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  1. how much do you think a plaster splint weighs?
  2. Walking after broken heel have question
  3. PTTD more questions
  4. Haglund's Repair HELP!!!
  5. stress fracture healed but still hurts?
  6. Dissolvable sutures??
  7. Second opinion
  8. Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
  9. Peroneal Tendonitis
  10. clicking foot
  11. Is my sock scrunched up under my toes?
  12. Itchy Feet
  13. bunionette removal by little toe? anyone?
  14. Stess fratures in both feet
  15. Had my surgery this morning but almost had to cancel
  16. Shin Injury / Swollen????
  17. Questions about my upcoming cheilectomy surgery
  18. Bunionectomy Recovery
  19. What type of ankle brace?
  20. Combo Morton's Neuroma & Hammertoe surgery
  21. Make our Foot problems Magically disappear
  22. The "late recovery period"
  23. Flatfoot from hypermobility and tight achilles tendon
  24. how often is one given crutches after bunionectomy/osteootomy?
  25. post-planters wart (pit in callous)
  26. Progressive flatfoot - from tight calf muscle and hypermobility
  27. almost 1 year post op and still having pain
  28. Orthopedic - AFO - What shoes do you find the best esp. for work?
  29. Home from PTTD surgery that turned into a lot of different surgeries
  30. Swelling in ball of foot
  31. Memar08 - Good Luck Today
  32. How is walking/running now that you are postop?
  33. Anyone else have problems with Morton's neuroma surgery?
  34. I'm Pretty Sure This Is Athlete's Foot
  35. Pain in heel after coming out of surg shoe from bunion surg
  36. 1st TMT Joint Fusion & Bone Graft - Questions
  37. Anyone else?
  38. Successful Hammertoe Surgery ??
  39. i am going on my 7th surgery!!!!
  40. how long after bunion/osteo before going to beach/sand/pool?
  41. Farm or winery 2 days post surgery?
  42. any new release DVDs, books?
  43. Shower chair, cane, walker?
  44. how long will i be stuck to the house after bunion/osteootomy?
  45. Foot Weakness
  46. Desperate for answers.
  47. spasms in toes
  48. Double bunionectomy this Thursday!
  49. PTTD surgery will be Wednesday- do I have what I need?
  50. Not sure if this is serious of what.
  51. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome--had surgery 1 yr ago and nerve pain coming back???
  52. Big Toe Shortening?
  53. Showering question .????
  54. Ankle Microfracture Experiences - pain after surgery and recovery advice please
  55. Are all pins removed after Bunion Surgery?
  56. Failed Talus OCD Drilling - Need OATS
  57. Bunions in the making... preventive measures?
  58. Upcoming surgery and extremely nervous
  59. Combo Morton's Neuroma/Endoscopic Gastroc Recession (Lengthening)
  60. major frustration with post surgical foot problems
  61. Things you've found helpful in your recovery process
  62. Waiting for fusion
  63. How long is a typical bunion scar?
  64. 7 weeks post-op....happy AND frustrated
  65. I Ran (mistake)
  66. Doctor severed my tendon during Bunion Surgery--has this happened to anyone else?
  67. PTTD weight bearing questions
  68. Treatment options for osteochondral fracture of the talar dome
  69. Shattered Heel
  70. Sharp Pain on inside of my ankle when weight bearing
  71. too long for pain
  72. Pain in other toes.......
  73. Lapidus With External Screw Fixation?? Need your experiences and referrals
  74. toenail removal
  75. Bunionectomy Pain
  76. Flatter joint?
  77. It's Official: Bostrom Repair (What should be expected?)
  78. Numbness in calf to my ankle...anyone?
  79. My Foot/ankle feel weird
  80. Repeat talar surgery....need opinons
  81. Plate removed
  82. pronated feet, orthotic braces, PT
  83. Inner Ankle Pain: Struggling to get a diagnosis
  84. Significant swelling weeks postop?
  85. pttd surgery 5 months post op
  86. Do I have Peripheral Neuropothy or . . .
  87. Thinking of surgery
  88. Tight skin between toes?
  89. Sesamoiditis and Plantar Fibroma
  90. Working through the stiffness...postop...
  91. Mortons Neuroma
  92. How to Know When Your Plantar's Warts are Gone
  93. postop swelling...3+ months out...subsides when?
  94. Anyone's second toe a problem due to bunion?
  95. First steps once fwb after bunionectomy
  96. Broken Calcaneous now walking have questions
  97. Itching like CRAZY!!!!!!
  98. Peroneal Tendonitis...How long do i give it
  99. OATS 12 weeks today - Start weightbearing!
  100. Midfoot fusion surgery costs???
  101. HELP....Toe did not fuse.....more surgery
  102. Pain after foot surgery
  103. Anyone with failed bunion surgery?
  104. gangaloin foot cyst
  105. Ankle problems, six months in
  106. toenail fungus?
  107. Endoscopic Gastroc Recession
  108. When to go back to work?
  109. Severed Tendon in Foot??????
  110. Spira brand shoes-my experience
  111. possible non-union of fusion...how long do you think
  112. Revison of big toe
  113. Hope someone knows my symptoms! Heel Pain Bad Hurt Hurt
  114. Where do you buy crocs?
  115. Very painful new small bunion
  116. Can't get my toe to stay down
  117. Rare Foot Neuropathy
  118. broken Calcaneous and ankle wraps
  119. Positive experiences
  120. Toe and foot cramps?
  121. Walking after shattered Calcaneus
  122. Left or right??
  123. Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  124. Cam Walker
  125. Heel pain and insoles
  126. Ankle Reconstructive Surgery for Stabilization
  127. different types of bunion pain and why middle of night?
