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  1. Surgery today! Update
  2. Gastrocnemius recession and Arthroscopy of ankle
  3. "Snapping sound in foot"
  4. Osteochondral Defect - Post Op Update
  5. 5 months from 1st surg 2 months from pins out
  6. front half of both feet red and both sore on top and swollen
  7. Severe nerve pain post surgery
  8. peroneal tendon surgery
  9. fighting insurance and the doctors office to get OATS done
  10. Triple Arthrodesis - Discharged, Success!
  11. Surgery for PTTD
  12. Casts!!!
  13. Question PTT surgery
  14. Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction
  15. Sesamoidectomy AND Bunion Surgery
  16. Calcaneus Fracture
  17. Foot pain just below second toe
  18. ankle tendon/ligament repair and subtalar joint fusion
  19. Still pain in ankle over a year after surgery
  20. pttd - pain, post surgery - depressing (don't read if you are just starting)
  21. MTPJ Cartilage Operation
  22. Advice for Bunion Surgery??
  23. Bilateral surgery.
  24. Bilateral surgery.
  25. Dislocated toe
  26. The Core of a Wart?
  27. Need advice on plantar fasciitis problem
  28. Weird pain at the side of my heel
  29. Gastroc Release Surgery yesterday
  30. PTTD Round 2 + 6 mo Post Op
  31. How long till I dance again????
  32. anyone with tarsal tunnel that can help me?
  33. Heel pain & tight calf muscle...
  34. Hammer toe surgery recovery question
  35. Help for a fat guy
  36. toe pain
  37. Broken Ankle \ Knee pain
  38. big toe
  39. do you wear a cast after bunion surgery
  40. Cheilectomy Left toe
  41. my big toe hurts when I bend it forward
  42. Left foot bad bunion surgery
  43. Help? About Hyprocure...
  44. 4.5 months update
  45. Slight pain on outer right ankle?
  46. help foot problem!
  47. Hyprocure surgery in Australia?
  48. feet
  49. Hardware removed
  50. Pain in Heels when Standing
  51. Triple arthrodesis following Agility Ankle Replacement
  52. Recently told i have PTTD, help me!???
  53. OCL of the Talus Post-Op Info?
  54. Triple A on the other foot?
  55. what to wear after bunion surgery
  56. tarsal Coalition: fracture
  57. how long do i have wait to my feet wet after bunion surgery
  58. flat feet
  59. mid foot fusion does it work
  60. i am interested in prp for my achilles tendon.
  61. Cast is off --have questions
  62. advice re sesamoidectomy/re-fusion
  63. Ongoing foot issue
  64. refer to the best doctor for bunion
  65. Bunion surgery
  66. Is a Bunion REALLY the cause of my pain???
  67. OCD 5 months post-op update
  68. OCD 5 months post-op update
  69. Pain with walking after triple arthrodesis
  70. Is this normal
  71. Ankle stiffness after heel osteotomy
  72. pinky toes have gone numb
  73. Lesion on foot. (Any help appreciated.)
  74. Yellow toenail split at base (not a fungus)
  75. triple arthrosdesis
  76. Pain after 2 years
  77. subtaler titanium implants for feet
  78. My Long, Painful Ordeal May Be Nearing the End
  79. Six months after Triple Arthrodesis
  80. In search of better days, weeks, months...
  81. My Flat Foot "Reconstruction" Experience
  82. Calcaneous Fracture - In a Boot but have questions
  83. fractured bone not the worst of it?
  84. He wants to amputate my toe !!
  85. Double Bunionectomy post-op
  86. surgery to correct flat feet?
  87. OATS Surgeons in the Northwest?
  88. big toe fusion
  89. Aug 15, 2009 will be 1 YEAR
  90. torn tendon in ankle
  91. experience with AFO braces
  92. calcaneous fracture
  93. Drainage after surgeries
  94. Do I really need a cast on a broken ankle??
  95. Post-Op Bunionectomy "Rash"??
  96. Swollen foot and ankle
  97. Good news on the recovery
  98. I am 54 years old and can barely walk...
  99. Mortons neuroma
  100. Pttd Help required!
  101. Update since my surgery!
  102. 5 months post op PTTD
  103. Flat foot surgery???
  104. Knot behind ball of foot with some discoloration. What could it be?
  105. Help with MRI report- ankle sprain
  106. Release of compartments
  107. IM gonna cut my foot off, not really, but please
  108. OATS Talus - been in a pool yet?
  109. Heel fracture and walking in a pool
  110. Flat Foot Surgery Looming
  111. I had a triple arthrodesis on my left foot May 19
  112. do cysts in feet go away on their own?
