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  1. UPDATE on FWB after PTT repair and CO 7/11/13
  2. Fused Big Toe Limitations Question
  3. I have pain at top of lateral malleolous and nothing showed up on mri for it
  4. post ankle recon question
  5. Has Anyone had a subtalar arthroeriesis implant for a flexible flatfoot/PTTD?
  6. Subtalar fusion
  7. considering toe joint replacement
  8. Neuroma Complications
  9. Neuroma Complications
  10. bilateral severe heel pain
  11. Running/athletic after PTTD surgery?
  12. pain 8 months post kidner procedure
  13. Looking for DR in Ontario Canada
  14. I was a naughty patient. I took my own cast off. it was tooooo tight!
  15. How long after ankle athroscopy can I travel?
  16. Walking after the healing
  17. Over 8 months non weight bearing...
  18. May I vent??!!
  19. Stressed: Possible bone infection :(
  20. scar tissue on ball of foot BURNS
  21. 6 days post-op flat foot surgery
  22. How much more darn scar tissue can I tear?
  23. I am so humiliated...
  24. Osteochondral lesion of talar dome questions
  25. Broke Fibula/surgery plate/tingling & calf is lightly cramping
  26. Ankle (Distal Fibula) Treatments?
  27. atfl tear, treatment options?
  28. short weight bearing durring NWB
  29. Custom Orthotics Flat Feet Pain
  30. talonavicular fusion for flat feet
  31. Ankle weakness - Trouble with stairs
  32. Stiffness in Foot
  33. Heel pain 7 months post PTTD surgery
  34. Fatty lump on Ankle Bone
  35. Could this be plantar fascititis?
  36. UPDATE: My Heel is healed and I am FWB!
  37. Bunion surgery pain
  38. right foot
  39. Hallux Varus surgery????
  40. calcaneus fracture
  41. calcaneal fracture healing period
  42. PT Both Good and Bad
  43. Baby toe hammertoe surgery stitches or bandages?
  44. 1 Month post op Calcaneus Break - hints & advice
  45. Worse than Plantar Fascitis
  46. Toe Fusions Update
  47. I wore shoes!!!
  48. Not feeling good
  49. Cheilectomy 2 weeks ago
  50. Severe calcaneus fracture
  51. Ankle pain from sprain after 4 months
  52. Post op 4mons from a tendon transfer and flat foot reconstruction
  53. bunion hammertoe surgery
  54. OCD Medial Talar Dome - Shoe Recommendations?
  55. Need advice for a 1st MTP joint fusion
  56. Bi-Lateral OCD of the Talus
  57. Dislocated then jammed toe
  58. Basket for knee scooter?
  59. Alternates to fusion - looking for new research
  60. Why doesn't my ankle work?!
  61. Where is my foot broken?
  62. Darco surgical shoe
  63. done with surgery
  64. Need PTTD Surgeon in Atlanta, also doing Knee Replacement
  65. Post Op Walking Question
  66. My Cast is Off
  67. 3 Weeks post op (Aquired Flatfoot surgery)
  68. Modified Brostrom with Evans tenodesis procedure?
  69. Post Brostrom Over Pronation
  70. hoping to gauge an understand of others symtoms before having tripple athrodesis
  71. Learning to walk after gastroc recession surgery
  72. Two days post op Brostrom: I survived
  73. 10 year-old With Flat Feet Pain
  74. Calcaneus Break - required surgery
  75. MRI of my ankle
  76. insect/flea in my cast
  77. Jones fracture?
  78. 4 months post op
  79. Broken heel
  80. Brostrom-Gould Ankle Ligament Surgery
  81. Third toe pain
  82. Seven mths post op and still having issues
  83. Update: RespectTheFoot, 2.5 weeks post PTTD
  84. Can I get disability after hammer toe surgery?
  85. Need help with toe protectors/toe caps
  86. Surgery 9/5 and would like info.
  87. Other toes hurt post-bunion recovery
  88. overlapping toe surgery
  89. Arthrodesis - Toe Fusion surgery
  90. Anyone use a PCA for pain control at home?
  91. Subtalar Fusion Revision Recovery time and care?
  92. Foot pain-top of foot pain
  93. Second foot surgery and knee scooter
  94. when you start FWB - footwear? feels like walking on bone
  95. Peroneal tendon problem post-calc fracture
  96. 3rd surgery
  97. Almost a week since bunion surgery
  98. My ankle
  99. calcaneus fracture !!
  100. small hard lump in plantar fascia area (between heel and arch)?!? sore!!
  101. Big Toe Fusion questions
  102. Calcaneus fracture
  103. Tips for Getting Comfy in Bed at Night?
  104. Fiber wire
  105. Pain control following flatfoot reconstruction surgery.
  106. Broken foot
  107. Post op Brostrom-Gould Lt Ankle Reconstruction with Anchors & 2 other tendon suturing
  108. Horrible pain on top of foot 8 months after bunionectomy
  109. 4 months post op Triple Arthrodesis/gastrocnemius recessional
  110. NWB question/Nerve block question
  111. Early Non weight bearing foot surgery
  112. What Ankle Part is This?
  113. PTTD surgery last May - question
  114. Stress fracture on outside of foot?
  115. Two questions... foot and knee
  116. pain PTT/Navicular insertion site Right Foot
  117. 4 failed ankle surgeries
  118. foot discomfort
  119. Knee Scooter recommendations!
  120. PTTD Foot Surgeon NY?
  121. Swollen Ankles
  122. 3 weeks post-op!
