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  1. itching all over body
  2. Et
  3. Chelation
  4. Underarm numbness preceded by itchy nipple
  5. anal problems
  6. blood test
  7. bitter awful taste in mouth
  8. NEED DIAGNOSIS - Syncope, Unexplained Bruises, and Joint Pain
  9. BACK MRI - Need help reading it, please.
  10. Recent MRI for neck, shoulder, arm pain with pins and needles sensation and numbness
  11. Stomach exercises leading to constipation
  12. Vocational Consultation
  13. High potassium and calcium levels
  14. Concerned about lymph node near neck/clavical area?
  15. New Member Here
  16. Tongue
  17. Can someone read my MRI
  18. Solumedrol
  19. CT Scan not showing my Right Kidney?
  20. Very scared
  21. Consistent upper abdominal pain for about 5 years
  22. Hi
  23. I'm 17 and I can't breathe!!!
  24. C Reactive Protein or inflammation index
  25. odd shoulder pain
  26. Lump under my arm not sure what to do :/
  27. red itchy eyelid one eye
  28. 93/51 blood pressure
  29. Chest tickle after cheese...?
  30. Bi-polar desease
  31. ms contin to duragesic patch
  32. Worried about undiagnosed health decline
  33. Stomach ulcers
  34. Pain After Brostrom-Gould Surgery
  35. back problem
  36. migrating tingling ....
  37. weird symptoms?
  38. I Need Help
  39. high liver enzymes
  40. acid and nausea
  41. Low WBC & platelets, normal RBC, low iron, gastro issues
  42. Need some advice please
  43. Cellulitis
  44. Admiration and compassion
  45. Mysterious itchy, spreading rash on face, neck, , chest...
  46. levothyroxine itchy skin
  47. pre-employment drug testing
  48. Worried mum of 11 year old
  49. Is there such a thing as an Antihistamine Withdrawal !!
  50. bugs
  51. Arm dvt?
  52. ribs ache, whole ribcage, muscles spasms, breathless
  53. dry blood in nose and headache
  54. Newbie
  55. Breathing and tingling
  56. shortness of breath
  57. MRI Speculation Please!
  58. Nephew - Motorcyle - diffuse Axonal 5 days ago
  59. enlardged lymph nodes had ct
  60. All my symptons lead to fibro, now how do I talk to my dr?
  61. Hi Everyone
  62. Been diagnosed with hiatus hernia, oesophagitis and duodenitis
  63. feels like head vibration
  64. Odd problem with a finger (calcium deposit?)
  65. upper thigh pain
  66. help for fibro pain, sjogrens, disc problems
  67. Lymph nodes
  68. Good evening
  69. Cardiac pain or something else?
  70. Worry or not
  71. connective tissue disease ?
  72. Mini seizures and aura
  73. what allergy or chemical reaction could cause this
  74. Feeling sick.
  75. Withdrawal from neurontin
  76. No time to work out because of busy schedule.
  77. I think I have lymphoma, I don't know what to do
  78. Egd
  79. burning in stomach and little pinkish blood on the tissue and sometimes in stool
  80. Pain in the neck.
  81. greeting
  82. need new pain releif, anyone have any ideas ?
  83. Tongue sores/tongue bumps. And more larger pink bumps on my tongue
  84. High Platelet Count
  85. Hemochromatosis
  86. Weird Jaw Feeling and Nausea
  87. Two hard small bumps in my face that's not acne on the side of my face
  88. Thyroid Cancer
  89. Blood and high Glaucose in my urine
  90. toxic mold in canada doesnt exist is what doctors say
  91. What could this be?!!
  92. Off balance - big problem
  93. Painful burning and cramping in lower abdomen
  94. Shaking in the morning/myoclonus
  95. What helps with paraxotine withdrawals?
  96. Advice please.
  97. Need support
  98. Are my test results actually normal
  99. Unsuccessful Biceps Repair Surgery
  100. numb feeling in left arm in foreign country
  101. Experiences of unintended weight loss of a TB & Diabetes patient
  102. resting heart rate-very slow
  103. in need help
  104. Help!
  105. enlarged brain ventricles
  106. Lupus, MS, Fibromyalgia???
  107. Sugar
  108. Upper abdominal pain
  109. pain across upper back
  110. Help please
  111. Churning feeling in stomach/feeling hot.
  112. poo issues with reflux
  113. Feeling real bad after any food
  114. Hello
  115. I don't understand? Need some advice. Swollen gland and gagging!
  116. Help! Very sick and confused about lab results... possible Thyroid problem?
  117. Head pains - getting hopeless
  118. Pneumonia
  119. diarrhea for 8 weeks!
