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  1. Flat Foot Surgery
  2. Almost no pain at 5 days post op is it a good sign or bad with an extreme fracture
  3. mesenchymal stem cells for OCD lesions?
  4. Dorsal Bunion Surgery - in 2 weeks
  5. Is this to soon to walk after Ankle Surgery?
  6. Dr does not want me to clean the external fixation and pin sites
  7. big toe numb
  8. What is the risk of a bunion surgery?
  9. how can i get my toenail to grow back
  10. Questions about Mobility scooters
  11. Surprised by Brostrom recovery
  12. Discolored toes/feet not nails.
  13. severely broken 1st Metatarsal bone and surgical recovery
  14. I have small painful lumps in arch of foot that come off in the shower
  15. Foot update - osteomyelitis?
  16. can you re-injure before spint is off?
  17. big toe fix and 2 - 4 shortened surgery.
  18. How long do I need to wait before having a bunionectomy on my other foot?
  19. post-op bunionectomy and 2nd metatarsal break concern
  20. Ripped off toenail
  21. Ankle OCD Repair Post Op
  22. Bunion
  23. Lump on the top of foot
  24. exfoliating after surgery
  25. bubble at back of ankle (please r/o)
  26. Fractured calcanium recovery
  27. Dreading the fate of my ocd ankle: oats
  28. Painful ball under the ball of my foot
  29. Post Foot Surgery Depression...anyone else out there going through it?
  30. pin in toe bone with bunion surgery
  31. pain from recent foot surgery to remove piece of glass
  32. Ankle Arthroscopy Questions
  33. hemi implant
  34. Pain in Right Foot
  35. Driving with aircast?
  36. Floating Toe
  37. purple marks on feet
  38. Broken 2nd Metatarsal Recovery Time? Quicken?
  39. Help with ankle brace
  40. Fractured Heel Bone
  41. Peroneal Tendonitis
  42. need closed toe boot fratured heel
  43. red lines and spots on the bottom of the feet
  44. Anyone try to get into ski boot after cheilectomy?
  45. Sesamoidectomy and Neuroma removal
  46. hot weather blues
  47. Bunioin Surgery Rehab
  48. 12 post op bunion osteotomy, bunion coming back!
  49. Doing the big PTTD surgery
  50. Bostrum Gould repair with (+/-) hamstring grade plus debridement of the ankle
  51. my nail fell off
  52. feet red and burning but just on the tops and burning, what's wrong
  53. PTTD One Year Later
  54. how long before you can walk after open biopsy on toe
  55. sore feet
  56. I am 9 months post op.
  57. 11th week post-op bilateral scalf bunionectomy
  58. really bad cracking heels
  59. afo brace
  60. Pain on Big Toe Joint
  61. problems after arthrodesis
  62. Gout help...
  63. Triple hindfoot fusion questions.
  64. Cheilectomy - Hallux Rigidus
  65. About to have 1st of 2 surgeries and have several questions
  66. Peroneal surgery failed - help?
  67. Supportive Slipper Suggestions
  68. Big time swelling
  69. Intense surgery fear...how will I cope?
  70. Bunion Surgery- Chevron Osteotomy for 19-year old male?
  71. Different Size Shoe on each foot after Calcaneous Fracture?
  72. Cuneiform Fracture - Arch Reconstruction Surgery
  73. Numbness of Lateral Foot following Peroneus Brevis tendon repair
  74. 2 years post PTTD surgery and still in pain
  76. having brostrom in two weeks
  77. hot feet day and night and no sleep at nights
  78. Just had first surgery...lots of questions!!
  79. MBT or Sketchers Shape-ups
  80. How long to fuse?
  81. Subtalar Joint Fusion
  82. sharp pain in back of heel when leg is straight and foot pointing up
  83. Toe Ablation to break up scar tissue post-bunionectomy in a surgery center or office?
  84. 15 weeks post ptt repair and Calcaneal osteotomy
  85. 4th 5th metatarsal fusion
  86. where sutured, scar leaks when showering
  87. flat foot problems
  88. Very Bad Calcaneus Fracture - Any Help??
  89. Considering Acupuncture on bottom of feet
  90. What type of surgery is available for flat feet?
  91. PPTD Ortho or Podiatrist? Different surgery opinions
  92. nonunion of subtalar fusion
  93. noticing other people's foot odor
  94. foot surgery
  95. Foot bone non-union question
  96. Bottom of foot tingling-at night?
  97. Anyone have any ideas?
  98. diabetes and foot problems
  99. Foot Surgery Dec.29th...full of questions....
  100. ankle fusion pttd today
  101. Bunion pain all of a sudden...
  102. PTTD Surgery in 3 Weeks. What do these mean??
  103. Pressure point vs. soreness
  104. Plantar fasciitis and manual work
  105. My toe fusion story
  106. Fractured Heel
  107. I'm a 113lb 30 year old woman with.. Gout?
  108. Sesamoiditis?
  109. Help I have swollen foot with a red bump nest to the ankle
  110. Fractured Calcaneous
  111. Foot Hurts
  112. infection moved to bones in foot
  113. Numbness in big toe.
  114. sprained ankle wont heal
  115. Hard Skin Blistered
  116. completely torn ATFL and CFL
  117. hammertoe surgery that went wrong
  118. Weight issues in recovery
  119. 6 week follow-up - toe fusion
  120. Blister Issue
  121. Torn Deltoid Lesion on Talus
  122. Surgical splint to cast
  123. i hate toe fusion
  124. ball of the feet
  125. Broken fifth metatarsal -- is this normal?
  126. 7 weeks post-op - Bilaterial Bunionectomy - where am I now?
