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  1. Started WB now my knee hurts!
  2. Fractured heel; seeking your input
  3. Had PTTD surgery Tuesday- Ouch!
  4. 4 weeks after bunion surgery. burning toes
  5. Cavovarus foot and tethered spinal cord
  6. My Big Dilemma
  7. Toenail Issues after PTTD Surgery
  8. 6.5 weeks PTTD postop visit today
  9. Subchondral Cyst in Ankle (Tibia Plafond) 5 years after OATs surgery
  10. pain or experience with wire removal in second toe dislocation osteotomy
  11. Outer Edge Heel Pain
  12. Erm... A blister?
  13. Ridiculously Dry Skin
  14. Walking after fusion?
  15. removal of first pin in second toe dislocation and bunion surgery
  16. Pttd help!
  17. Complications from Youngswick/non-union
  18. PTTD: do you still have arch pain/ache? (after 4+ months)
  19. 2nd PTTD Surgery: 3 days post op
  20. Osteochondral Ankle OATs surgery - five years later, wondering if surgery was mistake
  21. Screw Backing Out After Bunionectomy
  22. 2 Months PTTD post op
  23. outside of my foot hurts when walking
  24. outside of my foot hurts when walking
  25. toe deformity anxiety-help
  26. Getting ready for an allograft OATS on ankle and...
  27. Boot question for PTTD
  28. Doe arthritis follow Bunionectomy surgery?
  29. Ankle Pain, top front portion
  30. Still pain after Triple Arthrodesis
  31. how long does it take to recover from flat foot surgery
  32. 5 wks into heel osteotomy OH My The pain
  33. Ditching the crutches soon!
  34. sore swollen big toe
  35. how much is foot surgery on the 5th metatarsals
  36. pttd vs pf-please advise
  37. blood platelet count of 121000
  38. PTTD surgery: going for round 2
  39. Ankle ligament reconstruction post op pain
  40. Burning on bottom of feet
  41. Nerve problems after pttd surgery
  42. Top of my feet hurt when asleep
  43. I worry I am developing bunions.
  44. foot and ankle surgery
  45. Tendon Transfer and Heel Osteotomy
  46. Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon Injury...please advise
  47. posterior tendon
  48. PTTD surgery 4/1/09 – Recovery begins
  49. Weight bearing after Triple Arthrodesis (& similar surgeries)
  50. Putting my foot down
  51. Why are my toes still numb after surgery?
  52. fell down nine stairs
  53. painful sore foot please help.
  54. Advise on exercizing after heel osteotomy
  55. Big Toe Fusion
  56. I'm 49 year old male why do my feet hurt
  57. Posterior ankle release and tendo achilles lengthening surgery
  58. PTTD surgery "Day surgery????"
  59. OATS, ankle and knee, degrees of pain
  60. Fusion of Big Toe
  61. Fractured ankle thru Subtalar Fusion
  62. Osteochondritis dissecans - talus-
  63. Why are my feet like this???
  64. OATS and Brostrum Procedure
  65. need atriple arthrodesis on my left foot
  66. Bunion surgery recovery
  67. Jones Fracture Blues
  68. Crutches and sore body!
  69. Help! (Doctors won't)
  70. Pending PTTD surgery - many questions
  71. my surgery
  72. some encouragement
  73. ankle arthroscopy recovery advice
  74. Triple arthrodesis too
  75. Feeling of needles sticking in the bottom of my feet after surgery! Is this normal??
  76. need atriple arthrodesis on my left foot
  77. Safe Exercise for a fractured big toe
  78. one week post toe fusion - no pain yet
  79. nervous about TA
  80. ESWTherapy for PTTD?
  81. grade 3 sprine not sure if its broken advice please?
  82. A lump on the top of my foot
  83. Triple arthrodesis -- how long off work?
  84. PTTD surgery 5-1-09 --many ?s
  85. need a glossary of terms
  86. Plantar wart help
  87. PTTD in both feet...
  88. Sesmoiditis after bunion surgery
  89. HELP!! 3.5 weeks post op-- slipped tonite, slammed surgery foot onto concrete
  90. Cyrosurgery For Mortons Neuroma
  91. removal of stitches after bunion and second toe osteotomy
  92. Toe Fusion
  93. Sever's disease
  94. Spasms & pain after big toe fusion
  95. cut tendon in foot
  96. midfoot arthrodesis
  97. broken metatarsal
  98. How did you recover from Post Tib Surgery?
  99. Os Trigonum Excision
  100. swelling after foot surgery
  101. Morton's Neuroma ... Help
  102. Toenail fungus
  103. spiral fracture
  104. swollen toe
  105. 3 weeks post op is it normal to:
  106. Bunionectomey recovery time
  107. MRI scheduled
  108. Cast to tight?
  109. Foot Fusion, Help Please?
  110. PTTD Surgery - Round 2
  111. Big toe fusion---very scared!!
  112. Hip pain due to foot problems? (Hallux Rigidus)
  113. Peroneal Tendon question
  114. Sprained Ankle 7 weeks ago
  115. Extensor Digitorum Longus Tendon
  116. Second opinion on arthrodesis
  117. neuromas and possible weight gain from cortisone shots
  118. surgicial procedures of the medial talar dome
  119. Nasty lump on top of my foot.
  120. what makes my foot hurt
  121. Bunion Surgery
  122. Preventing Bunions
  123. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Triple Athrodesis/Ankle Fusion update.
