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  1. Removal of Spinal Cord Stimulator
  2. Pain after arthrogram
  3. First physical exam in 11 years
  4. After gynecomastia surgery why do I have a skin ulcer?
  5. Concerned
  6. Low Platelets and high MPV
  7. Stomach Virus.
  8. Sleeping in room with old books... is it OK?
  9. Cholesterol Level
  10. Please Take A Stab At This!
  11. Loss of Feeling on Top Front of Tongue
  12. Pain in neck and shoulder on left while eating
  13. Donating plasma
  14. Doctors out of ideas - any help?
  15. Any ideas? Lymphs and nerves.
  16. Question regarding habits
  17. diagnosis of mild leukopenia
  18. Muscle Spasms
  19. what's going on with my health? is death knocking on my door?!!!
  20. Birthmark
  21. All sorts of problems going on with me
  22. Fever
  23. Stomach pain after a few drinks...
  24. Mysterious and irritating health problem
  25. Happy New Year
  26. Life Changing problems
  27. sudden onset dizziness -tachycardia
  28. Bad head pressure - panic attacks, mucinex d, or allergies?
  29. Extreme Dizziness and Fatigue
  30. Diabetes, Food Sensitivity, or Anxiety?
  31. Can I take Benadryl to control itching caused by meds?
  32. Weird reaction to Flonase
  33. blood test results
  34. Gut pain
  35. Whao, what the heck happened?
  36. Intense stomach pain after i pee?
  37. Always feeling HOT
  38. Purple spots around mouth :(
  39. Please help if possible
  40. Weak body structure
  41. Tonsil trouble
  42. Dysentery
  43. Irregular Heart Rate / Rapid Heart Rate
  44. Burning feeling in my head
  45. Worried about my memory
  46. Ganoderma Coffee/Tea - thoughts
  47. i eat lots, just end up Losing weight.. not gaining any
  48. Mystery Medical problem...
  49. Ph too low - what works?
  50. Please, please help me out
  51. Stabbing pain in various specific locations
  52. foot tingliest when I touch my leg.
  53. Ongoing mysterious symptoms... Could really use some help here!
  54. Very Strange Balance and Control Problems
  55. My Problem- help =(
  56. Need help with my blood test results
  57. Doctors know?
  58. Mystery diagnosis (having weird symptoms for a long time)
  59. Injuries during sleep
  60. muscle/limb problem... please help!
  61. Burning stinging lips for months help
  62. Mystery Diagnosis
  63. Bad Leg Cramp..muscle still hurts!
  64. Fingertips Peeling..
  65. Struggled with this condition for 3 years. Please please help.
  66. Sharp pain down outside of leg
  67. left arm pain
  68. Is this normal with a fever of 39 C (102 F)?
  69. What to do
  70. Tinglelings + spasms + feeling of cold + sneezing
  71. A strange feeling
  72. High RBC & Erythropoietin
  73. lost cause?
  74. Not sure what this is, need help
  75. Strange Symptoms (Please Respond)
  76. Abdominal pains, 24/7 bloating
  77. Array of abdominal discomforts, worried while playing waiting game
  78. Very low BMI
  79. Has anyone ever been on vancomycin
  80. Fever, but feel perfectly normal?
  81. I don't know what is going on.
  82. Low white bloodcell test results
  83. Neck , arm , ear pain and more - help ???
  84. Urgent Help Needed Sharp Wrist Pain.
  85. elbows & hands
  86. Effects of phenobarbital
  87. Chicken pox - am I immune if I had it before?
  88. Armpit temperature warmer than oral?
  89. Appendix? irritable bowel syndrome? or another issue please do help
  90. Muscles feel like they are covered in bumps
  91. So cold I can't stand it
  92. 18 y/o Male recovering anorexic with night sweats
  93. Elevated D-Dimer
  94. My mother in law is in a coma
  95. Chest pain
  96. Can Anyone Help Me With Results
  97. Reaction to DDAVP
  98. Help Please!! I want some ideas as Doctors aren't sure and I want to work again!
  99. Bad breath help
  100. Petechiae? Vaculitis?
  101. Feeling weak when wearing warm clothes
  102. Vibration Feeling in index finger?
  103. Tightness under tongue and my jaw is uncomfortable. Why?
  104. Where do I go from here?
  105. Could This Be DVT?
  106. Please Help-Constant Hunger, Dizziness, Palpitations
  107. Need help can't breath
  108. Still confused as to what is going on with me! Replies wanted!!
  109. Black Diarrhea and Vomiting
  110. Blood test results.....strange results...
  111. Help! What To Do?
  112. I need some advice
  113. Can anyone help me figure out what I have?
  114. What happened to me?
  115. Chest Pain bottom of ribs, back pain, neck pain
  116. What are the chances that I'll get sick?
  117. I'm so tired :(
  118. I think I am going to die. Please help !
  119. smv blood clot
  120. Bone bruise ankle
  121. Cold, Tired, Irritable....
  122. Strange Pain Deep Inside Palm of Hand
  123. help needed feel like im going to cry
  124. Ten years ago I had an anterior cervical discectomy and my health went downhill.
  125. This is Embarrassing but I Have to Ask
  126. Bumps on my neck - what type of Surgeon
  127. Will my father die?
  128. Swollen lymph nodes that won't go away...
  129. Would you see a specialist who is not board certified?
  130. Leg & thigh Pain
  131. Help me!
  132. Need some help (long post)
  133. Anticoagulant long term question
  134. What could make my heart ache?
  135. pain in hand of unknown origin
  136. Terrible stomach pains after overdose!
  137. Painful "rash" for 8 months
  138. so confused!
