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  1. Surgery scheduled for June 9th, fhl tendon
  2. ATFL and CFL repair in 3 days. Very nervous
  3. Peroneal tendon pain
  4. 6 days post surgery broken ankle
  5. Second metatarsal overload surgery advice
  6. Post tailor bunion surgery?
  7. Foot Surgery Question
  8. Hardware Removal after ankle fusion
  9. Swelling
  10. PTTD and peroneal brevis tear
  11. walking after broken ankle surgery
  12. PTTD Surgery - Transition to Shoe Concerns
  13. Bulging Veins and Pain
  14. 2 weeks post op cast and stitches
  15. Post op questions
  16. Help. AFL repair surgery in less than 2 weeks
  17. Post op Cheilectomy nerve pain
  18. Stairs and driving and PTTD surgery
  19. buionette after foot surgery
  20. Pain Post Op
  21. Driving after lateral ligament surgery
  22. Advice please - ankle arthroscopy with microfracture
  23. Pttd/ foot reconstruction
  24. 5th metatarsal fracture questions
  25. Ankle fusion
  26. PTTD surgery/numbness & tingling
  27. Post op questions
  28. hammer toe surgery
  29. Day 3 flat foot all american
  30. Arch pain at 4 weeks post Pete surgery normal?
  31. Post Op comfort suggestions
  32. Big Toe Fusion
  33. hammertoe arthroplasty surgery
  34. Footwear For Flat Feet
  35. Inflamed muscle
  36. PTTD Surgery 2 weeks post op
  37. Very large OCD Talus - need help/advice
  38. 2nd grade 3 foot and ankle sprain
  39. Left ortho's office confused...ankle injury
  40. Triple arthrodesis vs. wearing Richie Brace
  41. Starting to walk after calcareous fracture
  42. Life after a calcaneus fracture
  43. Leaving stitches in
  44. Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery/Nerve Pain
  45. Peroneus Brevis Tendon Repair Question
  46. Major Set Back Ligament Reconstruction
  47. Feet Swelling - obesity or organ failure? how can you tell without lab tests?
  48. heel and bottom of foot pain
  49. Physical Therapy after Flat Foot Reconstruction
  50. Calcaneus Fracture Hardware Removal Costs
  51. Bone Marrow Edema
  52. Pain on outside of foot after rolling ankle
  53. removal of internal suture knots after brostrum???
