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  1. 7 weeks post op Triple Arthrodesis..Doc said walk
  2. 5 Months Post Surgery and Still Swollen
  3. Cheilectomy doc
  4. Aggravating Posterior Tibial Tenosynovitis
  5. Heel Stress fracture
  6. ocd ankle surgery pain
  7. Swollen feet and ankles after beach trip
  8. total knee replacement - will low calorie diet will hinder recovery?
  9. Strategies for Dealing With Pain After Calcaneal Osteotomy
  10. 4 weeks post-op ankle MF w/stem cells & plasma
  11. Equinius foot after calcaneus break
  12. PTTD surgery- need subtalar fusion and tendon transfer
  13. MTP Arthrodesis Big Toe. Surgeon didn't warn me.
  14. Fall after PTTD Surgery
  15. Ankle/foot pain And MRI
  16. Cast Issues: Better After Stitches Removed?
  17. Phasing Out Pain Meds
  18. Feels like a rubberband around my ankle
  19. 2 failed fusions... heartbroken!
  20. Calcaneus fracture - cracking noises during nwb movement/pt
  21. Toe pain after flat foot reconstruction
  22. Peroneal Tendon Subluxation
  23. Toe twitching spasms (Bunionectomy)
  24. Crushed left heel
  25. Pathology results
  26. Big Toe Fusion
  27. 7yo with sore ankle(s) - cant understand xray results
  28. 15 weeks post pttd surgery
  29. 13 weeks post op tarsal tunnel and plantar fasciitis
  30. Diagnosed with hallux limitus at age 24. Anyone know of any ways to relieve pain?
  31. Subtalar Joint Arthritis
  32. High Arch Surgery vs Custon Orthotics
  33. Update & nerve damage question
  34. 14 Week Post Op Update
  35. Ingrown toenail
  36. forefoot fusions--metatarsophalangeal 'knuckles'
  37. is it possible for a screw to back out on its own?
  38. post-surgical inflammation (this is what my MRI says)
  39. flatfoot
  40. Experiences? pain along peroneal tendon at times and ligaments after brostrom! 6 week
  41. 10 weeks post-op: FWB, a 9 hr flight, and apartment shopping
  42. (surgery wanted) toe problem? please please help -thanks
  43. Recovering from bunionectomy
  44. Ligamentous laxity questions
  45. Mortons Neuroma
  46. Living with PTTD pain until surgery
  47. Dwyer osteotomy and Achilles' tendon release
  48. Help! 6 months post op with PTT
  49. new concern
  50. Cast Pain
  51. First Outing
  52. pain in ankle
  53. Regaining muscle question
  54. Heel Fracture (no surgery) Recovery Time
  55. Describe your PTTD/tendonitis pain
  56. Surgery done!
  57. Serious foot pain from new shoes and running
  58. Well - it's finally here - surgery tomorrow
  59. Does the weather affect you?
  60. Useful Tips
  61. Did you find it SUPER scary to take that first step without an assistive device?
  62. CAM Boot off but Foot weak
  63. HELP Calcaneal Osteotomy on Friday
  64. When is surgery required?
  65. Upcoming foot surgery... #3
  66. Knee Pain after 1st MTP joint fusion
  67. using arizona brace
  68. footforthought
  69. Biteral Fracture OS Calis-swelling
  70. Yes or No: Ankle Surgery using Denovo NT?
  71. Split Posterior Tibial Tendon
  72. near 6 mo TA update
  73. toes still discolored almost 5 weeks post op
  74. When did everyone start wearing "regular shoes"?
  75. Post op tendon transfer calcaneal osteotomy
  76. Exercise questions and update on me and my lovely ankle...
  77. Aircast Boot Noise Question
  78. Big toe ache
  79. Surgery in 3 days... tailor bunion, osteotomy and neuroma
  80. 6 months Post Op from PTTD Surgery
  81. Surgery Update
  82. heal fracture
  83. Failed Bunion surgery
  84. ? For those with Brostrom-Gould ligament reconstructions.
