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  1. Still in the same amount of Pain after brostrom/ankle pinning nearly 3 weeks ago!
  2. Bunion still there after bunion surgery
  3. Torn Tendon PreOpt physical Therapy.
  4. Day 6 post Brostrom
  5. Pre-op ECG had "abnormality" !!!
  6. PT canceled due to swelling :(
  7. 54yo runner with OCD/talus considering DeNovo
  8. The ankle replacement chronicles
  9. Major ankle and calcaneus damage
  10. Calcaneonavicular coalition (Tarsal Coalition)
  11. bunion surgery
  12. Ankle Still Hurts When Walking 1 Year After Injury
  13. Cheilectomy
  14. Heel pain six-weeks post op
  15. my cheilectomy
  16. 6 months post op subtalar fusion
  17. PTTD Surgery at 11 Weeks
  18. Waiting for ankle surgery
  19. Broken Tibia and Fiblua at ankle, Not coping well
  20. 5 months post op-tendonitis-help!
  21. sos to nwb veterans
  22. Ideas on Negotiating Stairs Going In and Out of House
  23. What qualifies as pwb???
  24. PWB phase coming up! Your help please!
  25. numbness and swelling in foot after 10 months of surgery
  26. Bunionectomy/Osteotomy released after 4 weeks!
  27. ankle/foot
  28. Tibialis posterior, fdl transfer and hammer toe correction
  29. Pre-op vs. Post-op Pain
  30. Friday milestone- 1 hour shopping at Macys!
  31. My little rant session
  32. ankle Fusion
  33. Broken ankle...
  34. Had surgery Monday
  35. Waiting for Talus match to get OATS. AND CRPS issues.
  36. Another setback
  37. Waiting for Talus match to get OATS. AND CRPS issues.
  38. arizona brace
  39. When can I wear real shoes again?
  40. 8 Weeks Post Op
  41. Modified Brostrom Surgery
  42. The ABC's of my progress... so far?
  43. Swelling
  44. New: question on what dr to see? Arch pain (PTT?)
  45. Pins/Anchors used in Brostrom Procedure
  46. 16 Weeks
  47. Increased pain after subtalar joint injection?
  48. 6 Weeks Post-Op: I walked!
  49. debaiting having triple arthodesis surgery
  50. Calcaneal Osteotomy and Posterior Tibial Tendon Transfer Questions
  51. arthritis in feet
  52. Starting to get antsy
  53. Why does my foot hurt when I first stand/walk?
  54. Flat Foot surgery - to Celebrex or not to Celebrex
  55. Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery
  56. Tripped saturday 8 days after surgery! Still in pain!
  57. post tib tendonitus
  58. Sunday update - good foot knee pain...
  59. Sneaker recommendations post-bunion surgery?
  60. Is this moccasin athlete's foot? HELP!
  61. DeNovo graft for ankle OCL -- 24yo runner
  62. Can height increasing shoe lifts cause foot problems?
  63. Week 0... First Post...
  64. Incision bandaging???
  65. 7 days post surgery! need to get stuff out!
  66. Osteotomy
  67. Severe Foot Pain
  68. foot pain??
  69. What does all this mean?
  70. Denovo Ankle Surgery
  71. Sub Talar fusion
  72. What does metatarsal capsulitis feel like???
  73. Post PTTD surgery - Exercise
  74. Ruptered ATFL, CFL and other problems
  75. Talus Surgery
  76. Midfoot pain after a Brostrom procedure
  77. One week until surgery!
  78. triumphs and frustrations
  79. Do they typically remove the screws after flat foot surgery?
  80. Walking boot hurts
  81. Week 7: Boot to no boot...
  82. Bone Sticking Out From Heel
  83. Update after surgery!
  84. Never!!! Never have ankle fusion surgery!!!
  85. Feet and toe changes.Seeing advice.
  86. Tib Post FDL tendon transfer and heel osteotomy
  87. Question: When out of the hard cast...
  88. Walking and back to life!!
  89. PTTD Surgery - Flatfoot Deformity Again?
  90. After Tendon Transfer Surgery Question
  91. week 9 pttd surgery recovery: What would you do?
  92. Plantar fasciitis
  93. osteochondral lesion -- arthroscopic surgery questions
  94. 14 weeks post op update
  95. Should I get an X-ray??
  96. Do i need to get an x-ray??
  97. First steps without crutch!
  98. 4 weeks post op flat foot reconstruction: frustrated, questions about the future
  99. 3 weeks post op flat foot surgery
  100. Sesamoidectomy
  101. Loose Ankles...Double brostrom/evans??
  102. Do I need to seek medical attention? HELP!!!
  103. Groin pain during foot recovery?
  104. Anterior Tarsal Tunnel
  105. Surgery made other health issues worse and dr's don't communicate with each other
  106. First PT session-some joy!
  107. Finally some good news
  108. Bi-lateral calcaneous fracture
  109. 3.5 month post TA update
  110. Appts moved up - "not responding to therapy"
  111. Walking boot
  112. I can walk!! I can drive!!!!!!!
  113. tib post reconstruction and calcanneal osteotomy
  114. Do you get alot of pain after ankle surgery (brostrom?)?
  115. Had Pre Op appointment today! Surgery Friday this week wow!
  116. Finally... a STEP in the right direction! (Pun definitely intended)
  117. ocd talus with OATS
  118. Hammer Toe Surgery
  119. Planning for bunion and hammertoe surgery
  120. Post acdf surgery, opiates, gabapentin and RFL
  121. 5 weeks Post op Bunionectomy
  122. I'm joining the PTTD surgery group :(
  123. Gastroc Recession - what is it like and how are you after recovery?
  124. 5 weeks post op
  125. Help with Preventing Swelling
  126. Minor update after 3 weeks PT
  127. PTTD Surgery Scheduled
  128. why do I always have problems on the weekend
  129. hammertoe surgery
  130. toe nail fungus question
  131. Can someone help with some advice please?
  132. Pantalar fusion with ankle fusion
  133. I am now Most Sincerely Grounded... (frustration!)
  134. Itching from the removal of stitches
  135. 94 days post PTTD surgery: The good, the bad, and the ugly
  136. Pitted Edema on Surgery foot
  137. Inflammation with the good leg..
  138. What did your incision look like once all securing devices were removed?
  139. STAR ankle replacement problems
  140. calcaneal fracture/Returning to work?
