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  1. How Long to Exercise Post Bunion Surgery?
  2. Why would part of my foot be numb??
  3. chipped talus
  4. how long could you be out for a sprain foot
  5. Neuroma surgery
  6. why didn't ankle block take
  7. Question on TA recovery
  8. surgery for bunions
  9. Saw ortho Dr today-2nd metatarsal overload syndrome
  10. What does your PTTD pain feel like?
  11. Just diagnosed Hallux Rigidus!
  12. 1 Neuroma removed, & now have capsulitis,2,3,4,5th Mets-dual joints
  13. Bathing after toe fusion.
  14. recovering from 2nd PTTD Surgert...
  15. Feet and Ankle pain - advice needed please!
  16. surgery 1/22
  17. pain 2 years after bunion surgery
  18. sesamoidectomy today!
  19. finding shoes after toe fusion
  20. bunion surgery and exercise
  21. swelling in foot
  22. Sesamoidectomy-both bones out??
  23. ingrown toenail? should I worry?
  24. Bunion Surgery Monday and Sick
  25. Plantar fibromatosis
  26. recovery from peroneal tendon repair
  27. 5 months post PTTD surgery
  28. how soon can I soak my feet after stitches are removed
  29. Talus Fracture
  30. Frustrated w/Flat Feet
  31. bunionectomy today and (attempted) screw removal
  32. Fractured Calcaneous 10
  33. talo-navicular joint fusion
  34. why my foot toes are swollen
  35. Question about peroneal tendon surgery
  36. Joint pain, any ideas?
  37. Anodyne Therapy For Foot Surgery Complications
  38. Does the weather outside affect your feet problems? Mainly Plantar fasciitis
  39. how to treat lisfranc without surgery
  40. swelling after cheilectomy
  41. charcot marie tooth (CMT)
  42. how do i know if my cast is too tight?
  43. chipped bone in ankle
  44. Anyone with encouraging words on toe fusion
  45. What can I do for a joint that has collasped in my foot?
  46. finally out of my cast
  47. glass in foot, please help
  48. one foot is swollen
  49. Pttd stage 2 preop/postop concerns
  50. Side of My Foot Hurt
  51. Questions about Dr. Schon
  52. what happened if the side of my foot hurts?
  53. Doctors in PA
  54. Possible Neuroma or ruptured plantar plate nerve block? sclerosing shot?
  55. Why do the bones in my foot hurt so much when I try to walk after my broken ankle?
  56. hallux rigidus nerve complication
  57. Ankle Calcification
  58. half of foot is numb what is wrong with it
  59. Nabumetone use post surgery and blood pressure rise
  60. Depressing Accessory Navicular Bone problems
  61. Plantar Fasciitis
  62. narrow heels?
  63. Flat foot reconstruction
  64. Recovery questions: post Triple Arthrodesis
  65. I need help please, I am at a loss and so is my Dr
  66. rejecting the plates in my foot?
  67. do I keep my walking cast on right after foot pins removed
  68. calcaneous fracture
  69. after arthrodesis surgery to right foot when should i return to work under what duty?
  70. Plantar Faciatis
  71. orthotics causing toe stiffness
  72. any podiatrist or orthopedics in san diego area?
  73. Bunion surgery on Wednesday--Icing recommendations
  74. Tibial Spring Ligament partial tear & AIR CAST ORTHOTIC
  75. Acessory Navicular x2?
  76. I Canít Find Any Shoes That Fit Me
  77. Pain on the top of my foot
  78. Re injury a fracture???????
  79. bunion surgery colorado springs
  80. Winter Surgery
  81. inner ankle tendon
  82. Triple arthrodesis Jan 15 and have questions
  83. Torn Planters plate???
  84. Small anterior talus bone bruise
  85. Problems after the triple arthrosdesis
  86. skin on feet peeling
  87. medial talus injury, reasonable and appropriate treatment?
  88. Mystery temporary lumps in foot
  89. Growth Under Skin of Foot
  90. Plantar Fasciitis.
  91. achilles tendon lengthening surgery
  92. Fractured Calcaneous 9
  93. Is this normal during "healing?"
  94. Interval between big toe fusions?
  95. PostOp Lapidus Bunionectomy new injury-what to do?
  96. Cheilectomy Recovery (Soccer Player)
  97. PT on triple arthrodesis
  98. Any help please-2 failed bunion surgeries-now maybe a fusion!!!
  99. Achilles tendonitis
  100. Broken Calcaneus-PT Hurts
  101. Ankle Air Cast influence on Knee
  102. relief from TTS from custom orthotics?
  103. Question to recovered Triples out there
  104. Fracture/Dislocation/Arthritic Ankle (hardware)..HELP
  105. hardware removal
  106. I'm so tired of this, getting depressing..
  107. Unconventional Turf Toe
  108. Another Lisfranc-er
  109. Subtalar Joint Injury
  110. PTTD - Black Toenails
  111. shotting pain in ankle when trying to flex
  112. Still having pain issues -should I get another opinion?
  113. Flat foot re-construction surgery
  114. 2nd PTTD Surgery Behind me...
