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  1. Constant Head pressure/ eye pressure
  2. My son is 5 years old high with Leukemia and now his Ferritin levels are high
  3. Little bumps all over my body!
  4. Looking for best climate for my Aunt
  5. Pectus Excavatum
  6. Coughing up chunks with blood
  7. Breathing problem and pain in arm
  8. massive stress
  9. Chronic Pain, Negative MRI?
  10. Anxiety or Hypoglycemia?
  11. I have no clue whats happening.
  12. swollen lymph node
  13. Eeg
  14. Need Help interpreting results please- Had MRI for Back Pain and possible ovary cyst?
  15. Hot mess
  16. Lupus/ANA results
  17. help!
  18. Have I got MD
  19. Bronchitis
  20. 6 yrs with post stroke vascular dementia
  21. to: White worms under the skin
  22. hip pain and toe numbness
  23. Rheumatoid arthritis and kidney failure
  24. Why cant I breathe?
  25. can someone help me stop counting in my head
  26. Help!!!! Convinced myself I have MS
  27. Abcessed inguinal lymph node
  28. Bright blood in stools
  29. Is a stroke possible for 25 year old?
  30. Adderall in morning ritalin in afternoon
  31. Allergies to dental work
  32. Always ill/Fatigue and Thyroid
  33. feeling lightheaded with head rushes at times
  34. SiCK of BEiNG SiCK
  35. Muscles contracting in left hand
  36. Cycles of Tongue Cracking/Fissure With Lethargy
  37. Sertraline and Insomnia
  38. Swelling on back
  39. Chronic headaches and regular pains...
  40. Stones after gallbladder surgery and ERCP
  41. Dx'd with MS in 2005
  42. Hives from anesthesia?
  43. Uriceria
  44. new♥♥♥
  45. need some help
  46. I'm back after 2 years of taking Magnesium.
  47. Sudden headaches and tremors everyday for the past 2 months
  48. Asthma versus Bad Breath
  49. advice
  50. my body hurts when it gets cold
  51. hard lump on inside of wrist??
  52. Syrinx in cervical cord
  53. Canker sore/ulcer what is it help!
  54. body hair
  55. Luvox and Klonopin
  56. Newbie
  57. good wishes
  58. Sores on one arm
  59. Mammogram reveals staple left from Breast Reduction 13 years ago
  60. Itching and dementia
  61. Why does my face go red so easily ?
  62. Day & night sweats
  63. For everyone who suffers from all over body pains
  64. enlarged Lymph nodes
  65. Chantix and Wellbutrin?
  66. my feet
  67. Need advice-- Adderall, ADD and Anxiety
  68. new
  69. No one knows what's wrong
  70. Red Burning Cheeks
  71. constant pressure in head/neck, chronic pain & fatigue, weakness, etc.
  72. Burning, stinging sensation; mid-back on left shoulder-blade area
  73. What is this?
  74. anyone had this?
  75. Lymphoma Question
  76. Something's not right...
  77. New member, first post.
  78. Leg pain exercise or stretch ideas?
  79. chest pains, breathing weird
  80. percocets
  81. Benzodiazapines
  82. anterior and posterior lumbar spinal fusion
  83. Trevor
  84. butt cheek bones hurt when sitting
  85. Can I return to high level of physical activity without severe pain?
  86. Help!... MS, EBV, etc, etc, etc?!
  87. asking for guidance
  88. dont know anymore
  89. Costo I think
  90. suggestion for caring breast center and surgeon dc/md area
  91. bug crawling feeling on left side of head
  92. Hyperthyroid or spine issue?
  93. Ear fullness and brain-fog without vertigo
  94. What do I do?
  95. Re: Sore Throat and runny nose
  96. Brain Fog!!!!!!
  97. Painful Tailbone for 30 years
  98. rash
  99. HOT and Cold WHY?
  100. Coccyx pain and need help reading mri results
  101. im 19, im 5'5... is it possible for me to grow taller??
  102. first post/any input on this mri result
  103. mirror lies!!!!
  104. Swollen Lymphnodes
  105. numbness, heart pounding one scared woman...
  106. Voice range lost after intubation
  107. Possibly bronchitis?
  108. Unexplained Right Flank pain!
  109. teeth making clicking noises when pushed, please help me!
  110. bump inside arm pit
  111. Sweet saliva
  112. hello
  113. Pain under ribs
  114. Pain in my chest under left breast?
  115. Lump below knee
  116. Prilosec
  117. Mystery - undiagnosed mix of symptoms
  118. OATS right ankle with brostrom and calcaneal osteotomy
  119. laminectomy - recovery time?
