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  1. Problem in the groin area...
  2. sore and bruised glands
  3. upper abdominal pain... suggestions.
  4. Pancoast syndrome/tumor?
  5. Nausea no vomiting
  6. Bladder
  7. Pineal Cyst, NeW FINDINGS
  8. happy health 'discovery' worth sharing
  9. Cartilage infection
  10. Sudden Electrical Shock in left thigh
  11. New to thyroid problems, need advice
  12. They Can't Find Anything Wrong with Me.
  13. No BP
  14. Why am I losing muscle mass?
  15. Pins and needles *****ly pain in face and ear
  16. strange heart pain?
  17. What can cause prolonged swollen lymphnodes, other then cancer?
  18. I have this stiffness in my upper left jaw...
  19. My heart feels like it's jiggeling in my chest, literally. Please answer...
  20. Warm sensation in lower legs
  21. Veins on my arm
  22. how do you fade scars?
  23. head lump
  24. Neuroreplete
  25. Is it my back or the add meds???
  26. Dealing with so many problems!
  27. Strange things
  28. help!!
  29. Leg Cramp during sleep, What med. is good for it?
  30. How long to tell if physical therapy is not going to work at all?
  31. Vomiting Nauseas anxiety ):
  32. My lungs aren't expanding enough? What the heck is going on? , please help !
  33. Many symptoms, no diagnosis....Help please!!
  34. Thank You Zoloft For Making Me Miserable!
  35. strange things in the head
  36. lump in arm
  37. have not felt good for 5 years
  38. Arm pains after weight lifting, what do I do?
  39. Hard / Soft Palate question?
  40. Lower abdomen in pelvis area (between hip bones) is constantly distended
  41. Deadly fatigue, shortness of breath, back pain PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  42. Looking for answer to Stomach/Bowel issue
  43. Prednisone & Blood Work
  44. strange symptoms and no answers from doctors...
  45. I'm aging overnight.
  46. Is my white blood cell count too high to worry about?
  47. Comes and goes :(
  48. Can anyone help me?
  49. HELP (Ear Ache, Weird Flu Symptoms)
  50. Blood in sputum
  51. Fluttery?
  52. Getting sick at the same time every month, large painful lump on roof of mouth
  53. bicep tendonitis
  54. Constant shakiness
  55. Lower right abomdinal/upper groin pain? Help!
  56. lymph node problems after antibiotics...
  57. cant take it any more
  58. Is this a normal clotting speed?
  59. Dizziness/Brainfog/head shocks
  60. What is this oozing scab on hand? PLEASE HELP!!
  61. What could this be ???
  62. black stomach pimples and holes?????
  63. Headache, dizziness, pressure in left chest, insomnia
  64. Extremely scary swelling sensation behind my left eye
  65. I'm feeling sad, anxious and worried?
  66. Pressure on left side of chest
  67. Scared I have had too many CT scans?? Please help!!
  68. DVT Questions
  69. Aspartame, can it do permanent damage?
  70. Very concerned about my health... desperately looking for some answers
  71. Sharp pains in wrist, slightly pale skin in hand
  72. Should I request further testing??... Advice please!!
  73. Back pain, Numbness in hands and feet, Vaginal bleeding
  74. Stomach Symptoms
  75. Severe Abdominal Bloating?
  76. white blood count and vitamin D
  77. Adhesions?
  78. Can anyone help here?
  79. tummy problems
  80. chronic low bp with symptoms
  81. Desperate for answers, been sick for a whilw!
  82. Mucus, cheat pain, breathing problems--x-ray was clear..?
  83. I am new to this forum community
  84. please post possible causes for spacey feeling & fatigue
  85. 14 year old Blood work and urine help
  86. been sick for a month! please give advice
  87. How safe are blood transfusions?
  88. Blood Clot? Please just tell me I am a worrying over nothing.
  89. Short PR Interval?
  90. Leg Pain at Rest
  91. Boyfriend severe pain in buttock
  92. Post Thrombotic Syndrome
  93. Throat Problems for MONTHS
  94. stomach pain and dizziness..
  95. Blood pressure change?
  96. High WBC and Neutrophils- Can Exercise be the cause?
  97. High abs eosin
  98. Numeroes Undiagnosed Symptoms
  99. First trip to the hematologist tomorrow...
  100. high ferritin
  101. Why am I shrinking in height?
  102. idk whats wrong with me. please im begging for info
  103. Does it sound like a brain tumor?
  104. do i have parasites ?
  105. Wondering what's going on?
  106. Getting pretty scared at the moment. Any advice at all?
  107. I get nauseous very easily
  108. Are these heart attack symptoms?
  109. please...need your thoughts on my symptoms
  110. Adderall withdrawal?? CONSTANT CHILLS
  111. Shooting pain in hand and strange sensation
  112. 'popping' sensation in the back of my head/neck, confused. Any advice ?
  113. A question about my heart.
  114. Soy Milk -> Itchy Throat
  115. My Doctors are Not Helping Me.
  116. Worried
  117. Please Help...
  118. tingling hands, arm, toes...circulation?
  119. anyone know ?
