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  1. What is this "organ"/medical condition called?
  2. puss discharge after Hemorhoidectomy
  3. Help! Is something wrong with me? I feel like I'm dying...
  4. Are older, more experienced surgeons always better?
  5. bad pain in leg... dvt?
  6. Brain fog, Ear ache, tooth ache
  7. What is wrong with me? Is this life threatening?
  8. Effects of Secondhand Smoke
  9. horrible leg and shin pain
  10. Lumps at base of head/top of neck
  11. Low WBC and low Lymph Abs. Count
  12. intense night sweats
  13. Pain, top of sternum
  14. Where to now?
  15. Lotta symptoms, sorry.
  16. I took a fall...heres my symptoms, please help...
  17. My shoulder's acting really strange. Why?
  18. RightFoot swelling and pain at ankle and top of Foot
  19. 18 Year-Old w/ Lower Abdomen Pain for a Week!
  20. Swollen Lymph node
  21. Tingling, pressure by left eye, temple ??
  22. strange body problem, don't know what it is
  23. What qualifies as a feverish I have a lower than average normal temp?
  24. Skin turned black after dog bite
  25. Appendix or something else please help?
  26. Hey is this something a doctor would nee dto know?
  27. Cyst on head that stinks
  28. stomach pain... almost lost conciousness... help!
  29. Cough
  30. yellow tongue
  31. Hot Bath
  32. Side effect of Albuterol or something else?
  33. Cause of Bruising?
  34. Short of breath everyday... no panic
  35. Emergency help please? Constant vomiting.
  36. Many symptoms - help!
  37. pins and needles rush all over body, feeling weak
  38. blood in urine?
  39. I'm just literally falling apart ...
  40. Air Hunger (or similar)
  41. CHRONIC knee pain, now have ankle/foot pain- 28 YEARS OLD!
  42. Recent call to doctors office.
  43. Difficulty finding veins.
  44. chronic low blood counts
  45. Weird muscle spasm in chest?
  46. looking for UT split tear trained doctor
  47. Bad breath
  48. Burning in lower abdomen...cramps, pain, gas.
  49. Why has this suddenly started?
  50. Bruise
  51. Red line along spine
  52. Coconut MilK Powder.
  53. Tired of having pain
  54. Desperate For Answers
  55. What could it be?
  56. Deep Tissue Hematoma
  57. To the Random Throbbings in the body
  58. Numbness in fingers/arms and Neck Pain
  59. loss of appetite
  60. about muscle atrophy and severe copd
  61. Who did or have these symptoms?
  62. Mystery sickness??
  63. Black /Grey Stools - side effect?
  64. Sore throat, phlegm, tiredness. Post-glandular fever.
  65. Choking while eating certain foods
  66. Does New Vitality, Ageless Male work?
  67. Heart palpatations
  68. I don't know if this is something I should just live with...
  69. multiple symptoms
  70. Recent Hangover
  71. CBC shows platelet count rose rom 110k to 175 in 4 days - Is this unusual?
  72. Coughing, Epigastic Chest Pain, Constant Burping
  73. Worried - Can ct scan see tumor?
  74. Any Help Appreciated! ~ Weight Loss, Chills, Raynaulds
  75. Weight Loss, Low Blood Counts, Raynaulds - Diagnosis??
  76. post ttp pregnancy
  77. Abnormal Lab Values with scary symptoms
  78. Need Some Input
  79. Walking discomfort
  80. Need Help...i dont know whats wrong
  81. Jawbone
  82. Blood clots and white cell count over 20,000
  83. what is a swollen liver from mono
  84. Moles
  85. What could this be?
  86. Swollen lymphnodes for no reason? and lower back lumps (please answer)
  87. Anyone experience something similar?
  88. Pneumotrophin to treat spontaneous pneumothorax?
  89. Chronic Tingling in Hands and Feet
  90. Not sure what is wrong with me please help.
  91. my daughter's so sick
  92. Burning under cast
  93. Can someone help? I'm falling apart
  94. Can I please see the clot?
  95. Really itchy head.
  96. Worried
  97. Cast or splint for broken thumb (adult)?
  98. Leg Cramps
  99. Having lack of sleep, feeling weird after taking pain meds.
  100. Always hungry
  101. Nose Bleed and Headache?
  102. Sharp pain in throat
  103. Metallic Taste in mouth
  104. How to look after your lungs ?
  105. What to do, i really need so advice.
  106. my 2 yr old passes out
  107. Please help me ,kidney+lower back+testicular pain :(
  108. 2 year old vomiting
  109. Bacteremia (Bacteria in the blood)
  110. Exercise and Nutrition: NOT a fad
  111. Bumps on head,neck and eyebrow!?
  112. Worryied
  113. occasional sharp pain in lower right abdomen
  114. can swollen glands cause throat pressure?