  124. Cast after arthrodesis
  125. Post Ankle Scope Question
  126. Physical Therapy post-op
  127. Bunion pain..here today gone tomorrow
  128. Midfoot Fusion
  129. toe fusion after joint replacement
  130. how long does it take to heal from a foot injury?
  131. Morton's Neuroma and Taylor's Bunion
  132. toenail fell off
  133. stretched ligaments in ankle
  134. Podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon
  135. Question on ROM - bunion surgery
  136. Peroneal Tendon Problems
  137. Foot Problems
  138. Small Tear in Posterior Tibial Tendon
  139. Need advice about bunion surgery,PTTD,flat foot
  140. foot orthotics before or after foot surgery??
  141. new Shoes
  142. Stump Neuroma??
  143. KY doctor for sesamoids
  144. Planter fasciitis/heel spur
  145. how long does it take for a toenail to fall off
  146. how do x rays cost at a hospital for a toe
  147. If you have had your big toe fused, please respond
  148. A Lump on Bottom Of Heel
  149. Glass in foot for months!
  150. Need help with my ankle
  151. 1st anniversary.
  152. Ostechondral debidment and Peroneal Tendon repair
  153. Post-Op Bunionette Question
  154. botched bunion surgery - please help!
  155. Aching/tired feeling in feet when walking
  156. pain & swelling 14 mo. post bionectomies
  157. Back from my OS visit
  158. 6 mos. post 2nd OCD surgery
  159. post bunion surgery
  160. OATS/Talus OCD recovery-thread 3
  161. worried about aggressive post-op recovery plan
  162. Edema in Both Legs - What could it be? Please Help.
  163. Life after bunion surgery
  164. Impingement of ATFL with Joint Effusion/Mild Synovitis question
  165. if i walk on a non weight bearing cast
  166. insurance doesn't cover foot surgery
  167. Inner ankle pain?!
  168. achilles tendon reduction with big toe fusion
  169. Bone cement instead of autograft?
  170. Injured toes after sprained ankle?
  171. OCD recovery update
  172. what causes broken blood vessels or prominent nerves in feet
  173. 18 Months after TrippleArthrodesis for club foot,Need help to deal with complication
  174. Answers Please! My anxiety is through the roof RE: upcoming OATS on R ankle...
  175. Injuries after surgery?
  176. Help with MRI Results
  177. Drooping toes a year after surgery
  178. Considering Triple Arthrodesis
  179. Foot goes numb and pain increases when elevated?
  180. neuroma of the foot (4th toe)
  181. post op pain management bunion surgery
  182. Double foot surgery a year ago.
  183. Athletic shoes post toe fusion?
  184. After Surgery
  185. numb feet after laying down
  186. Problems after freibergs infarction survey
  187. peripheral neuropathy
  188. Nerve Release Surgery anyone?
  189. bunion surgery
  190. Post Foot Surgery
  191. Screws Possibly Backing Out???? Please help!
  192. recovery period after removing screws from ankle
  193. Ankle Injuries-Questions
  194. Heel pain keeping me awake
  195. PTTD Surgery 03/06/09---1 week post op
  196. Blisters on my right second toe???
  197. Toe shortening surgery
  198. Hallux Rigidus newbie: considering surgery options
  199. Bunions and Flat Feet
  200. will the pain ever go away
  201. Nerve pain from nerve extraction
  202. how does the doctor take a screw out of your foot?
  203. fat injections of the foot
  204. Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  205. Splinter at the bottom of my foot
  206. Second Opinion
  207. big toe fuseing
  208. What does this MRI result mean?
  209. Fracture after austins bunion surgery
  210. reducing swelling after bunion/second toe surgery
  211. when can i wash my feet after bunion surgery?
  212. Plantar Facitis and Gout
  213. Major heel problems! Please help!!!
  214. skin peeling
  215. corns, pain in Vancouver BC
  216. Bunion surgery question...my screws might be coming out
  217. what if a cortisone injection does not help
  218. why am i experiencing spasms in my toes
  219. weird toe nail growth
  220. how to correct crooked painful toes
  221. High arch problems
  222. Big Toe Fusion or Joint Replacement?
  223. depression after metatarsal surgery
  224. ?? big toe fusion ?????
  225. Cheilectomy done yesterday March 3 , 2009
  226. One Week Post Op.....Foot Salvage Procedure
  227. bad odor in the feet
  228. Surgery Fri March 6th--Ruptured Tendon
  229. cam walker
  230. cam walker
  231. tailor's bunion/ankle pain
  232. Pitting Edema in Lower Leg
  233. 2 weeks post op (Flat-Foot Reconstruction)
  234. New foot massager from OSIM
  235. Pain in lower legs from standing at work.??
  236. Sesamoidectomy (medial and lateral)
  237. bunion surgery recovery
  238. 5 months post PTTD
  239. Fractured Calcaneus Post Surgery Recovery Time?
  240. 6 months post triple arthrodesis
  241. Chicagoland Surgeons
  242. I need help bad
  243. how long after bunion surgery will I have full motion in my big toe?
  244. shattered heel
  245. Poopping noise in metatarsals
  246. Looking for Podiatrist in Boston for Bunion Surgery
  247. bunion pain after sugery
  248. Talar dome fracture
  249. for the unfortunate lisfranc sufferers
  250. Can a severe arthritic ankle damage your knees?

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