180. 18 months post lapidus procedure pain & screws question
  181. had my toenail remove when will it grow back
  182. Injured talus - help please!
  183. Foot Surgery?
  184. Ankle popping and knee pain
  185. Coping with recovery period on crutches
  186. What will they do??
  187. OCD Lesion - Help please!
  188. Hammertoe surgery
  189. calcaneus fracture
  190. Swollen/large joint after bunion surgery
  191. Bunion Surgery for 14 year old athlete
  192. May 27th I am having a Brostrom procedure
  193. Fusion Friends - Your Help Please
  194. Post flat foot surgery update and new stability
  195. How long recovery after big toe fusion?
  196. running after hammertoe and bunion surgery?
  197. Question about casts for orthotics
  198. PTTD Surgery
  199. undiagnosed heel pain
  200. swollen balls of feet
  201. foot lesion from removal of thorn
  202. Anybody experience Planters Plate Strain or Tear?
  203. how long to recover ankle fusion
  204. Healing 5th met. fracture question
  205. Plantar fibromas
  206. ouch !! i've my fractured calcaneus.
  207. Doctor Needed in Colorado for OCD of Talus
  208. Swollen feet?
  209. dislocated toe 2 months ago
  210. Failed double cheilectomy update
  211. what does it mean when your feet feel on fire
  212. Is there something similar to a neuroma?
  213. Peroneal tendon Subluxation following Brostrom
  214. Driving after Austin Bunionectomy
  215. Exertional Compartment Syndrome
  216. Mid-foot pain
  217. Having surgery soon for PTT repair/bone graft/titanium wedge
  218. Custom Orthotics
  219. Sore Pad on Big Toe
  220. ankle rotation post TAR
  221. What is going on? Foot feels worse than the day I found out I re-fractured it.
  222. Broken foot
  223. Ganglion Cyst removal and ATF Ligament repair
  224. Midfoot arthritis surgery
  225. Pain question -5 days post double bunionectomy
  226. Upcoming brostrom procedure, but now new pain
  227. 5th met fracture coming out of the boot
  228. Limping after fusion?
  229. Sore heels post bunionectomy? Orthotics?
  230. Hallux Limitus - Surgery or Gary Moller's toe mobilization?
  231. Metal work - Should it stay or should it go?
  232. Gout
  233. Balance problems post surgery
  234. lidoderm patch for feet??
  235. Post-op Bunion Surgery
  236. pneumatic walker questions
  237. Plantar Plate Tear Surgery Questions
  238. Healing Torn ligaments
  239. Fat pad atrophy
  240. Hot burning toes
  241. how much time will i need to take off work for bunion surgery
  242. My ankle is in PAIN
  243. My left foot has a fallen arch what can I used to heal it
  244. baxter's heel nerve entrapment
  245. the tendon that connects to my big toe joint hurts
  246. pain just above the heel
  247. Help with foot xray results!!??
  248. really confused.
  249. doubtful and confused
  250. fractured calc

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