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  1. i just had pttd surgery on dec 10 2013
  2. subtalar fusion
  3. Foot sprain
  4. Pain in feet and ankles
  5. Pain after new cast
  6. one year later- kidner and gastroc recession
  7. Questions about brodstrum ankle surgery
  8. OCD talus post medial
  9. Do boots and hard casts really prevent surgery for PTTD?
  10. 1 week post PTT surgery, please help
  11. Ankle problem. Best brace ?
  12. Accessory Navicular Surgery and Bunionectomy
  13. Hurts to walk on broken leg?
  14. Stress fractures???
  15. Ankle pain but no swelling?
  16. So two weeks ago I sprained my ankle really badly
  17. Burning feet
  18. I rolled my ankle pretty badly about two weeks ago
  19. Anyone use a bone stimulator after PTT surgery?
  20. ligament tightening surgery week 1
  21. Osteochondral cyst of the talus
  22. calcaneal bursitis
  23. PTTD 7wks, cast off!! Heel pain normal?
  24. Pain in foot after broken toe
  25. Ankle MRI's showing torn peroneas brevis tendon
  26. Ankle Fusion Q?'s
  27. Post-op bunion and hammertoe sugery
  28. Back in The Boot! Metatarsal stress fracture
  29. Weight bearing issue/question
  30. PT recommendation after PTTD ankle reconstruction
  31. Subtalar Arthrodesis
  32. atrophy and splitting of tendons and
  33. 3 days post op from PTT surgery ?'s
  34. Toes surgery
  35. Sore and unsteady
  36. Pain and lump after screw removal
  37. Completely ruptured posterior tib tendon
  38. Can lowering blood pressure & weight reverse PTTD?
  39. Partial Peroneal Brevis Tendon Tear
  40. ankle distraction surgery
  41. Sharp pain, outer edge of foot
  42. Bunionectomy - pain from hardware?
  43. Sigh... had to go back on boot :(
  44. foot incision won't heal
  45. Ankle pain post metatarsal fracture
  46. Flat Foot Reconstruction Questions
  47. Reconstruction of Tear of Posterior Tibial Tendon with Tendon Transfer, and Calcaneal
  48. Reconstruction of Tear of Posterior Tibial Tendon with Tendon Transfer, and Calcaneal
  49. Colville Procedure?
  50. Huge fluid filled Bister Post-op
  51. Don't think I can wait two more weeks!
  52. Ouch My Big Toe
  53. Pain from hardware?... how do you know?
  54. Bunion Surgion
  55. Subtalar Implant Popping Out of Place?
  56. The time is finally here...
  57. Hi
  58. Ice or Heat for post op on ankle
  59. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction of left ankle
  60. sural nerve biopsy
  61. Outside foot pain after double bunionectomy
  62. runner with tarsal coalition
  63. Had bunion surgery it still hurts
  64. Advice for bunionectomies - CAM boot
  65. Update: 10 year old daughter, flat foot surgery two weeks post-op
  66. broken right fibula
  67. Partial Weight Bearing in Cast (HELP)
  68. Big toe pain
  69. stage 3 or stage 4 pttd in my left foot
  70. fracture in calcaneous bone and metatalus
  71. 2 fresh allograft surgery OCD of talus
  72. Morton's Neuroma Surgery Did Not Help
  73. PTTD Surgery
  74. Need some advice on ankle pain that wont go away in both ankles
  75. help pain is over-running my life!