  113. Need insole advice
  114. Tarsal Tunnel MRI diagnose?
  115. update---4 months post-op--PTTD
  116. starting new treatment
  117. Hallux Rigidus
  118. Bunion vs Flat Foot surgery
  119. right big toe hurt all of a sudden
  120. Pitted Keratolysis
  121. Tarsal Tunnel surgery advice needed
  122. swollen itchey feet
  123. What could this be??!!
  124. S/P OATS 2 months: Osteotomy Slipped
  125. Still having pain months after surgery
  126. post surgery PT questions
  127. post weil osteotomy surgery shoe
  128. Drop Foot
  129. I've just scheduled my PTTD surgery
  130. When will the pain stop!!!
  131. Bunionectomy Austin, TX
  132. 7/1/09 Topaz Achilles Debridement, Plasma, and Gastroc Recession
  133. The recovery continues with limitations...
  134. Anyone else not sleeping?
  135. Calcaneous fracture complications
  136. Painless fluid-filled lump in one foot?
  137. Jones Fracture
  138. lots of Pain (tarsal coalition) - Need Advice/Help
  139. Unbearable pain in tennis shoes
  140. Little toe
  141. Chronic worsening ankle pain, what can be done?
  142. Has anyone tried Prolotherapy?
  143. Athlete's foot treatments
  144. Too Much Pressure
  145. GOUT! or NOT? (sorry long)
  146. Just Diagnosed w/PTTD
  147. Surgery notes.
  148. Bunion surgery- minimal incision or conventional? Please help !
  149. How can I get rid of water blisters?
  150. orthopaedic surgeon or podiatrist ?
  151. 2nd opinion for the probable 8th surgery
  152. possible to 'feel' the screws in your leg after exercise
  153. What should I ask the doc
  154. Heel Pain
  155. 20mm OCL in my talus
  156. Morton's neuroma - need good dr. please!
  157. what is a bump on your left side foot
  158. Swollen ankle
  159. 8 Weeks Post PTTD Surgery
  160. Tingling in arch of foot.
  161. ledderhose and radiation
  162. OCD and more extensive ankle surgeries
  163. Fitness After Lapidus Procedure
  164. There's more swelling now than before
  165. Bunion Splints
  166. Considering ankle arthroscopy
  167. Double Bunionectomy
  168. 4 weeks after bunion surgery
  169. What to expect at recast appt
  170. Gastroc Release Surgery
  171. broke most of the bones in both my feet
  172. bilaterial Cheilectomy and osteotomy done 12th may.
  173. Surgery and Low BP
  174. Throbing pain in my middle toe of right foot
  175. Need some advice, I'm scared to death!
  176. MBA Implant Recovery Time
  177. Dropped the boot and in tennis shoes
  178. possible reaction to screw or screws
  179. PLEASE HELP I'M DESPERATE: Weight gain since I had a Sesamoidectomy in April 2009
  180. WB here I come!
  181. Partner Getting Bunion Surgery - HELP PLS!
  182. I am hurting so bad with my feet
  183. I am always hungry and tired
  184. Progress is made!!!
  185. Post cheilectomy pain
  186. post ankle surgery ?
  187. Posterior Tendon Stage 3 Tendonitis/Arthritis
  188. Did Debridement
  189. Searing pain in foot
  190. Foot Discoloration on single foot
  191. Gastroc Release/Recession
  192. Rt foot recon surgery last oct!
  193. Broke 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Metatarsals !
  194. Christman Snook gone wrong, what are my options?
  195. Treatment options for torn ATFL/CFL?
  196. Hammer toe Surgery Recovery
  197. what are all the options for chronic capsulitis in ball of foot
  198. Osteochondral Surgery/drilling medial talar dome no pt prescribed?
  199. PTTD 4 Months Post Op
  200. Never thought I would be on this Board...
  201. severe foot pain
  202. Pain meds---questions
  203. Hammertoe Surgery gone WAYYYY WRONG
  204. new here...heel injury
  205. Using crutches
  206. Fell off a ladder
  207. Pain When Pressure Applied
  208. New Member! 1st time foot surgury.
  209. scar removal
  210. Glorious Day
  211. Fractured Calcaneous
  212. what if the stitch doesn't dissolve inside?
  213. scarf osteotomy
  214. Numb foot
  215. accupuncture for post surgery swelling?
  216. Fascia Release from TIBIA
  217. Newbie here - OATS repair
  218. Swelling after surgery--any suggestions????
  219. ankle tendon transfer
  220. Weird development---Any Input Appreciated
  221. ankle calcaneal Spurs ?
  222. Achilles Tendon repair post-surgery
  223. Calcaneous fracture
  224. Scar Tissue
  225. lapidus fusion, hammer toe and tailor's bunion surgery
  226. And the Screws Are Out!!!!
  227. bunion surgery gone bad
  228. did i tear my Posterior Tibial ligament?
  229. Talectomy questions
  230. Not P Fasciitis! Is trigger points from CMP
  231. Has anyone here had plantar fasciitis that never went away?
  232. Overlapping second toes
  233. Lousy circulation
  234. ankle surgery? I don't know what to do?
  235. Need your help and prayers!
  236. Austin bunioectomy vs. fusion
  237. sandals with arch support?
  238. crossover toe
  239. Why am I not healing?
  240. Gastroc Recession?
  241. Medication use
  242. MBT shoes and ankle fusion question
  243. strange pressure
  244. Bone Spurs on my ankle!
  245. Hardware Pain VS Bothersome
  246. sprain foot
  247. Brown Itchy Spot's on Feet
  248. Big toe fusion operation coming up
  249. Severe Foot Pain Please Help
  250. PTTD - Disability Questions

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