  127. Bunion Surgery before Wedding
  128. anyone used a knee walker?
  129. big toe bends downwards, can't straighten
  130. Bump on foot
  131. First ankle surgery
  132. OCD repair next week
  133. Severe Foot Pain
  134. Just found out I have to repeat surgery PTTD
  135. 4 months out Microfracture OCD question
  136. Compression injury to Lisfranc joint
  137. the curse of OCD lesions
  138. Ankle sprain, need some advise
  139. multiple toe shortening?
  140. 3 days post op kalish great toe pain and numbness normal?
  141. why i have difficult time to work with my toes
  142. Red Hot Foot and other issues...
  143. Fusion of the great toe
  144. frustration and pain after toe fusion
  145. Report contradictions
  146. damaged heel
  147. MRI results, please help (long-sorry)
  148. Orthotics question
  149. What did work comp cover, for calc frac?
  150. What Did Work Comp Pay For Calc Frac
  151. swollen ankle, no clue why it's swollen.
  152. Post (Lapidus) Bunionectomy (8 week) worries
  153. Therapist/Patient Ratio
  154. ankle surgery??...
  155. Ankle/foot pain for 2 years- Advise??
  156. Cheilectomy - post operative
  157. Plate on top of foot?
  158. 4 weeks post-op bunionectomy....
  159. For my daughter. . . swollen left ankle since July.
  160. # 8 surgery i think is the last!!!!!
  161. Foot Surgery Equipment
  162. Vrooom vroom?
  163. Physical Therapy Inquiry: PTTD / Flat Foot Surgery
  164. Tendon Extension Surgery
  165. 8 mo update with questions
  166. Proximal 1st metatarsal osteotomy - Need Advice
  167. Getting it wet
  168. Lapidus Procedure and Surgeon Referral
  169. Arthroscopy and Brostrom procedure
  170. Fusion great toe
  171. bunion recovery period and when can i start playing tennis
  172. give example of shoes that were helpful for plantar faciitis
  173. PTTD and still an issue
  174. General Stress Fracture question
  175. Sudden pain and sensitivity 6 weeks post surgery
  176. Lateral Heel Shift Osteotomy after a left foot anterior Tendon Transfer
  177. Help!! I Need some shoe suggestions!
  178. Toe Fusion .. Exercises afterwards
  179. fusion coming up
  180. peroneal tendon subluxation
  181. Ankle Reconstruction... :/
  182. Bunionectomy Post op wound care advice
  183. Morton's Neuroma top or bottom for surgery??
  184. 4 weeks post op- bit of a complication
  185. 3 Days out Chevron Akin Not Bad
  186. PTT 3 years & feet still hurt
  187. Separating webbbed toes
  188. New Podiatrist & Bone Growth Stimulator
  189. Ankle ligament and tendon damage
  190. Help! Air Walker Boot is driving me crazy ...
  191. Bunion post -op Numbness
  192. are bunions gross?
  193. Anyone else wearing a compression sleeve after bunionectomy?
  194. bunion surgery 11-5
  195. herby1618
  196. Ankle Ligament Surgery - Use of Cadaver Tendon - Pros/Cons
  197. Sub Talar Joint Fusion done--Need Answers
  198. muscle or bone injury??
  199. alcohol an feet swelling
  200. Awful Corn!
  201. bunion surgery
  202. Help! Really stiff big toe after bunionectomy
  203. midfoot bone spur removal and bone shaving surgery
  204. if i get bunion surgery done on both feet how long will i be in a wheel chair?
  205. Posterior tibial tendonitis
  206. atfl surgery advice please
  207. Wart At Home Redemies.. Anyone have any?
  208. Advice on best treatment to minimize scar
  209. Big Toe Pain
  210. Calcaneus Fracture
  211. Boredom after foot surgery
  212. Best shoe that has good grip in the wet + Evenup
  213. Ingrowing toenail: ADVICE NEEDED!!!
  214. big toe fusion
  215. 5th metatarsal fracture - 5 weeks out and now in a lot of pain!
  216. Post operative hammer toe surgery
  217. Handling Foot Surgery Pain
  218. what are some exercises I can do for my bursitis in my toes?
  219. Brachymetatarsia, valgus and metatarsalgia
  220. Bilateral Bunion Surg. Nov 23,2009. NEED TIPS
  221. Shoe suggestion
  222. Hardware Removal
  223. Feet Point Out
  224. subtalar implants
  225. I need advice
  226. Bunion with toe break-screws not healing
  227. chevron-Aiken double osteotomies
  228. Knee pain after gastrocnemius recession
  229. I need some asistance
  230. Bunionectomy w/ Fusion and Hammertoe Surgery
  231. Non-Surgical PTTD - personal story
  232. Questions about ankle surgery, would love some advice
  233. PTTD Day 28 Post Op!
  234. BILATERAL SCARF OSTEOTOMY (bunions) Please help-I have a few questions
  235. Anybody use Iwalkfree hands free crutch?
  236. foot
  237. Swollen Foot Problem
  238. Post Bunionectomy Advice
  239. Calcaneal osteotomy with PTTT
  240. Finger nail fungal infections
  241. Hammer Toe Surgery w/Smart Toe Implant
  242. MTP Fusion surgery tomorrow - Oct 28, 2009
  243. Planing sesamoid bone
  244. What are good physical therapy exercises to regain foot/toe flexibility?
  245. foot drop
  246. crack wound on sole of foot -- delayed healing?
  247. 2nd Triple Arthrodesis 10/28
  248. Toe Separators
  249. Plantar fasciitis
  250. Foot Numbness.

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