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  1. repair severed tendon stiff toe
  2. Neuroma/cyst
  3. 5th Metatarsal fracture weeks after foot surgery
  4. after-care and other stuff
  5. foot fungus doctor?
  6. I am getting ready to have the Evans procedure...
  7. 4 weeks post-op have questions???
  8. 6 weeks post-op: Still not 100%???
  9. Mortons Neuroma Surgery out of work??
  10. recovery time from tendon surgery the foot
  11. Heel Implant?
  12. when to move big toe after bunion surgery
  13. will there be future issues with foot surgery
  14. PTTD surgery, post op
  15. janesfoot how are you doing?
  16. Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery and running after surgery
  17. how you get rid of the swollen foot after operation
  18. can a bunion cause this?
  19. Countdown to OATS in 3 days
  20. random foot pain
  21. discomfort with boot
  22. Toe Fusion (4!) and Morton Neuroma removal
  23. 3 wks tomorrow from bunioon surgery
  24. Dislocated ankle - foot still not correct shape after 2 years
  25. Hello - 1 week po PTTD and FDL - ouch!
  26. What To Expect When You Have Surgery To Repair A Cut Tendon In Your Ankle
  27. PTTD Surgery 5 days post op
  28. What can you do to lessen a bunion instead of having surgery?
  29. foot fracture -- just began bearing weight again?
  30. Bunion just developed this year, need advice
  31. STJ Surgery
  32. how long until i walk after calcaneal surgery
  33. Any ideas here?
  34. Bone Stimulator
  35. Ptt?
  36. 5 Weeks PO, very irritated incision
  37. Bunion getting worse
  38. Foot Pain??
  39. Pain in back of lower leg
  40. Ideas from the couch
  41. fusion questions
  42. Calcaneus fracture - help-what is happening now?
  43. Inner side of left ankle sharp pain when bent down
  44. continue PT??
  45. hammer toe surgery
  46. major "blues" 6 weeks after PTTT/calc osteotomy
  47. swollen feet before and after L4,L5 lumbar bone spur surgery
  48. my daughters year long ankle ordeal...very long, sorry
  49. stiffness or problem?
  50. Traveling after surgery
  51. Heels ever again?
  52. torn ligaments in the foot
  53. Just found out foot is broken 11 wks post-op !!!!!!!!!!!
  54. Help Please! Can anyone recommend a good ankle doc in nyc?
  55. Is it easier to recover when young?
  56. was my bunion surgery a failure?
  57. Ready for Tendon Transfer/Calcaneal Osteotomy Surgery
  58. going house crazy after surgery
  59. Broken heel question about weather changes
  60. Subtalar Implants
  61. Im almost in Tears! Just had to walk out of my gym class!
  62. Pronation
  63. Sharp Arch Pain
  64. How long in the recovery room?
  65. PTTD - What about other ankle?
  66. how long do you wear a moon boot after an 8 week cast with a broke calcaneus bone in
  67. foot surgery
  68. odd feeling in foot
  69. Nail fungus
  70. Ankle Instability
  71. painful recovery from bunion surgery
  72. PT after Keller Bunionectomy
  73. how soon can i begin to walk after pin comes out of toe after bunionectomy
  74. Afraid of twilight sedation
  75. toenail fungus
  76. PTTD - Does this cast make my butt look big?
  77. strange click
  78. Stitch Abscess??
  79. Peroneus Brevis Tendinosis - I am degenerating at age 23?
  80. Any other guys with bunions ...
  81. forefoot reconstruction and a toe fusion
  82. Ultrasound Therapy After Foot Surgery
  83. pttd surgery and the spring ligament
  84. Can duck feet cause lower back problems?
  85. PTT and club foot
  86. Brostrom Repair - Ankle Instability
  87. Sleeping suggestions
  88. Acrylic Toenails
  89. Don't want surgery - too busy and scared. Any advice?
  90. worry about pain in good foot
  91. 6 wks post-op tendon transfer/calc. ost. questions
  92. how to help bunions from getting bigger
  93. Lisfranc surgery - should I opt for Arthrex mini tightrope?
  94. Crocs shoes
  95. Boot questions
  96. Question for experienced heelies
  97. Deciding to have bunion surgery
  98. foot cramping at night
  99. pain from bunion surgery
  100. 1st post-op visit update
  101. PTTD Surgery Question
  102. frustration with lapidus treatment
  103. 8wks and I did a Step Class!
  104. just given ok to use the scar cream
  105. my cast is so damn tight
  106. Total Recovery Time For Most Foot Surgeries
  107. Incision care ?
  108. Pain in ball of foot
  109. my lisfranc fracture
  110. stress fracture of the foot anyone??!!
  111. 8wks postop tomorrow - want to increase my exercise against docs orders
  112. Bone Healing Time in foot
  113. Plantar Faciitis + Army = ???
  114. 6 weeks post PTTT/calc osteotomy - started PT
  115. toenail removed..please help!!
  116. so frustrated.....
  117. Home from surgery
  118. Big Toe Deformity - Not hammer toe, not bunion
  119. I vacuumed!
  120. Seeking advice on a PTT injury, fallen arches, and surgical recommendations.
  121. Pigeon-Toed
  122. Aleve or no Aleve...! (stress fracture of the foot)
  123. Sharp Pain
  124. What should I feel after a week?
  125. Bunion in Birmingham
  126. Throbbing pain is back
  127. Help! Can hardly make it a whole day at work
  128. appear to have symptoms of posterior tibial tendonitis should i see a orthopedic doct
  129. Heel Spurs
  130. Diagnostic injection for sesamoid problems?
  131. Tendon transfer surgery for drop foot, anybody have it done?
  132. Home again, Home again jiggidy jig
  133. flying after foot surgery
  134. how long did you wear your toe spacer?