  120. pain
  121. Please read and help
  122. Vomitting daily since begining of year
  123. Hair pain
  124. Leg pain and cramps
  125. karen
  126. pulled muscle
  127. Itching all over
  128. Help Needed!
  129. Trying to find out what is wrong with me.
  130. sore chest!
  131. pain between spine and right shoulder blade
  132. listening to throat sounds (POP ROCKS) during breathing at night in bed
  133. what is this pain from?
  134. Painful Hard Blister in inner thigh
  135. Hida Scan 14 percent
  136. Do I have something to worry about or is it Hypochondria?
  137. I am new
  138. right back rib pain at night - piercing pain
  139. Should I relocate to a big city?
  140. Anxiety or something else?
  141. possibile anxcious muscle twitches
  142. sternoclavicular protrusion with twitching
  143. Contagious? phobia..need peace of mind.
  144. Lichen Sclerosis
  145. Leg Pain
  146. Antibiotic?
  147. Pent Auricular Lymphadenopathy
  148. 1/2 my tongue swells at night! help!
  149. Base and Back of Head pain, pressure, frozen, buzzing
  150. Mri results help??
  151. Brain Problems After Car Accident
  152. Hoarse Voice & Thyroid Connection
  153. Worried :(
  154. Hot flashes
  155. eye and neck pain
  156. Denied Gilenya
  157. translation of m.r.i. report
  158. Foggy head/dizzy/confusion/feeling drugged up
  159. bleeding hemmrohiods
  160. post op therapy
  161. Opana ER Question
  162. Please someone...input
  163. Shadow in lung X-ray and cough
  164. Motion Sickness Remedies?
  165. going off ambien
  166. shoulder blade pain/numbness
  167. Medical Mystery
  168. Itching Symptoms
  169. tired all the time
  170. Bleeding out of Belly Button even after multiple Antibiotics
  171. spine damage causes indirect discomfort
  172. Is Anyone On Cosopt PF
  173. iron levels out of whack, not anemic?
  174. Bowel Problems?
  175. pain in right side under last rib
  176. confused and dont want to admit...help!
  177. very worrying
  178. shooting pains on foot
  179. Appeal Cases
  180. Can't move my ankle up or down..
  181. Vaginal itching and redness
  182. thyroid
  183. please help! :( recurrent bv
  184. Need some help!
  185. bone sticking out
  186. Severe pain in below left shoulder
  187. Severe leg pain after back surgery
  188. scared i might have hiv or herpes
  189. Low B12
  190. lymph node aspiration
  191. tingleling behind left ear-no pain
  192. Arm Pain During Exercise
  193. horrible pain in left butt cheek after surgery
  194. Looking for doctors and counselors in southwestern Virginia.
  195. Lpr
  196. Back, Hip and ankle - any advice welcome please
  197. can you hellp me
  198. Pregnancy and Blood Clots
  199. Red circles... start small... get really big!!
  200. Background information
  201. Swollen Lymphnode on collar bone
  202. MRI of the brain
  203. medial branch nerve block and radiofrequency ablation injections
  204. Copd
  205. Heart Health and Walking
  206. Please Help Read CT Scan/ Going Crazy!
  207. difficulty swallowing liquids
  208. Nature's Way Laminaria Extract Pills?
  209. lp299v
  210. Only 21 but going through 5 months of undiagnosed illness... PLEASE help!
  211. trouble finding a long acting pain medicine
  212. Afrin addiction
  213. Gerd
  214. severe body odor
  215. blood pressure readings different in both arms
  216. in process of maybe having ms.
  217. General aneshesia side effects?
  218. Hepatitis or ? Labs done - AST low, bili high
  219. laxative abuse
  220. fowl taste
  221. My mind is going crazy
  222. Subacute Thyroiditis
  223. Side Effects to Amoxicillin
  224. Scary radiation from my medical tests
  225. Bruised lower back spine. No pain when touched.
  226. Aware of breathing
  227. perscriptions
  228. I just need this! - (Depersonalization)
  229. blood blisters
  230. Nizoral to lower Cortisol levels
  231. Really bad neck pain when coughing
  232. Heat Stroke/Exhaustion?
  233. unidentified chronic pain and fatigue with no help in sight
  234. Too much medicine that does not go together
  235. Gastritis?
  236. new here today
  237. doctor refusing 2nd blood test
  238. Gallbladder removed & still have LOT'S of pain
  239. Brain
  240. Sore cracked tongue
  241. desperate for answers
  242. to many pains to count!
  243. Heart attack symptoms but not?
  244. Problems with sparking/itching (Unknown Diagnosis)
  245. Sarc
  246. Itching and swelling
  247. osteochrondroma - left hip
  248. pain in left leg
  249. i think im going to cry......
  250. Pain under left and right rib cage

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