  128. Pins and Needles
  129. Achieving range of motion...timeline...???
  130. Post H-Toe/Taylors Bunion surgery, please add your experiences as well.
  131. floppy toe
  132. Posterior Tibial tendon pain
  133. My feet are purple
  134. Lisfranc Injury
  135. Scar tissue....blegh
  136. Ankle Braces For Good Foot post PTTD
  137. Cold Feet?
  138. Are you tired of your foot defining you?
  139. Fusion in your ankle/ foot - who has had it?
  140. :::sigh:::
  141. dr appointment today from dislocated toe
  142. Moved my foot and thought I would pass out from the pain
  143. Need recommendation for foot surgeon in Boston area
  144. Toe joint pain
  145. osteotomy for bunionettes
  146. Foot all black and blue --is that normaL?
  147. Has anyone tried acupuncture to help healing
  148. Have I broken my big toe?!
  149. Turning Leg Caddy, and other PTT ???
  150. OK still confused about shoes
  151. My scars look different.
  152. Tennis after bunion surgery
  153. i'm stumped
  154. Hammertoe Surgery
  155. Scared of bunionetomy surgery
  156. Sore feet post bunionectomy
  157. How much did you push through the pain, with PT?
  158. Broken screws after flat foot reconstruction
  159. Achilles tendon injury
  160. Achilles Tendonitis - not getting better...
  161. New knee pain post foot surgery
  162. EMG testing and foot drop and posterior tibial tendon transfer
  163. toenail growing up?
  164. Help...confused!
  165. Cold Feet
  166. Exercises for foot post bunion surgery
  167. foot stress fracture questions....
  168. Talonavicular Fusion, Accessory Navicular Removal and Tendon Debridement anyone?
  169. question about neuromas
  170. ALMOST 1 Week PostOp (H-toe surgery, taylor's bunion)
  171. NWB for 10 weeks now - OATS
  172. Who's got flat feet?
  173. Question about fractured ankle....
  174. Sesamoiditis??
  175. Besides books & tv how did you spend your time those first few wks after surgery?
  176. Help! Ankle pain after big toe fusions...
  177. OP-1 (Osteogenic Protein-1)
  178. How long do the feet continue to swell after resuming FWB?
  179. Combo Morton's Neuroma/ Hammertoe Surgery
  180. Fungus/Dry feet
  181. Bilateral Bunionettes
  182. Lateral Ankle Stabilization surgery
  183. Bunion Surgery coverage in Canada?
  184. PTT ... surgery, casting, what's next
  185. Driving after right ankle surgery? . . .
  186. Anyone with internal kwire or wire that was removed?
  187. Has Anyone Had Topaz Surgery For Planter Facitis???????
  188. Has Anyone Had Escopic Surgery For Planter Facitis???????
  189. Bunion/osteootomy May 22, vacation July 1 - Should I ask doc if I should stay out
  190. Feet are Killing me! Getting Orthotics
  191. Toe still numb.....
  192. KarynLR--how are you?
  193. Wearing Dress Shoes
  194. physical therapy after bunionectomy
  195. Compression sock
  196. Broken Calcaneous need advice for journey ahead.....
  197. Cortisone injection cause numbness along big toe?
  198. May 22 bunionectomy/osteoectomy left foot - drive right away w/right?
  199. I have some questions.... what is normal?
  200. Talar Osteochondral Lesion sx.; ankle clicking
  201. If you can help me I will be amazed, no one else can
  202. No healing of stress fracture
  203. Lower legs swelling in older age.
  204. PTTD implant surgery
  205. The boot hurts?!?!?!?
  206. Fractured Calcaneous (Rt. Heel)
  207. What frustrates you most about foot surgery?
  208. Pain in foot
  209. Scar therapy
  210. Heel problem
  211. Bilateral Bunionectomy Scheduled for April 28/08
  212. foot saga is pretty much over
  213. PTT post op check up
  214. Not healing well....very frightened
  215. Broken Heel
  216. Should I get OATS or other surgery after failed drilling for OCD
  217. hi why is my top leg bigger than my bottom leg and it's formed a x shape
  218. 2 weeks post-bunionectomy
  219. How long does it take to heal a torn ligament in my ankle?
  220. my foot gets numb after injury
  221. Best shoes for relief of plantar fasciitis?
  222. Bunionectomy scheduled - normal to feel pain other parts of foot?
  223. Mortons Neuroma Recovery Time
  224. Everything was going soooooo well too......
  225. sleepy feet
  226. Itchy feet and ankles at night
  227. Exercises for the Fasar muscle
  228. Bunion Surgery
  229. Flying after surgery!
  230. Bunionectom/osteomety v.2
  231. Implant Removal - 8 Wks Post-Op
  232. bunion - acceptable cardio exercise?
  233. Bunion surgery - excessive scar tissue/adhesions
  234. foot surgery
  235. Heel Pain - Unresolved
  236. surgery friday.....chat support please
  237. Why I have no knee scooter.
  238. on and off foot pain
  239. 5 weeks post and thing are looking pretty good.
  240. Clicking big toe joint
  241. Nerve problems after ankle surgery
  242. anyone with delayed bone healing..post bunionectomy
  243. Bunion Surgery
  244. lump on inside of ankle?
  245. Foot Pain... Neurological, Physical, Or Other Cause???
  246. Disneyland and foot problems/disability?
  247. do your feet hurt?
  248. my ankle hurts :(
  249. State of the Art foot surgery?
  250. Achilles tendon injury

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