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  1. A question about in growing toe nails...
  2. My story and a question (bunionectomy)
  3. Saw new podiatrist
  4. Nail lifted off nail bed
  5. Great Toe Fusion 10 Months Post-op
  6. neuroma between 4 and 5
  7. electric shocks
  8. queenied
  9. very little range of motion and alot of pain
  10. Real bad foot pain
  11. Plantar Fasciitis Question
  12. Numb Toe
  13. I'm going to cut them off!!
  14. pinky toe crosses over other toe
  15. OP-One for Bilateral Non Unions
  16. New problem two years after broken leg!
  17. Post Op Appointment
  18. Itching between toes,is it athletes foot
  19. past injury back to haunt me?
  20. Bunionectomy - screws
  21. Nerve Pain Post-Surgery
  22. Calcaneal Hardware removal????
  23. Help!!!
  24. Post Op Bunion Surgery Appointments
  25. Major fracture problems!
  26. pain after heel fracture
  27. Question
  28. When Did Your Pins Loosen?
  29. Going Crazy Here!
  30. short achillies heels
  31. Flat Feet?
  33. Is it just me...?
  34. Ingrown toenail
  35. Lump??
  36. Ankle Ligament Reconstruction - Pain
  37. Anyone have bunionectomies 2 months apart?
  38. Toes not touching floor post surgery! help please!
  39. What kind of shoes?
  40. Achy Heels...
  41. longer second toe
  42. Swollen Ankle/no Injurie
  43. 2nd Hammertoe surgery on same toe
  44. heel is discolored
  45. Dark brown discoloration on pinky toenail on right foot
  46. Bunions Are Beautiful
  47. Pain Meds for Bunion Surgery
  48. Big toe fusion
  49. Chronic Big Toe Pain
  50. screws to stabilize transverse arch: what to expect?
  51. Any of you old experts still out there?
  52. Has anyone had one swollen foot for a length of time?
  53. Bunion Surgery-More Questions!
  54. Any Cool Home-remidies For Getting Rid Of Foot Fungus
  55. Could I have been misdiagnosed all these years?
  56. Bunionectomy-after surgery 4 weeks
  57. swollen ankle
  58. Neuroma between 2nd and 3rd toes--Really need advice!
  59. joint replacement surgery for bunions
  60. Scabs on Incision
  61. any advice for me? please!
  62. Tarsal Coalition in adolescents
  63. Question about toenail fungus spreading
  64. rock embedded in my heel
  65. To my bunion friends- my bone moved :(
  66. isnt there any help at all
  67. Bunion Surgery Questions
  68. Nail Fungas Penlac Treatment
  69. hammer toes
  70. bunion surgery vs. joint replacement surgery
  71. how bad does arthritic big toe need to be to justify having it fused?
  72. Heel spurs: What are the symptoms?
  73. The tip of my toe got cut off by firewood..
  74. To All Of You Footie Soldiers ((~.~))
  75. Do I have the symptoms of a heel spur?
  76. anyone try non-surgical treatments for bunions?
  77. Toe Nail Fungus... Any recommendations?
  78. Plantar Warts
  79. corn
  80. What's after the walking boot?
  81. No more crutch, no more black boot!
  82. Peripheral nerve injury and foot drop after GSW to theigh please help
  83. swelling in ankles and feet while at computer
  84. Corn needs to go
  85. Pain in foot
  86. Bunionectomy- post op shoes?
  87. Different Dianosis
  88. Ankle self-fusion
  89. toe
  90. shorter toes? smaller shoe size?
  91. Corn removers
  92. right foot hurts when I get out of bed
  93. need help looking for information
  94. Can someone explain?
  95. hammertoes! Please Help
  96. Ouch!!! Foot Pain Is Killing Me!!!
  97. Surgery on Same Foot!!!
  98. First Time Foot Surgery
  99. Just plain terrified!!!!
  100. I have been awarded dla.,for arthritis.
  101. WARNING - ALERT to all new post op footies
  102. Recent Lisfranc Injury
  103. heals hurt. HELP
  104. akin osteomy
  105. the skin-peeling stage
  106. anyone know what i have
  107. Is this normal?
  108. Red hot burning feet.
  109. toe fusion and Birkenstocks
  110. Heal Spur
  111. How to stop/prevent Plantar Fascitis? Help!
  112. How long between bunionectomies?
  113. Iím back AGAIN: 7/3/Sunday Ė MORE QUESTIONS
  114. Just want an answer, please help
  115. Walking Again
  116. surgery on broken fibula
  117. A bunion nightmare!
  118. Bummer!!!
  119. :(
  120. i love my black boot
  121. Need help with foot!
  122. 1 week post op ((~.~)) GG
  123. "cracking" bones sounds in feet
  124. Severe foot pain......need help
  125. Shattered Both Heels-3yrs & 6 Surgeries later I am worse than ever-HELP!
  126. Soooo Frustrated!!!
  127. surgery update from a fusion friend
  128. How long before I go crutch-less?
  129. What could this be...
  130. Bunionectomy or Fusion Friends - I have a question!!
  131. healed compressed calcaneal fracture
  132. Instep Problems
  133. new bunion and hammer toe surgery
  134. husband in pain & wont go to the Dr. HELP
  135. Front of Foot hurts When lifting my toes up
  136. Crocs
  137. Neuroma & Accupuncture
  138. Feet Problem
  139. 1 year post bunion surgery update
  140. 14 weeks and still pain - normal?
