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  1. misdiagnosed lisfranc-offered fusion
  2. FAILED! Triple tarsometotarsal joint fusion w/ bone graft-NOW WHAT??
  3. Shoes
  4. Metatarsocuboid injection
  5. Bunion/Plantar Fasciitis Connection
  6. Feel and hurt my foot. month and a half ago.
  7. Ankle surgery - advice please
  8. help!
  9. Unusual Toe Sensations
  10. Is this normal
  11. so far so good
  12. I need help finding a great doctor!!!
  13. Fractured Calcaneus..need info plz!
  14. foot drop
  15. PTT help!?
  16. navicular bone removal surgery or not?!
  17. how to tape my ankle for a peroneal tendon strain
  18. fractured calcaneus - accupuncture?
  19. Post Bunion Surgery
  20. Ankle Joint Distraction Surgery Anyone?
  21. why are my big toes numb when i get out of bed in the morning
  22. Calcaneous surgery - Recovery and what to expect?
  23. Gastroc Slide Help- Please
  24. top of foot pain
  25. Fusion - MTP joint
  26. Four days post-cheilectomy surgery
  27. In ortho-boot, big toe hurts! HELP
  28. swollen veins
  29. Feels like a needle poking the bottom of my foot
  30. right foot leaking fluid
  31. Cast and Bruising Questions
  32. 6 mo. checkup
  33. anyone have a broken ankle with screws/plates
  34. 5th Metatarsal fracture + Using Aircast Pneumatic Walker
  35. big toes fusion
  36. Questionable OCD talus drilling success
  37. Mixed Feelings About Round 2 (pttd)
  38. Bunion AFTER bunion surgery
  39. Hammertoe and Neuroma surgery
  40. how long for recovery of anklearthoscopy and debridement and microfractures of ocd
  41. Third Ankle Reconstruction in 18 Mos
  42. Tarsal Coalition Questions?
  43. Does bactrim ds #20 work on infection?
  44. I broke my ankle... first such injury.
  45. Toe pain
  46. Numb Toes
  47. Please help! Daughter has foot infection from glass?
  48. Nerve pain after surgery
  49. Lapidus, shortened metatarsal, gastroc recession
  50. 2nd bunion surgery, (other foot) chevron procedure
  51. Lengthening a tendon - anyone?
  52. Fractured Calcaneus - Few questions to ask
  53. PTTD Confused/ Surgery or not? HELP
  54. Why do my feet burn more at night?
  55. hallux rigidus surgery apprehension
  56. Why Is the Skin on My Feet Peeling off
  57. OATS Procedure is over
  58. dr appt after 8th surgery
  59. foot pain
  60. Chronic Sesamoiditis?
  61. Foot surgery for seniors - post tibial tendon dysfunction
  62. Bottoms of feet hurt when i walk
  63. Pain after foot fusion
  64. Burning in foot.
  65. Modified Brostrom
  66. Toe feels like it needs to pop, but can't
  67. Knee Walker??
  68. Pain after running just behind ball of foot?
  69. Baxters Nerve Pain in Heel
  70. My friends toe
  71. i have a fractured talus when will I drive a car again
  72. fractured calcaneus recovery time
  73. Is this toe pain really Morton's neuroma?
  74. Sural Nerve pain
  75. decided not to do surgery for hallux rigidus for now
  76. I just got the call - OAT on Thrusday
  77. Pantalar Artrodesis
  78. doc says procedure did not work
  79. Burning bottom of feet at night
  80. Calcaneus Fracture
  81. Posterior tibial tendon REPAIR ONLY..not more complicated procedures....
  82. Has anyone researched the MACI procedure for OCL's
  83. Screws backing out after OATS ankle procedure
  84. Ruptured Achilles Tendon Recovery
  85. Excruciating Pain After Ankle Arthroscopy
  86. Pain from external fixator
  87. Just had MRI on ankle after having pain for one year
  88. frozen joint on second toe from Grand toe
  89. How long is long enough?
  90. triple Arthrodesis - 15 weeks out
  91. posterior tibial foot tendon surgery - immediate post-op tips?
  92. Brostrom repair ankle
  93. Calcaneus injury and work boots
  94. bunion & nerve damage , problems after cheilectomy
  95. It's finally time for the surgery
  96. Manipulation Under Anesthesia After Bunionectomy
  97. does anyone know if Medicare covers any assistive devices?
  98. Another one.. Fractured Calcaneus, questions
  99. Screw Removal
  100. i need info about a Calcanues Fuse(recovery period-amount of pain-is/was it worth it)
  101. confused after new doc visit
  102. Shiny red sores below ankle, what are they?
  103. My Lisfranc injury
  104. how many Steroid Injections can you have in your feet a year
  105. Post Triple Metatarsal Bone Fusion-screw loose
  106. the 8th surgery
  107. Shattered Heel Surgery in 1995
  108. bigtoe nail falling off why
  109. Stress fracture in fusion?
  110. Gastroc Release
  111. foot pain
  112. top of my right foot is swollen and hurts when i walk on it
  113. anyone still have nerve pain after surgery
  114. Bone Cyst In Foot
  115. Calcaneal fracture and foot discoloration?
  116. pain
  117. Tenderness in arch of foot??
  118. PTTD Surgery, one right after annother?
  119. Strange Calf Spasms
  120. fell and the graft has shifted
  121. Plantar fasciitis?
  122. Posterior Tibial Tendon Problems
  123. Ankle OCD
  124. finally some good progress
  125. PTTD Double surgery in a 17 year old?
  126. Ingrown Toenail
  127. Taping toes
  128. Friend w/diabetic calluses
  129. Achilles weakness
  130. Sprained ankle one year ago still major pain
  131. Sprained ankle one year ago still major pain
  132. Fractured Calcaneus
  133. Foot question
  134. did your foot look mishapen after cheilectomy??
