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  1. Surgery 6 days ago
  2. Does anyone have discomfort from sitting too much?
  3. 3 weeks post op and very swollen
  4. Reducing scar tissue?
  5. sting at incision site?
  6. Anyone reject surgery?
  7. does it sometimes feel better walking around in your surgical shoe instead of your
  8. Fractured Calcaneus
  9. Itchy stitches!
  10. Getting my ankle strength is taking a long time
  11. Broken heel...have questions for heelies
  12. Ankle pain off and on
  13. PTTD - tendon healed itself?
  14. A Question? Shoes?
  15. Stitches out - More pain now - Normal or not???
  16. New MRI results
  17. Fourth and fifth Metatarsal stress fracture?
  18. Mid Foot Fusion Surgery
  19. Soft Tissue Mass in Foot
  20. Bunion splints or "regulators": Where to buy?
  21. Swollen Ankles
  22. ROM Post-bunionectomy
  23. my heel
  24. just over 1 month post op for a triple arthrodesis.......
  25. I want my life back!
  26. ankle pain and clicking...advice please!!!
  27. Stitches Coming Out - Help
  28. Upcoming Ankle Ligament/Tendon Surgery
  29. Surgical Boots & Shoes
  30. so whats everyone doing while recovering from foot surgery?
  31. tarsalmetatarsalsurgery
  32. "It's a man leg!!!"
  33. OCD Treatment: Synvisc injections
  34. my heels hurt
  35. Losing hope
  36. foot surgery recovery Sucks!
  37. Icing and elevation after surgery
  38. Weird blisters on feet
  39. Anyone ever wind up with "more" pain after surgery?
  40. Sesamoid pain
  41. How to prepare for foot surgery
  42. Lapidus fusion, distal soft tissue procedure, silver bunionectomy
  43. new pain with brace??
  44. Question about symptoms
  45. 4 days postop
  46. swollen and hurt foot
  47. So how is everyone these days?
  48. travel advice needed for after neuroma/possibly bunion surgery
  49. the boot's off - what's next - PTTD recovery
  50. 16 days postop - Im about to go mow the grass!
  51. neuroma surgery in 10 days, travel advice needed
  52. Big toe replacement joint
  53. CT results ?
  54. Range of motion with a bandage on?
  55. recover from osteochondral lesion without surgery?
  56. anyone allowed to do Silver Sneakers exercise classes?
  57. Shoes
  58. Pain when walking after 11 weeks post bunion surg
  59. Pain and inflammed sensation in souls of feet
  60. Tendonitis
  61. hallux limitus, heel pain and running
  62. 5 weeks post op and it's hurting again
  63. How long did you need to go without taking a real shower?
  64. Postop healing bunionectomy - lubrication
  65. Post plantar fibroma excision x3-PLEASE HELP
  66. PTTD surgery procedure ?
  67. PTT Surgery
  68. Bone Swelling in Foot?
  69. Any tips on how not to have anxiety while in a cast?
  70. Peroneal Tendon Tear
  71. Very worried - swelling, numbish, stiff feet
  72. Is there hope?
  73. Had Cheillectomy/ variation on Youngston Osteotomy today
  74. Now that I'm properly terrified...calcaneal osteotomy July 15
  75. 7th surgery is july 8
  76. anyone else get that Burning sensation? more pain 2nd week?
  77. Minimal incision foot surgery for bunions
  78. PTTD Surgery Friday
  79. PTTD fix WITHOUT surgery?
  80. Scar therapy
  81. flat foot reconstruction post-op need advice icing with cast
  82. Bad Feet 51 Needs Urgent Help? Any Alternative Left For Me?
  83. one week post op bunion and hammer toe surgery
  84. does your foot get number, the longer you're on it?
