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  1. Driving after ankle surgery
  2. osteotomy screw
  3. advice please
  4. Cold Laser for scar therapy
  5. excruciating pain in toe
  6. fusion after bunion/hammertoe surgery
  7. Peroneal Tendon Surgery Anyone?
  8. pain in ball of foot by big toe
  9. Hoping for cast off
  10. Living with severe PTTD, pes planus, hyperpronation
  11. should screw be removed after tendon replaced in footy
  12. Bunionectomy with scar on bottom of foot
  13. Suggestions for casted foot cleaning?
  14. Foot/ankle pain.
  15. bunionectomy postop foot, ankle, and lower leg edema
  16. Recovery questions
  17. repeat surgery for overpronation?
  18. Post-op questions
  19. foot fusion due to the hallus rigidus
  20. Fractured Calcaneous 7
  21. hallux rigidux
  22. 8 wks Post PTTD - Crutch Free at last!
  23. Has anyone had ultrasound on the bottom of their feet -PT
  24. A small bruise on my foot
  25. degree of ROM
  26. today is the day!
  27. foot nerves/problems and chiropractors
  28. Post op foot swelling
  29. Post op swelling
  30. physical activities with PTTD and pronation
  31. Foot problems in 3 1/2 year old need answers
  32. PTTD opinion about Roller Aide
  33. Neuroma, orthotics & cortisone...
  34. how to know when a plantar wart is gone
  35. Amputated toe re-growing
  36. Heel Pain
  37. Numbness, rough patches?
  38. 28 day till 2nd foot PTTD Surgery
  39. Morton's Neuroma pain back with a vengeance
  40. Back to "normal" 9 weeks pttd surgery
  41. 10 days till Calcaneal osteotomy sugery w/tendon transfer
  42. Muscle spasms when i fall asleep
  43. 4 days Post-Op - Calcaneal Osteotomy, Gastroc. Recession, Lateral Column Lengthening
  44. continued swelling 8 mo. following flat foot reconstruction surgery
  45. need opinions on doing foot surgery on both feet at the same time
  46. botox injection for foot pain
  47. Great Running Shoe Post PTTD Surgery
  48. severe bunion pain with radiating pain??
  49. Yellowing Feet
  50. Alternative to MTP fusion surgery
  51. Having some pain in my right foot the past 3 days.
  52. Foot Problems
  53. Emmie-54
  54. Cronic Foot Pain
  55. My chronic ankle instability story
  56. Fast approaching lapidus bunionectomy
  57. Lapidus Bunionectomy scheduled november 12th
  58. Now I'm Worried - Can't Do Crutches and I'm Going to PWB
  59. First day back to work, nerve severed on accdnt any input is appreciated pls
  60. Post-bunionectomy, tell me about your hardware removal
  61. Hope for Lisfranc-ers
  62. Tailor's Bunion surgery update....
  63. Having fusion on big toe monday, wish me luck
  64. PT after PTTD surgery
  65. One more day...
  66. Need a Brace Suggestion!
  67. has anyone ever been diagnosed with freibergs disease?
  68. Thoughts 8 wks after Triple Arthro.
  69. My Son Walks Slightly Pigeon Toed How Do I Help?
  70. Less than 36 hours til surgery.........
  71. Possible Plantar Faciitis Rupture
  72. Toe paresthesia
  73. Osteochondral Autologous Transfer (OATS)
  74. Osteochondral Autologous Transfer (OATS)
  75. 8 weeks post big toe fusion
  76. Subtalar Arthroereisis
  77. electric tingle in foot
  78. inner left ankle pain
  79. question about after toe fusion pain in non surgered area
  80. Ankle issues...LONG but please help!
  81. Fractured Calcaneous 6
  82. sore foot and dont know why
  83. Waiting Game (Flat Feet Reconstruction Surgery)
  84. what to do about a numb toe
  85. double bunion surgery
  86. pain in feet (top of feet) when stand after sitting
  87. Tailor's bunion surgery....
  88. Frustrations of being NWB
  89. long-term triple arthrodeses -and age had surgery
  90. cheilectomy and tarsal tunnel surgery????
  91. having "leisons" of the talus dome repaired
  92. Cheilectomy next Friday
  93. left foot still swollen from cosmetic surgery
  94. foot burns on the tendon at the bottom of my foot
  95. weird "pulling" on bottom of foot. (7 weeks post big toe fusion)
  96. 8weeks post op from big toe fusion and........
  97. Help! I need a ortho. surgeon recommendation in Arizona.
  98. weight bearing post pttd surgery
  99. 2 1/2 weeks post op - slipped on wet floor
  100. I took the leap - MBT shoes
  101. Making a case FOR surgery
  102. Numbness in foot
  103. 4+ month update
  104. Hardware Removal
  105. Bunion Surgery
  106. when can i go back to work after calcaneal fracture
  107. swollen ankle and feet
  108. swollen ankle and feet
  109. pain on balls of feet when you walk
  110. tendon transfer and osteotomy
  111. After PTTD and Cal Ost - Finding Physical Therapist
  112. toenail blister
  113. severe toenail / toe blister
  114. Calcaneous/Heel Injury, do symptoms indicate a bruise or a possible fracture?
  115. but if fusions fail....then where do you go:"""
  116. 3 weeks post op bunionectomy
  117. Musings after great toe fusion
  118. how long does it take for ankle ligaments to heal
  119. hard to find shoes
  120. Bunions op gone wrong
  121. Fractured Calcaneous 5
  122. left foot aching after sleep what is a problem?