  85. Ankle Reconstruction in 2wks... :-(
  86. Surgery in 4 weeks - I can use a knee walker?
  87. 4 weeks out brostrom/syndesmosis pins so sore! Clicking etc not normal ortho!
  88. Surgery with Dr Myerson
  89. Lisfranc fracture
  90. Winning the battle with ingrown toenails.
  91. 6 months post op subtalar fusion, still in pain
  92. Ankle, very important
  93. NWB Questions - Heel, Side of Foot on ground
  94. Clicking and pain and fresh brusing after trying to pwb! Not good news! Brostrom etc
  95. AirBoot Tip
  96. Advice on Bostrorm surgury
  97. Neuroma pain or not?
  98. only 6 more weeks...
  99. Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear 30-40%
  100. Just venting: I'm so discouraged and exhausted, I don't know what to do anymore
  101. Brostrom Recovery
  102. ? about recovery for Triple Arthrodesis and Achilles lengthening
  103. 9-week post-op appointment: good and bad
  104. Your recommendations for crutches and knee walkers?
  105. What a day!?!
  106. Peeling skin
  107. Pain in ankle on crutches NWB post ankle OCL microfracture
  108. :(
  109. planters fasciitis
  110. Upcoming Calcaneal Osteotomy and Gastrocnemious Recession
  111. accessory navicular
  112. ankle surgery
  113. Questions about tendon transfer surgery for foot drop
  114. Bunionete(s) surgery?
  115. 2+ weeks past Brostom
  116. Fractured 5th Metatarsal
  117. Orthotics
  118. Questions on other experiences
  119. 4th day post Bunion Surgery... now what?
  120. Suspecting sprained ankle after effects
  121. Living alone after lapidus surgery
  122. Stairs and nwb
  123. getting a lil fustrated... I want FWB!!!
  124. Modified Brostrom recovery time? Problems with crutches?
  125. Hey everyone
  126. Lapidus Surgery
  127. venting... again
  128. severe foot pain
  129. Anyone else sleep, A LOT several weeks after surgery?
  130. 4 weeks post op question about boot and weight bearing
  131. Ankle Athroscopy
  132. 3 months post FDL transfer
  133. Flat foot surgery hardware removal
  134. Bunion Surgey
  135. Ankle-Scar Tissue, Peroneal Tendon Tear
  136. denovo
  137. ankle fusion screws backing out
  138. Screw Removal Following PTTD/Bunion Surgery Questions...
  139. Use of NSAIDS after foot surgery?
  140. Recovery: PTT/Flat Foot 16 Weeks Post-Op
  141. Had Lapidus 6 days ago, this morning fell down stairs on bad foot
  142. Had Microfracture w/BMAC and PRP for OCL of left ankle today
  143. Nerve damage after tattoo
  144. Definition of Non-Weight Bearing (NWB)?
  145. 2 weeks post op flat foot surgery today:)
  146. The beginning of my journey
  147. Bunion/Neuroma Surgery Post-Op Advice?
  148. Good News - week 12 appt.
  149. Foot surgery... How many surgeries have you had?
  150. Lapidus Bunionectomy with Modified McBride
  151. Light at the end of the tunnel
  152. Pain 8 weeks after Brostroem Procedure
  153. now have a air cast boot
  154. PWB stage is totally overhwhelming me, feeling hopless
  155. bunionectomy
  156. High ankle sprain 6 months ago still hurts (serious help for my basketball career)
  157. Pain at 6 mos post op
  158. PTT Surgery -- Is Pain Worse Before or After Surgery?
  159. Kidner Procedure Post-op issues
  160. Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon
  161. Did OS give you something to avoid blood clots?
  162. Help need to find a ankle brace
  163. Hallux Rigidus
  164. 5 weeks in
  165. Stitches out, new cast
  166. Progress on bunion surgery which began first part of December
  167. Posterior tibial tendon surgery
  168. bunion causing a hammertoe?
