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  1. Question For My Dad
  2. flexible flat feet and exercise
  3. Bad Foot Cramps
  4. Healing Foot neuroma using holistic / acupuncture ?
  5. Anyone have Plantar Fasciitis surgery and happy?
  6. swelling and bending toes after surgery
  7. Subtalar Fusion and resetting the heel bone...
  8. Here I go again--Bunion surgery #2
  9. Help question's on Broken Metatarsal
  10. surgery date set
  11. I need some help
  12. After Neuroma Surgery
  13. BUNIONECTOMY: 3 wks. post op..looks like I have a bunion again-much pain..any advice?
  14. Osteotomy for Hyperpronation
  15. Had surgery--NEED HELP!!!!
  16. Jammed toe one year on... and weird lumpy toe
  17. Well, more ankle than foot...
  18. Ankle Pain after Bunion Surgery??
  19. Steindler plantar fascial stripping
  20. Swollen/sore ankles
  21. mba mplant for flat feet? -anyone know about this?
  22. bunion surgery sleep help
  23. Scar massage.
  24. large space between big toe and second toe after bunion surgery, is this normal?
  25. numb soles of my feet... can you help?
  26. PT Question
  27. osteotomy with fibular sesamoid removal
  28. Pod. or ortho.??????????
  29. Is this Plantar Fasciitis?
  30. pointer toe nails
  31. 7 months later... Severe pain, not improving, badly depressed. Help please
  32. Anyone Solved Their Tendonitis Problem?
  33. Callous between Big toe & second toe +++
  34. sural nerve and tendon lengthening?
  35. Hallux Rigidus Foot Surgery
  36. Heel pain
  37. Capsulitis
  38. pain on top of foot
  39. sesamoid removal
  40. toe hurts
  41. tips for crutches with snow on the ground
  42. bunion surgery good news!
  43. seeking opinion about hardware removal
  44. In a cast 3 weeks post-op
  45. Doctor screwed up my Mom's foot....
  46. Fusion Problems
  47. Peroneal tendon recovery
  48. Ankle Ligament Surgery Question
  49. stretching muscles in an injured foot...
  50. calcaneal osteotomy & achilles lengthening
  51. Home remedy for painful big toe
  52. Foot Odor
  53. Need Help Desperately!!!!
  54. Surgery for Mortons Neuroma
  55. Lotions and creams and salves for neuroma / fracture
  56. Foot Surgery for flat foot
  58. Reconstructive foot surgery
  59. Not Athlete's Foot(?)
  60. Foot pain, big toe pain. HELP!
  61. heels hurt....rop
  62. Rough Skin on big toe?
  63. Flying after bunion surgery?
  64. bad foot i've had for 10 years
  65. Stiff and raised toe
  66. Insurance won't cover foot orthotics
  67. Shoes to wear after bunionectormy
  68. Best Shoes For Easing Tendonitis/Suggestions For Daily Living?
  69. surgery for os trigonum and flexor hallucis release
  70. Lingering effects of ankle sprain
  71. plantar's fasciitis
  72. Had Bunion surgery need info on gait
  73. Diagnosing and imaging a foot neuroma
  74. akin bunionectomy, recovery and exercise
  75. MRI vs. Ultrasound of Foot
  76. lengthening the tendon?
  77. Stubborn Plantar's Wart
  78. Foot Drop
  79. Glad to Find you Again...just completd 2nd bilateral bunionectomy in one year
  80. Flat foot surgeries
  81. Neuroma surgery, pod. or orthoped?
  82. Nerve Pain Options
  83. Bunion surgery slightly painful or severe..conflicting reports..surgery Thurs. Dec. 2
  84. Bunionette replacement???
  85. Metatarsal injury?
  86. Foot neuroma treatment
  87. Anyone had triple arthrodesis surgery?
  88. weird feet
  89. Posterior Tibialis Tendon Transfer,calcaneal Osteotomy,achilles Tendon Lengthening.
  90. Post Op Tips
  91. successful bunion surgery....
  92. Amputate or not?
  93. HELP! What should I do next? Foot/Ankle Injury
  94. Possible lateral process talar fracture
  95. Super Dry Feet!?
  96. Frustrated with Pain
  97. What is a brostrom procedure? Evans procedure?
  98. 3 1/2 weeks after bunionectomy
  99. Ankle Instability Plus Pain
  100. 8 Weeks Post-Op Toe Fusion
  101. swelling all the time
  102. Looking into Bunionectomy
  103. please help with my foot
  104. sensitive bunions
  105. Anyone HAPPY with bunion surgery results
  106. Should I Go Through With Bunion Surgery? (Already Scheduled, but scared)
  107. stiff bone 5 months post op!
  108. a question about painful foot
  109. bilateral chevron bunionectomy
  110. Cortizone Shots in my feet/heels...
  111. posterior tibial tendonitis
  112. 3 months post-op Chrisman Snook
  113. bunion surgery - two feet at once?
  114. Brostrom Procedure
  115. Toe spacer may help neuroma ?
  116. Bumps have doubled in size
  117. Achilles Tendon Problems?
  118. One year post-bunion surgery
  119. bunion Surgery Recovery Time
  120. Best shoes for factory work?
  121. Protecting bunions
  122. numerous bumps on foot .What could this be?