  141. Oh dear, I smashed my good big toe...
  142. Surgery 5/6 ganglion cyst and bunion
  143. Continued issues after Chrisman Snook Procedure
  144. What pain meds did you take and how did they work?
  145. PTTD & calcaneal osteotomy - Shoes
  146. Dissolving Stitches & Scabs
  147. Whats it like heading to the operating room and going under?
  148. 13 yrs later shattered Calcaneus
  149. Walking without feeling toes moving-FDL transfer
  150. PTTD & calcaneal osteotomy-Keeping my Foot in Neutral
  151. Silly question
  152. Surgery Friday April 26th!
  153. broken toe
  154. I DID IT!!!! Took my first steps tonight!
  155. Should i do the other foot?
  156. Going on holiday 7 weeks after Cheilectomy & Osteonomy
  157. 5 months post surgery (crushed calcaneus) what shoes, orthotics to wear?
  158. Ditching crutches in 1 week
  159. Can you describe your PWB?
  160. Just some positive thoughts
  161. 6 week post op....
  162. Myerson or Anderson?
  163. slightly (VERY) confused
  164. HELP! Need relief.
  165. Lateral Ankle Stablilzation with Graft Jacket Surgery
  166. Surgery foot different color than good foot
  167. Hallux Rigidus - heels after fusion??
  168. Feeling of pressure in calf
  169. Feeling of pressure in calf
  170. Pttd Surgery...yikes
  171. Pttd Surgery and anxious
  172. Those stupid "shock sensations"
  173. Pain in arch of foot up to midway up leg
  174. Flat foot help
  175. Post-traumatic ankle arthritis
  176. Bunionette (Tailor's bunion) surgery
  177. 3 years after Brostrom, ankle issues (impingement)?
  178. Flat foot surgery 1 week ago
  179. Big ole rant! 18 weeks post op
  180. Healing after bunion surgery
  181. Ankle replacement questions
  182. Idea for going pwb to fwb in the boot
  183. Triple Arthrodesis in 2 weeks-what to expect?
  184. Post-Flat Foot Reconstruction - Survived My First Business Trip!
  185. To PT or not to PT?
  186. 6 week post op update!
  187. OCD of Talus surgery?
  188. upcoming surgery Triple Arthrodesis
  189. Flat foot reconstructive surgery post op accident question
  190. Talonavicular fusion after ankle fusion
  191. calcaneus cyst on foot
  192. painful toe
  193. 9 1/2 wks Post Op Still Swollen
  194. Capsulitis of the second toe
  195. 12 week check up... confused
  196. Update about surgery! Looks like i am at least getting a brostrom procedure!
  197. ankle sprained. PLEASE HELP!
  198. Week 4 update!
  199. back to square one?
  200. Big toenail pain
  201. 4 weeks out of cast update
  202. The boot and foot pain
  203. keller orthoplasty
  204. foot surgeries
  205. orthotics
  206. 2 flat feet (Well one now)
  207. question about Brostrom procedure
  208. Brostrom post op advice
  209. Fell AGAIN and think I broke my toe :(
  210. Need advice about walking boot and shoe
  211. I sprained my ankle 4 months ago and it's still not healed yet. HELP PLEASE! (pics)
  212. Second tear to posterior Tibialis Tendon
  213. Attending a conference at week 15- thoughts?
  214. Sharp toe pain when walking
  215. Middle of the night query?
  216. Bunion & hammer toe surgery soon.
  217. going FWB in shoe & incision on back of heel
  218. Still having pain even in boot
  219. Boot walking and shoe height
  220. VacoCast
  221. Brostrom and the city!
  222. Bunion surgery toe fusion
  223. I hate this boot! help!
  224. tendon pain after ankle surgery
  225. 3 1/2 Months Post Op - SO HAPPY!!!
  226. 3 weeks post op
  227. The first thing I would do is...
  228. fdl transfer 3/13/13... just sitting here.
  229. Peroneus Brevis Tendon Tear and Tenosynovitis
  230. Help! Cast feels really wet...
  231. Any stats on PT working to avoid surgery?
  232. failed cheilectomy- try again or fuse?
  233. Scared to PWB
  234. 2nd metatarsal implant
  235. bad car accident and heel pain
  236. Update after doc visit
  237. After almost a year...
  238. PWB stage..OUCH..how long will it hurt?
  239. proper leg alignment after a subtalar fusion
  240. Incision and boot questions....
  241. Hard, painful lump on the bottom of foot
  242. Toes, especially Big Toe, post-PTTD flat foot
  243. The Cheilectomy Chronicles
  244. Big Toe Won't Bend
  245. Pain and tingling, can't walk after ankle sprain
  246. infected foot bone and picc lines
  247. Incision questions
  248. Calcaneus Fracture. No Surgery.
  249. plantar plate tear - surgery or wait?
  250. 1st day out of house while nwb...

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