  123. Calf Pain - Blood Clot? Atrophy?
  124. Intermittant Foot Issues - Pain/Popping?
  125. Ingrown toenails advice (plus I need a Dr. in Vancouver, BC)
  126. ankle surgery tendon anatomical reconstruction
  127. Ingrown Toenails
  128. nail fungus
  129. peroneal nerve damage - need afo/shoe help
  130. Ankle Help
  131. PTTD causing Calf pain!! HELP
  132. 4 weeks Post Op - Now its starting to hurt - what's up?
  133. How soon after the cast is off (PTTD) until you can drive?
  134. Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy, Gastrocnemius Recession, Colton Opening Wedge Osteotomy
  135. Bottom of feet burning-Plantar Faciitis
  136. ankle pain in Lisfranc
  137. Capsulitis in foot
  138. any dancers who've had cheilectomy/osteotomy for Hallux Rigidus?
  139. My outer foot hurts after running
  140. Hello - 12 weeks - post PTTD.
  141. Talipes Valgus and Surgery
  142. Broken fibula
  143. Recovering from a fractured toe - please share your experiences.
  144. Ready or not surgery here I come . . .
  145. My lisfranc injury story (right foot ligamentis dislocation 7mm)
  146. Subtalar Arthroereisis/Accessory Navicular/PT Surgery
  147. Allergy to metal screws
  148. Cold Laser Therapy for Plantar Faciitis
  149. 5 months after sub talar fusion
  150. Time in PT with PTTD surgery????
  151. hallux ridigus surgery
  152. Weather change = ugh!
  153. my foot!!!!!!!!!
  154. toes
  155. swollen ankle
  156. swollen ankle
  157. taking those first steps post PTTD surgery
  158. Made it thru my big toe fusion
  159. lump on inner left foot
  160. bad feet 51 calling all friends to reply.............
  161. i woke up with a numb toe. what's wrong?
  162. i have a very WIDE foot
  163. Subtalar Joint Fusion
  164. Pain Across The Top Of Foot
  165. Is there a early surgery for flat feet that will help prevent major surgery later?
  166. Second Lapidus 10/8
  167. question about hardware - when does it come out?
  168. how do i know what is normal following a foot fracture
  169. Hammertoe After Bunion Surgery?
  170. Bunionectomy Problem?
  171. A little humor...
  172. calcaneal fracture-hardware removal?
  173. calcaneal fracture-hardware removal?
  174. Calcaneous Fractures 4
  175. Post PTTD surgery, how long before you could do a single toe rise again
  176. Hardware removal surgery next
  177. Fractured Calcaneous 4
  178. Fractured calcaneus 4
  179. is there no end with foot surgery
  180. long toe
  181. Week 5 of triple A. recovery
  182. recovering from bunion surgery
  183. severe constant pain in both feet. Doctors unable to diagnose
  184. question for folks who have previously broken a bone
  185. 7 days - there are "heels" at the
  186. Nerve Pain? Post PTTD ad nauseum...
  187. Morton's Neuroma
  188. toe joint replacement
  189. Running following Hammer Toe Surgery
  190. calcaneal osteotomies with tendon transfer
  191. Shoes for overpronation?
  192. Walking on foot with nonunion
  193. Foot pain after ankle fusion
  194. Knee walker question
  195. Plantar Faciitis knot or muscle spasm?
  196. 5weeks post op for 1mtp fusion and i have a shoe question
  197. calcanues fracture
  198. achilles repair and now partial tear
  199. SSI for Lisfranc?
  200. My life on hold for 17years because of Foot spasms!!!!
  201. Upcoming Surgery Nov. 5th
  202. PTTD Surgery and Ongoing Post-Op Swelling
  203. Orthotics, how should they feel - what should they look like?
  204. Surgery for heel spur?
  205. Looking for Podiatrist in Vancouver BC area
  206. planters cyst
  207. PTTD in Both Feet important question.....
  208. exercises to do after fractured heel
  209. Questions about surgery.....
  210. Cast on - ouch!
  211. Oats/Mosaicplasty, Colville, etc recovery ?
  212. bunionectomy with pin fixation 1 an 1/2 year ago and fin is slowly coming out of the
  213. 2nd metarsal spiral fracture on june 12th, still swollen.....
  214. shockwave therapy
  215. Light Patches on face
  216. NWB Foot - Has anyone put foot down when losing balance?
  217. Ankle Fracture - Is This Normal?
  218. The *perfect* scratch tool
  219. Rachael-subtalar implant removal recovery?
  220. Post-op muscle atrophy?
  221. 7 months following calcaneus fracture and heel sore underneath foot
  222. Returning to Work
  223. post fusion - tingling when I scratch
  224. Yikes I don't have a "good" foot!
  225. How would I know if I tore a tendon in my ankle?
  226. Upcoming big toe fusion
  227. First steps after Lisfranc
  228. what are ways to get walking casts?
  229. Back in the hospital after OATS/Mosaicplasty, colville
  230. what can i do for a swelling and throbbing big toe
  231. Cam boot
  232. Help me! I think I'm having PTT pain, but already had surg. for flat feet
  233. sore sides of feet
  234. Another fusion and much more!
  235. What will my foot look like after PTTD surgery?
  236. painful heel
  237. Plantar Fasciitis and Insurance Coverage
  238. Pain on top of Foot
  239. foot pain behind the big toe on top of my foot
  240. I'm home from OATS/ Colville +
  241. what to do for a smashed toe
  242. Advise/suggestion
  243. What cause water bumps to form on the foot?
  244. Severed intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve during surgery "Pain"
  245. Is anyone 1-3 years post-op tendon transfer surgery for a foot drop?
  246. Shoes for narrow heel/wide forefoot?
  247. Titanium screw question
  248. Toe problem
  249. spiral fracture 5th metatarsal not healing
  250. mbt shoes and pttd

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