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  1. Foot Pain
  2. Tendon transfer and now painful big toe
  3. Fractured Calcaneous 3
  4. Evans Procedure
  5. tendonitis posterior tibial tendon AND tendinitis flexor digitorum longus tendon
  6. Ankle Fusion - Still having pain...
  7. Tailor's Bunion????
  8. Discolored, "elephant skin" spot on my left foot
  9. Lapidus Type Bunionectomy 9/4/08
  10. Crooked feet
  11. 14 weeks PO and...
  12. 2nd Opinion Results....
  13. Triple arthrodesis, updates (new thread)
  14. Hammertoe Surgery
  15. Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC/MAI) in the foot (bone)
  16. 4 year old rolling on ankles
  17. noticed bump
  18. had fusion on big toe 9/9 (accidently put full weight on it)
  19. Has anyone experienced more pain after 6 months with heel fracture?
  20. Cold Feet
  21. 2nd metatarsal hammer toe surgery
  22. Removing screws post Lisfranc
  23. Anyone had Subtalar implant removed?...Recovery time pls
  24. PTTD Post Op - A few questions
  25. Ankle Surgery and Pain Medication
  26. shattered foot
  27. Staple removal
  28. PTTD Surgery - Icing
  29. post op muscle spasms after ankle surgery
  30. former lapidus people help
  31. Bunions and keloids
  32. Gout
  33. broken toe
  34. 1 week after Triple Arthrodesis
  35. Need the best in the area????? bad feet 51 pleading again
  36. Hardware Removal
  37. 2nd talar OCD surgery with architectural realignment!
  38. Has anyone had arthrodesis for foot drop?
  39. MBA implants/Achilles Tendon Lengthening in Child...LONG!
  40. Foot still hurts 2 months after surgery
  41. Tendons and the weather
  42. Stabbing then swelling pain in foot
  43. 5 days post op/pttd
  44. Floating toe surgery on 2nd toe
  45. Ankle surgery with hardware
  46. How old were you when you had posterior tibial tendon surgery?
  47. Plantar Fasciitis
  48. Sunny 77 -
  49. short-term treatment for imminent bunion surgery
  50. ankle reconstruction...help.
  51. AWFUL Heel Pain - Can't Walk
  52. Removing plates, screws, and rods, and wire
  53. Anyone have the Colville Procedure for ankle instability?
  54. Preparing for OATS/Mosaicplasty
  55. when can you go back to work after a fractured toe
  56. "good" Foot issue
  57. Possible Heel bone fracture or bruise
  58. what happens if I put weight on my foot too soon after bunion surgery?
  59. Hardware Pain - what does it feel like?
  60. Anyone have a clue what might be going on?? scared to death to start walking.
  61. why would my foot be sore by the bone on the side of my foot?
  62. Massage for plantar fascitis/PTTD?
  63. Oblique fracture through the distal fibula
  64. Playing football with sesamoiditis?
  65. My left food started hurting after mowing the lawn
  66. the screw went through the bone
  67. Update on my shatterted foot! things don't make since to me!
  68. Are you happy with your bunion/ crooked toe surgery?
  69. Walking after Lisfranc
  70. Bad feet 51 finally comes to life following surgery
  71. Top of my feet hurt - as well as my wrists
  72. my big toenail is growing back with multiple layers
  73. Update...even more frustrated!!!!
  74. Can someone please help me help my son????
  75. 4 weeks post op - burning feeling
  76. Who does surgery on feet and ankles?
  77. Subtalar Coalition anyone?
  78. Pttd/cal Osteo Update
  79. Success with a night splint for PF?
  80. My big toe!!!
  81. my foot two weeks after broken toe
  82. Differential injection into a TMT joint?
  83. HELP! I moved this weekend & Hurt my Feet/Calves!
  84. Why so confused?
  85. PF flair up bad - doctor recommending surgery
  86. Shattered foot please i need some advice, new here!
  87. what do i do about my foot at Walt Disney World?
  88. surgery or not on my 5th metatarsal
  89. Need Help making a decision about Ankle Fusion PLEASE!!!
  90. lump on bottom of foot
  91. update to big toe fusion and i have a question thanks
  92. Non healing navicular fracture
  93. plantar fasciitis
  94. Tendonitis: what to do next?
  95. Diagnosing Lisfranc Instability
  96. Itching beneath the cast - Suggestions
  97. how do i build up my atrophied leg muscle?
  98. blood clot
  99. Lapidums Bunionectomy- Getting nervous
  100. swollen right foot & ankle
  101. Very Sore Baby Toe
  102. Had my Big toe fusion yesterday need encouragement please
  103. Big Toe Fusion for ACTIVE Yogi?
  104. OATS procedure
  105. Avascular Necrosis(hip pain)
  106. 2 1/2 weeks after PTTD Surgery
  107. Strange hard lumps on my toes.
  108. how long does a torn ligament take to heal
  109. Calf Cramps
  110. Nerve Entrapment Anyone?
  111. Pain/Cysts/Bilateral Ostibiate Externa?
  112. Toenail Implants
  113. swollen aching shin for 3 months
  114. Terrible pain---horrible to walk
  115. Wires out!
  116. what is the recovery time for a shattered heel?
  117. Ankle Injury/Surgery Questions
  118. three years two surgeries its worse
  119. Sudden severe arch pain - what is it?
  120. Forefoot pain?
  121. lis franc foot fuson
  122. Flat Feet Pain
  123. update on 7th surgery
  124. I went to my pre op surgery on Friday and questions for afterward.
  125. Yikes! Gustav and aching foot....
  126. heel and ankle bone are not seperated
  127. Short Achilles Tendon
  128. Re: Triple Arthrodesis
  129. subtalar fusion??????