  85. Small Red Foot Lump
  86. Medial Sesamoid problems or Compressed Proper Digital Plantar nerve?
  87. Posterior tibial tendon transfer and osteotomy scheduled next week
  88. Wanted: NWB ROM exercises for ankle . . .
  89. 2 Hour Post Op for flatfoot reconstruction
  90. Discoloration after surgery
  91. MRI results
  92. New Shoes
  93. Flatfoot reconstruction, Achilies lenthening and Bunion surgery coming up.
  94. Bunionectomy and fusion of first metatarsal bone
  95. Gee, insoles...
  96. Im sorry but can someone please pull me up?
  97. airjaw's latest progress
  98. Cheillectomy/osteotomy June 2: Moral support and advice wanted!
  99. Successful Bunionectomy Experiences
  100. 2 weeks post bunionectomy, got woozy when the stitiches came out, forgot my questions
  101. Double bunionectomy Postop
  102. A good result
  103. back to doc tomorrow and Yes Ive been walking on my foot
  104. Haglund's deformity
  105. day # 3 - what do you do about the freaking boredom while on crutches?
  106. Broken Heel..air cast
  107. External Fixator removal?
  108. Very Frustrated
  109. is it normal to have COMPLETE numbness of foot morning after surgery?
  110. Orthotics after surgery
  111. Should This Take So Long
  112. Ingrown Toenail
  113. home a few hours now from my early morn bunion/osteo
  114. Surgery tomorrow, nervous! Repair PTT and FDL and attach them
  115. mtp joint arthrodesis - fusion
  116. Subtalar implant and achilles lengthening
  117. Tenosynovectomy posterior tibial tendon
  118. Double Bunionette
  119. Increase in pain??
  120. Need some feedback
  121. Helps For Post-Op
  122. peeling between the toes
  123. Flatfoot Reconstruction Surgery scheduled and scared to death lol!
  124. Blistering rash around incision....
  125. my feet are swollen help
  126. Postbunionectomy..how are you at the 4+month mark...
  127. 1st MTP Fusion vs. Hemi-arthroplasty
  128. Flying post-surgery
  129. Handicap Placard
  130. Foot Pain
  131. Double Heel Fractures
  132. multiple foot surgeries
  133. Successful Hammertoe Surgery?
  134. Koby procedure for Mortons Neuroma
  135. Recurring foot blisters in arches of my feet
  136. OATS Recovery
  137. dealt with this for so long that I've lost all hope
  138. the 7th surgery with the 2nd opinion
  139. My second non-umion after flat foot reconstruction...somebody give me hope
  140. Born with extreme flat feet-Ankle reconstruction /May29-Help Please!
  141. Born with extreme flat feet-Ankle reconstruction /May29-Help Please!
  142. Lisfranc injury post-op goes great, what about physical therapy?
  143. depression after surgery when you realize youre starting your recovery?
  144. how long were you immobile on the couch after bunion/osteo?
  145. Foot ache walking in sand?
  146. Scar problems??
  147. hobbling pain in ankle/foot
  148. new Sex in the City movie coming out - guess what Im doing 1st few wks recovering?
  149. do you have a crystal ball? can i join the gym w/16yr son 4wks after surgery?
  150. for how long after surgery did you need to stay "drugged up"?
  151. Ankle Problems
  152. Sun on my tootsies??
  153. Anyone start working out after bunion surg with swollen foot?
  154. Ankle OCD new cartilage regeneration
  155. Ready for shoes after bunion surgery (lol)
  156. First Post Op Visit
  157. Foot Pain and Swelling
  158. Going from Splint to Hard cast tomorrow- how bad will it be?
  159. i got 2 hard Lumps that gone blistered on side off me toes
  160. are most podiatrists able to suture tendons?
  161. Arrgh! This is driving me crazy!
  162. Broken heel swimming for exercise??
  163. Foot Surgery and Anesthesia Question
  164. Big toe pad swollen.
  165. HELP PLEASE- plantar pain unbearable!!
  166. Which Type of ASO ankle brace?
  167. no pain meds (1800mg ibuprofen/day) for entire week before surgery!
