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  1. Recovery to 100% for medial calcaneal slide osteotomy surgery
  2. Failed MF for a lesion of the talus
  3. K-Wire removal from medial malleolus
  4. Ankle surgery and feeling that i felt
  5. Weight bearing after Brostrom
  6. Last year calcaneal osteotomy -- now triple arthrodesis
  7. Broken Ankle ORIF Surgery Recovery
  8. No PT after PTTD/flatfoot surgery?
  9. Extreme discomfort in toes after Achilles surgery
  10. Ankle Fracture
  11. Is this Pain from Tailors Bunion?
  12. Four month check-in post PTTD surgery
  13. Calcaneal Osteotomy Nightmare
  14. BIG TOE FUSION - two times, what now?
  15. Looking for PTTD Doctor
  16. What have i done?
  17. Daughter: 8 Weeks Post Op from Calcanael Osteotomy ... Swimming Advice Sought
  18. kwire - bed - boot, etc
  19. Compression stockings - Yes or No?
  20. Is there anything else I can do?
  21. Shattered calcaneus recovery
  22. calf tear... 6 weeks on crutches.. can't extend my right leg
  23. Persistent heel pain post carcaneal fracture recovery
  24. Gastroc Recession and Achilles lengthening
  25. Avoid Brostrom Repair
  26. Surgery #2, mortons nueroma
  27. Boken bones
  28. Bilateral Pain After Transitioning out of Orthodics
  29. Recuperation following subtalar fusion
  30. I hate my air cast boot
  31. Bunion surgery
  32. ankle fusion and still in pain
  33. Stitches out today & into the beloved boot. :)
  34. 6 mos post op
  35. Ankle Scar Tissue (Arthrofibrosis)
  36. Dark Mark on Big Toenail
  37. Metatarsalgia/foot drop
  38. Ankle Replacement Surgery?
  39. Cortisone shots?
  40. 3 weeks post op ocd debridement and microfracture. Help!!!
  41. Broken Fibula
  42. 6 1/2 Weeks Post Surgery - Questions
  43. Claw toe after PTTD surgery
  44. any tips for walking boot comfort or what to put on the scars?
  45. Weight Bearing Progression
  46. My sprained ankle hasn't healed. Please help!
  47. Rule out blood clot
  48. Possible foot sprain
  49. Serious Top of Foot Pain?
  50. Troubles with Walking after Calcaneal Osteotomy
  51. Lapidus bunionectomy post op 8 weeks
  52. Medial Talar Dome Lesion 3rd round
  53. Posterior tibial tendon repair & transfer and Subtalor joint arthrodesis
  54. Is there P.T help to strength the flat foot without surgery?
  55. Falling Off a Knee Scooter
  56. Please help! Ankle surgery- Arthroscopic debridement and lateral ankle reconstruction
  57. Surgery done, in my room for the night.
  58. Surgical flatfoot repair, double or triple arthrodesis
  59. Tibia ls
  60. Tibial is
  61. stress fracture
  62. Risk of injury with hardware
  63. Brostrum Gould Procedure 22nd June
  64. Foot numbness
  65. Big toe fusion
  66. Peroneal Tenosynovitis - possible surgery?
  67. Flat Foot reconstructive surgery
  68. Pain Levels @ 3 Weeks Post PTTD/Flat Foot Surgery
  69. muscle deteriorating crazy painful in calf
  70. my sneakers dont fit
  71. Fractured Tibia
  72. Painful callous
  73. something isn't right
  74. Foot falling asleep after pttd surgery
  75. Under my right foot on the ball under my big toe is in pain. What is it and why?
  76. Cast Yesterday, Pain and Burning Today?
  77. Toe fusion surgery
  78. I wore sandals today!!!
  79. Don't just live with toe nerve pain their are solutions during recovery
  80. I think my peroneal tendon is aggravated
  81. Experiences/Opinions Using Knee Scooter with Artificial Knee
  82. 17 years old. Injured 6 months ago and I am still in excruciating pain. Please help!!
  83. Arthroscopy complication
  84. pttd and law enforcement
  85. nerve damage to foot ankle
  86. Calcaneous fracture
  87. FDL Tendon Transfer + Heel Osteotomy
  88. Washing boot liner in washer??
  89. Atlanta area doctors
  90. When does the swelling stop?? PTTD surgery
  91. scope and brostrum
  92. Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendinitis Surgery
  93. Foot Reconstruction Surgery
  94. Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain
  95. Numb burning feet please help
  96. Help?!!
  97. Ankle question
  98. Calcaneal injury and exercise
  99. Difficulty with Partial Weight Bearing - HELP!
  100. Multiple tendon issues
  101. Jones Fracture last week - return to work this week?
  102. Flip flops?
  103. Bunion operation
  104. Modified bromstrom 7 months post op with discomfort
  105. Sural Nerve Damage and Numbness with Achilles Tendon Surgery
  106. Calcaneous Fracture and joint fracture left foot
  107. Received a great tip for leg cramps and spasms
  108. Is pttd causing back pain?
  109. Chronic foot pain - ongoing 3 years
  110. Left Foot Swelling (long)
  111. 13 weeks after peroneal tendon repair
  112. Looking for info on NC joint fusion
  113. claw toes after pttd surgery
  114. Two weeks post-op for 11-year old with calcaneal osteotomy
  115. Living with an OCD. Help and advice please!
  116. Driving after Right Foot Surgery
  117. Anyone experience swelling at night while sleeping? Waking up really uncomfortable?
  118. Foot and ankle swelling
  119. what is Lesion of lateral popliteal nerve?
