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  1. Pre-weight bearing jitters
  2. Sand Paper Rubbing Sensation Incision Inside Cast, Help Please!
  3. What PWB is like for me
  4. second toe amputation
  5. Hammertoe Surgery
  6. Rolled ankle
  7. Weird stinging-like sensation in my heel
  8. Ankle fusion with externals fixator
  9. Ankle problems
  10. A Foot Saga ~ Bad Back?
  11. Daughter's bunions
  12. why does a bone stick out on top of my foot when bending the big toe down?
  13. Brostrom in 5 days?
  14. 5th metatarsal spiral fracture right foot
  15. Foot fusion question
  16. injuring palms of hands after surgery
  17. gastrocnemius recession
  18. One week out from PTTD surgery. Pain questions?
  19. 8 weeks today, and a few baby steps
  20. 3 wk post op Calcaneal Osteotomy w/flexor digitorum longus tendon transfer
  21. Sore Toe
  22. Nerve and muscle damage to foot
  23. How soon can I walk after bunion surgery?
  24. Moving from cam boot to shoe
  25. Broken calcanious bone right foot 2 screws put in
  26. 8.5 months post ankle reconstruction, back in cast
  27. Elevating with a boot
  28. Can/should I ride a kick scooter with a (healed) ORIF?
  29. Talus Fracture
  30. bone will not heal
  31. post PTTD surgery - anti embolism stockings
  32. Dry Needling for Feet, heel and PTTD
  33. Microfracture surgery of distal tibia
  34. Bilateral bunionectomy
  35. Giant Cell Tumor
  36. Ankle surgery
  37. Flatfoot surgery
  38. Haglund's Deformity
  39. I know healing is slow....but how slow?
  40. Toenail Removed
  41. Bunion pain?
  42. Bunion pain?
  43. Morton's Neuroma
  44. 10 years after Chrisman Snook, i'm still in worse pain than before the surgery
  45. Raytec sponge and surgical drain left in back
  46. Considering Ankle fusion... need advice
  47. Pantalar fusion
  48. vertical right big toe split
  49. bone transplant for Osteochondritis Dessicans
  50. When did you start PT after PTTD surgery?
  51. bunion surgery...
  52. Nighttime leg/foot cramping
  53. Tingling in BOTH feet after right ankle surgery.
  54. Having tarsal coalition surgery April 23, 2014
  55. Anuerysmal bone cyst in tibia
  56. Need advice on going back to work
  57. Tingling in foot after ankle surgery.
  58. ankle fusion
  59. MBA implant surgery didn't work :(
  60. 11 weeks and having a lot go pain walking with cane.
  61. OATS Surgery or No Surgery?
  62. 10 months out of triple arthrodesis.
  63. Putrid Ankle Scab/Scar
  64. stabbing pain in ankle?
  65. Mystery ankle pain.
  66. Triple ankle arthrodesis 9 days on
  67. Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery
  68. New to this
  69. Stabbing pain in ankle
  70. decompressive osteotomy and hammertoe repair
  71. Pantalar Fusion post op
  72. Feet pain
  73. Foot Pain - Left Foot
  74. 4th toe pain!!
  75. Metatarsal stress fracture
  76. Pttd surgery on left foot 1/16/14
  77. Questions about friends foot... concerned
  78. Tarsal Coalition with heel realignment surgery!!!
  79. Long-term adverse reaction to cortisone injection in bunion
  80. 10 Days Post Tendon Repair/Cyst Removal
  81. peroneus brevis and longus tendons completely torn with medial talus bone contusion
  82. Incisions
  83. Hardware Removal - lateral column lengthening?
  84. Haglunds Deformity
  85. Tender heel
  86. Cast problems
  87. When did you know you made the right decision?
  88. "dueling docs" & bone stimulator
  89. flat foot surgery
  90. Walking With Cane
  91. Peroneus brevis tendon and OCD
  92. numbness under feet
  93. LO, are you out there?
  94. Left Leg Fracture - Tibia Fracture
  95. Total ankle replacement
  96. Total ankle replacement
  97. Seeking for fast recovery for twisted ankle =(
  98. Brostrom repair: what to expect
  99. I cannot feel my toes and feet on my right foot
  100. Achilles tendenapothy/calcaneal bursitis
  101. Foot spasms/nerve pain/hot feet
  102. diagnosed with PTT Posterior tibial tendonitis
  103. Ankle fracture
  104. Foot drop
  105. OATS procedure on Right ankle
  106. Phase II: From the Cast to the Boot
  107. Boot at night after 8 weeks post op?
  108. Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) question about sleeping in boot?
  109. Recommended shoes's post double bunionectomy
  110. Allux rigidus- osteotomy to correct it made it so much worse
  111. Ankle Derangement/Surgery
  112. After surgery on left ankle
  113. post ankle surgery
  114. Hallux rigidus op
  115. 4 weeks, this kind of pain in ankle?
  116. Anoyone with successful hallux varus surgery?
  117. Sports possible after PTTD, Calcaneal Osteotomy?
  118. 2 1/2 weeks post op
  119. February 5 foot surgery
  120. cuneiform osteotomy
  121. Is this much pain normal after 6 weeks??
  122. 5 procedures they will do on my foot
  123. foot tingling - need help understanding this condition!
  124. 2 weeks pttd post op
  125. Checking in: One year post-PTTD surgery
  126. Does anyone find it hard to switch from walker to cane after foot surgery.
  127. Transportation home from Hospital?
  128. PTTD surgery coming up - 2/24
  129. inter-articulated calcaneus fracture
  130. manuka honey to heal incision.