  168. Toe pain/numbing...advice please!
  169. Pain in the foot from the screw after PTTD Surgery
  170. Pain in the foot from the screw after PTTD Surgery
  171. Issues with my Screw after PTTD Surgery
  172. how much do you think a plaster splint weighs?
  173. Walking after broken heel have question
  174. PTTD more questions
  175. Haglund's Repair HELP!!!
  176. stress fracture healed but still hurts?
  177. Dissolvable sutures??
  178. Second opinion
  179. Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
  180. Peroneal Tendonitis
  181. clicking foot
  182. Is my sock scrunched up under my toes?
  183. Itchy Feet
  184. bunionette removal by little toe? anyone?
  185. Stess fratures in both feet
  186. Had my surgery this morning but almost had to cancel
  187. Shin Injury / Swollen????
  188. Questions about my upcoming cheilectomy surgery
  189. Bunionectomy Recovery
  190. What type of ankle brace?
  191. Combo Morton's Neuroma & Hammertoe surgery
  192. Make our Foot problems Magically disappear
  193. The "late recovery period"
  194. Flatfoot from hypermobility and tight achilles tendon
  195. how often is one given crutches after bunionectomy/osteootomy?
  196. post-planters wart (pit in callous)
  197. Progressive flatfoot - from tight calf muscle and hypermobility
  198. almost 1 year post op and still having pain
  199. Orthopedic - AFO - What shoes do you find the best esp. for work?
  200. Home from PTTD surgery that turned into a lot of different surgeries
  201. Swelling in ball of foot
  202. Memar08 - Good Luck Today
  203. How is walking/running now that you are postop?
  204. Anyone else have problems with Morton's neuroma surgery?
  205. I'm Pretty Sure This Is Athlete's Foot
  206. Pain in heel after coming out of surg shoe from bunion surg
  207. 1st TMT Joint Fusion & Bone Graft - Questions
  208. Anyone else?
  209. Successful Hammertoe Surgery ??
  210. i am going on my 7th surgery!!!!
  211. how long after bunion/osteo before going to beach/sand/pool?
  212. Farm or winery 2 days post surgery?
  213. any new release DVDs, books?
  214. Shower chair, cane, walker?
  215. how long will i be stuck to the house after bunion/osteootomy?
  216. Foot Weakness
  217. Desperate for answers.
  218. spasms in toes
  219. Double bunionectomy this Thursday!
  220. PTTD surgery will be Wednesday- do I have what I need?
  221. Not sure if this is serious of what.
  222. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome--had surgery 1 yr ago and nerve pain coming back???
  223. Big Toe Shortening?
  224. Showering question .????
  225. Ankle Microfracture Experiences - pain after surgery and recovery advice please
  226. Are all pins removed after Bunion Surgery?
  227. Failed Talus OCD Drilling - Need OATS
  228. Bunions in the making... preventive measures?
  229. Upcoming surgery and extremely nervous
  230. Combo Morton's Neuroma/Endoscopic Gastroc Recession (Lengthening)
  231. major frustration with post surgical foot problems
  232. Things you've found helpful in your recovery process
  233. Waiting for fusion
  234. How long is a typical bunion scar?
  235. 7 weeks post-op....happy AND frustrated
  236. I Ran (mistake)
  237. Doctor severed my tendon during Bunion Surgery--has this happened to anyone else?
  238. PTTD weight bearing questions
  239. Treatment options for osteochondral fracture of the talar dome
  240. Shattered Heel
  241. Sharp Pain on inside of my ankle when weight bearing
  242. too long for pain
  243. Pain in other toes.......
  244. Lapidus With External Screw Fixation?? Need your experiences and referrals
  245. toenail removal
  246. Bunionectomy Pain
  247. Flatter joint?
  248. It's Official: Bostrom Repair (What should be expected?)
  249. Numbness in calf to my ankle...anyone?
  250. My Foot/ankle feel weird

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