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  1. Hypothyroid Symptoms and 'normal' bloodwork
  2. Head aches when I move my head quickly
  3. high white cell count, low red with blood & protein in urine.
  4. lymph problem
  5. Rheumatic fever
  6. elevating CRP
  7. please help, thyroid & anemia tests normal but symptoms are bad don't know what it is
  8. Recurring fever, chills and muscle aches
  9. Ghost Pepper Relief
  10. Bad chest pain for the past 2 months
  11. Confused Newbie w/Low Ferritin
  12. HELP! Bug bites moving up just one leg...
  13. Confused
  14. 50 years old bipolar, ms/ recov alcohol,possitive
  15. Concerned
  16. underactive thyroid and pre-diabetes
  17. Found a slightly painful lump Subclavical, Help?
  18. Hashimotos, PCOS... Frustration
  19. Doctor Error on called in Rx
  20. Im a Newbie
  21. drinking lot of water in a day
  22. Right Butt Sore
  23. Cost of Surgery
  24. No Strength In right leg
  25. Abdominal Pulse
  26. iron infusion
  27. Red marks on my body
  28. Black bump on thigh after water blister
  29. kenalog/decadron shot
  30. HELP!!! Meds Not Working Anymore!!!
  31. Goosebumps
  32. what's wrong with me?
  33. Ne% Going Down
  34. yellow tongue cure
  35. been sick for 1.5+ years and no clue why
  36. No food or appetite in 3 days
  37. taking metformin (pcos)
  38. I need advice on what to do
  39. If Drs don't know...who will?
  40. Effects of Radiation Treatment
  41. Hand Cramps
  42. benedryl for sleep
  43. Androgel application, shaved or not?
  44. ACTH Stim Test Results
  45. So many diseases and no cures
  46. Confused about lymph nodes!
  47. What could be causing my arm pain?
  48. i need advice
  49. I have had constant left upper abdominal pain for 5 months now. Colonoscopy, CT scan
  50. Yelling out during a recollection of a bad memory
  51. body issues
  52. Mcrawrs
  53. First Post - Numerous Health "Quirks"
  54. adhd in athletes
  55. I'm a newby.
  56. Dealing with (crps) Compex regional pain syndrome
  57. Pain in shoulder/numness in hands and legs
  58. insomnia:(
  59. Sugar
  60. Chin Injury
  61. head shaking--does my 8-year old have OCD? Tourettes? or mild autism?
  62. gastric varices and splenic varices
  63. Filling Norco accross state lines
  64. Hypercalcium, hypothyroidism, hypoparatgyroidism
  65. Left leg problem
  66. brand new start
  67. severe pain under left breast
  68. feeling tightness under breastbone
  69. I choose life from now on. Day one.
  70. ribcage
  71. Does this seem okay?
  72. Non-stop shortness of breath/ breathing attacks causing seizure-like symptoms
  73. chin hair problem at age of 22.....:(((
  74. Joining today
  75. Brain Wave Sensation
  76. Small gel capsules in 2 yoa poop
  77. buttock pain upon sitting.. etc..
