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  1. 2 year old sprain - still have problems and a negative MRI
  2. Bow Legged but want to roller blade
  3. 2 weeks post op
  4. Falling While NWB!!!
  5. Unilateral swelling left foot and ankle with severe itching
  6. Calcaneal fracture
  7. how to keep big toe from sticking up
  8. ankle pain
  9. Please Help!!! Abductor Digiti Minimi Tear, Peroneal Tendon
  10. Anyone Experience Drastic Swelling Changes?
  11. Need Advice on surgery
  12. Question from Newbie on Plantar Fasciitis
  13. degenerative disease 1st & 2nd tarsometatarsal joints?
  14. Bottom of foot feels bruised post flat foot surgery
  15. Broken Toe, How Long Before I can jog?
  16. Ouch 6 weeks post op flat foot surgery
  17. old fracture nonunion
  18. no fracture but toe hurt when i move
  19. Talus Fracture & Dislocation
  20. Brostrom, peroneal and retinaculum repair plus fibular groove deepening
  21. what is the healing time for a non-displaced fracture of the distal fibula?
  22. post bunionectomy shoes?
  23. Burning pain in pinky toe
  24. Medial Plantar Nerve Problem!
  25. Fracture Advice Please!!
  26. Aching sore feet!
  27. 5 Wks Postop Flatfoot Surgery...In a Boot!
  28. Day After Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  29. Toe Problem overlap Blisters
  30. Post bunionectomy/hammer toe surgery ?
  31. Painful stiff feet
  32. minor/moderate foot pain, pronation, TT syndrome...related?
  33. A year and a half later
  34. Help with CAM walker selection
  35. return to work after flat foot surgery
  36. where locally can I find an orthotics expert
  37. PTTD Surgery
  38. Feet Advice - Hard yellow skin on balls of feet
  39. going stir crazy
  40. Neuroma Surgery - Positive Outcome
  41. podiatrist or orthopedic?
  42. Calcaneal fracture, any help, advice?
  43. Feet Advice - Hard yellow skin on balls of feet
  44. Bunionectomy in 5 days!
  45. Calc Frac- Didn't listen to Dr... nine weeks later. Anyone else?
  46. My heel fracture story
  47. Foot tingling is driving me insane :(
  48. Morton's Neuroma Surgery, do I do it?
  49. Subtalar arthrodesis w/ Achilles legthening
  50. calcaneal fracture
  51. very painful feet after walking for a short time
  52. after cortisone injection severe pain
  53. 5 weeks post-op from OATS Surgery
  54. Need your experience post-surgical for PTTD?
  55. Hallux Limitus/Life Limitus
  56. Walk on Heel after Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  57. Air boot application
  58. Foot Surgery for Children/Teen
  59. Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery Recovery
  60. Calcaneal osteotomy- screw question
  61. Anyone had a second met. stress fracture
  62. Terrible Flat Feet..
  63. Foot Drop
  64. Camwalker question....need some help
  65. Toe bone infection and pain in leg now
  66. five weeks post op flat foot reconstruction
  67. negative mri
  68. Surgery or Not?
  69. Decision time for my ocd
  70. Triple Arthrodesis
  71. nervous
  72. Subtalar Arthroreisis Surgery Pain
  73. Hammer toe surgery
  74. Four weeks post up cheiliectomy
  75. Brostrom veterans - how was rehab?
  76. 5th Metatarsal Fracture and Toes
  77. from health board to foot board
  78. Evenups
  79. What's wrong with my sesamoid?
  80. I have a non-displaced fractured sesamoid in right foot (medial).
  81. Can a severe sprain early in life cause problems with popping ankles?
  82. Will my Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome get better or worse over time?
  83. Osteo lesion
  84. Bunion surgery
  85. Surgery to remove the shattered sesamoid.
  86. Itching after bunionectomy?
  87. type of bunionectomy?
  88. Does Clubfoot Cause Flatfoot?
  89. Possible re-fracture of fith met?
  90. Sesamoid Fracture
  91. 4 weeks post flat foot reconstruction
  92. Talus Allograft procedure many questions
  93. Bunion Surgery & Flat Foot Surgery
  94. Surgery for flat feet
  95. OcD massive oats procedures
  96. Is this a tailor's bunion?
  97. top of foot shed
  98. Morton Neuroma Surgery
  99. Retrocalcaneal Bursitis/Haglund's Deformity
  100. Bunionectomy incision opened up...
  101. broke foot and ankle
  102. Gout
  103. pain on top of foot
  104. why my big toe joint hurt
  105. bunion surgery: when to exercise toes?
  106. 4 weeks post-op; discouraged and tearful
  107. PTTD surgery-Has anyone had an incision open after surgery?
  108. would ankle surgery help me?
  109. My Little Broken Toe
  110. Protein for Postop Recovery?
  111. what's going on with my foot?
