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  1. Pain Management Question
  2. Surgery Tomorrow...
  3. 8 Weeks After 2nd Lapidus Procedure: Advice Please
  4. PTTD First Post-Op visit - Cast vs Boot & PT
  5. Is this to crazy?
  6. Need to Vent!
  7. Antsy/restless feeling since surgery
  8. Stitches removal pain level
  9. 15 Weeks out... Questions
  10. Removal of Hardware-subtalar arthrodesis, etc.
  11. Plantar Plate Tear
  12. how long for recovery?
  13. First Fall
  14. Surgery is Monday and my anxiety is setting in...
  15. PTTD Surgery - 1 Week Recovery Questions
  16. What do the nurses do when you come out of surgery etc?
  17. Pain Pain go away...
  18. Ankle OATs - Need top surgeon in the country
  19. After big toe fusion 2nd toe does not touch the floor
  20. PTTD 12 weeks post op appointment
  21. Why would my surgeon want to keep me in hospital overnight after surgery?
  22. A Day in the Life, 6 Weeks Post-Op
  23. When to go back to work????
  24. Bunion Surgery 3/15... Nervous
  25. PTTD Surgery one week ago, Night Pain
  26. Those dang 2 steps!
  27. What does this mean?
  28. PWB - Am I Going Too Fast?
  29. NWB - Walk-in shower or tub?
  30. Foot not lifting while walking... Stumbling
  31. Medicine to help with Mortons Neuroma
  32. Surgery tomorrow morning.
  33. 6 weeks out of TA and given ok to crutch walk
  34. 6 month appoinment--happy and sad
  35. update on surgery with Dr. Jeng on 3/14
  36. in the boot... for 6 more weeks. Sigh.
  37. K-Wire Removal
  38. Knee walker
  39. Cast off tomorrow... YAY!!!!
  40. Broken Calcaneus
  41. Pain!!!
  42. Burning soles of feet
  43. Podiatrst or Orthopedic for Mortons neuroma?
  44. good and kinda bad news regarding surgery!
  45. Concerned mom looking for advice.
  46. Brostrom's etc. etc. Done.
  47. Ankle Distraction -- seeking info
  48. Pttd/calcaneal osteotomy surgical issues + pressure wound - help
  49. Swelling toes
  50. High arch, CMT, 6 weeks post surgery
  51. Will a cold stop my surgery?
  52. Toe fusions after failed Bunionectomy?
  53. Ankle sprain 2 years ago & foot pain now
  54. Getting cast off and boot on TOMORROW!
  55. Recovery after arthroscopic cheilectomy
  56. Calcaneal Ostecomy and peroneous tendon repair and transfer
  57. Taking down a fused ankle
  58. Toe fudion a year and a half go and throbing pain.
  59. Pain at 17 day post op period
  60. kinda 2 month checkup this tuesday
  61. just need to vent
  62. 6 Month Post Op ORIF Calcaneus Fracture
  63. cheilectomy on monday
  64. Good to go for Monday
  65. Already a screw/pin popping out
  66. AVN after using IV reclast
  67. Swelling down but protruding bone
  68. Screw area after Calcanael Osteotomy
  69. Got appt with board cetified doc in Columbus
  70. foot rash
  71. Heel position in ankle cast?
  72. NWB, now other knee is swollen...
  73. Update: Back to work!
  74. Success or Failure Stories
  75. lipidus fusion bunion surgery
  76. Weight bearing in cast - experiences please
  77. Post Triple Arthrodesis
  78. another tactic after foot surgery
  79. PTT Surgery Friday
  80. Heel pain/ache in cast
  81. Brostrom Procedure... prep, recovery, tips?
  82. PTTD surgery next week... Who’s anxious and not focused... THIS GUY!
  83. PTTD surgery next week… Who’s anxious and not focused? THIS GUY!
  84. zingers at the heel upon pressure
  85. PT day 1... 13 weeks post op
  86. Pain in the arch
  87. 9 weeks po pttd -first steps... Ouch!
  88. fifth metatarsal fractures found out 3 months late
  89. Burning and Redness and Pin?
  90. Foot pain
  91. Journey through PTTD
  92. Big Toe Hallux Rigidus surgery
  93. Can Knee Scooter Cause Knee Pain After Foot Surgery?
  94. Switch from Splint to Cast 2 Weeks Post Surgery...
  95. Help! My 'good' foot is killing me!
  96. Cast questions
  97. Update on boot removal
  98. Foot and leg very cold after bunion surgery
  99. how is a non-union of a TA diagnosed?
  100. Scooter Scare
  101. Aircast Issues
  102. happy Valentines day!!!
  103. One month post-op update triple arthro
  104. One Month Post Op-GREAT NEWS!
  105. Foot Surgery v. Stairs
  106. Surgery got moved up to March 4th
  107. 4 Weeks Post Op - in boot and can start PWB - little scary
  108. Need to Vent! Silly Foot!
  109. Exercising while NWB?
  110. 2 weeks to go & I'm sick!
  111. Ankle Sprain not Healing
  112. Pushing too hard?
  113. Surgery at Mercy Hospital on 3/14
  114. Third timepistingthis. Hope it's in the right spot ankle instability
  115. 4 Days Post Op
  116. Questions about FOot/Ankle Surgery?
  117. Need to vent...
  118. What is the differnce between debridement and tenosynovectomy
  119. 2 years after orthoscopic ankle surgery...