  169. Ankle Replacement???
  170. My bad week rant session
  171. Calcaneus fracture surgery - coping with the pain post-op
  172. Ankle injury with extensive bruising (pic), sprain or worse?
  173. 5 1/2 months post-flat foot reconstruction
  174. Sesamoidectomy Return to Work
  175. First Outing on my Own!!
  176. calcaneus Fracture (right and left leg)
  177. Still in the same amount of Pain after brostrom/ankle pinning nearly 3 weeks ago!
  178. Bunion still there after bunion surgery
  179. Torn Tendon PreOpt physical Therapy.
  180. Day 6 post Brostrom
  181. Pre-op ECG had "abnormality" !!!
  182. PT canceled due to swelling :(
  183. 54yo runner with OCD/talus considering DeNovo
  184. The ankle replacement chronicles
  185. Major ankle and calcaneus damage
  186. Calcaneonavicular coalition (Tarsal Coalition)
  187. bunion surgery
  188. Ankle Still Hurts When Walking 1 Year After Injury
  189. Cheilectomy
  190. Heel pain six-weeks post op
  191. my cheilectomy
  192. 6 months post op subtalar fusion
  193. PTTD Surgery at 11 Weeks
  194. Waiting for ankle surgery
  195. Broken Tibia and Fiblua at ankle, Not coping well
  196. 5 months post op-tendonitis-help!
  197. sos to nwb veterans
  198. Ideas on Negotiating Stairs Going In and Out of House
  199. What qualifies as pwb???
  200. PWB phase coming up! Your help please!
  201. numbness and swelling in foot after 10 months of surgery
  202. Bunionectomy/Osteotomy released after 4 weeks!
  203. ankle/foot
  204. Tibialis posterior, fdl transfer and hammer toe correction
  205. Pre-op vs. Post-op Pain
  206. Friday milestone- 1 hour shopping at Macys!
  207. My little rant session
  208. ankle Fusion
  209. Broken ankle...
  210. Had surgery Monday
  211. Waiting for Talus match to get OATS. AND CRPS issues.
  212. Another setback
  213. Waiting for Talus match to get OATS. AND CRPS issues.
  214. arizona brace
  215. When can I wear real shoes again?
  216. 8 Weeks Post Op
  217. Modified Brostrom Surgery
  218. The ABC's of my progress... so far?
  219. Swelling
  220. New: question on what dr to see? Arch pain (PTT?)
  221. Pins/Anchors used in Brostrom Procedure
  222. 16 Weeks
  223. Increased pain after subtalar joint injection?
  224. 6 Weeks Post-Op: I walked!
  225. debaiting having triple arthodesis surgery
  226. Calcaneal Osteotomy and Posterior Tibial Tendon Transfer Questions
  227. arthritis in feet
  228. Starting to get antsy
  229. Why does my foot hurt when I first stand/walk?
  230. Flat Foot surgery - to Celebrex or not to Celebrex
  231. Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery
  232. Tripped saturday 8 days after surgery! Still in pain!
  233. post tib tendonitus
  234. Sunday update - good foot knee pain...
  235. Sneaker recommendations post-bunion surgery?
  236. Is this moccasin athlete's foot? HELP!
  237. DeNovo graft for ankle OCL -- 24yo runner
  238. Can height increasing shoe lifts cause foot problems?
  239. Week 0... First Post...
  240. Incision bandaging???
  241. 7 days post surgery! need to get stuff out!
  242. Osteotomy
  243. Severe Foot Pain
  244. foot pain??
  245. What does all this mean?
  246. Denovo Ankle Surgery
  247. Sub Talar fusion
  248. What does metatarsal capsulitis feel like???
  249. Post PTTD surgery - Exercise
  250. Ruptered ATFL, CFL and other problems

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