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  1. Arthroscopic Left Ankle ...
  2. Fractured Calcaneous
  3. Mortons neuroma
  4. Broke my ankle.
  5. OK ladies, need shoe help
  6. Found my problem, will be going back to PT
  7. Red incision after screw removal surgery
  8. Broken tibia and fibula healing concerns
  9. Cast cover for pool
  10. Lost
  11. How big of a difference did screw removal make?
  12. modified bostrum gould and syndemosis
  13. Back to work full-time -- 5wks after PTTD surgery
  14. Flip flops cause leg pain???
  15. Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery
  16. Cast to Boot
  17. Plantar Fascia surgery - what's recovery like?
  18. When to go back to PT
  19. 8 weeks after ankle surgery-colouring of foot/pus under scab on scar area?
  20. hallux limitus
  21. Post Op Foot Wear Suggestions From us To Us
  22. Forefoot PF? What other tendons are in this area?
  23. What treatments have you tried for metatarsalgia?
  24. Anyone tried prolotherapy?
  25. Calcaneus Fracture
  26. Partial weight-bearing -- feeling screws in heel?
  27. So frustrated and depressed … no improvement
  28. Subtalar Fusion Recovery
  29. posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
  30. Nearly at 6 week mark
  31. quick question!
  32. PTTD Surgery and Hammertoes?
  33. Issues after an allograft procedure
  34. Haglund's Deformity
  35. flat foot correction surgery post op
  36. Triple tendon repair last Friday
  37. 3 months post op-what should I expect?
  38. 4 weeks after PTTD surgery
  39. Incision itches with exercise?
  40. Update after calcaneal injury april 2014 and a question
  41. Internal Brace and PTT Repair on right foot in Oct 2015...
  42. Foot sprain?
  43. More pain on going to hard cast from aircast???
  44. follow up appointment was yesterday!!
  45. Nerve pain after FDL tendon transfer
  46. I was right! Fracture wasn't healing...
  47. 3 weeks post op
  48. Brostrom procedure tomorrow 3-18
  49. Brostrom surgery
  50. Tendosinosis Diagnostic After Ankle Sprain
  51. Post-op nerve pain top of foot
  52. Single leg heel raise success!!!!!
  53. post op issues
  54. Flat foot reconstructive surgery
  55. Stitches in a week too long
  56. PTT and Deltoid Ligament Surgery Coming Up - Nervous!
  57. reconstruction of foot
  58. Brace to nothing transition not going smoothly
  59. When did you know you were going to be okay?
  60. Air travel 8 weeks after PTTD surgery?
  61. Arizona brace for PTTD
  62. 11 year-old transitioned to shoe, healing slow-going
  63. walking on my ankle 4 weeks after surgery still in the cast
  64. Screw removed from heel today, hooray!
  65. bruising by ankle joint above talus
  66. 1 1/2 Years After PTTD Surgery
  67. Recovery without Surgery?
  68. Trouble nine months after talonavicular surgery
  69. Re-injury after Ankle Scope
  70. Aching after transition from surgical splint to aircast boot
  71. Driving with an Arizona Brace
  72. Avascular Necrosis of the sesamoid
  73. PTTD/flat foot surgery - how painful post op?
  74. Severe Foot Pain
  75. One Step Forward, One step Back
  76. PTTD -- questions from newbie
  77. Indent vs Lump
  78. new post-op pain ...
  79. Peroneous Brevis tear and knee walker
  80. lower leg pain
  81. Big toe fusion
  82. Anyone have experience with wearing bilateral Arizona braces?
  83. Comminuted Calcaneal Fracture with Subtalar Fusion
  84. My surgery was today
  85. Post Op Flat foot Surgery
  86. Surgery tomorrow!!
  87. Calf muscle not working after pttd surgery
  88. There is something in that one year to heal thing
  89. Sprained Ankle
  90. Considering surgery for flat feet: Am I ready?
  91. Triple Arthrodesis
  92. One step forward, 10 back with fractured talus … so frustrated!!
  93. When did you get pins or screw removed?
  94. Cartilage flake implant after 2 failed surgeries?
  95. Subtalar fusion help!
  96. Foot pain wakes me up in the middle of the night
  97. Ankle pain, could it be broken or sprained?
  98. Bruised after Misstep?
  99. My post-op app was great!
  100. Anyone have pain caused by the compression thing
  101. 17 months post-PTTD surgery and status of reclaiming athletic ability
  102. Ankle injury
  103. Avoiding PTTD Surgery
  104. I'm in so much pain!
  105. Peroneal Tendons
  106. Transition from crutches to one to none
  107. New Member, New problems :) Hello!
  108. My feet are permanently wrecked from just going grocery shopping one day!
  109. HSS Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery
  110. biopsy for lesion in talar dome
  111. Heel Bone Fracture? (Right Foot)
  112. traveling home from surgery?
  113. Foot Reconstruction. Worried, have questions!
  114. Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear
  115. First OCD, now subtalar joint fracture ... same thing??
  116. Cast off and into a brace!
  117. Transitioning to a shoe (11 year-old daughter - post flat foot surgery)
  118. Tendon transfer for foot drop
  119. Postsurgical Scar Tissue & Peroneal Tendonitis Issues - Ankle
  120. Peroneal Tendon Surgery
  121. Dreading foot surgery
  122. Modified bromstrom Gould right ankle
  123. how long does pain last
  124. Numbness in my foot which had operation on
  125. Talar Dome Lesion and Ligament Reconstruction
  126. Broken foot, want suggestions for exercise, while waiting, to avoid atrophy
  127. Calcaneus Heel Fracture - Heel Pain
  128. Overheating/Scar Tissue in Big Toe Joint following Microfracture Surgery
  129. Pain at bottom of toes on top of both feet?
  130. Monday's surgery was a success...
  131. Recovery time for hallux rigidus surgery
  132. Hi I'm 3 weeks postop bilateral MTP Fusion
  133. Foot rolls outward after triple fusion
  134. Will I Ever Wear Flip Flops Again?!?
  135. Thought it was a fracture but...
  136. Bone fusion of Navicular & cuneiform
  137. Finally
  138. Ankle fused contemplating BKA
  139. Hallux rigidus on both feet - should I have a double cheilectomy?
  140. Bad Toenails. Best Cure?
  141. 2 yrs post CO- screw backing out???