  130. Navicular non-healing: to have surgery or not to have it (that is the q...)
  131. the pain is back
  132. Moton's Nueroma
  133. Have you had PTTD surgery?
  134. Post op skin issue.
  135. Meds have me backed up
  136. venous stasis ulcer...need help!
  137. Ready to have second foot done
  138. 12 Weeks out and starting PT
  139. MTP fusion surgery on Friday
  140. 2 Weeks Post Op For Double Osteotomy .. Now On To Dynasplint .. Any Experience ?
  141. Broken Toe
  142. badfeet51 scheduled for surgery Wed.
  143. Disfigured Toenail
  144. Tendonitis...or something more????
  145. BioSil - for bone and ligament healing, any experiences?
  146. Broken ankle maybe?
  147. 6 wks post surgery
  148. Ganglion Cyst With Discolored Skin
  149. Those 3+months postop - how does your foot feel when you overdue it?
  150. Woo! I'm in 2" heels!
  151. pain relief after foot surgery for a morton's neuroma
  152. Doc in Atlanta?
  153. Why fuse it?
  154. Ankle swelling
  155. Have you tried the eliptical? (Cant walk as much as Id like yet)
  156. Ugghhh.... Plantar Fasciitis
  157. Question on Heel Spurs
  158. Fractured Calcaneus 2
  159. do toe fusions wear out
  160. Hardware Removal
  161. Triple Arthrodesis
  162. Anyone?
  163. I just had surgery for my LISFRANC injury & new to the healthboard
  164. Pain in my Toes
  165. Do toe separators work for bunions?
  166. Broken Calcaneus
  167. Looking for top orthopedic foot specialist in Roanoke, Va.
  168. Appetite post-op
  169. who is the best to prescribe orthotics?
  170. Naviculocuneiform joint fusion -- please share your advice & experiences...
  171. 11 weeks post PTTT/calc osteo, now with pain on bottom of foot
  172. new pain
  173. which is best? rollabout or rolleraid?
  174. recipe for your own ice gel packs
  175. is this normal?
  176. What is scar tissue and how would I know if I have it?
  177. Very Best Walking Shoes
  178. Your foot when sleeping - silly question?
  179. Why Cast On Foot For 2 Months After Surgery?
  180. pttd and knee pain
  181. Scar Tissue 17 months post surgery
  182. The Pain.....before the surgery
  183. Infection after PTTD surgery
  184. 9 week post op from triple athrodesis and more.
  185. 12wks postop - Does your foot have strange feelings at night?
  186. Has anyone been helped with Orthodics for a fallen arch?
  187. real vs. fake orthotics for Hallux Limitus stage 2 and 3?
  188. advice on splints and toe spacers
  189. Posterior Tib Problems!
  190. bilateral bunionectomy/bilateral neuromas
  191. hallux rigidus in left foot - will it also happen to the right
  192. calcium supplements after toe fusion?
  193. bilateral bunionectomy/bilateral neuromas
  194. Lisfranc PT
  195. painful incisions
  196. Physical Therapy causing increased swelling
  197. Plantar Fasciitis
  198. Need help with information on heel spurs
  199. BAD FEET 51 now has new pre op and surgery date HELP IMMEDIATELY
  200. 9 Mos. Post PTTD Surgery?
  201. 7 days post op - OATS
  202. Cut tendon
  203. chronic foot pain
  204. flexible flat foot w/ short achilles tendon 9 year old child
  205. heel fractures
  206. Foot swelling
  207. Is it possible to re-injure ligaments six months after surgery?
  208. Nerve Damage after Flat Foot Reconstruction??
  209. Green painful sore to the bottom of foot
  210. Sunny77 and DebinCalif
  211. Big Toe Surgery
  212. Effect of caffeine
  213. 2 cents on scarring (2 months post-op calcaneal osteotomy/tendon transfer, PTTD)
  214. Anybody use a cane? (2 months post-op calcaneal osteotomy/tendon transfer, PTTD)
  215. Question re: Chrisman Snook
  216. Ready for PT?
  217. Sharp pain in toe after Bunionectomy after dressing removed??
  218. Walking on foot after bone fusion???Help!!!
  219. anyone gain success with orthotics for neuroma treatment?
  220. broken toe and blood clot
  221. lapidus bunion surgery?
  222. My foot
  223. Trouble walking in boot - 5 wks post op
  224. peroneal tendon tear heal
  225. Split open on bottom of foot where toe meets foot
  226. Podiatrist or Orthopaedic Surgeon?
  227. when will i feel normal
  228. Getting back to work/when did the fatigue lift?
  229. 11 mos postop - just came from doc appt
  230. mid foot fusion
  231. Toe fusion and driving
  232. Wary about continued use of medicated wart pads
  233. Painful swollen foot after fracture
  234. mimi2945 how did your surgery go?
  235. Update Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
  236. Stiff toe, can't flex it after morton's neuroma surgery
  237. repair severed tendon stiff toe
  238. Neuroma/cyst
  239. 5th Metatarsal fracture weeks after foot surgery
  240. after-care and other stuff
  241. foot fungus doctor?
  242. I am getting ready to have the Evans procedure...
  243. 4 weeks post-op have questions???
  244. 6 weeks post-op: Still not 100%???
  245. Mortons Neuroma Surgery out of work??
  246. recovery time from tendon surgery the foot
  247. Heel Implant?
  248. when to move big toe after bunion surgery
  249. will there be future issues with foot surgery
  250. PTTD surgery, post op

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