  135. stiff big toe after bunion surgery
  136. Shattered Heel... have questions...
  137. Burning of bottom of feet
  138. Tailor's Bunion - toe sticks up
  139. Ankle sprain and calf pain< please help!
  140. Lapidus Q's seeking answers from those who have experienced procedure themselves
  141. Ankle Surgery...UGH
  142. pain and deformed foot after cheilectomy
  143. 4 yr. old with Planter's wart
  144. ankle surgery coming up
  145. What now?
  146. Burning/Wet sensation after foot surgery?
  147. tingling in heel
  148. any good cheilectomy stories
  149. bad bone spur news yesterday
  150. Need some help please
  151. Pain after Cortisone shot
  152. PTTD repair,bone grafts & return to work
  153. If you knew then what you know now would have you had foot surgery?
  154. reverse akin procedure
  155. Is it VooDoo!!!! The bone stimulator
  156. Any tips for ankle sprain treatment
  157. Marathon Training - Sore foot :o(
  158. Ankle Sprain a month ago, worth seeing a doc?
  159. OATS for 1.5mm Lesion or Larger?
  160. Complete tear of ATFL and CFL
  161. Flat Feet: MBA Implant
  162. Surgery today! Update
  163. Gastrocnemius recession and Arthroscopy of ankle
  164. "Snapping sound in foot"
  165. Osteochondral Defect - Post Op Update
  166. 5 months from 1st surg 2 months from pins out
  167. front half of both feet red and both sore on top and swollen
  168. Severe nerve pain post surgery
  169. peroneal tendon surgery
  170. fighting insurance and the doctors office to get OATS done
  171. Triple Arthrodesis - Discharged, Success!
  172. Surgery for PTTD
  173. Casts!!!
  174. Question PTT surgery
  175. Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction
  176. Sesamoidectomy AND Bunion Surgery
  177. Calcaneus Fracture
  178. Foot pain just below second toe
  179. ankle tendon/ligament repair and subtalar joint fusion
  180. Still pain in ankle over a year after surgery
  181. pttd - pain, post surgery - depressing (don't read if you are just starting)
  182. MTPJ Cartilage Operation
  183. Advice for Bunion Surgery??
  184. Bilateral surgery.
  185. Bilateral surgery.
  186. Dislocated toe
  187. The Core of a Wart?
  188. Need advice on plantar fasciitis problem
  189. Weird pain at the side of my heel
  190. Gastroc Release Surgery yesterday
  191. PTTD Round 2 + 6 mo Post Op
  192. How long till I dance again????
  193. anyone with tarsal tunnel that can help me?
  194. Heel pain & tight calf muscle...
  195. Hammer toe surgery recovery question
  196. Help for a fat guy
  197. toe pain
  198. Broken Ankle \ Knee pain
  199. big toe
  200. do you wear a cast after bunion surgery
  201. Cheilectomy Left toe
  202. my big toe hurts when I bend it forward
  203. Left foot bad bunion surgery
  204. Help? About Hyprocure...
  205. 4.5 months update
  206. Slight pain on outer right ankle?
  207. help foot problem!
  208. Hyprocure surgery in Australia?
  209. feet
  210. Hardware removed
  211. Pain in Heels when Standing
  212. Triple arthrodesis following Agility Ankle Replacement
  213. Recently told i have PTTD, help me!???
  214. OCL of the Talus Post-Op Info?
  215. Triple A on the other foot?
  216. what to wear after bunion surgery
  217. tarsal Coalition: fracture
  218. how long do i have wait to my feet wet after bunion surgery
  219. flat feet
  220. mid foot fusion does it work
  221. i am interested in prp for my achilles tendon.
  222. Cast is off --have questions
  223. advice re sesamoidectomy/re-fusion
  224. Ongoing foot issue
  225. refer to the best doctor for bunion
  226. Bunion surgery
  227. Is a Bunion REALLY the cause of my pain???
  228. OCD 5 months post-op update
  229. OCD 5 months post-op update
  230. Pain with walking after triple arthrodesis
  231. Is this normal
  232. Ankle stiffness after heel osteotomy
  233. pinky toes have gone numb
  234. Lesion on foot. (Any help appreciated.)
  235. Yellow toenail split at base (not a fungus)
  236. triple arthrosdesis
  237. Pain after 2 years
  238. subtaler titanium implants for feet
  239. My Long, Painful Ordeal May Be Nearing the End
  240. Six months after Triple Arthrodesis
  241. In search of better days, weeks, months...
  242. My Flat Foot "Reconstruction" Experience
  243. Calcaneous Fracture - In a Boot but have questions
  244. fractured bone not the worst of it?
  245. He wants to amputate my toe !!
  246. Double Bunionectomy post-op
  247. surgery to correct flat feet?
  248. OATS Surgeons in the Northwest?
  249. big toe fusion
  250. Aug 15, 2009 will be 1 YEAR

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