  120. Feet
  121. Bathroom question
  122. Good foot/ankle ortho surgeons in Baltimore?
  123. 1 year following a plantar fasciotomy
  124. ankle debreidment and tendon repair
  125. Friday night pity party... byob... bring your own boot
  126. How to prepare...
  127. 3 more weeks till surgery..
  128. Boot comes off today
  129. wearing heels with arthritis in talonavicular joint
  130. Preparing for PTTD surgery on 2/13
  131. Post op brace for pttd?
  132. New here, help!
  133. Pre-consult was today...
  134. Ankle pain 2 years after brostrom repair
  135. PTTD & calcaneal osteotomy - Cast issues
  136. Woot woot! Cleared for PT!
  137. 4 weeks post op blues
  138. 2nd metatarsal osteochondral defect- need advice
  139. 7.2 Weeks Post Op - The Good & the Bad...
  140. How will I ever wear a shoe on this fat foot?
  141. Bi-lateral Neuromas, gait, and back pain
  142. broken heel help
  143. Surgery is tomorrow... bring it on!
  144. Partial WB PAIN.?
  145. question about knee walker and cast
  146. Severe Sharp Pain In Foot
  147. PTT Transfer -- Positive news
  148. Confused after Pre-Op Appointment
  149. Sports after PTTD surgery?
  150. Scar Tissue after 2nd Ankle Reconstruction
  151. Crutches... knee pain in good leg?
  152. Scabbing on surgical scar
  153. walking without crutches
  154. ptt both feet same time-why not improving-zero excercise 6 mos-help pls
  155. Calaneal Osteotomy Surgery
  156. No more crutches!
  157. PTTD surgery just finished
  158. Plantar fascia tear treatment with aircast
  159. What kind of shoes after surgery?
  160. PTTD Pain in arch?
  161. pain when walking
  162. PT - First Week Done
  163. Coneiform displacement
  164. Pain after PHYSICAL THERAPY
  165. Best time for surgery?
  166. Copy of the MRI, what does it mean
  167. Foot pain
  168. Achilles Strain?
  169. Questions about tendon transfer surgery for foot drop?
  170. 10 1/2 Weeks Post... Finally Using a Cane!
  171. First PT visit
  172. Wright Graft Jacket???
  173. Overlapping toe surgery
  174. Story of a Newbie to CN Bar Excisions
  175. upcoming bunion surgery
  176. Unrealistic Expectations?
  177. Need answers... anyone have these symptoms
  178. Post Subtalar Fusion Revision Recovery
  179. 2 Weeks Post Op appt - Stitches out
  180. Ankle Surgery - Post Op Help and Questions PLEASE
  181. Ankle Surgery - Post Op Help and Questions PLEASE
  182. "i would rather have my heel cut off than go to work tomorrow."
  183. When to decide on sesamoidectomy
  184. hallux rigidus concern... help!!!
  185. Not healing after brostrom????
  186. Others opinions on crutch pads for use before and after surgery?
  187. Infection??
  188. Superduperlargelongsupersigh. Here we go again... for the 10th time.
  189. when did you know it was time for flat foot surgery?
  190. Pedicure after surgery
  191. Purple Foot
  192. Wahhhh I want to walk!
  193. post bunionectomy
  194. Super small crusty spot along incision?
  195. Nerve block question?
  196. DVT Symptoms?
  197. what can i do in a cast? triple arthro
  198. Calcaneus ORIF & physical activity afterward.
  199. Achilles Tendon Contracture. . . Still
  200. Feeling Better Before Surgery-THanks
  201. Snow tips
  202. Staph infection on both feet
  203. Can your foot & toes bend after PTTD or PT
  204. Dancer w/ fractured sesamoid
  205. 3 Months after Peroneal Stabilization and OCD repair
  206. Ankle aching on an evening
  207. Triple Athrodesis for a young athlete
  208. Surgery is in 4 weeks! Any advice?
  209. Own bone or borrowed bone?
  210. Brostrom? Or more PT?
  211. PT after pttd
  212. 6 Week Post-op
  213. Have you had this surgery?
  214. Pain and cracking in right ankle
  215. Scootie electric scooter, a great alternative to crutches
  216. Ball of feet pain
  217. Post surgery Cellulitis
  218. almost 2 weeks out of triple arthro-cast 2moro
  219. Infection in Joint of Foot
  220. 30 days 'til ankle surgery
  221. shattered heel ( calcaneus ) surgery
  222. PTTD Surgery and Travel Afterwards
  223. No PT yet... But doing well.
  224. Temperature!
  225. Post Bunion Surgery
  226. Almost fell and put my toes down OUCH!
  227. Walking after toe fusion Ouch my ankle!
  228. Calcaneus fracture following a RTA
  229. PTTD Surgery approaching, Questions!
  230. Anyone have an idea why in my bung ankle my tendon is prominant to my ankle bone?
  231. Advice? Pain inside my cast?!?!
  232. What's best for scars?
  233. Freezing toes on the good foot?!
  234. Interphalangeal Joint Fusion in Great Toe
  235. Morton's neuroma recovery time
  236. Foot LisFranc injury and chronic back pain
  237. Going backwards...
  238. Achilles tendon pain years after PPTD surgery
  239. Post Op leg elevation suggestions?
  240. pre-op instructions?
  241. Crutches Question
  242. Feeling overwhelmed b4 ankle surgery
  243. 5 Days post surgery update
  244. bike riding for recovery?
  245. 8 days post triple arthro-almost stepped w my bad side
  246. Patience is a Virtue?
  247. 6 week appointment
  248. Terrified of bunionectomy
  249. Foot - Nerve problem?
  250. In the waiting room

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