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  1. 365 Days
  2. Very swollen foot/toes, deep red/purple toes, (post-surgery) more pain...???
  3. Tendinitis?
  4. I'm getting the surgery next week
  5. New Job = Injured Feet
  6. OK SO I did a REALLY STUPID thing today!!
  7. Sleepy feet!!
  8. heel pain and hip pain
  9. Heel Pain?
  10. best shoes/orthotic for morton's neuroma
  11. Broken heel recovery - twitching nerves?
  12. Hey Sophie - I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow!
  13. Pain meds during PT?
  14. feet too warm
  15. Gastrocnemius Recession
  16. Surgery! Uugghh!
  17. Elmsey Procedure
  18. Hammer toe ?
  19. Sophie - my surgery was friday the 11th
  20. Waffle Heel????
  21. Home from surgery last night... up (sort of!) now...
  22. Chronic Ankle Pain
  23. Well, tomorrow's (Friday) the Big Day! I think I'll call ahead...
  24. Anyone Have a Delayed Union
  25. foot pain?
  26. Driving with a cast is a no-no....
  27. swollen foot wont go down
  28. Tourniquet Use for Foot Surgery
  29. Heel Bursitis surgery vs cold laser
  30. Odd Toenail
  31. baxter's release surgery
  32. I'm going crazy!
  33. Help with Swelling after surgery
  34. update on my hubby(heel fracture) and workman's comp ???
  35. Can anyone recommend a surgeon in Sacramento?
  36. test
  37. GUESS WHO didn't show up for my surgery today??? My SURGEON!!!
  38. questions about bunion surgery
  39. Post Bunionectomy - big toe ROM, other toes and PT.
  40. surgery and acrylic nails
  41. post bunionette problems and ?s
  42. Edema in feet...help!
  43. Edema in feet...help!
  44. Lapidus procedure (mid-foot fusion)anyone? What is recovery like? How to prepare?
  45. One Week Post-Op Bunionectomy
  46. Do Croc shoes make your feet sweat?
  47. Morning foot pain
  48. big surgery= big pain, is it forever?
  49. toe nail regrowth
  50. First metatarsocuneiform joint (MCJ) arthrodesis, anyone? Also previous bunion surger
  51. Bunion: tip of toe going numb
  52. heel problems
  53. Blood tests and wheelchairs
  54. Fused Toe Bones
  55. Shooting Pain when Elevated?
  56. please answer some questions??
  57. new here - how to find a good pod?
  58. Cost Of Surgery
  59. Post-Bunionectomy Questions
  60. Confusion about triple fusion post op
  61. still getting surgery in the bottom of foot
  62. Recovery Set-Back: PT a must
  63. ankle surgery -- recovery time?
  64. Bunions - surgery
  65. Round Two - - Right Foot 2/25/05 and Left Foot 10/21/05
  66. Upcoming bunion and bunionette surgery
  67. Toe spur question
  68. malpractice
  69. Anyone have surgery thru the bottom of the foot
  70. Scared to walk! Fusion-6 weeks post op.....
  71. sprained ankle not healing completely
  72. Fusion Friends...Help
  73. WARTS!!! are the devil
  74. is this normal?
  75. Sesamoiditis
  76. big toe swell
  77. Possible ankle fracture
  78. What is Bilateral Flat Feet? 15 yr old "cross country runner" son has this...
  79. Numbness in tip/pad on right big toe
  80. Lump on bottom of big toe - what is it?
  81. Not new to footpain, just to Healthboards
  82. Subtalar Fusion
  83. High heels....
  84. Pain on top of foot, please help
  85. Anyone have Keller Bunionectomy?
  86. both feet at once
  87. Having ankle ligament repair surgery 17 Nov !
  88. Pain in toe which radiates into foot?
  89. Earth shoes after fusion? Recommendations?
  90. Tendon problems after fusion
  91. Ankle Hardware
  92. PediSpray?
  93. Cold feet/warm feeling
  94. Problem with right ankle
  95. Sore big toe
  96. Bunion and cyst surgery
  97. Problem with my ankle
  98. Lisfranc Injury- Four Months Post Surgery
  99. nerve damage in my foot (again)
  100. Bunion Surgery-blood rushing=pain
  101. 2nd metatarsal osteotomy...help...
  102. Elevation at Work
  103. "the Boot" and clothes ??
  104. Question about pain killers
  105. Getting bigger feet
  106. Post Bunion Surgery....still OUCH!
  107. Toe pain ???
  108. I am having foot fusion in November.
  109. MBA Implant Surgery and achilles tendon lenghtening
  110. Debating bunion surgery
  111. Debating bunion surgery
  112. is that a verruca (sp?)
  113. Update on my broken foot.
  114. Possible gout?
  115. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
  116. Anyone Have Bone Regrowth Problems?
  117. Instability in my Ankle
  118. Update on My Neuroma Surgery and Recovery
  119. 11 weeks post op bunionectomy
  120. Looking to get a bit of help with a foot problem
  121. Question About Custom Insoles?
  122. Bone Scan
  123. surgeon's word over xray "tech's" and family doctor-who should I believe?
  124. Fusion Problems
  125. sweaty feet.