  141. Applying 2 ointments to the feet - is it ok?
  142. post-fusion swelling
  143. incredible itching with planter warts???
  144. feet first, joll43, kehorner, SoCalSharon.sbrewer, & boarder chic:
  146. Pins being taken out next Tuesday
  147. Numbness in Left Big Toe
  148. calcaneus fx
  149. Plantar Fasciitis
  150. On Neuromas, Alcohol Injections, etc.
  151. To Linda (Rollargirl) - "re: response to Jessica"
  152. I'm Back ((~.~) With Pre-op Jitters
  153. Sue..... Where are you?
  154. Please help- 8 days post-op
  155. Thanks for the pod help :)
  156. Bunion and bone spur
  157. 3 mos. post op bunionectomy questoion
  158. plantar fasciitis: what helps?
  159. Help! Lisfranc sprain, RSD, 5th MT base fracture, neuroma
  160. dont know how it will go
  161. Fasciotomy
  162. To my friend Lisa (joll43)
  163. when to go back to work
  164. Shoes - "Crocs"
  165. I hate this cast!
  166. Removal of Titanium screws
  167. My Neuroma Second Opinion
  168. Fungus Toe
  169. Hammer Toes and the Calves
  170. Broken little toe
  171. Ankle, hip, neck pain
  172. Cortisone shot for bunion
  173. Did I make things worse?
  174. Anyone know about talonavicular fusion for flat feet?
  175. Strange bumps on top of foot
  176. Old Boots
  177. chrisman snook surgery
  178. Peroneal Tendon Surgery
  179. Post-Op Bunion Surgery - Is This Normal?
  180. Anyone from Vermont?
  181. eko...how are you
  182. One foot down, one to go!
  183. My toes nails have now developed a white fungus
  184. Excruciating flat feet
  185. A Few Foot Notes ((~.~))
  186. What will kill Athlete's Foot? rop
  187. Cast comes off tomorrow, small scare yesterday
  188. Small round bump - callous?
  189. Sore Soles
  190. Released - Thanks to All
  191. Sue, Rollergirl & Feetfirst
  192. Bone spurs
  193. 2 days til the bunionectomy!
  194. Rsd after foot surgery!
  195. boarderchic
  196. Fly In Ointment - Surgery Snafu
  197. 24 Hour Count Down: Pre Op ((~.~))
  198. Posterior tibial tendonitis
  199. Possible Morton's Neuroma?
  200. Heel spur surgery
  201. Pins, Stitches..I think Im doing better thanks to you all!
  202. Bone Spurs- What are they?
  203. MBA Flat foot surgery
  204. Bunions
  205. Bone graft after bad bunionectomy??
  206. Hey Lisa! (joll43) Give me an update.
  207. Graduated to the Moon Boot!
  208. Ankle Surgery, PLEASE HELP ME
  209. procedure for tendons in foot to lenghthen???..anyone?
  210. Need to know exercises to do for hip problem due to plantar faciitis...
  211. Painful Cracked Heels
  212. Future pre-modified McBride with opening base wedge ostectomy
  213. do orthotics really work for mortons neuroma
  214. Cutting ligament for Morton's Neuroma?
  215. Butterflies @ 6 Days Countdown
  216. Please help..have Plantar Fasciatis and need major advice!
  217. My toe got caught... xtreme pain and bleeding!!!
  218. dead bones in feet???
  219. Thanks To All Of You: One Week Till Surgery
  220. Next step
  221. 1/03,Keller&Tailor,9/03Hemi Toe,NowFusion?
  222. Severe problems after bunionectomy
  223. Plantar's Warts
  224. VERY dry feet, what to do?
  225. Summer Surgery Tips...
  226. How do I shower/bathe after surgery?
  227. Tarsal Coalition - to operate or not?
  228. whats this on my foot?
  229. Pin removal after bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery, does it hurt really bad
  230. Haglund's Deformity and Supination
  231. Bunionectomy to BOTH feet
  232. Broke My Foot On Tuesday, Now What?
  233. chrisman snook surgery problems
  234. All toes feel "tight" after bunionectomy
  235. Freezing Neuromas
  236. Hey Regan!!!!
  237. PAinful Feet and Legs
  238. Bunionectomy
  239. Recurring Skin Crack Under Toe
  240. Hi All, I'm back to work!!
  241. Is there such a thing as a foot sander?
  242. 3d phase bone scan
  243. Sudden onset of pain in ankle.
  244. Do any of you recommend the cryo cast?
  245. haglund's deformity
  246. black fluid filled spot on heel
  247. ***foot Surgeons (mds) On Long Island***
  248. Toe nail infection
  249. Hello Yall Im Going Back Under
  250. anyone? with advice on painful tendons on top of foot?

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