  54. Ankle sprain on right foot, metatarsal pain on left foot, both aren't healing
  55. Triple arthrodesis
  56. Pre/Post-Surgery Questions
  57. boot after 2 weeks evans CO and lapidus bunion surgery
  58. Fat Pad Atrophy
  59. PTTD surgery -- finally conquered my fear
  60. Ankle Fracture not healing? :(
  61. Stupid splint
  62. Lookinf for advice on foot surgery
  63. Fractured Calcaneous 6
  64. Lisfranc scar tissue reduction techniques
  65. Severe injury - Plantar plate tear (big toe), FIVE months!
  66. Fdl transfer
  67. Hammertoe surgery question
  68. How long does swelling last?
  69. Walking boot question
  70. Leg injury
  71. Fractured ankle - calf problems?
  72. Foot surgery
  73. foot injury need to be back on my feet
  74. Sprain that's not getting better
  75. Chronic Denervation
  76. Burning Arches
  77. Weightbearing after 5th met surgery - bruising?
  78. Toe Fusion (second toe, not big toe)
  79. Broken 5th Met - Help?!
  80. Toe fusion pin removal
  81. peroneal tendon subluxation
  82. Triple Arthodsis
  83. Microfracture and Brostrom surgery
  84. Has anyone tried IwalkFree crutch?
  85. PTTD surgery with calcaneal osteotomy
  86. Referrals best OLT -Tibia Surgeons?
  87. Anyone done this flat foot surgery before? How was your recovery and outcome?
  88. My experience with Austin Bunionectomy 1 year post-op
  89. nervous about evans & cotton osteotomies
  90. Need a 3rd Cheilectomy - or something else?
  91. Fusion Calcaneo cuboid joint
  92. Minor Calcaneal Fracture: questions about recovery
  93. Partial weight bearing - Your experience - Thanks for the help. PTTD/FLAT FOOT
  94. Flatfoot Reconstruction surgery
  95. Feet problems
  96. Foot Surgeon
  97. No PT?
  98. PTTD Surgery
  99. Peroneal Tendon Surgery - How much time to plan to be out of work?
  100. Need help deciphering mri
  101. PTT repair success story (7 months post op)
  102. Peroneal tendonitis or just 2nd grade ligament tear
  103. 6 months post-op
  104. Muscle strength
  105. Multiple ruptured tendons and ligaments!
  106. I broke and dislocated my baby toe about 4 weeks ago
  107. Anyone had a similar injury/surgery? Experiences? (torn CFL)
  108. OCD of tibial plafond-ANYONE?
  109. Atfl not healing after 3 weeks. Any advice?
  110. Doctor Recommendations - OCD
  111. 13 months post op update
  112. Ankle sprain after reconstruction
  113. Pain wont go away
  114. Bunion surgery
  115. Recovery, Devices, & Delay for NWB Foot Surgery
  116. Ankle OATS surgery 9/2015
  117. Limping while FWB
  118. Best shoes post op?
  119. Plantar plate surgery
  120. Why the boot?
  121. Weird Ankle Issue/Surgery possibility
  122. pain
  123. 4th toe pain
  124. fractured fibular advise
  125. fractured fibular advise
  126. Broken heel(s) 25 M healthy please help
  127. Irritation from walking boot
  128. First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis surgery
  129. RA and foot/ankle surgery
  130. Recovery from flat foot surgery
  131. New here torn ATF ligament
  132. Broken Anke - is it possible to injure it while in the boot?
  133. Ruptured Achilles - Surgery or conservative
  134. Hind foot fusion
  135. Twisted right surgically repaired ankle
  136. failed ankle fusion to amputation
  137. I'm back! 2 and a half years later I reinjured my ankle ; (
  138. 6 months post op and cant sprint/jump
  139. Revision surgery Questions. Don't want to forget anything this time around.
  140. Failed Cheilectomy - Another
  141. Over-lengthening calcaneous
  142. Itching PTTD Post Op
  143. bone stimulator
  144. Partial weight bearing and swelling
  145. tarsal tunnel questions
  146. PTTD surgery walking first time
  147. Pain in bottom of forefoot after toe fusion and tendon releases on twos 2, 3, and 4
  148. Bunion op
  149. Rheumatoid and foot surgery
  150. Getting lots of foot cramps
  151. Spread of toes and pain, 3rd and 4th
  152. Ankle instability and surgery.
  153. Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery (An Unusual Case)
  154. Foot pain on tops of both feet
  155. Would like to walk again.
  156. Re: ruptured tendon after bunion surgery
  157. Heel pressure ulcer
  158. Numbness
  159. Flat Foot Reconstruction Revision Scheduled!!
  160. Brostrom Ankle Reconstruction Surgery - 5 Months out and Swelling!
  161. posterior tibial issue question
  162. Healthy foods after surgery
  163. Pilon Fracture Question
  164. Flat foot surgery would you do it again?
  165. Lisfranc with a broken 1st & 2nd metatarsal
  166. Post operative sub tubular swelling
  167. Flat foot reconstruction
  168. sesamoid
  169. New Cast - Toes Turning Purple
  170. Awaiting Surgery
  171. Does this sound right? Never run again post ankle reconstruction?
  172. Injury-prone ankles - what should I ask from my GP?
  173. Delayed Union or Jones Fracture
  174. Nerve block for ankle surgery
  175. Ruptured tendons
  176. Heel incision healing problems?
  177. When to start PT after Fibula Fracture
  178. Has anyone used hand controls to drive?
  179. Lisfranc Sprain ... will I need surgery?
  180. Bunion Surgery
  181. Broken heel bones stories
  182. Foot Pain
  183. Flat Tendon
  184. Flat tendon
  185. Sprains ankle
  186. Broken 5th metatarsal, had surgery, can't wear a shoe
  187. Getting around after Flatfoot Reconstruction Surgery
  188. PTTD Surgery: Setback after 6 Months
  189. Calcaneal osteotomy
  190. Bi-lateral Calcaneus Fractures
  191. PTTD First few weeks nausea, constipation, failed nerve block, PAIN, Falling on foot
  192. Am I supposed to sleep in the boot?
  193. Revision Surgery Schedule for m right Foot. Very Nervous
  194. Calf Pain after 3 Months of Inactivity
  195. Sciatic nerve after foot surgery
  196. Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  197. Morton's Neuroma Surgery
  198. Distal Fibula Fracture - Questions
  199. Peroneal Nerve Transfer post surgical pain
  200. bunionectomy newbie
  201. Terrible ankle problem, help, what is it??
  202. ankle broken in 3 places
  203. Relief Cream for Muscles Knee, Ankle HOT or COLD Cream ???
  204. 8 years of pain and counting - need thoughts/opinions!
  205. Pain in hard cast
  206. Ankle talus allograft surgery
  207. Post-Brostrom Recovery okay?
  208. Using a wheelchair to get back to work faster?
  209. New to the board
  210. Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction recovery problem?
  211. First MTP (big toe) joint fusion experience
  212. possible avascular necrosis of sesamoid?
  213. Celebrating the small things
  214. Chrisman snook on left and need Brostrum on right
  215. Has anyone had ankle instability repair and tarsal tunnel surgery at the same time?
  216. need some help
  217. Hammertoe surgery (both feet) for 16 year old.
  218. Revision after Double Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy Please Help!!
  219. Post tibial tendon surgery
  220. Recent ankle ligament surgery
  221. No PT?
  222. Revision PTTD surgery
  223. non displaced fibula fracture healing period (x-ray attached)
  224. Ligament reconstruction with allograft pain
  225. Midfoot Arthrodesis Gone BAD! HELP!!
  226. lump on tibia
  227. How long do you elevate?
  228. Prp for faster healing
  229. Lapidus Bunionectomy Please Help
  230. Returning to work: very nervous
  231. Numbness and tingling after surgery -- normal?
  232. Foot drop from Femur neck fracture and dislocation
  233. Jone's Fracture
  234. Hallux limitus
  235. Big toe fusion hardware removal
  236. 6 Weeks Post-Op, Please Review
  237. Cast is gone!
  238. Fifth Metatarsal Break, Pneumatic Boot?
  239. How long should foot swell?
  240. Would Flat foot surgery give me what I want?
  241. Recent post-ops ... how are you doing?
  242. Bruising post op-how long
  243. Nonstop Spasm/Twitching - Help!
  244. PTTD and frustrated
  245. Heads up for out of state surgeries!
  246. Lateral Ligament Reconstruction with allograft
  247. Sip-A-Mug
  248. Swelling in ankle/foot after healed fracture
  249. Saddleback Deformity surgery
  250. Soft cast and swelling

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