  142. Painful ankle after boozy weekend
  143. Does KT Tape Work?
  144. Just had surgery today
  145. (Lose the) Boot Camp
  146. Earned myself a Cam boot BEFORE surgery!
  147. Should I WB 6wks after osteochondral fracture?
  148. New to PTTD
  149. from cast to cam
  150. Hardness in Ankle Post Op
  151. Foot Pain That I DON"T believe is Plantar Fasciitis
  152. post surgery toe numbness
  153. OCD X 6wks - no improvement, increasing pain
  154. Pttd - post surgical plaster cast
  155. Exchange fiber glass cast for the Aircast@
  156. Flat feet surgery, can you give me some advice?
  157. Ankle injury still hurts 2 years later
  158. nerve pain medication?
  159. Had ankle microfracture and debridement 5 weeks and 3 days ago
  160. Finally able to bear weight "hurts terribly"
  161. Dorsiflexion after Brostrom/peroneal repair
  162. Big Toe - Soft Tissue Athroplasty vs Fusion
  163. Limited range of motion after ankle microfracture surgery
  164. Pain and an Aircast for Shattered Heel
  165. Screw removal surgery - February 17th
  166. Pins and needle sensation in my right foot
  167. 2 tendon tears in my left foot
  168. Bad pain in foot with no injury...
  169. The boot got the boot !
  170. Foot/Skin Problem
  171. Lawn Mower Accident - Podiatry help
  172. Destroying cam boots
  173. losing dorsiflexion
  174. Ankle fusion vs ankle replacemet
  175. question or 2
  176. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction surgery
  177. Suture in my ankle almost 2 years after surgery...
  178. When to start pt?
  179. No diagnosis, in Pain, Scared
  180. Heel Pain
  181. Any DIY/Crafty People out there? Need Post-Op ideas!
  182. Terrified about upcoming Ankle surgery
  183. OCD in the Talar Dome, Should I get surgery?
  184. Reflections from the past year
  185. How long did you take pain meds.
  186. Foot Problems Related To Work
  187. Anterior Tibial Tendon
  188. Lump on top of foot
  189. pain at 90 degrees
  190. Broken foot and ankle not healing properly after 9 months
  191. How much $'s are bone stimulators?
  192. hyprocure
  193. bunion questions - Help
  194. Day 86 and can finally walk with crutches/boot
  195. Chiropractic podiatrist for pttd in s. Fla
  196. Pain Meds
  197. subtalar joint fusion
  198. Question about cam boot
  199. Fractured Calcaneous
  200. bunion surgery
  201. 5th Metatarsal Fracture
  202. Reaction to steri strips after surgery
  203. Bunionectomy
  204. How long for bone anchors to absorb?
  205. Flat Foot Surgery Problems
  206. Foot nerve pain
  207. Anyone else joined the gym again under a year since calcaneus fracture??
  208. How long will I be non weight bearing
  209. Never Ending Ankle Pain
  210. PT and Walking!
  211. Ankle Scope Recovery Stories
  212. Brostrom Procedure Issues?
  213. Completely torn ATFL
  214. PAINFUL WEAK Ankle 6 Months Post Op
  215. Anybody have experience with Focused Aspiration of Scar tissue.
  216. Help! Depressed and gaining weight. 11weeks post-op.
  217. Need help - warts on foot/toes
  218. Surgery yesterday, so much pain!
  219. Hallux limitus Surgery ... same problems almost a year later.
  220. Fusions? How long to heal?
  221. Anybody have much experience with scar tissue in your foot?
  222. Foot surgery - Weil Osteotomy
  223. Calcaneus osteotomy after Calcaneus malunion
  224. Random dull pain around ankle
  225. Plantar fascitis during recovery
  226. Foot trapped under fallen tree - severe ankle pain
  227. Mortons Neuroma removal over a year ago I am still in agony
  228. Another Surgery ... FRUSTRATED!
  229. Heel fracture will get better ... right?!
  230. Swelling and joint movement post bunion surgery
  231. tendon surgey
  232. Sleeping without the CAM BOOT
  233. Sleeping in THAT boot!
  234. Ankle surgery questions
  235. long term de novo results?
  236. Toe Crossed Over?
  237. Pain on ball of big toe after bunion surgery!!
  238. Pttd surgery purple foot
  239. Upcoming surgery ... agh!
  240. Cast After Joint Fusion Surgery
  241. Remove hardware?? Calcaneocuboid Arthrodesis
  242. managing stairs post surgery
  243. Screw pain questions- Calcaneal Osteotomy
  244. Recovery time from mortons neuroma surgery PLANTAR Incision
  245. 7 hour foot surgery
  246. Hard cast removal after pttd surgery. Pwb with boot
  247. What if my foot has not been cast at a 90 degree?
  248. Silver bunionectomy success?
  249. Posterior Tibial Tendon tear repair and Achilles tendon tear repair
  250. Screw removal from calcaneus injury I've been naughty

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