  120. Pain after getting out of the bed in the morning
  121. lump
  122. hi
  123. Hello wonderful survivors!!!
  124. Norovirus..
  125. Switching from vyvanse to concerta
  126. Chronic Medical Mystery - Help needed
  127. Chrohns interstystial cystitis stones painful urination making me cry help!!!
  128. Cysts-Cysts
  129. Burning Skin
  130. DHEA Sulfate low?
  131. Worried about my sons mood swings
  132. Headaches behind right eye and right side of head
  133. hi
  134. What does a -3.5 hip T Score mean to me?
  135. Labrynthitis
  136. implantation bleeding or what?
  137. Fluttering In lower chest
  138. Deaf/Autism 4 years old.
  139. Numbness in feet when lying down
  140. hip surgery
  141. My mind feels like it burns.
  142. I am messed up and scared!!!
  143. headaceh opinions/fioricet
  144. Right loin pain
  145. Clozapine is a dopamine agonist.
  146. head rush.....seizure?
  147. Morphine sul ER and avinza
  148. low body temperature
  149. what dose my dads white blood cell count of 23 mean
  150. Thyroid Cancer
  151. Left Belly Button Pain After Gallbladder and Adhesion Removal
  152. arthritis in the neck and ringing in the ear
  153. does seizures cause depression answer.
  154. Polymyositis
  155. Hello to all!!
  156. Acpnel 30 mg
  157. worried girlfriend
  158. Not sure
  159. Weird chest feelings
  160. Fevers!
  161. One year post discectomy
  162. Jaw Injury
  163. health issue
  164. Water gurgling below in abdomen including below right rid
  165. Pins and needles in fingers when touching things?
  166. Diagnose me... do I have an underlying condition?
  167. any ideas
  168. Help Please
  169. Help! Anxiety? Diseases?
  170. Wrist Pain
  171. Small Amounts of Blood in Phlegm
  172. left shoulder and arm pain
  173. chronic cough, sore throat for almost 3
  174. I really dont know what to do
  175. Pathology - Is It Normal To Take So Long?
  176. Lower rib pain left side
  177. Ulnar Nerve Transposition
  178. Help needed with possible asperger's girl
  179. New diagnosis
  180. upper left quad. pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, bone pain?
  181. After aspiration of ganglion ankle cyst, should the cyst be gone or still there?
  182. Is something wrong with me?
  183. unknown pains...
  184. Antinuclear antibody titer is 1:80 with nucleolar pattern, what does this mean?
  185. Jaw clenching
  186. white spot at the end of lower lip and black spots on lips without smoking
  187. Abdominal pain - input?
  188. bacteria overgrowth
  189. Generic Oxycodone
  190. Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Toronto, Canada?
  191. Swollen Collar Bone
  192. pain
  193. Mrsa
  194. Lower left back issue
  195. Increase in symmetry over time possible?
  196. warm water sensation on back of neck
  197. Love this site!
  198. pressure in head and ears
  199. Can't fall asleep - eyes moving under eyelids
  200. Tendinitis
  201. Any idea what is wrong with my tongue?
  202. Endometriosis & Bipolar
  203. Blue sweat - Chromehydrosis / chromehidrosis
  204. Chronic sinus problem or not? very worried - health anxiety sufferer :-(
  205. Right clavicle bone
  206. From Migraine to continuous dizziness
  207. Nausea & Stomach Bloating
  208. Pain
  209. So here goes ... Severe pain neck to sacrum
  210. Sharp pains above belly button- gallbladder removed...help!
  211. Serious gas issues and breathing difficult for my mother
  212. just want to stay in bed... so opposite of me. not diagnosed
  213. Smell bad please help me
  214. Bleeding
  215. Joint/bone pain, loss of appetite, fatigue- help
  216. help with MRI
  217. Thyroid
  218. Multiple Sclerosis "question"
  219. Emotional
  220. Abdominal pain/adhesiens
  221. Hi Everyone
  222. Multiple Issues
  223. liver problem shows on the face
  224. drug testing and your liver
  225. Root in root canal cracked or Sinus issues help
  226. understand a pelvic ultrasound
  227. I am New Here
  228. fell on my butt, slammed head off ground
  229. How long will it take for a bone bruise on my hip to heal?
  230. Effexor-XR
  231. Dizzyness with weakness feeling
  232. need help/comfort :(
  233. 9 yr old had lymph nodes removed from neck
  234. post ulnar nerve transposition
  235. Lump on the lower left side of my stomach
  236. 10 Months Post Fusion
  237. klonopin withdrawl?
  238. Forehead Pressure, floaters/sparkles in vision, random muscle twitching
  239. Three years post hand surgery, still pain
  240. 16 with Swollen Inguinal Lymphnodes
  241. TED (Thyroid Eye Disease) and Pretibial Myxedema and Club Fingers
  242. Post colectomy nutrition
  243. 10 year old with itchy tongue
  244. Chronic Facial Swelling
  245. Hida Scan Normal still w/Symptoms! Help!
  246. discharge/smell/lump above belly button
  247. Rebif side effects
  248. R rib and liver pain
  249. Blood Test
  250. Autism vs Cerebral Palsy

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