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  1. Bunions - have an appointment with a pod
  2. Bad Shoes
  3. Osteochondral Fracture
  4. All done but the recovery -- I'm glad I had the surgeries
  5. For Joll43
  6. few questions for the pros:)
  7. My embarrassment
  8. Lateral Ankle Stabilization problems
  9. overpronation and muscles
  10. overcorrected bunionectomy
  11. Travelling with a hard cast!!
  12. Ankle Exercises
  13. Exercises for plantar fascitis
  14. Do heel spurs & bunions go hand in hand?
  15. More Exercises
  16. More Exercises
  17. Have a big toe fusion? How happy are you with the results?
  18. Fusion update... more surgery... questions...
  19. JD...Are you still around?
  20. About to have a subtalar joint fusion
  21. pre operative assessment!?!
  22. orthopedic surgeon recommendation?
  23. 10 wks post-op ankle ligament repair
  24. Plantar Fascitis-job on feet all day?
  25. Athlete's Foot! ARGH THIS ITCH!!
  26. Update on bone stimulator
  27. Wheelchairs and airplanes (Wtwct)
  28. I think I have Plantar Fasciitis
  29. modified mcbride with Kalish Procedure using 2 screws
  30. Hi Everyone
  31. Jyll Where Aere Your Excercises Located
  32. Chilblains?
  33. Lateral Ankle Stabilization
  34. Ankle Sprain after 3 Months
  35. Kehorner...how's that ankle?
  36. Gout
  37. foot surgery update
  38. Overpronation, Foot rolling
  39. painful feet everyday! Help!!! :(
  40. one month post op double bunionectomy
  41. How long for crutches
  42. sprained toe
  43. Esacerbated Symptoms Post Steroid Injection
  44. Numb & Paralysed toes
  45. Reverdin-Laud-Green Ostectomy
  46. post bunion surgery footwear help(hopefully)
  47. 5 days post op
  48. Who knows anything about a bone stimulator??
  49. Surgery 1/11/06, now post-op
  50. Question of Ankle Veterans
  51. Recent Fall - Should I call my doctor.
  52. Jennifer - How are you doing? How did surgery go?
  53. WalkFit orthotics, anyone?? Do they work?
  54. dlh.still here?
  55. post bunion surgery....HELP PLEASE!!
  56. Problem with Sons foot.
  57. Mid-foot fusion: How long before you know if the screws have to come out?
  58. Is This A Planters Wart?
  59. Foot Sprain?
  60. Turf-Toe...
  61. Middle toes and ball foot pain
  62. Bunion surgery today
  63. SoCalSharon, Are you still around
  64. Why is my foot so hot?
  65. Got My Ugg Boots On!!!!
  66. Soft lump on top of foot
  67. Tendonitis Today Tomorrow PT
  68. Shoes After Bunionectomy
  69. Need a Lisfranc Dr
  70. Ankle - Sports Braces/ Supports
  71. For JD and Sophie
  72. Elevate and ice foot
  73. Very anxious and nervous!!!
  74. Scary Numb Foot, only 18
  75. Pain On Top Of Foot Weird !!!!
  76. What do you do for nerve pain?
  77. Mary - How are you?
  78. I'm terrified of my upcoming bunion surgery!
  79. Bunions?
  80. Ankle sprain after ligament repair
  81. pin and stitches out-YE HA
  82. Lump on my foot...
  83. Austin bunion surgery next week
  84. pin and stitches coming out tomorrow
  85. My new New Balance shoes just arrived!! AND, how are you Sophie & Wtwct??
  86. stitches out and trying to walk
  87. foot/ankle re-injury?
  88. How long for a sprained foot to heal?
  89. Toe Verucca?
  90. katkat
  91. KatKat - What's "ASTM"??
  92. foot pain when barefoot and exercising
  93. When is the pain normal? Or too sore?
  94. DeepTissue Massage
  95. Bone Fusion
  96. Advice needed to make post-op much easier
  97. pain in great toe after repeated surgeries
  98. 6 weeks post op tomorrow...no more cast! Yippee!
  99. Anyone have toe fungus?
  100. Favorite things for Post-OP
  101. For JD
  102. what about walking?
  103. how long...
  104. Injuried Foot 2 wks ago not broken still hurts and bruised
  105. I still have pot on for another 2 weeks and?
  106. Pain at mid-foot after lapidus - from pins/screws?
  107. Bunionectomy After-Care Questions
  108. Flat feet?
  109. ball of foot swelling?
  110. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, & Happy Kwanzaa to my Fellow Footies! ;)
  111. what to expect when stitches come out
  112. Slightly Sprained Ankle?
  113. Lisfranc Injury!?!?
  114. one week post op double bunionectomy!
  115. post-toenail injury
  116. fusion or artificial joint??
  117. walker is great after bunion surgery
  118. Looking for a good Dr. in Phoenix
  119. Ugg boots after bunion surgery?
  120. Anyone else with Morton's Neuroma?
  121. Callous
  122. Rash
  123. big toe pain
  124. Pre OP
  125. Waiting For Bunion Surgery
  126. bunion surgery this morning
  127. Recovery From Hammertoe Surgery
  128. 12 days post-op
  129. If you had a bone graft from your hip...
  130. Eswt Update-13 Weeks
  131. Can bad work shoes (in restaurant industry) cause problems?
  132. Lumps on Big Toe
  133. terrible shooting pains and discoloration
  134. Healing Nonunion But Still Lot's of Pain
  135. egyptian toes
  136. what the heck could this possibly be???!!