  126. When is it time to have bunion surgery?
  127. Bump on Bottom of Foot
  128. 3" High Heels
  129. Any fusion buddies...info needed
  130. Time between surgeries (feet) ~ bunionectomy
  131. bunion and martial arts
  132. Bunionectomy: Type, Cast v Boot, Recovery Time(s)
  133. Not happy with bunionectomy results- anyone else?
  134. Crutches!!!!! AGHHH
  135. Triple Arthrodesis questions
  136. Metatarsalgia??
  137. Help! I have a wedding to go to...
  138. Bunion Surgery 8 Weeks Post Op Update
  139. 8 wks post op double bunionectomy
  140. Foot Stress Fracture
  141. My podiatrist broke his foot last week!
  142. Is this heard of in a foot?
  143. Badly sprained ankle
  144. Post Bunion Surgery
  145. Tired of the "hot boot"
  146. Insoles
  147. don't understand why it keeps happening
  148. Heel Spur Troubles
  149. Arch pain
  150. Broken Toe Experienced - please read
  151. Blister on my heel
  152. Considering bunion surgery
  153. unusual problem
  154. Feet became completely flat a few months ago
  155. 25 and toe fusion
  156. Lack of sensation in tips of toe
  157. Pes Cavus?
  158. Anyone Broken Their Pinky Toe? Need Advice Please.
  159. Hardware Removal - Fractured Calcaneus
  160. Bone spurs in the tmt joint
  161. Muscle spasms/cramps in calf
  162. bottom of foot....what does it mean?
  163. Fungus On My Toe
  164. weak foot- over pronator
  165. is there any hope besides surgery?
  166. Cast Off- Dry Skin Advice?
  167. What if I don't have triple arthrodesis?
  168. Painful bones on the top of foot
  169. Ingrown Toenails
  170. Lisfranc strain/treatment??
  171. Intermittent Claudication
  172. Ankle Problems
  173. Heel Bone Spurs
  174. In-grown toenail 'permanent' removal and alternatives?
  175. Quick question: where in the doctor's office do you sit, when he/she examines feet?
  176. Flat Feet
  177. The tips of my toes are painful..
  178. Had hope but it's gone
  179. Neuroma Surgery Yesterday--Thoughts on Procedure Please?
  180. Severe Ankle Sprain and Lots of Swelling
  181. Big Toe pain
  182. 5 Weeks 4 days post op and doing great (double bunions)
  183. Swollen foot from mosquito bite
  184. calcaneous fracture
  185. Sesamoid Fracture - Ball of foot - What should I do?
  186. Tarsal Coalition - Fusion Surgery
  187. Hi foot buddies I'm still here!
  188. Catch 22 Post Bunion Surgery
  189. pain at top of foot with pressure.. can't wear shoes.. help.
  190. plantar fascia release support
  191. Sneakers without socks
  192. Scar after Hammertoe Surgery!!!
  193. Weird bumps....
  194. failed bunion surgery/need another
  195. operated on normal?
  196. Foot Swelling
  197. Sprained Ankle and medial malleolus avulsion fracture Questio
  198. Broken Blood Vessel?
  199. Ballerina w/ bunions
  200. Heel Spurs
  201. Severely Deformed Joint...Need Advise!!!
  202. Permanent Pin Removed
  203. Has anyone ever tried the "Nothinz" shoes?
  204. Extremely Dry Foot For 2 Years Now - Sometimes like athlete's foot
  205. Toes hurt!!
  206. bunions and corns from high heels
  207. Toeing In
  208. Brown rings on toes
  209. Sneaker is ON!
  210. Bunion "Draco" Splints are making my feet swell
  211. Bunion Surgery & Purple Foot!
  212. Homemade callus pads?
  213. pressure on heel
  214. Tingly sensation in toe
  215. Bone thinning from fracture?
  216. stress fractures after bunionectomy
  217. Putting Sneaker on First Time!
  218. Swelling after Bunion Surgery
  219. "Graduated" from physical therapy today!
  220. What to do about sensitive feet???
  221. lots of foot pain, possible nerve issue??? any help is appreciated
  222. Bunion surgery 20 yrs ago, new problems
  223. "Loose bodies" removed anyone?
  224. Help with a very painful clubfoot as an adult
  225. Good "ankle" fusions wanted!!!
  226. Split toenail & rough heels, any help?
  227. Returning to Work/Wearing Shoe After Bunion Surgery
  228. Physical Therapy Recommendations after surgery?
  229. Moving the Toes after Bunion Surgery
  230. Jones Fracture
  231. Cocoa Butter Cream on Incision
  232. OWW hurt feet
  233. Does this sound like a bunionette/tailor's bunion?
  234. Doctors don't have a clue!!!!
  235. Permanent Screw Removal
  236. Sensative Foot After 8 weeks
  237. Achilles Tendonitis
  238. lower leg ulcers
  239. 5th Metatarsal Healing Help!!
  240. My post op seems different from everyone else
  241. Swollen ankles/sore feet
  242. Broken blood vessels in feet?
  243. Bunionectomy - Surgical "Shoes" they put on - how long to wear?
  244. Tissue Tear
  245. Bunion Surgery Post-Op Questions
  246. Post Bunion Surgery Bandaging
  247. Unable to sleep after Dual Bunionectomy Surgery - Any Suggestions?
  248. Dislocated toe
  249. Instep Pain
  250. Both toes hurt and feet are dark

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