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  1. Carotid artery in neck can be felt on one side not other?
  2. odd issues with my arm - chest?
  3. is there anyone who can offer any insight?
  4. Pain in Arm PICC line was in, 5 months after removed?
  5. Got hit in throat? Feels swollen and tightness?
  6. Did I re-injury my labrum post op?
  7. Bump on eye socket?
  8. I think something might be wrong with me.
  9. Chelation therapy?
  10. Strange pain in left "moob"
  11. What the is wrong with me?
  12. advice from anyone?
  13. Bloated, painful stomach and diarrhea
  14. ankle and leg problem
  15. Nauseous for 4 days and counting (any help would be greatly appreciated)
  16. Chest, Back, Reflux Like Pain
  17. So many symptoms... long post
  18. Is my tounge normal?
  19. What's wrong with me!!
  20. What's Wrong with Me?
  21. What's Wrong with Me?
  22. do i need vitamins
  23. Horrible heat intolerance, night sweats, Raynaud's... help... please...
  24. An odd problem with my nervous system (I think)
  25. Muscles not feeling healed.
  26. Just wondering about these symptoms...
  27. Random Cold Chills?
  28. please can some one help?
  29. Blood on my pillow!!
  30. Lumps??
  31. Right lower leg trouble
  32. Hi Potassium level
  33. Heart problem?
  34. Over active sweat glands.
  35. White 'spots' on legs
  36. What happens if you get cut in the head?
  37. Is it normal to come down with a fever while on antibiotics?
  38. Been sick all year, please help.
  39. Strange, recurring symptoms. Can anyone else relate?
  40. Waves of Cold Throughout Body
  41. Ms? Lyme? Fibromyalgia? Parkensons? ALS?
  42. Willapp - your post about shaking muscles
  43. Flu symptoms for a week
  44. American in Denmark, undiagnosed
  45. Uti---- with sugar found in urine
  46. head ct
  47. Going Mad! Desperate for Answers...
  48. Short breath, Panic, Light-chested?
  49. Tingling, crawling sensation on scalp/ears-hair loss
  50. hi...
  51. Very sore throat with cough
  52. Chest pain/soreness/fatigue when talking (6 mos. -- ongoing!)
  53. Can anyone help me - heacaches
  54. Severe pain on left side temple area
  55. Sweating too much
  56. Lip question< help ?!
  57. Don't feel hungry anymore, is this kidney or some other cancer?
  58. small mole or tag around neck, face and body
  59. Please tell me what is wrong with my finger..
  60. Puffy Underarm
  61. Black line on palm(Dr.'s are stumped)
  62. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  63. burning/stinging sensation in roof of mouth/throat
  64. Fatigue, Dry Cough, Toenail Ridges
  65. Pain on Right side for 1 year
  66. Whats wrong with me?
  67. Hemocromatosis or Anemia? Contradicting lab results. Even docs confused.
  68. Worried :(
  69. Bladder?
  70. Both Sub-mandibular Salivary gland swollen
  71. Loss of balance
  72. Fell off bike - nausea, dilated pupils, weird heart rate
  73. What could it mean when your neck and armpits hurt after drinking?
  74. what could this be?
  75. Need help understanding lab tests
  76. High SGPT and GGT
  77. No diagnosis... can anyone here help??!
  78. Newbie happy with forum
  79. please help... i need some ideas... and a diagnosis
  80. Not sure what is going on...
  81. Nutrient absorption issues or something else?
  82. High Histamine in Blood? Over 1300
  83. Two (or one big) lump(s) on base of skull upper neck.
  84. lump next to my nose.