  115. Foot nerves?
  116. week after ankle/foot surgery
  117. Anyone 9 months Post Cheilectomy with pain?
  118. Stump Neuroma
  119. pain in arch & heel
  120. 4 months post PTTD surgery
  121. Those darn bunionettes...
  122. 4 weeks post op Lapidus procedure
  123. Been awhile, update on severed nerve (during surgery)
  124. Tightness At Incision Site
  125. PTTD Recovery
  126. New Orthotics
  127. hammer toe
  128. Deciding to have bunion surgery
  129. Has anyone had "Syndactly" done to stabilize a floppy toe?
  130. 4 wks post-op lapidus bunionectomy
  131. 5 weeks post PTTD surgery
  132. How Many Years Did You Go Before Needing Cheilectomy.
  133. Peroneal Tendon Subluxation..Both ankles!
  134. foot pain out of nowhere
  135. red sore toes
  136. Sharp pain in back of heel
  137. Posterior Tibial Tendom Minor Tear - recovery?
  138. Stressing about surgery on both feet coming up on the 17th
  139. My feet
  140. Scared and Questioning after Dr. visit
  141. K-wires
  142. OATS / Talus OCD Recovery
  143. OATS Recovery 2
  144. hammer toe
  145. Has anyone had corrective surgery for a floppy pinky toe?
  146. Gout after toe fusion?
  147. what to do now
  148. PTTD advice
  149. How do you know your cast is too tight?
  150. MBT shoes and your doctors opinion of them
  151. Ankle instability.. What should I do ?
  152. how long after toe surgery does toe stay numb?
  153. i had bunion surgery 9 month ago and i still have swelling in my foot, why
  154. how are pins removed after hand surgery
  155. k-wire removal
  156. 15 days post PTTD surgery
  157. Weight Bearing after Fusion?
  158. How do you handle an anxious boss?
  159. Does anyone have a good cheilectomy story.
  160. "Sprained Ankle"
  161. Update 12 wks. after Triple Athrodesis
  162. Foot Surgery
  163. what is a sharp piercing pain in the foot under the toes and comes and goes
  164. Painful Foot
  165. Complications 11 weeks post op big toe arthroplasty
  166. when do i know if surgery is needed in my calluses of my feet
  167. sprained ankle??...I think.
  168. Torn Deltoid Ligament(s)
  169. MBT Shoes
  170. Plantar Fasciitis
  171. Pes Cavus Operation
  172. Hammertoe Surgery on Pinky Toe Gone Wrong
  173. Hallux rigidus surgery on both feet simultaneously??
  174. Hallux rigidus surgery on both feet simultaneously??
  175. Tarsal Tunnel any help appreciated!
  176. foot surgery...again??!
  177. Treatment Options for OCD Lesion on Talus
  178. 2 1/2 Wk PostOp Flatfoot Reconstruction, Round 2
  179. Plantar fascia release story
  180. May I PLEASE just VENT?!?!
  181. how can i convince a dr i want the hardware removed from my ankle
  182. Keeping Your Exposed Toes Warm
  183. Running Post PTTD- Medial Ankle Soreness
  184. Top of foot pain, 4 months?
  185. Fractured Calcaneous 8
  186. swollen foot since 2006
  187. bunion surgery 03/08 ques
  188. Subtalar fusion
  189. PTTD surgery?
  190. Fractured Sesamoid / Sesamoiditis 2
  191. split posterior tibial tendon
  192. Recovery For Mortons Neuroma Surgery
  193. New to walking boot - question
  194. MRI with hardware
  195. Foot numbness after Plantar Fasciotomy
  196. repair procedure for posterior tibialis tendon
  197. Still pain after almost 8 months
  198. One year post op bunion surgery - hip issues
  199. stressing about having to have a general anesthetic
  200. heel pain when lying down
  201. subtalar joint fusion
  202. foot problem
  203. why is the heel of my foot very painful and feels like it will explode
  204. Foot Injury
  205. calcaneal osteotomy - removal of screws
  206. I need advice on whether to get the surgery done
  207. 10 days post op lapidus bunionectomy & 3 other procedures
  208. New here.... questions/support/INFO for 2nd talus surgery
  209. New Ankle-Foot Orthotics?
  210. fracture
  211. what can I do about my left foot swelling so big and hurting
  212. Osteotomy or fusion for hallux rigidus?? HELP!!
  213. Brostrom Repair
  214. hallux rigidus/ Georgia
  215. Laptop, NWB Recovery
  216. Popliteal nerve block not wearing off
  217. Why Does the Top of My Foot Hurt
  218. Missing sesamoid in each foot.
  219. pain after PTTD surgery & removal of implant
  220. Comfortable Place to spend 3 weeks recovering from Keller Bunionectony
  221. What is ahead for me?
  222. Numbness in right foot
  223. Lapidus bunionectomy, when does post-op swelling begin to decrease?
  224. Need help about Toenails
  225. Numbness and tingling in one foot
  226. i think i am looking at 8th surgery
  227. Post PTTD surgery Swelling and weight bearing
  228. hardware removal
  229. What is this procedure called?
  230. Driving after ankle surgery
  231. osteotomy screw
  232. advice please
  233. Cold Laser for scar therapy
  234. excruciating pain in toe
  235. fusion after bunion/hammertoe surgery
  236. Peroneal Tendon Surgery Anyone?
  237. pain in ball of foot by big toe
  238. Hoping for cast off
  239. Living with severe PTTD, pes planus, hyperpronation
  240. should screw be removed after tendon replaced in footy
  241. Bunionectomy with scar on bottom of foot
  242. Suggestions for casted foot cleaning?
  243. Foot/ankle pain.
  244. bunionectomy postop foot, ankle, and lower leg edema
  245. Recovery questions
  246. repeat surgery for overpronation?
  247. Post-op questions
  248. foot fusion due to the hallus rigidus
  249. Fractured Calcaneous 7
  250. hallux rigidux

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