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  1. todays doc visit results - Wants me to get to the 8 wk mark!
  2. 7th surgery is over!
  3. 7 weeks post lapidus
  4. Walking again, mysterious pain in hip
  5. burst blood vessels in the feet
  6. delayed union navicular fracture
  7. need to have reconstructive surgery on both ankles
  8. checking on ya, DebbieG
  9. Swelling, sneakers and TIME!
  10. Need creative solution to elevate leg at my desk at work
  11. Number of follow-up doctor appointments/physio appointments after PTTD surgery
  12. Problems with Second Foot after PTTD Surgery
  13. Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) Options
  14. Foot noise cracks and swollen
  15. Went for my second Post Op appt Thursday
  16. did your numbness/foot pad tingling go away quickly once you started in sneakers?
  17. Great Toe Fusion / Recovery / REturn to activity
  18. Do bunion regulators really work?
  19. Questions about big toe fusion
  20. very dry skin
  21. Toe problems
  22. Black spot under toenail..what is it?
  23. OCD of the talus
  24. Cost of Tibial Tendon surgery
  25. Gout
  26. how to decide to have PTTD surgery
  27. Please Help...Lost Toenail, Damaged Nail Bed
  28. shoe size
  29. foot cracks after having subtalor fusion on foot
  30. Once outside in sneakers - walk on toes or not?
  31. Update regarding my iwalkfree device...
  32. feels like a setback going to sneaker from boot - cant walk on uneven ground
  33. 10 Post -Op Hallux Rigidus
  34. sore knee?
  35. THe Boot
  36. at 6wks is there still a benefit to keep incision covered overnight?
  37. Itchy Stinging incision site at 6wks postop?
  38. why do you have tingling in your feet?
  39. Hard skin Blistered
  40. dislocated 2nd metatarsal
  41. 2nd bunion surgery---major pain---please help!!!!!
  42. Numbness After Foot Surgery
  43. Massage to reduce scar tissue
  44. Walking After Bunion surgery
  45. bunion removed almost 3 weeks ago
  46. sore throat and surgery
  47. Plantar Wart Removal - Surgical Removal
  48. peroneal tendon surgery
  49. once you could walk outside in sneakers - how long to get the feeling back bottom of
  50. Nerve pain?
  51. P.a.d.
  52. just got surgery done on bunion. My work wants me back ASAP. How long does it take t
  53. Fusion for Hallux Rigidus
  54. how does a doctor fuse a big toe
  55. broken accessory navicular
  56. How do you know if surgery failed?
  57. bunion surgery-when to exercise the toe
  58. Hammer Toe Correction Surgery Recovery Questions
  59. Titchou, how are you?
  60. oh yuck! big scab just fell off
  61. 3-1/2 weeks out from PTTT and calc osteotomy and depressed
  62. Fractured sesamoid
  63. "and I be dancing in my boot"
  64. Triple Arthrodesis/Midfoot Fusion questions
  65. Will it ever get better?
  66. Phantom Pain in Toes?
  67. increased pain after cortisone injection
  68. Success with conservative measures for PTTD/AAFD?
  69. sandal odor
  70. Total Recovery Time For Foot Surgery
  71. How long is it taking everyone to get energy back?
  72. Hallux rigidus ? about surgery options
  73. Possible fungus on top of each big toe
  74. Diagonosed with GOUT
  75. help! need advice from "foot friends"
  76. do i ice the bottom of my foot when i have capsulitis
  77. 3 weeks post PTTT calc osteotomy with numbness
  78. 4 Weeks Post Op
  79. post op ?
  80. Severe Itch on anywhere on feet
  81. Plantar Fasciitis
  82. Help read my MRI?
  83. Anyone have Pins and needle sensations?
  84. people who have had surgery for PTTD
  85. stairs and children
  86. Recovery For Morton Neuroma Surgery
  87. when did you start getting feeling back in your big toe?
  88. Austin-Youngswick decompressive osteotomy
  89. Mulitple problems, anyone help!
  90. Surgery scheduled
  91. when did you start walking for exercise again?
  92. swollen legs for 11 years!!!! im tired!
  93. how long do you wear a size larger sneaker?
  94. Keller Bunionectomy yesterday....
  95. why has my foot just swollen?
  96. Not sure what i have on my foot :)
  97. Foot Cramping Post Surgery
  98. Day 4 post op
  99. I cant get this sneaker on! (and dont want to buy new ones!)
  100. Cortisone injection anyone? in toe area?
  101. Bunion and 2nd toe
  102. failed foot fracture fusion with advaced arthritis now
  103. 7th surgery coming up
  104. How Long Before You Could Walk Without A Shoe
  105. Pre-op questions
  106. Cast after PTTT
  107. Failed OATS proceedure....now I had a mosaicplasty in May
  108. Progressing from crutches to NO crutches?
  109. Toe joint problems
  110. PTTD-How Many People have both feet go bad?
  111. what kind of shoes can I wear after an ankle surgery
  112. Second foot surgery
  113. If possible, avoid getting a bunionectomy
  114. Ideas On Preparing For Bone Fusion Of Big Toe
  115. Pttd Post Po 4 Wks
  116. Cold feet=pain! Why?
  117. twisted ankle
  118. Recovery Times
  119. any tips on transitioning to sneaker from boot?
  120. Did your dog understand?
  121. Calcaneous fracture... decision to not have surgery pending
  122. Podiatrist in Vancouver?
  123. How to prop up foot
  124. osteootomy/screw ppl - when did you start sleeping
  125. How Long Before Your Foot Felt "Normal"
  126. help... questions about subtalar fusion!