  78. I never feel full!
  79. worried mom
  80. Low TSH only
  81. body rocking slightly while standing still
  82. Itching
  83. Mouth and throat swelling
  84. Perianal cyst
  85. Bleeding
  86. Losing weight rapidly with slight muscle pain
  87. feeling lightheaded on standing
  88. Bottom of sternum please help!
  89. Feels like death
  90. Something "snapped" in my left breast - pain - clues??
  91. Chest plate pains going to left arm and left leg
  92. Mixed messages- Trying to get diagnosed
  93. Discomfort after interstim implant
  94. new dr
  95. Any ideas?
  96. child recurrent rib pain
  97. Mr
  98. Fear of Going to Doctor
  99. Large lump in upper arm muscle; what is it?!
  100. Cold Thighs
  101. High MCH High MCV High Folate, Normal B12 and normal H&H
  102. Newbie today
  103. Spotting on prednisone. Pregnant or side effect?
  104. Pain after colonoscopy - worried
  105. smoke smell
  106. Can anyone help?
  107. Still Waiting for a Diagnosis
  108. kidney
  109. vulva biopsy
  110. having stomach problems
  111. Miled pain at the right side under the rib cage
  112. Burning scalp and Hair Loss
  113. Middle of the night attacks
  114. 60 mg paxil to 37.5 effexor xr
  115. Vertigo and ringing in the ears
  116. rare portal lymphoid aggregates with spottynlobular necrosis
  117. mri scan
  118. Pain 1 Month After Appendectomy
  119. Stomach problems
  120. Adrenal fatigue and amalgam fillings
  121. Help please!
  122. stomach ache in the mornings
  123. An allergy of some kind?
  124. jandp2002
  125. Seeing things not there
  126. pain in lower back radiating to chest
  127. Bloated abdomen/stomach...could this be IBS?
  128. Advice Needed
  129. Brain Tumor or Anxiety? Please Help!!!!
  130. numbness in arms and hands
  131. Cervical Spine/Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Problems
  132. Ferritin is at 5, hair falling out for over 2.5 years now...
  133. Anxiety and pain
  134. Confused, worried, wondering what is wrong!!
  135. please help me
  136. Blood Test
  137. Oral Thrush?
  138. Gastritis or Esophageal Spasms? Please help!
  139. Drinking on Citaplopram
  140. Koch's infection and mild infiltration fatty liver
  141. Intestine Pain
  142. Fatigue, paleness, swollen belly, doctor doesn't know what's wrong. .
  143. Serious pain under left clavicle
  144. procap
  145. How do I carry on staying strong (mentally) PLEASE HELP
  146. sondylitis
  147. RA Treatment; Starting over?
  148. Pain meds not enough
  149. Can some one please help me
  150. Headaches, tired and stinging eyes, Fatigue, every two weeks? Any ideas...
  151. inside my head feels like a pinball machine
  152. Pilonidal Cyst
  153. Lyme or RA?
  154. introduction
  155. Methadone vs. Morphine
  156. Terrible taste in mouth
  157. MS and Shingles
  158. weak hand
  159. Need help with MRI to english translation
  160. Weird stomach/back pains.
  161. Right hand painful
  162. Burning nerve pain right leg
  163. Inroduction
  164. Side Effects to Drinking Alcohol
  165. Eye problems, depression, social anxiety
  166. Started bleeding on Lexapro
  167. new to board educating myself
  168. Sholder pain & giddiness
  169. neck pain, uncomfortable head sensations
  170. trial stimulator
  171. Dust Mites
  172. What happened to my scar?
  173. high blood pressure ant anti depressants in 23 year old
  174. Shoulder and Left Arm Pain
  175. Hello, folks!
  176. How to prevent lung/respiratory diease working at dusty environment?
  177. pain clinic
  178. Elevated Blood Calcium
  179. Please Help!
  180. can the ulnar nerve heal?
  181. My brain, eyes, throat (Hard to explain.)
  182. biochem results
  183. Cerebral Palsy Panic Attacks in Open Areas? Help?
  184. I need to stop taking prednisone after 2 days
  185. Upset stomach for over a week, no vomiting, anxiety...(long)
  186. Does anyone else lose their voice when flaring?
  187. Cheekbone tingling. PLEASE HELP.
  188. inguinal lymph nodes
  189. pain around tailbone
  190. ACTH Stim test while on Florinef
  191. Is this part of GERD or is it a hernia?
  192. Feeling like you're not there, unbalanced
  193. Ive been having bad stomach pain for 2 weeks
  194. Burning of inner thigh
  195. Why am I hurting under my ribs?
  196. wierd?!?
  197. my 79 year old mom
  198. Armpit pain
  199. clavicle area
  200. Possible MS
  201. lumps on shin
  202. Pain in the pelvic region
  203. SICK, NO INSURANCE, should i go ER or urgent care?which is cheaper?
  204. need input switched from o oxycontin 20mg 2x a day to opana er 10mg 2X A DAY
  205. Blood Blister on roof of mouth
  206. Need help!! On my pet/ct scan report
  207. two lumps on my 10 month old sons jawbone ethier side of his chin
  208. feeling like a zombie
  209. paralyzed diaphragm
  210. Sweating Suddenly
  211. Constant pain in right abdomen, not gallbladder.
  212. Whats wrong with me?!?!
  213. Odd pain
  214. Always Hot
  215. Ameobic colitis
  216. New member and cancer survivor
  217. New hope
  218. Thyroid scan for weight gain plus abnormal lab
  219. Tired all the time
  220. Sharp Shooting Pain in Back Right of Head
  221. End Stage Liver Disease - confused
  222. Please Help not sure what to do
  223. mid back pain that won't go away..
  224. Low Platelets and Enlarged Platlets
  225. numb ,cold, tingling and pain up my arm to my shoulder
  226. Cheek Implant Removal
  227. Central chest and upper abdominal pressure
  228. Flonase and Getting over the Anxiety it caused. Please help
  229. New user
  230. Weight loss
  231. vitamin d deficiancy
  232. Boils transmission
  233. Adrenal Fatigue-Need Help with Labs
  234. Constant nausea
  235. Keeping track Your body temperature for fever (30 days)
  236. pth - calcium levels
  237. Bump on skin
  238. Arsacs
  239. Gerd and night time breathing problems
  240. Inverted Uterus Lower Back Pain
  241. a lump on right middle back on shoulder blade
  242. flailing arms
  243. Recurring staph/MRSA
  244. New Member
  245. Bka
  246. Do I have asthma?
  247. a little dizziness
  248. 9 year old, blood test results
  249. Latent TB
  250. swollen lymph node neck

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