  135. 7th surgery 1st post-op
  136. Pin removal (in 2 days!)
  137. Ankle Reconstruction Of The Joint
  138. itchy feet
  139. Heel Pain - HELP!
  140. Gait retraining
  141. Need Advice!
  142. Alexfromsalem--how Are You?
  143. Lisfranc recovery
  144. When did you get the screws in your heel out? Or did you?
  145. Mortons Neuroma Surgery Success Stories
  146. OATS in 3 weeks - the reality has hit!
  147. bone graft question
  148. Ankle Fusion - Mysterious Pain
  149. Toronto podiatrist
  150. Hardware Removal Recovery
  151. toe fusion post-op questions
  152. It's been three days
  153. muscle spasms
  154. Best Athletic Shoes After "The Boot"
  155. Webbed toes
  156. need bunion surgery - need good surgeon in Atlanta
  157. Fell on cast
  158. fused toe
  159. Foot got sunburned today, also worked out 2.5hrs - Itchy, red, stinging!
  160. Lake Vacation
  161. PT hurts - help!
  162. Burst blood vessel?
  163. Pain in foot arch and lower leg pain - plantar fasicitis?
  164. Ankle Reconstruction Update
  165. 6 Wks PostOp-Flatfoot Reconstruction
  166. Help my big toes!
  167. Deep Tissue Massage For Scar Tissue?
  168. had a subtalar fusion on July 1st
  169. todays doc visit results - Wants me to get to the 8 wk mark!
  170. 7th surgery is over!
  171. 7 weeks post lapidus
  172. Walking again, mysterious pain in hip
  173. burst blood vessels in the feet
  174. delayed union navicular fracture
  175. need to have reconstructive surgery on both ankles
  176. checking on ya, DebbieG
  177. Swelling, sneakers and TIME!
  178. Need creative solution to elevate leg at my desk at work
  179. Number of follow-up doctor appointments/physio appointments after PTTD surgery
  180. Problems with Second Foot after PTTD Surgery
  181. Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) Options
  182. Foot noise cracks and swollen
  183. Went for my second Post Op appt Thursday
  184. did your numbness/foot pad tingling go away quickly once you started in sneakers?
  185. Great Toe Fusion / Recovery / REturn to activity
  186. Do bunion regulators really work?
  187. Questions about big toe fusion
  188. very dry skin
  189. Toe problems
  190. Black spot under toenail..what is it?
  191. OCD of the talus
  192. Cost of Tibial Tendon surgery
  193. Gout
  194. how to decide to have PTTD surgery
  195. Please Help...Lost Toenail, Damaged Nail Bed
  196. shoe size
  197. foot cracks after having subtalor fusion on foot
  198. Once outside in sneakers - walk on toes or not?
  199. Update regarding my iwalkfree device...
  200. feels like a setback going to sneaker from boot - cant walk on uneven ground
  201. 10 Post -Op Hallux Rigidus
  202. sore knee?
  203. THe Boot
  204. at 6wks is there still a benefit to keep incision covered overnight?
  205. Itchy Stinging incision site at 6wks postop?
  206. why do you have tingling in your feet?
  207. Hard skin Blistered
  208. dislocated 2nd metatarsal
  209. 2nd bunion surgery---major pain---please help!!!!!
  210. Numbness After Foot Surgery
  211. Massage to reduce scar tissue
  212. Walking After Bunion surgery
  213. bunion removed almost 3 weeks ago
  214. sore throat and surgery
  215. Plantar Wart Removal - Surgical Removal
  216. peroneal tendon surgery
  217. once you could walk outside in sneakers - how long to get the feeling back bottom of
  218. Nerve pain?
  219. P.a.d.
  220. just got surgery done on bunion. My work wants me back ASAP. How long does it take t
  221. Fusion for Hallux Rigidus
  222. how does a doctor fuse a big toe
  223. broken accessory navicular
  224. How do you know if surgery failed?
  225. bunion surgery-when to exercise the toe
  226. Hammer Toe Correction Surgery Recovery Questions
  227. Titchou, how are you?
  228. oh yuck! big scab just fell off
  229. 3-1/2 weeks out from PTTT and calc osteotomy and depressed
  230. Fractured sesamoid
  231. "and I be dancing in my boot"
  232. Triple Arthrodesis/Midfoot Fusion questions
  233. Will it ever get better?
  234. Phantom Pain in Toes?
  235. increased pain after cortisone injection
  236. Success with conservative measures for PTTD/AAFD?
  237. sandal odor
  238. Total Recovery Time For Foot Surgery
  239. How long is it taking everyone to get energy back?
  240. Hallux rigidus ? about surgery options
  241. Possible fungus on top of each big toe
  242. Diagonosed with GOUT
  243. help! need advice from "foot friends"
  244. do i ice the bottom of my foot when i have capsulitis
  245. 3 weeks post PTTT calc osteotomy with numbness
  246. 4 Weeks Post Op
  247. post op ?
  248. Severe Itch on anywhere on feet
  249. Plantar Fasciitis
  250. Help read my MRI?

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