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  2. Need advice with bunions
  3. ok - Got a Second Opinion... different from first doc...
  4. Thanks for the advise!!!
  5. Quick!! Need an answer this morning!
  6. help: boyfriend's feet stink!
  7. surgical shoes and ankle supports
  8. metatarsal injury
  9. Anyone have arthritis in one foot or both?
  10. Help, post bunion surgery questions
  11. ingrown toe nail
  12. Just past one year post-fusion
  13. 8 weeks post op, took my first "REAL" steps today at PT!!!!
  14. Heel damage??
  15. Pain in Foot while Bones Heal?
  16. screw removal
  17. How are we all doing?
  18. Lump on top of foot
  19. First Doctors Appt. - CONFUSED!
  20. Lump on big toe?
  21. Plantar Fibroma...can anyone help???
  22. reflex sympathetic dystyrophy syndrome
  23. Fractured toe/foot??
  24. Fractured Toe
  25. New: Severe Pain on bottom of Feet and in legs
  26. advice on bunionectomy surgery
  27. Heel Pain
  28. Foot pain
  29. Foot/toe cramps... anyone else?
  30. bumps on foot
  31. Has anyone else who has tarsal coalition experienced this?
  32. Is this normal??
  33. Overpronation
  34. Swollen toes on Left foot
  35. No Pain. Procedure: closing base wedge osteotomy with McBride bunionectomy
  36. Foot Problems, can anyone help
  37. Lisa! What did the doc say??
  38. Post Op Inactivity is leading to INERTIA...is this getting to anyone else???
  39. workwrs comp stress fracture still hurts after 7 months
  40. Bunionectomy Post op PT excersises
  41. bunionectomies: post op physio & orthotics
  42. possible infection
  43. Bunion surgery - post op
  44. sudeck's atrophy help
  45. Morton Neuroma surgery question
  46. Pre-op tests?
  47. grandmothers bad ankle
  48. severe arch pain.help!
  49. ?Painful lump ball of foot?
  50. Hallux Limitus/Cheilectomy
  51. What kind of post-op shoes are you using?
  52. ankle pain
  53. hot feet, swollen toes, anti-fungal. HELP
  54. Peroneal tendon problem again!
  55. Neurectomy
  56. Podiatrist or Orthopedic for Achilles problems?
  57. I Have 3 Small White Bumps On Bottom Of My Foot?
  58. Knot formed on back of toe joint.
  59. What is it?
  60. Interesting, about ice & ice vs cold packs
  61. Does anyone know.......
  62. What do you for rough feet?
  63. Surgery on bunion and gastrocnemius muscle
  64. Pin removal = no big deal
  65. Now they say Subtalar Joint problem..Help!
  66. woke up with a crooked foot.
  67. 2 weeks post op bunion surgery question
  68. 4weeks post op tomorrow!
  69. Please help, it hurts so bad :(
  70. when do the problems end?
  71. What are these blisters?
  72. What are nonsurgical treatments for bunions?
  73. Achilles/Heel Pain
  74. Update: Bunionectomy on both feet
  75. please help me im so scared thanks
  76. Have you used this doctor in NC (& CO)?
  77. 3 months post Plantar Fasciotomy Surgery and toe is numb
  78. Foot Surgery Question
  79. Help??
  80. Had bunion surgery and now have questions
  81. 1 year post fusion today
  82. stinky feet
  83. Delayed Lisfranc Diagnosis...help
  84. Yippee Skippy! 3weeks post-op!
  85. Extreme Foot Pain
  86. 4 weeks post fusion
  87. major foot problem help
  88. Purple feet?
  89. Can't wear high heels - toe pain!
  90. tarsal tunnel
  91. calcaneus fracture dec 03,still painful
  92. Bump on side of heel
  93. Calcaneous Fracture
  94. Ankle Fusion
  95. injured foot
  96. foot pain
  97. Lady Neon update
  98. Need Help For Recurrent Athlete's Foot
  99. Split anterior tendon transfer
  100. Experiences with Double Bunionectomies?
  101. Bunion
  102. I had bunion surgery as a teenager....
  103. Bunionectomy sleep help!
  104. crushed ankle, 3 screws...how much will i collect?
  105. Ankle Sprain 5 months ago and still can't walk
  106. How long after bunionectomy should you take pain meds?
  107. Painful pin removal
  108. Help From Foot Surgery - Neuroma Removal
  109. Sue...are you OK?
  110. ???all this pain just from wearing sandals????
  111. Subtalar Coalition Surgery
  112. Anyone else have a cast?
  113. Infected corn?
  114. Need bunionectomy cheering up!
  115. Itchy feet
  116. Another surgery!!!!!
  117. Pigeon Toe'd
  118. What is this PAIN?
  119. 1 year post op Bunion surgery
  120. Weird, hard.. thing.
  121. I'm about 8 hours post-op
  122. Toe fusion questions
  123. 2 days post op. doing well!
  124. Pulled muscles
  125. eko- how are you?
  126. bunion surgery at a clinical research center
  127. Foot fusion(s) coming up & I'm scared! How do I check out my doc?
  128. Ankle Tightness
  129. ankle is KILLING ME!!!