  120. HELP! toe fusion in June/have questions
  121. Screw removal from 3rd, 4th & 5th metatarsal
  122. Topaz Surgery
  123. All American Surgery
  124. Possible foot fusion surgery
  125. Two weeks post op - still too much swelling for a cast
  126. Advice needed
  127. Toe Fusion Recovery
  128. Peeling Dead Skin on Foot After Cast
  129. Any tips to stop the "jerk" as your falling asleep at night?
  130. Ten weeks post PTTD surgery--recovery
  131. Upcoming Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery
  132. The Positives
  133. Ankle-Sprain/twist further complications?
  134. Tip for those who are a few months post-op
  135. Plantar Fascia Release with Heel Spur Removal
  136. foot tingles
  137. Questions about returning to work after PTTD surgery
  138. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction!
  139. Neuroma surgery
  140. bunionettes
  141. Bone fusion in foot
  142. Second week of pwb.
  143. Broken Ankle Recovery?
  144. post-Brostrom rolled ankle
  145. Ankle Fusion- Bone Stimulator- pain patch
  146. Collasped Arch Surgery
  147. post op 5 week bunion surgery
  148. Cast off today - why am I scared instead of happy?
  149. Cushioned Socks When Going From Cast to Boot
  150. Right ankle now gone after years of problems with the left fixed!
  151. Finally got a second opinion --- more surgery on the horizon
  152. Ten week review
  153. Myofascial release help with peroneals?
  154. hurts, feet feel like I walked 20 miles
  155. Flatfoot Reconstruction second thoughts
  156. More pain - supposed to get my cast off on Wednesday
  157. Ankle/achillies pain with orthotics
  158. Double Bunion Surgery
  159. 2nd cast off on Wednesday - back to Aircast for Talus fracture
  160. confused
  161. walking longer distances/without a limp
  162. Talonavicular coalition treatment discussion
  163. Mortons Neuroma post op
  164. Broken heel - Physical Therapy Advice for old injury...
  165. Flat foot reconstruction, 8 weeks postop with heel pain
  166. Calcaneal Osteotomy: 11-year old
  167. possible broken foot?
  168. My 2-month Right Foot pain - Gout? or something else?
  169. Driving
  170. Bad pain and swelling in post-op ankle
  171. ankle pain help (possible peroneal)!!!! how do I find a doctor that will scope this?
  172. Big toe fusion
  173. recovery from calcaneus fracture with ORIF
  174. 5th Metatarsal injury/fracture
  175. Preparation for Pttd surgery
  176. Progress :)
  177. Sprain? Torn Ligament? Fracture?!
  178. 9 weeks
  179. Posterior tibial tendon surgery
  180. Sprained foot
  181. ibuprofen after surgery
  182. Broken ankle recovery - swelling
  183. First Week Walking
  184. How serious is a slightly fallen arch?
  185. Flat foot surgery. All American procedure
  186. First visit podiatrist for bunions..
  187. Hardware removed after reconstructive foot surgery?
  188. Next step at 12 weeks
  189. Recovery Shattered Calcaneus
  190. Bone spur post-op hell
  191. Shattered Calcaneus Recovery
  192. Metatarsal Stress Fractures
  193. Bit of a mystery - any thoughts?
  194. Triple Arthrodesis for Inversion
  195. back from the Orthotist
  196. Got my cast off and in to boot. And it hurts
  197. Nearly one year after calcaneal injury and still feel pain and limping
  198. Back to work tomorrow after PTTD surgery
  199. ankle oats again!!
  200. Pain after screw removal surgery
  201. Indent near muscles and tendons
  202. Can't get comfortable elevating after surgery
  203. 11 weeks post pttd surgery
  204. Boot pressing on stapled incision after ankle surgery
  205. Ankle Fusion - Extreme pain
  206. Ankle Halo
  207. Pain from screws after Brostrom?
  208. Considering Ankle Surgery
  209. Should i just get surgery? (mri report posted)
  210. Injured Achilles while taking off shoe?
  211. Broke my toe
  212. Healing is SO weird
  213. toes that don't touch the floor
  214. PWB to FWB -- how?
  215. peroneal tendon tear or synovitis? what were your symptoms
  216. Posterior Tibial Tendon -- Longitudinal Tear
  217. Multiple tendonopathies at once?
  218. Fractured Tibial Sesamoid
  219. lateral instability after pttd surgery
  220. When to go for big toe fusion
  221. Ankle Fusion - heel Pain
  222. Foot Drop suffered May 2014, now almost completely better.
  223. Arthroscopic Left Ankle ...
  224. Fractured Calcaneous
  225. Mortons neuroma
  226. Broke my ankle.
  227. OK ladies, need shoe help
  228. Found my problem, will be going back to PT
  229. Red incision after screw removal surgery
  230. Broken tibia and fibula healing concerns
  231. Cast cover for pool
  232. Lost
  233. How big of a difference did screw removal make?
  234. modified bostrum gould and syndemosis
  235. Back to work full-time -- 5wks after PTTD surgery
  236. Flip flops cause leg pain???
  237. Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery
  238. Cast to Boot
  239. Plantar Fascia surgery - what's recovery like?
  240. When to go back to PT
  241. 8 weeks after ankle surgery-colouring of foot/pus under scab on scar area?
  242. hallux limitus
  243. Post Op Foot Wear Suggestions From us To Us
  244. Forefoot PF? What other tendons are in this area?
  245. What treatments have you tried for metatarsalgia?
  246. Anyone tried prolotherapy?
  247. Calcaneus Fracture
  248. Partial weight-bearing -- feeling screws in heel?
  249. So frustrated and depressed … no improvement
  250. Subtalar Fusion Recovery

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