  123. Time for foot number 2
  124. Cast Off Today! Yeah! advice on PWB?
  125. Still bruising
  126. Upcoming foot and toe surgery
  127. Plantar Fasciitis, Shoes
  128. Help - Explanation Needed
  129. shatter type fracture
  130. Different opinions on how to treat my flatfoot!
  131. Drop Foot Help
  132. Bunion surgery help! So nervous!
  133. Knot on top of blackened and swollen foot
  134. Post Op Driving
  135. Ultra sound results
  136. Just had Hyprocure procedure done. Here is info for you.
  137. Brostrom Procedure
  138. Black swollen foot and toes
  139. Which surgeon is correct - bunion surgery revision
  140. FINALLY - Ankle scope and ligament repair Sept 3rd
  141. Problems 8 months after Brostrom procedure??
  142. Brostrom Repair ATFL and Peroneal Rerouting
  143. crooked foot
  144. weird scab on heel
  145. Bone Lesion
  146. MRI/peroneal tendon/misdiagnosis?
  147. ankle mf 5 weeks ago
  148. Bulge -Protrusion on foot where fdl was done
  149. Pain underneath big toe
  150. 5 month fdl transfer calcaneal ost. update
  151. peroneal subluxation surgery
  152. heel fracture
  153. 6 months post FDL transfer :)
  154. Calcaneus fractures on both feet
  155. Intermittent Stabbing Ankle Pain, Etc. Please help!
  156. Failed Big Toe Implant. What's next?
  157. PTTD reconstruction, what choices do I have?
  158. My Lisfranc journey
  159. Driving with an FP Aircast Walker
  160. Stiff Ankle
  161. Three phase bone scan
  162. 140 day update - flat foot reconstruction
  163. weight bearing progression question
  164. MRI left ankle
  165. Cortisone injection scheduled-Help!
  166. metartsus adductus and bunion surgery
  167. Modified Brostrom Surgery and Recovery Time
  168. Modified Brostrom Surgery
  169. Foot Surgery
  170. arthroscopy surgery on ankle
  171. Broken metatarsal, and other fun stuff.
  172. PTTD surgery on 08/13/13 ***
  173. Achilles Tendonitis
  174. I need help finding a bunion surgon in So Cal
  175. Swollen red toe
  176. PTTD Issues in Both Feet?
  177. Torn ATFL CFL 10 weeks later
  178. PTTD surgery 2.5 hrs away, 2 questions
  179. Brostrom Post Op-Rehab Issue
  180. MRI Ankle Question
  181. VERY STRESSED... PTTD Surgery next week - Please help
  182. post-op sensations
  183. Calcaneal cuboid fusion
  184. Post neuroma nerve damage
  185. Arthrodesis
  186. peroneal tendon surgery recovery
  187. To PTTD Sufferers -- Opinion on PRP
  188. having steroid injection
  189. Heartwarming Story
  190. Gastroc Recession, how common is it...
  191. white bumps on foot
  192. My experience: 4 weeks post calcaneal osteotomy and PTT repair
  193. Terrified at the thought of ankle fusion.
  194. Walking cast fitted
  195. Swollen foot
  196. PWB - any instructions-advice?
  197. Brostrom Procedure
  198. What kind of ice wraps worked best for PTT reconstruction?
  199. mild pain near ankle when walking, goes away after a few seconds
  200. Fractured Heel
  201. Subtalar fusion with a calcaneal osteotomy
  202. Subtalar Fusion
  203. Bunionectomey Issue
  204. PTTD surgery on 08/13/13
  205. thoughts regarding nerve pain on top of foot
  206. Two post op questions
  207. I Overdid It
  208. RYN shoes in Calgary / Canada ?
  209. Burning sensation in ankle
  210. Capsulitis of second toe following bunionectomy
  211. Long haul flights
  212. Cheilectomy fail
  213. Ankle Swelling and Pain
  214. Ligament reconstruction worries
  215. Failed surgery - autoimmune issue?
  216. new member - surgery yesterday
  217. So... just HOW do you go about finding the best surgeon?
  218. Washington DC area PTTD Doc/Surgeon?
  219. trying to figure out options for broken calcaneus
  220. Foot Pain on both feet
  221. Post-op pain
  222. 9 year old daughter: debating sub talar ankle implant
  223. ATFL tear not healing
  224. broken calcaneus, no surgery
  225. Foot pad
  226. calcaneus fracture
  227. Anyone know, or had surgery by, Dr James Holmes at Univ of Mich?
  228. Ptt reconstruction as an out patient?
  229. Brostrum Gould Non Weight Bearing Rehabilitation
  230. Foot pain- No insurance and no money for MRI
  231. Six Months Post-Op! (Flat Foot Reconstruction + PTT)
  232. need Dr recommendation for Michigan area
  233. PTTD & Calcaneal Osteotomy - Having screw removed
  234. Hallux Limitus
  235. Anyone NOT have surgery for complete tear of PTT
  236. Right Ankle Surgery
  237. 2 months post-op update
  238. Keller Arthroplasty Surgery on my big right toe
  239. Is it doable to catch a train 17 weeks from brostrom surgery?
  240. outside foot numbness
  241. Ankle Stabilization Surgery (fixing the bones in ankle)
  242. Toe tendon surgery NWB
  243. Update - dismal
  244. 9 months post surgery
  245. ankle distraction arthroplasty
  246. Neuroma in the feet
  247. 20 week update
  248. Both sesamoids removed on the same foot?
  249. new here flate feet and bunions
  250. Osteomyelitis (Foot infections)

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