  131. star for ankle replacement
  132. Realistic to be out of cast at 3 weeks post PTTD surgery
  133. Starting week 4, can't sleep, feeling down
  134. Released for limited weight bearing
  135. This is annoying
  136. I feel like I have 2 different feet!
  137. nervous about foot surgery.
  138. Reaction to metal plate?
  139. Pain following PTTD surgery
  140. Hit By Drunk Driver
  141. hallux rigidus with bone spur plus PRP or stem cells
  142. PTTD Impending surgery March 2012
  143. scheduled for 4 different procedures on right foot
  144. Upcoming tarsal tunnel surgery/pin rem.
  145. I have weird sideways bending toes. Help!
  146. hardware in my ankle
  147. Ankle Fusion Q?'s
  148. Pain in foot after break
  149. PTTD recovery, how long until...
  150. Lateral Ankle Pain 4 1/2 Months Post PTTD Surgery
  151. Upcoming Brostrum ? Blood thinners required ... Aprehensive
  152. Pain from screw in ankle???
  153. fusion of big toe
  154. Recovery time for Pttd and bunion surgery together.
  155. Arch reconstruction surgery...
  156. From Cast To Boot
  157. Big toe fusion and physio
  158. CRPS or not?
  159. What I've learned after two flat foot surgeries
  160. Pain and swelling 6 months post lateral ankle reconstruction
  161. screws backing out
  162. 2 weeks tomorrow, laugh or cry?
  163. Halix Rigidus
  164. Subtalar Fusion Recovery – What A Ride
  165. foot/ankle surgery
  166. Osteochondral Defect of Talus
  167. how to prepare for pttd surgery
  168. Rehabilitation Post Brostrom Procedure
  169. foot surgery
  170. PTTD surgery one year anniversary folks!
  171. 14 months post calcaneus fracture plus subtalar fusion update
  172. Right ligament reconstruction surgery, nervous
  173. Stress fracture and shoes
  174. 11days post pttd surgery-hot and tingly
  175. Intrasheath subluxation?
  176. i just had pttd surgery on dec 10 2013
  177. subtalar fusion
  178. Foot sprain
  179. Pain in feet and ankles
  180. Pain after new cast
  181. one year later- kidner and gastroc recession
  182. Questions about brodstrum ankle surgery
  183. OCD talus post medial
  184. Do boots and hard casts really prevent surgery for PTTD?
  185. 1 week post PTT surgery, please help
  186. Ankle problem. Best brace ?
  187. Accessory Navicular Surgery and Bunionectomy
  188. Hurts to walk on broken leg?
  189. Stress fractures???
  190. Ankle pain but no swelling?
  191. So two weeks ago I sprained my ankle really badly
  192. Burning feet
  193. I rolled my ankle pretty badly about two weeks ago
  194. Anyone use a bone stimulator after PTT surgery?
  195. ligament tightening surgery week 1
  196. Osteochondral cyst of the talus
  197. calcaneal bursitis
  198. PTTD 7wks, cast off!! Heel pain normal?
  199. Pain in foot after broken toe
  200. Ankle MRI's showing torn peroneas brevis tendon
  201. Ankle Fusion Q?'s
  202. Post-op bunion and hammertoe sugery
  203. Back in The Boot! Metatarsal stress fracture
  204. Weight bearing issue/question
  205. PT recommendation after PTTD ankle reconstruction
  206. Subtalar Arthrodesis
  207. atrophy and splitting of tendons and
  208. 3 days post op from PTT surgery ?'s
  209. Toes surgery
  210. Sore and unsteady
  211. Pain and lump after screw removal
  212. Completely ruptured posterior tib tendon
  213. Can lowering blood pressure & weight reverse PTTD?
  214. Partial Peroneal Brevis Tendon Tear
  215. ankle distraction surgery
  216. Sharp pain, outer edge of foot
  217. Bunionectomy - pain from hardware?
  218. Sigh... had to go back on boot :(
  219. foot incision won't heal
  220. Ankle pain post metatarsal fracture
  221. Flat Foot Reconstruction Questions
  222. Reconstruction of Tear of Posterior Tibial Tendon with Tendon Transfer, and Calcaneal
  223. Reconstruction of Tear of Posterior Tibial Tendon with Tendon Transfer, and Calcaneal
  224. Colville Procedure?
  225. Huge fluid filled Bister Post-op
  226. Don't think I can wait two more weeks!
  227. Ouch My Big Toe
  228. Pain from hardware?... how do you know?
  229. Bunion Surgion
  230. Subtalar Implant Popping Out of Place?
  231. The time is finally here...
  232. Hi
  233. Ice or Heat for post op on ankle
  234. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction of left ankle
  235. sural nerve biopsy
  236. Outside foot pain after double bunionectomy
  237. runner with tarsal coalition
  238. Had bunion surgery it still hurts
  239. Advice for bunionectomies - CAM boot
  240. Update: 10 year old daughter, flat foot surgery two weeks post-op
  241. broken right fibula
  242. Partial Weight Bearing in Cast (HELP)
  243. Big toe pain
  244. stage 3 or stage 4 pttd in my left foot
  245. fracture in calcaneous bone and metatalus
  246. 2 fresh allograft surgery OCD of talus
  247. Morton's Neuroma Surgery Did Not Help
  248. PTTD Surgery
  249. Need some advice on ankle pain that wont go away in both ankles
  250. help pain is over-running my life!

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