  76. Short of breath after flat foot surgery
  77. Breaking a toe a second time before it completely heals from first break
  78. Swelling Foot
  79. Can ice cause foot problems?
  80. Popliteal Nerve Block for PTT surgery, any regrets?
  81. 4% alcohol sclerosing solution for morton's neroma
  82. Ankle Microfracture 15 days post op
  83. Failed DeNovo graft?
  84. Today I proclaim " no crutch day"
  85. Failed PTTD Surgery
  86. Numbness & tight feeling in feet & toes?
  87. Impending flatfoot surgery-advice needed
  88. Ankle Distraction 2013
  89. Top of foot and ankle pain
  90. Broken toe left foot 3rd toe
  91. Broken toe: Entire foot swollen after one month
  92. Help! Does it seem like I am getting an infection?
  93. Bunionectomy, hammertoe & neuroma surgery post 4 weeks
  94. post op foot reconstruction ?'s
  95. Flying Post Op?
  96. Can't use wheelchair after broken heel surgery?
  97. Ten year old daughter: flat feet surgery on Dec 18 2013
  98. 10 weeks and finally walking, kind of...
  99. Morton's Neuroma
  100. Please Help! Tumors in Ankle, Pain on Bottom of Foot!
  101. Microfracture OCD Surgery -- Cant Sleep
  102. Surgery today - scared��
  103. Seattle area bunion sufferers: surgeon recommendation requested
  104. 5th Metatarsal Fracture not Healing
  105. Having Plantar Fasciitis Sucks!! Any Advice?
  106. Left Ankle Tendon Transfer
  107. 3 days til cast removal: what to do for scar, care, etc.?
  108. Surgery #2 Finished!
  109. 7 weeks post-op and infection
  110. 7 weeks post-op and infection
  111. Mortons neuroma
  112. Foot pain
  113. big toe fusion
  114. big toe fusion
  115. post-op posterior tibial tendon transfer with accessory navicular removal
  116. Update: Surgery or no surgery
  117. Ankle brostrom what type of improvement should I expect?
  118. Peroneal Tendon Surgical Repair Method
  119. What kind of shower transfer bench would you recommend?
  120. Quick tip: cam walker boot/socks
  121. OCD lesion and peroneal tendon subluxation
  122. Mystery foot pain - can anyone read my xrays?
  123. extreme bruising after pt
  124. Cast off after 8 weeks
  125. PTT/Heel slide post surgery
  126. Heel Bone Osteotomy, PTT repair with Gastrocnemius recession
  127. Plantar Fasciitis - Chronic
  128. Big Toe Fusion
  129. Peroneal Tendon Graft Repair
  130. Timeframe for ATFL/CFL surgery
  131. bottom of feet problem
  132. having revision surgery on failed rt big toe/MTP
  133. FDL transfer and calcaneal osteotomy
  134. Foot pain, help
  135. Update! 4 1/2 weeks post modified kidner and strayer procedure
  136. PTTD Surgery or ASTYM PT? HELP!
  137. To have or to Have not: Brostrom repair
  138. Help finding a physical therapist
  139. PTT Surgery
  140. PTTD 9 weeks post op: Shoes?
  141. Scar Tissue Removal 6 month post ankle reconstruction
  142. Non-Weight Bearing Friends
  143. sesemoidectomy and kalish bunionectomy
  144. Morton's Neuroma??
  145. I fell, without the boot or any support... HELP!
  146. Ankle problems for 7 years
  147. Cast change repositioning and Staple Removal
  148. Planter Faciities Release Sugery Foot Numb
  149. Help please
  150. Right foot feels like it needs to crack
  151. Swollen foot?
  152. Foot Numb Planter Facilities Release
  153. 1 year post op
  154. Pain in Both Feet That Doesn't Get Better
  155. What does PWB include
  156. Has anyone actaully become pain FREE after surgey??
  157. healing broken calcaneum
  158. What are the signs of a stress fracture?
  159. Peroneal ankle surgery
  160. If it's not morton's neuroma...
  161. Right foot and driving
  162. Pain on top of my foot
  163. Shattered calcaneus after Motor vehicle accident
  164. PT Mishap
  165. What Things Were You Glad You Had To Pass Time
  166. Big Toes
  167. 10 weeks post Brostrom - questions
  168. Surgery in 3 weeks-scared
  169. Brostrom Procedure Recovery
  170. 7 months out Dec 1
  171. 3 mths post op swelling - is this normal?