  85. liver spot
  86. Pains in my legs when walking flat footed
  87. Hematoma IN calf
  88. Big Purple Bruise
  89. Spaced out all the time
  90. Heart attack or just elbow nerve?
  91. Cyst removed, turns out is wasn't a cyst...
  92. Exhaustion from moving or walking... help!
  93. Stomach pains? Appendicitis?
  94. Why am I still thirsty with a dry mouth feeling when test are clear?
  95. IV disaster, help!
  96. Fluid found on CT
  97. chronic cough
  98. Burned my thumb - Feeling nauseous/weak afterwards
  99. What Can Be Done?
  100. Neck/base of skull issues
  101. Over active pituitary gland and under active thyroid
  102. Abdominal Bloating- Desperately need help!
  103. What could this be?
  104. Muscle Pull around right hip?
  105. Aren't doctors required to give their new paitents a physical exam??
  106. Should I have a medical check up?
  107. Concerned
  108. Super low triglycerides
  109. Sick for 6 months with a million symptoms
  110. Bruises that are getting bigger, and forming together?
  111. Help!! Intense painful itchy rash
  112. Yeast infection?(male)
  113. Pain, numbness and tingling
  114. Mystery Abdominal Pain
  115. Sudden onset pain in fingers
  116. Leg Swelling
  117. not sure where to post
  118. Leg and Buttock Pain
  119. Throbbing pressure in neck
  120. Abdominal pain and need answers please read
  121. Pain and tightness in left arm?
  122. Someone help me please
  123. Can someone please give me input!? I am so confused.
  124. Please help! :(
  125. Ill from past three weeks, help!!
  126. Baker's Cyst Question
  127. visibal veins
  128. Wondering if I should be concerned?
  129. Worried
  130. tired of feeling like a hypochondriac lots of health problems
  131. Pins and needles in thumb/index finger
  132. Blood clot or no?
  133. Biopsis during Endoscopy
  134. confuse...!! ;@
  135. Another cry for help
  136. Red streaks on both biceps/armpits
  137. How can you get Salmonella through something other than foods?
  138. At wits end!!
  139. Neck, Head, Shoulder, Back pain and Tingling
  140. Can Anyone Help Me with My Medical Mystery?
  141. Colonoscopy Pathology report question
  142. New Member reaching out for help
  143. Sharp stabbing pain under left nipple, lasts 1-2 seconds.
  144. Hormones?
  145. 21 have chest pain top right quite often also sometimes funny taste
  146. So tired
  147. volar ganglion cyst surgery next week
  148. blood under toenails
  149. What does High ESR mean?
  150. Anyone had bad taste after taking antibiotics?
  151. Hemochromatosis
  152. burning sensation on toes
  153. Mystery illness that hasn't been diagnosed or anxiety?
  154. Passed out "buzzed" feeling since
  155. Sharp pain often above spleen.
  156. Tramadol and Remeron question
  157. Lump near my eyebrow. What is it?
  158. What causes hiccups?
  159. Doctor cannot figure out whats wrong with me? Please Help!
  160. Headaches and short term memory loss going on 5 months.
  161. weird goosebumps
  162. Chest ache, stiff legs, dizzy. Living hell
  163. Salmonella
  164. What Should Happen During Physical Exam?
  165. Suffering and Lost
  166. Bump on my lip
  167. Discomfort in lower right side of ribcage
  168. swelled ankle, a year after injury
  169. bleeding blister-like mole on gums
  170. Neck Pain/Popping Noise? Help...
  171. leg
  172. pulled muscle? or? health anxiety
  173. constant nausea and stomach sloshing
  174. General body aches for eight or so weeks: what could it be?
  175. Does this sound like an insect bite?
  176. Burning & itching
  177. What can this be?
  178. diarrhea, burning stool, yellow stuff on tongue
  179. Chest Pains but why?
  180. Virus or emotional illness?
  181. Someone... please give feedback.
  182. bruised ribs?
  183. hot/cold
  184. Bug bite and red streak going up arm?
  185. Petechia, Muscle Weakness/Pain, Fatigure
  186. So Much Going On Not Sure of the Cause
  187. Help! Can't keep anything down not even water... Sick
  188. mystery illness
  189. Loss of appetite and upset stomach after cold
  190. Office Visits and Prescriptions
  191. Hello, Please help !
  192. Purple Portruding Bump at Top of Buttocks
  193. Many digestive problems; now i don't feel like eating
  194. Liver And Kidney Blood Test
  195. Leg cramp throbbing pain
  196. Year long headache with weird pop rock sound
  197. Painful lump on my jaw line
  198. What is wrong with me?
  199. Please help, do mice carry dangerous diseases?
  200. Cramps and muscle spasms in legs
  201. why do I feel so ill with this oral thrush? (at a guess)
  202. Why am I sleeping sooooo much
  203. Abdominal bruising and bumps
  204. Odd scratching noise in chest; any ideas?
  205. Could this be an infection or something else? Please read and help
  206. Please read Need help
  207. Hello, how can i gain weight?
  208. Grape juice and stomach virus?
  209. Blue, Black and Orange swollen feet!
  210. Bunch of health symptoms... do you think any of them are correlating?
  211. Poor Memory and Lack of Sleep
  212. Temporary loss of sight and loss of use of left hand
  213. Computer causing health problems.
  214. Anybody had a Ultrasound Biopsy?
  215. Never ending
  216. Congestion when "not" lying down
  217. Worrying Chest Pain
  218. My hematoma isnt' reducing in size.
  219. Lump on back of neck
  220. Sinus issues with hot cheeks, fatigue, burning eyes
  221. Health Problems
  222. Looking for the answer!
  223. ultrasound of the neck lymph nodes
  224. Dull ache in left flank
  225. Bleeding, passed out, seizing - Help! What's wrong?
  226. Cortisone injections
  227. Please help serious problem!
  228. Cyst?
  229. Overall health
  230. Hand/Foot/Mouth Disease
  231. Worried about baby brother
  232. Ear numbness
  233. Does Carotid Artery move around when pushed?
  234. Temperature
  235. Recurring hive over lymph node, fatigue other weird symptoms
  236. Numbness on right side of body. Quiet concerning!
  237. what are these things? cannot find answers anywhere
  238. Mysterious Chronic Pain in Joints
  239. Rotton Egg Smelling Burps
  240. Stomach question
  241. Rabies?
  242. Red hot spot on left arm & left cheek bone reacurring
  243. Legpain, what can it be?
  244. Unintentional weight loss
  245. can anyone answer this ?
  246. Breast pain
  247. Stomach Issues - HELP!
  248. Can apple cider vinegar really prevent the stomach virus?
  249. ZYP2D6-mutation... Don't know where to post my question...
  250. What's this weird pimple/growth under my lip (pics included)

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