  139. Should I see a doctor?
  140. Im not sure whats wrong
  141. URGENT HELP - Recurrent Neurological attacks after I stoped taking HYDREA/ Anagrelide
  142. stabbing pains in head/face/entire body
  143. Doctors not helping me
  144. yikes
  145. Entire body is sore
  146. 3 month viral infection - advice/comments/suggestions
  147. White Bump in Back of throat, no pain?
  148. Elevated Sed rate
  149. Severe abdominal pain!
  150. Odd pain/numbness spreading from upper neck to shoulder blade?
  151. Possible broken finger
  152. left lovehandle feels swollen and has dull pain
  153. use of lines on our hand
  154. Baby the Lady
  155. Close to abnormal/baseline??
  156. Lots of issues, havent been to the doctor in 10 years
  157. Is it my liver??
  158. Loss of strength in fingers (scared, please help!)
  159. fevers for months after blood tranfusion
  160. Tiny lump in front of the neck below adams apple
  161. Really weird stuff goin on
  162. strange feeling inside head
  163. shooting, intermittent pain on left side
  164. Chest tightness, difficulty taking a deep breath, constant yawning...
  165. Soft Fatty Lumps Lipoma?
  166. has anyone tried oxygen therapy?
  167. Hypermobile fingers
  168. Right Stomach Pain and other issues?
  169. Upset Digestion/Probiotic help?
  170. What's wrong? :(
  171. Salad dressings and too much omega 6?
  172. PLEASE HELP! My girlfriend has been getting worse.
  173. Low ferritin levels
  174. Assistance needed for a sweaty bottom
  175. Constant Hand Trembling......
  176. Odd bump on left arm
  177. lumps on neck
  178. Low Iron Binding Capacity ??
  179. has anyone ever gone to Chiropractor while having had a Cervical Fusion
  180. Bleeding risk with supplements?
  181. Alpha 1 Antitripsin Deficiency
  182. Help with body detox please!
  183. overheating and sweating
  184. Symptoms like Dizziness, burning leg pain...
  185. bad cough going around
  186. Could this be allergies of food or post nasal drip/sinus's
  187. my neck is swelling
  188. Still cant figure out the cause of my pain?
  189. Left Arm Pain
  190. Chicken Pox
  191. Teenage son
  192. My life keeps getting worse
  193. Extreme pain where rib cage meets
  194. strange stomach pains
  195. Constant need to pop joints - RLS?
  196. Serious confusion, I'm at a loss here...
  197. rbc 4.94 what does it mean? help ls!
  198. Mucle tremors when tensed
  199. Weird Recurring Symptoms - Help
  200. Absolutely confused....
  201. H. Pylori, stomach Ulcer, Anxiety
  202. mouth condition
  203. Knot on left Bicep - Painful
  204. Please Help
  205. Need advice worried mother
  206. need help
  207. Bruised/Soreness Feeling All Over Body
  208. Bruised/Soreness Feeling All Over Body
  209. Doctors can't even seem to help with this...
  210. Question about aging father's odd behavior....!!
  211. What About Worms In The Knee?
  212. Wierd Symptoms
  213. Great abdominal pressure need help!!
  214. Alcohol related
  215. What causes a fizzing sound in the back of head?
  216. Dizzy, Light headed just before being sick
  217. Chronic Nausea. Need help!
  218. Reverse Itch feeling in throat
  219. Ear and head pain
  220. Pain in Arm/shoulder
  221. Very bad pain - right side
  222. weird bruising
  223. Painfull Swelling in Left Leg
  224. Pain on left side just under rib cage!! HELP
  225. need advice
  226. Pain at back of knees caused by what?
  227. Sick of being constantly ill
  228. shin splints?
  229. Power chair users
  230. What is wrong with my FRIEND?
  231. Lower left rib cage pain
  232. Hematoma a year later
  233. Connections EBV/CFS/Fibromyalgia/Autoimmune
  234. hoping someone can help me sort out my health issues
  235. Tendonitis
  236. Why are my pills entirely different?
  237. electric shock sensations?
  238. Chest Pain / Pepcid
  239. Sudden Chills, Extreme Fatigue and just overall bad feeling
  240. Throat ulcers
  241. Not exactly a question, but still quite baffling
  242. Daughter has lump on arm with bruise
  243. Severely sprained ankle
  244. Burning in right nostril?
  245. Diarrhea from Cold
  246. Random anus pain
  247. Serious problems I am having..
  248. I was eating and felt Pain when food passed. Is it serious?
  249. 10 months after flu - still feel awful..
  250. I'm in big trouble

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