  120. Do I have poisoning?
  121. Confused & in Agony
  122. Why do i feel the urge to urinate while running ?
  123. Food poisoning question
  124. Muscle spasms in stomach causing restless nights
  125. Very sudden dizziness- unsure why it happened
  126. weird symptoms
  127. why am i having PVCs ? please help, very scared. thank you.
  128. Odd feeling in throat whenever I swallow... flap-like feeling?
  129. Chest pain and passing out
  130. so scared. can not stand living this way anymore
  131. Help!
  132. Insuffient Blood Sample (Iron in Blood cells)
  133. Elevated CRP and insulin resistance
  134. Symptoms- Are they linked?
  135. Stomach Bug for 6 weeks?
  136. High RDW
  137. Sternum Pain! WTH??
  138. standing makes me feel sick after awhile
  139. Sick & Fed Up!
  140. phantom smoke smell in nose
  141. unsure of what is going on health wise
  142. Muscle cramping while holding child?
  143. Familial Hot Flashes
  144. Elevated IgM child-recurrent pneumonia
  145. So so so confused
  146. Please help tonsils hurt bad!
  147. Undiagnosed symptoms - need help!!
  148. Enlarged Red Blood Cells
  149. Falling feeling while awake and "kick" feeling at back of skull
  150. Do I have heart disease?
  151. Is this a kidney stone??
  152. Trachea tumors
  153. Exercise and whey protein
  154. Abnormal total protein value from lab test?
  155. High pulse rate
  156. Any thoughts? Fatigue etc..
  157. Not feeling good after using baking soda to brush teeth
  158. Sticky Blood
  159. Aloe vera poisoning help
  160. Adapting to use of one arm
  161. Getting injured easily
  162. Tingling roof of mouth and numbness feeling in upper lip
  163. Any advice on my situation?..
  164. Uterine AVM
  165. Problem of swallowing saliva
  166. Muscular, nerves, or cardiovascular I'm lost?
  167. Weird feeling behind knees
  168. question about rabies transmission
  169. Constant urination few days after sick! Please help! I'm really scared..
  170. Memory Loss, Migraines, and unable to Concentrate
  171. NEED ADVICE allergy or yeast
  172. rib pain in my back
  173. Listeria and Meningitis confirmed.....
  174. paralize, tingling, feeling of fainting
  175. Weird numbness on left side followed by shaking? Please help!
  176. Chest pain/Light headed/Short of breath
  177. Abdominal nerve pain driving me mad!
  178. My belly button has been oozing, bleeding, and smelling bad
  179. New here; need answers
  180. Kittens!!
  181. Too thin!
  182. Pinched Nerve in Upper LeftBack? Please help!
  183. Really sore arm
  184. Help, Things don't add up.
  185. Kidney problems?
  186. Lack of awareness and dull mind? Aged:17?
  187. Wierd Seizures.
  188. Very low pain left abdomen
  189. My girlfrend seems to have what looks like blue lines and blue spots on her stomach
  190. Bruising above both eyes, below eyelids
  191. Hard Lump in Forearm
  192. steroid resistant
  193. Needed Advise
  194. Problem with Lower Right Abdominal Pain
  195. Cough, gag, puke
  196. Lump Near Right Carotid Artery
  197. Treatment for back pain
  198. Odd arms and hands problem
  199. Poor circulation in hands
  200. Scarring on hand
  201. Abdominal, Chest, Back pain
  202. wide variety of symptoms
  203. Lower Stomach Pain - Concerned
  204. Enlarged spleen with no underlying diagnosis, HELP!
  205. Stomach Issues
  206. Pain just below xiphoid (sternum) + other strange things
  207. Feeling like i need to burp, but just feels like vomit. Why?
  208. Trouble after having apendix removed
  209. Dry throat and painful rash/blisters near vagina
  210. Dark purple/red bruise growing, should I worry???
  211. Why did I faint?
  212. Weird results - High iron saturation, normal everything else
  213. Muscle weakness
  214. Constant headache after mononucleosis
  215. Help
  216. ovarie pain?
  217. Am i losing muscle mass?
  218. Generalized Weakness
  219. Weird feeling in stomach, bloating
  220. strange coloured spots on arms
  221. What could this indicate
  222. Abdominal Pain, Sickness, weight loss and Seizures
  223. Delayed Soreness In Muscles
  224. *****ly throat (back of tongue region)
  225. Feeling Surreal/Confused/Foggy
  226. I want to feel normal again!!!
  227. is this a bad tummy bug?
  228. Bad taste in mouth and shortness in breath
  229. Baffled.....
  230. only in the mornings
  231. Head Rushes are causing blackouts/spazms (need diagnose)
  232. Tummy Trouble
  233. Medical Mystery- Suggestions?
  234. looking for some help
  235. Fatigue, Dizziness, Shakiness, Palpitations
  236. Blood Clot
  237. methotrexate related issue
  238. Why does barley give me diarrhea
  239. Circulation?
  240. doxycycline in place of amoxicillin
  241. Nail split
  242. aneurysm?? all advice greatly appreciated
  243. Confused about my pneumonia!
  244. Possible to get rid of allergies?
  245. Palpitations/anxiety/stomach? Help!
  246. Lump on jawline under ear lobe
  247. head aches/dizziness :(
  248. Always feeling bad, what could be wrong? What to check for?
  249. Lump under right temple
  250. could food be the problem???

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