  137. lump on foot
  138. Cracked skin under big toe
  139. Pain From My Heel. Anyone Know What It May Be?
  140. Big toe almost completely numb... normal??
  141. Relief for peripheral neuropathy burning/numbness?
  142. Foul odor under cast or normal??
  143. Recent Heel Fracture
  144. Recurring Plantar Fibroma. What Now?
  145. Calf Muscle Problems
  146. Foot Callous/Gangrene/ Surgery/Never healed
  147. Does anyone have anything GOOD to say about heel surgery?
  148. Flat Feet - Best/cheapest insoles to use (UK)?
  149. Homedics Massaging Waterbed For The Feet
  150. Snowboarding/skiing post-bunionectomy
  151. Cortisone shots
  152. ankles
  153. Birkenstocks For Plantar Fasciitis
  154. heel pain
  155. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
  156. Why are bunion surgeries so different???
  157. My surgery is Friday morning
  158. Numbness or "dead" feeling in toes and foot...
  159. Mysterious cramp in foot
  160. Ankle surgery- peroneus brevis pain
  161. Cyst on the ball of my foot
  162. Bunion Surgery On Thursday
  163. feet hurt so bad i can't hardly walk
  164. Broken Bunion
  165. I'm having surgery in 5 days, now daughter needs surgery too
  166. Bunionette surgery question
  167. Ingrown toenail?
  168. unexplainable bruised toe nails
  169. NOW what happens???
  170. 365 Days
  171. Very swollen foot/toes, deep red/purple toes, (post-surgery) more pain...???
  172. Tendinitis?
  173. I'm getting the surgery next week
  174. New Job = Injured Feet
  175. OK SO I did a REALLY STUPID thing today!!
  176. Sleepy feet!!
  177. heel pain and hip pain
  178. Heel Pain?
  179. best shoes/orthotic for morton's neuroma
  180. Broken heel recovery - twitching nerves?
  181. Hey Sophie - I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow!
  182. Pain meds during PT?
  183. feet too warm
  184. Gastrocnemius Recession
  185. Surgery! Uugghh!
  186. Elmsey Procedure
  187. Hammer toe ?
  188. Sophie - my surgery was friday the 11th
  189. Waffle Heel????
  190. Home from surgery last night... up (sort of!) now...
  191. Chronic Ankle Pain
  192. Well, tomorrow's (Friday) the Big Day! I think I'll call ahead...
  193. Anyone Have a Delayed Union
  194. foot pain?
  195. Driving with a cast is a no-no....
  196. swollen foot wont go down
  197. Tourniquet Use for Foot Surgery
  198. Heel Bursitis surgery vs cold laser
  199. Odd Toenail
  200. baxter's release surgery
  201. I'm going crazy!
  202. Help with Swelling after surgery
  203. update on my hubby(heel fracture) and workman's comp ???
  204. Can anyone recommend a surgeon in Sacramento?
  205. test
  206. GUESS WHO didn't show up for my surgery today??? My SURGEON!!!
  207. questions about bunion surgery
  208. Post Bunionectomy - big toe ROM, other toes and PT.
  209. surgery and acrylic nails
  210. post bunionette problems and ?s
  211. Edema in feet...help!
  212. Edema in feet...help!
  213. Lapidus procedure (mid-foot fusion)anyone? What is recovery like? How to prepare?
  214. One Week Post-Op Bunionectomy
  215. Do Croc shoes make your feet sweat?
  216. Morning foot pain
  217. big surgery= big pain, is it forever?
  218. toe nail regrowth
  219. First metatarsocuneiform joint (MCJ) arthrodesis, anyone? Also previous bunion surger
  220. Bunion: tip of toe going numb
  221. heel problems
  222. Blood tests and wheelchairs
  223. Fused Toe Bones
  224. Shooting Pain when Elevated?
  225. please answer some questions??
  226. new here - how to find a good pod?
  227. Cost Of Surgery
  228. Post-Bunionectomy Questions
  229. Confusion about triple fusion post op
  230. still getting surgery in the bottom of foot
  231. Recovery Set-Back: PT a must
  232. ankle surgery -- recovery time?
  233. Bunions - surgery
  234. Round Two - - Right Foot 2/25/05 and Left Foot 10/21/05
  235. Upcoming bunion and bunionette surgery
  236. Toe spur question
  237. malpractice
  238. Anyone have surgery thru the bottom of the foot
  239. Scared to walk! Fusion-6 weeks post op.....
  240. sprained ankle not healing completely
  241. Fusion Friends...Help
  242. WARTS!!! are the devil
  243. is this normal?
  244. Sesamoiditis
  245. big toe swell
  246. Possible ankle fracture
  247. What is Bilateral Flat Feet? 15 yr old "cross country runner" son has this...
  248. Numbness in tip/pad on right big toe
  249. Lump on bottom of big toe - what is it?
  250. Not new to footpain, just to Healthboards

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