  112. what gets a heel red and sore at night
  113. Release to work after foot surgery
  114. Plantar faciitis ('scuse the spelling) in the UK
  115. 3 weeks post op flat foot surgery
  116. Surgery is scheduled....now the waiting begins
  117. Something going on with my toe...
  118. Need help with a surgeon in the south
  119. Why Does Achilles Lengthening Make the Leg Smaller?
  120. 3 Months after surgery and still swollen
  121. My wife fractured (compund) her talus HELP PLEASE
  122. Ankle pain
  123. Surgery for Morton Neuroma
  124. Third toe, left foot - sharp pain when bearing weight
  125. A Scared Newbie
  126. shattered heel bone
  127. Flatfoot Reconstruction; 2wks Post-op Tomorrow
  128. Talus OCD, going for surgical consult
  129. Bunion surgery help!
  130. Bunion Surgery Bone Not Healed
  131. need your help in a medical case
  132. having bunion surgery on the 13th
  133. Cheilectomy w/decompression osteotomy - recovery questions
  134. Lump on ankle
  135. broken heel
  136. Podiatrist in Central Virginia?
  137. Can you tell me if you hurt while wearing your brace?
  138. Mom's Plantar Fasciitis
  139. hallux limitus
  140. Foot Drop from peroneal nerve damage!
  141. distal peroneal brevis and longus tendonistis
  142. ankle feels very painful
  143. alternative to surgical shoe?
  144. Surgery on toe
  145. OCD lesion on talus bone
  146. peroneal tear misadventures
  147. Help with Foot Pain & Finding Right Doctor
  148. N-E-1 have problems w/shaft bone 1st metatarsal not healing, possible screw problem??
  149. Achilles tendon injury
  150. Mid foot sprain or Lisfranc?
  151. Help?
  152. Ankle Ligament Surgery
  153. callus looking circle"inflamed"
  154. I have had pain in my big toe for two years.
  155. Lump on my inner ankle
  156. Afraid of having joints fused.
  157. Pain, Swelling 4 Years After Ankle Fracture
  158. painful and burning feet
  159. Ankle Problems
  160. OCD Lesion. Post Operation.
  161. Cheilectomy-one week post-op
  162. Running after a lapidus procedure
  163. Burning and Pins and Needles continue
  164. lapidus procedure
  165. Ankle sprain: how long is too long?
  166. Unknown pain?
  167. lapidus procedure soon
  168. Anyone ever had a dying navicular bone?
  169. 11 weeks PTTD surgery should I be able to stand on tip toes?
  170. morton's neuroma-quality discount orthotics?
  171. Severe burning Feet when running / playing football
  172. Fractured Calcaneus
  173. Total reconstructive flat feet how is the walking and stand suppose to feel postop?
  174. i hurt my foot by falling of the metal stairs
  175. MRI report. Need help!
  176. almost 2 yrs post-op when Dr. severed my nerve on accident
  177. alot of pain in my feet and my right knee
  178. cracking, pain in right ankle/heel area
  179. should i be able to see difference in flat feet right after surgery??
  180. Cheilectomy: how long do daily exercises continue?
  181. external fixator mishaps questions
  182. Had my Cheilectomy today
  183. New Bruises?
  184. Broke both my heels
  185. Peroneus tear- questions
  186. 9 days post-op, now my other foot hurts!
  187. plantar fasciitis
  188. possible, or desirable to repair old torn ligaments?
  189. foot cramp - big toe moves away from the rest of the foot
  190. warts that keep coming back
  191. Flat foot reconstructive surgery questions
  192. sural nerve
  193. OATS procedure done on ankle in 2007, now have bone spurs
  194. Protein & creatine supp. for shattered calcaneous
  195. 10 weeks post-op PTTD/calcaneal osteotomy
  196. what is wrong with my toes?
  197. PTTD Surgery
  198. surgey -------almost
  199. Possible OCD
  200. student with a minor lisfranc injury
  201. knee walker
  202. recovery question
  203. 5th Metatarsal non-unionized fracture
  204. Where can I get a foot brace
  205. Recovery from broken calcaneus
  206. 3 days post-surgery update calcaneal osteomy
  207. Right Foot become Hurts.
  208. Drilling a sucess, freak tendon tear, need surgery again
  209. Lisfranc surgery upcomming. THOUGHTS PLEASE
  210. Hammer toe and neuroma-many problems
  211. PTTD Surgery
  212. OCD repair using DeNovo NT tissue?
  213. Right foot swelling and I'm really worried
  214. arizona brace
  215. how to know if toenail matrix is dead
  216. Toenails stopped growing
  217. toe cuts
  218. cheilectomy- 1 week post op
  219. successful surgery today!
  220. How long before 99% pain free and standing on one foot?
  221. Pre-triple Arthrodesis
  222. Cheilectomy on 7-23
  223. Post surgery pain
  224. fractured calcaneus 2 weeks post op
  225. Flat foot Surgery
  226. more than 1 surgery
  227. PTTD and shortened achillies
  228. Ankle Surgery?
  229. I Need Lisfranc Thoughts, Right Away!?!
  230. Chrisman Snook
  231. undisplaced fracture neck of talus
  232. Prednisone questions?
  233. Foot Pain
  234. Here we go again
  235. peroneal tendon recovery time
  236. fractured fifth metatarsal
  237. OATS Surgery on 7/22 - Nervous
  238. Mid foot surgery for athritis
  239. Crushed heel, am I looking at future pain?
  240. Heel osteotomy: How long does someone need to be around while you recover?
  241. Has anyone had trouble putting this type of pressure on feet.
  242. Implant Removal, Then Fusion
  243. Inner Ankle pain (both Ankles)
  244. how long do i have to wait to swim after foot surgery
  245. Osteochondral Defect (OCD) of the Talus Report
  246. Torn Ligaments and Tendons-Surgery Pending
  247. Bunion Surgery/Wire became loose
  248. Info for you - Double Bunion - Chevron w/Akin Procedures
  249. Reconstructive flat feet surgery on both feet
  250. Bilateral Topaz plantar fasciiotomy

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