  127. Lisfranc Injury - Claw Plates???
  128. Still pain after 10 weeks after Bunion Surgery
  129. so the recovering process changes, right?
  130. you will never believe it...more surgery
  131. how long does the big toe stay numb after osteootomy?
  132. pain in ball of foot postop....
  133. Cast placed two days ago after PTTT/calcaneal osteotomy
  134. bump inside heel
  135. Heel fracture how long before walking?
  136. Has this happened to anyone else after PTTD surgery?
  137. Peroneal Tendon/Ligament Tightening Surgery - Question/HELP!
  138. Bunion Screw Removal
  139. Post Bunionectomy and flip flops
  140. external fixator or cast?
  141. Bone Fusion on Big Toe
  142. Chevron bunionectomy in future
  143. can you ice through a cast?
  144. Toe Fusion????
  145. just had drilling and debridement surgery
  146. Well first cast change.
  147. i dont know what is wrong
  148. Pain in Right Foot
  149. Help, first dr. appt in an hour!!
  150. woohoo I got to take a shower!
  151. Lateral ankle reconstruction with tendon graft
  152. should I go for a walk in my walking cast?
  153. Surgery this Friday..Thank you
  154. Hyprocure
  155. Glass sliver in bottom of foot...
  156. Calf Muscle Tightness - Cam Walker Boot
  157. Calf Muscle Pain Question-Post Wearing Cam Walker Boot
  158. Bunionectomy recovery questions
  159. Ankle
  160. Surgery 6 days ago
  161. Does anyone have discomfort from sitting too much?
  162. 3 weeks post op and very swollen
  163. Reducing scar tissue?
  164. sting at incision site?
  165. Anyone reject surgery?
  166. does it sometimes feel better walking around in your surgical shoe instead of your
  167. Fractured Calcaneus
  168. Itchy stitches!
  169. Getting my ankle strength is taking a long time
  170. Broken heel...have questions for heelies
  171. Ankle pain off and on
  172. PTTD - tendon healed itself?
  173. A Question? Shoes?
  174. Stitches out - More pain now - Normal or not???
  175. New MRI results
  176. Fourth and fifth Metatarsal stress fracture?
  177. Mid Foot Fusion Surgery
  178. Soft Tissue Mass in Foot
  179. Bunion splints or "regulators": Where to buy?
  180. Swollen Ankles
  181. ROM Post-bunionectomy
  182. my heel
  183. just over 1 month post op for a triple arthrodesis.......
  184. I want my life back!
  185. ankle pain and clicking...advice please!!!
  186. Stitches Coming Out - Help
  187. Upcoming Ankle Ligament/Tendon Surgery
  188. Surgical Boots & Shoes
  189. so whats everyone doing while recovering from foot surgery?
  190. tarsalmetatarsalsurgery
  191. "It's a man leg!!!"
  192. OCD Treatment: Synvisc injections
  193. my heels hurt
  194. Losing hope
  195. foot surgery recovery Sucks!
  196. Icing and elevation after surgery
  197. Weird blisters on feet
  198. Anyone ever wind up with "more" pain after surgery?
  199. Sesamoid pain
  200. How to prepare for foot surgery
  201. Lapidus fusion, distal soft tissue procedure, silver bunionectomy
  202. new pain with brace??
  203. Question about symptoms
  204. 4 days postop
  205. swollen and hurt foot
  206. So how is everyone these days?
  207. travel advice needed for after neuroma/possibly bunion surgery
  208. the boot's off - what's next - PTTD recovery
  209. 16 days postop - Im about to go mow the grass!
  210. neuroma surgery in 10 days, travel advice needed
  211. Big toe replacement joint
  212. CT results ?
  213. Range of motion with a bandage on?
  214. recover from osteochondral lesion without surgery?
  215. anyone allowed to do Silver Sneakers exercise classes?
  216. Shoes
  217. Pain when walking after 11 weeks post bunion surg
  218. Pain and inflammed sensation in souls of feet
  219. Tendonitis
  220. hallux limitus, heel pain and running
  221. 5 weeks post op and it's hurting again
  222. How long did you need to go without taking a real shower?
  223. Postop healing bunionectomy - lubrication
  224. Post plantar fibroma excision x3-PLEASE HELP
  225. PTTD surgery procedure ?
  226. PTT Surgery
  227. Bone Swelling in Foot?
  228. Any tips on how not to have anxiety while in a cast?
  229. Peroneal Tendon Tear
  230. Very worried - swelling, numbish, stiff feet
  231. Is there hope?
  232. Had Cheillectomy/ variation on Youngston Osteotomy today
  233. Now that I'm properly terrified...calcaneal osteotomy July 15
  234. 7th surgery is july 8
  235. anyone else get that Burning sensation? more pain 2nd week?
  236. Minimal incision foot surgery for bunions
  237. PTTD Surgery Friday
  238. extreme cracked feet
  239. PTTD fix WITHOUT surgery?
  240. Scar therapy
  241. flat foot reconstruction post-op need advice icing with cast
  242. Bad Feet 51 Needs Urgent Help? Any Alternative Left For Me?
  243. one week post op bunion and hammer toe surgery
  244. does your foot get number, the longer you're on it?
  245. Small Red Foot Lump
  246. Medial Sesamoid problems or Compressed Proper Digital Plantar nerve?
  247. Posterior tibial tendon transfer and osteotomy scheduled next week
  248. Wanted: NWB ROM exercises for ankle . . .
  249. 2 Hour Post Op for flatfoot reconstruction
  250. Discoloration after surgery

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