  172. Does Ibruprofen Help Swelling?
  173. Now my other foot is killing me!
  174. Pain a year after Bunionectomy foot surgery
  175. Alone on Thanksgiving - ankle stabilization surgery
  176. rehab for flat foot reconstruction vs ankle fusion
  177. PTTD Week 7: some spotty bleeding
  178. Talus OATS
  179. Insane itching, green drainage?
  180. What does it feel like after cast?
  181. Plantar Fat Pad Atrophy
  182. Late 2012 PTTD folks... how y'all doing?
  183. Proposed foot surgery
  184. I cured my chronic plantar fasciitis
  185. Screw removed from calcaneal 10 months post op.
  186. Sprained Ankle Healing
  187. Flat foot reconstruction or ankle fusion
  188. New cast (lapidus bunionectomy) revealed hematoma & bruising - normal?
  189. broken calcaneus no surgery so far...
  190. PTTD Six Weeks Post Op -- Swelling and PWB
  191. Surgery #3 On the way...
  192. Help, please!
  193. 10 months post op
  194. foot swelling 10 weeks in.
  195. PF: Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy AND Gastrocnemius Recession
  196. Brostrom-Evans
  197. Foot swelling in cast
  198. pt after brostrom
  199. Bunion surgery went wrong
  200. ankle lateral ligament recontruction- 6 weeks post op
  201. PTT surgery, 5 days post-op
  202. Orthopaedic Surgeon (Foot & Ankle) vs DPM
  203. 3 wks post-op for 2, 3 tarsometatarsal joint fusion and naviculocuneiform joint fusi
  204. 3 wks post-op for 2,3rd tarsometatarsal joint fusion and naviculocuneiform joint fusi
  205. Fused ankle now causing pain in other parts of foot
  206. 2 failed surgeries for big toe implant
  207. Arthritic bunion? Advice needed.
  208. Foot pain, plantar fasciitis, any good products that actually work??
  209. Avascular Necrosis Talus. How to stop the hurt?
  210. Calcaneus fracture no opt
  211. Pttd tendon transfer calcaneal osteotomy 1 week post op
  212. arthodesis foot fusion surgery
  213. Pain up PTT into leg????
  214. Help! Third Surgery Feeling apprehensive? Nerves etc more than the first times.
  215. Shower transfer bench - these things rock! (also a recommendation)
  216. Big toe Bone Spur removal ?
  217. 15 screws and plate
  218. First Steps: How to begin walking again after foot surgery
  219. Foot came down hard!!!
  220. Ankle microfracture/drilling with biocartelige, Brostrom...
  221. Crutches after foot reconstruction
  222. Ankle surgery
  223. Had PTTD surgery this morning
  224. My first surgery.
  225. Lisfranck fusion, screw removal
  226. Were you in a boot or other devices after PTT tear?
  227. PTTD Flat foot surgery 5 week post op update
  228. Achilles pain
  229. 10 months post kidner procedure
  230. External Fixator Device for Joint Fusion
  231. Sprained or broken small toe
  232. Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery Soon!
  233. triple arthrodesis
  234. Scar Tissue Issues in Ankle
  235. Scar Tissue Issues in Ankle
  236. Getting out of CAM walker boot
  237. Reason for toes pointing outward?
  238. Has anyone had a repeat surgery to clean out scar tissue/inflammation?
  239. Lisfranc fracture - didn't get surgery.
  240. Osteochondritis Dissecans.
  241. Swelling in cast
  242. So Unbelievably down right now...
  243. 2nd Opinion vs more surgery
  244. update and info 1 week post op
  245. Surgery November 20th! Questions about anesthesia etc! Help?
  246. Ankle problem
  247. Cold toes?
  248. Ankle still swollen!
  249. Ankle Fusion, two attempts now
  250. Help with diagnosing ball of foot pain - possibly Morton's Neuroma?

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