  130. Nerve problems after bunionectomy
  131. Need help for peeling feet
  132. tibial nerve problems
  133. Plantar Fasciitis sufferers, PLEASE HELP
  134. narrow feet, high arch, and sharp heels
  135. Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
  136. Seismoid Pain
  137. When are the Pins Removed????
  138. Medial malleolus pain post tendon transfer surgery
  139. HELP! Toenails are coming off????????
  140. hard lump on toe
  141. Sharp big toe pain
  142. Toenail coming off
  143. Question about ankle tendon
  144. Having an osteotomy to fix my flat feet.
  145. does anyone know how to stop pain in anterior tibialis tendon?
  146. fungus on toenails info.
  147. Random Foot Pain?
  148. Blisters on toes?
  149. Painful feet initially
  150. Painful feet initially
  151. Toe nail growing up...
  152. Yoga and toe fusions (Down Dog Pose?)
  153. Toe Fusion(s) -- any regrets?
  154. Underlapping 5th toe/ Tailors Bunion:Surgery Required??
  155. pain in the joint of my big toe
  156. Pain after Bunion Surgery
  157. did anyone have an open incision?
  158. yellow area still there after corn removal surgery
  159. yellow area still there after corn removal surgery
  160. Help!!!
  161. what could this be??
  162. footwear, exercise after MTP fusion?
  163. More Info
  164. My husband is having bunion surgery on the 1st
  165. Ingorwn toenial that is NOT infected
  166. After Bunion Surgey help>>PAIN
  167. right foot swollen
  168. Toes point up
  169. Corns - skin or bone?
  170. Anyone happy with long term results?
  171. Both bunions at same time
  172. 2nd Bunion Surgery Scheduled for the 28th!
  173. OK, here it is.......
  174. External Fixators?
  175. Bath/shower mat for sore feet?
  176. Help needed by newcomer please!
  177. had fuison...have problems
  178. Top of my foot hurts when I bend my big toe!
  179. Toe Surgery...mainly done on people with hammer toe.
  180. Can corns/calluses be invisible? (and seasonal?)
  181. Spots and Fungas, i think..........
  182. Bunion Surgery Vets: Questions you wish you'd asked??
  183. Burning heels???
  184. ok, what am I going to need???
  185. Question For My Dad
  186. flexible flat feet and exercise
  187. Bad Foot Cramps
  188. Healing Foot neuroma using holistic / acupuncture ?
  189. Anyone have Plantar Fasciitis surgery and happy?
  190. swelling and bending toes after surgery
  191. Subtalar Fusion and resetting the heel bone...
  192. Here I go again--Bunion surgery #2
  193. Help question's on Broken Metatarsal
  194. surgery date set
  195. I need some help
  196. After Neuroma Surgery
  197. BUNIONECTOMY: 3 wks. post op..looks like I have a bunion again-much pain..any advice?
  198. Osteotomy for Hyperpronation
  199. Had surgery--NEED HELP!!!!
  200. Jammed toe one year on... and weird lumpy toe
  201. Well, more ankle than foot...
  202. Ankle Pain after Bunion Surgery??
  203. Steindler plantar fascial stripping
  204. Swollen/sore ankles
  205. mba mplant for flat feet? -anyone know about this?
  206. bunion surgery sleep help
  207. Scar massage.
  208. large space between big toe and second toe after bunion surgery, is this normal?
  209. numb soles of my feet... can you help?
  210. PT Question
  211. osteotomy with fibular sesamoid removal
  212. Pod. or ortho.??????????
  213. Is this Plantar Fasciitis?
  214. pointer toe nails
  215. 7 months later... Severe pain, not improving, badly depressed. Help please
  216. Anyone Solved Their Tendonitis Problem?
  217. Callous between Big toe & second toe +++
  218. sural nerve and tendon lengthening?
  219. Hallux Rigidus Foot Surgery
  220. Heel pain
  221. Capsulitis
  222. pain on top of foot
  223. sesamoid removal
  224. toe hurts
  225. tips for crutches with snow on the ground
  226. bunion surgery good news!
  227. seeking opinion about hardware removal
  228. In a cast 3 weeks post-op
  229. Doctor screwed up my Mom's foot....
  230. Fusion Problems
  231. Peroneal tendon recovery
  232. Ankle Ligament Surgery Question
  233. stretching muscles in an injured foot...
  234. calcaneal osteotomy & achilles lengthening
  235. Home remedy for painful big toe
  236. Foot Odor
  237. Need Help Desperately!!!!
  238. Surgery for Mortons Neuroma
  239. Lotions and creams and salves for neuroma / fracture
  240. Foot Surgery for flat foot
  242. Reconstructive foot surgery
  243. Not Athlete's Foot(?)
  244. Foot pain, big toe pain. HELP!
  245. heels hurt....rop
  246. Rough Skin on big toe?
  247. Flying after bunion surgery?
  248. bad foot i've had for 10 years
  249. Stiff and raised toe
  250. Insurance won't cover foot orthotics

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