  123. Sprained Ankle Questions?
  124. Recommend feet moisturizer
  125. Just a thought for foot surgery
  126. Exercise options - post bunion surgery
  127. Soft Corns
  128. partial tear of the flexor hallucis longus
  129. Need advice on big toe fusion
  130. Healing a foot neuroma without surgery ?
  131. Info about PF
  132. Big lump where hammertoe used to be.
  133. Orthotics
  134. Infection-broke ankle in process
  135. Ruptured Plantar Fascia
  136. please help me/ post bunion surgery
  137. Plantar Wart
  138. Swelling after removal of pin in toe
  139. Coastie with a bunion
  140. Metarsal Phalangeal joint replacement question
  141. Lisfranc surgery - 10 week post op
  142. smelly feet?
  143. Foot Problems
  144. Lisfranc Injury - Help!
  145. Swollen bruised feet & and Joint pain in Arms
  146. Plantar fibroma
  147. Thanks..It looks like no RSD for now
  148. Pin removal
  149. Foot/Toe Problem
  150. painful foot problem
  151. Accessory Navicular and the Kidner Proc.
  152. dry feet with thick cuticle
  153. Have question
  154. Please!! Need info/support on terrible foot pain!!
  155. Update--thank you ALL
  156. need opinion about hardware removal
  157. Comfrey (symphytum)
  158. 2nd implant on the same toe "NO GOOD"
  159. eko - how are you?
  160. What would you do?
  161. PLEEZ take the time to help me--sweating!!
  162. pain all through my leg
  163. No One Knows Anything That Is Wrong With My Ankle!!!
  164. my future after the fusion
  165. Lump on foot
  166. Medial Malleolus
  167. can anyone help
  168. Implant after fusion of big toe
  169. Week Four Ankle Reconstruction Surgery update
  170. Diagnosing cause of foot pain
  171. Overlapping toes
  172. 2 1/2 yr old w/flat feet...leg pain????????
  173. Orthopedic Dr. or Podiatrist?
  174. Pin removal time frame
  175. feet
  176. Numbness and pain in the foot
  177. extremely dry skin on feet
  178. Ugly Toes
  179. Is there a Steroid Alternative?
  180. Achilles Tendon Heel/Bone Spur?
  181. Finding a cane...
  182. Nervous for surgery
  183. Nail is coming off...
  184. How much is Lamisil a month?
  185. KarynLR
  186. Big Toe Nail Off...Help!!!
  187. Morton's Neuroma
  188. Unhappy with hammertoe surgery
  189. How much pain is normal when learning to walk again?
  190. 2 weeks after toe surgery
  191. Toe Fused
  192. Walking Boot
  193. What is wrong with my feet? Please help me.
  194. Bunionectomy infection????
  195. Orthotics questions (post ankle surgery)
  196. Numbness And Shooting Pain In Big Toe - Why?!
  197. slippers....
  198. Best Dr. for morton's neuroma
  199. Normal for ankle to swell after foot surgery?
  200. infected toenail.. afterlook after about 5 years.
  201. plantar wart?
  202. Help--I'm new to this
  203. Questions for those who have had ankle ligament surgery with casts
  204. 7 weeks post surgery-great toe fusion
  205. Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop...
  206. Please help swollen feet with redness, doctors don't know what is wrong
  207. bunions at a young age
  208. my feet hurt
  209. one minute pain
  210. finally released
  211. quick question for ppl who had surgery!
  212. Questions about PF Night Splint
  213. What is this?
  214. New foot cream?
  215. HELP - Alternatives to orthodics for flat feet?
  216. foot physical therapy and ultrasound TX
  217. Constant Ankle Swelling
  218. Ligament Repair Update One week after surgery
  219. Bump on Side of Foot
  220. Ankle pain - can a runner help?
  221. Pain On Top Of My Foot
  222. why do I still have a lump on foot?
  223. my bunions don't hurt, but they get worse in time, right?...
  224. Lisfranc surgery - 4 week post op
  225. 3 months post op?? is this normal?
  226. Feet still hurts with treatments...
  227. Big toe bleeding???
  228. left foot keeps getting warm....
  229. 3 weeks post-op pain and concern
  230. Help...how do I learn to walk again?
  231. Help - right foot/ankle very painful!
  232. Hanging in there, 48 hours after surgery
  233. Foot Neuroma of Plantar Fasciitis
  234. KarynLR
  235. surgery in 3 days. turning chicken
  236. How long will my foot hurt?
  237. Bunionectomy tomorrow
  238. morton's neuroma
  239. Tips for Handling the Patient Doctor Relationship
  240. 7 months post op today!
  241. New here, with Ankle Surgery on Monday
  242. pain in foot-not getting better
  243. Numb Toes
  244. Foot problem or something else?
  245. surgery in a week, 3 weeks to new job?
  246. Time for another Surgery
  247. hot spots
  248. surgery later this month
  249. Bone scan looks positive
  250. Fractured Distal Tibia aftercare?

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