  115. Neck twitches
  116. what is wrong with my husband? doctor says but I'm worried
  117. HELP:High WBC; High HGB; High Neutrophils;Low Lymphocytes;High Granulocytes;Low Monos
  118. Kicked in the groin and freaking out...
  119. strange symptoms
  120. Lots of symptoms; no answers
  121. Pain in arm when straightened
  122. Is this endometriosis?
  123. My mom has been in the hospital for a week.
  124. Concentration Issues
  125. hey
  126. Why do I feel like this?
  127. Severe abdo pains/sickness
  128. Complications from Broken Leg
  129. Young baby boy needing diagnosis
  130. B12 shots on backorder???
  131. chest tightness
  132. Mesenteric Lymphadenitis?
  133. Lower left pain just disappearing on it own?
  134. Mucus in Stool due to Alcoholism.... Help...
  135. Not sure where to post this - Abdominal pain on the right side and back
  136. Odd fainting episode... any ideas?
  137. C difficile relapse, what to do!?!?
  138. Weight Gain After Surgery: Urgent!
  139. Might attempt to drain Pilonidal Cyst, thoughts?
  140. What to Know About Parent's Medical History
  141. Nurse didn't wear gloves
  142. Is this serious or am i just panicking?
  143. blood pressure/pulse
  144. Does anyone have these symptoms???
  145. Can anyone answer questions on MRSA please
  146. Factor XI Deficiency
  147. Constipation..
  148. Need advice or suggestions please help!
  149. Hip joint pain
  150. OUCHHH stress injury?
  151. Onion Body Odor
  152. HowTo Hydrogen peroxide and wax/oil for ears.
  153. have a small, pea size, hard bump on on the inside of butt cheek by anus
  154. Erratic WBC - any ideas?
  155. Medication Question - Foamy Urine
  156. Will i need surgery?
  157. Annoying issue please help
  158. Is it detrimental to my health to be of weak physical strength?
  159. 5 year old with stomach pain and mild fever
  160. Advanced Benign Tumor
  161. I'm new! Have ET. When to worry?
  162. Random lightheaded/faintness, also triggered by alcohol
  163. Pinworms?
  164. What could be my problem?
  165. Eeeeeeeek help!
  166. MRI scan results
  167. leaking sensation
  168. pain on right side of body
  169. salt in the blood?
  170. Stabbing pain in lower right ribs on my side
  171. For how long will I have to be on proton pump inhibitors?
  172. Just feel terrible
  173. Pain under right ribcage
  174. Clumped Platelets, INR Level 1.2
  175. Red mark/rash on forehead
  176. fibroids maybe
  177. swallowing
  178. Dull Pain on the lower right side
  179. headches , loss of balance and hand shaking
  180. Tongue concerns
  181. furred up tongue
  182. Deep bruised lower back?
  183. Ive had a right stinker
  184. edema relief? cramping in calves?
  185. Any advice on neck, shoulder, and jaw pain?
  186. Pain under right rib???????????????????
  187. heavy legs
  188. DVT-Blood Clot questions
  189. How long for blood clot to harden
  190. Unexplained bruising and weird brown discolorations
  191. Vit. b12 deficiency and pins and needles
  192. 10 years of misery. Please help.
  193. CT Thorax & Abdo & pelvis with contrast
  194. Sharp pain after urination?...
  195. Let my body rest
  196. Owww Mouth sores
  197. Is it even possible?
  198. HELP! One leg feels weak?
  199. Always hungry, can't get full! Help!!
  200. Please help, severe sickness for 4 years
  201. Changing meds?
  202. Some Advice Please...
  203. Waking up with sore stomach everyday
  204. Looking for ideas of what could be bothering me
  205. Bruise on face
  206. Health problem I cannot eat properly?
  207. have i stopped growing? need help!
  208. What is wrong with me.
  209. Wisdom Teeth Recovery
  210. Pain in hand/finger joint, any ideas?
  211. Some advice/opinions much needed
  212. Pain in the joints
  213. Random bouts of late-night nausea
  214. Think I had West Nile. Should I go to doctor?
  215. Intense Burning, Tingling in Hands
  216. two muscle spasms in neck leads to fainting?
  217. Hand clenching when sleeping?
  218. Enlarged lymph nodes run in family?
  219. It's now blood clots in both legs- ADVICE?
  220. scared about bloodwork results
  221. RBC in urine
  222. Anxiety/hyper gag reflex (help me please)
  223. Costal Chondritis - Desperate
  224. aching calves- muscle pain
  225. sharp pain in the lower right side, near hip bone
  226. AS geneotype
  227. Bad Stools / Cough Blood
  228. tongue twitching
  229. How to Stop the Spread
  230. Any response is appreciated!
  231. SCM muscle larger on one side of neck
  232. Chiropractor?
  233. Cracking feet
  234. Please read I really need help!!!
  235. HELP: Feeling of Vomitting After meals!
  236. Vein enlargement. blood pressure?
  237. Pelvic pain, just turnt 18 please help me :-(
  238. Strange Nausea
  239. C- Difficile
  240. Bit of an embarrassing pain in anus?
  241. Red painless flat dots in my mouth.
  242. Quadricep Contusion Complications
  243. Blood Test/Saliva Test Question
  244. SERISOUSLY Dark Eye Circle/Tiredness
  245. Chest and Arm Pain only when lying on stomach
  246. Legs in bucket of ice?
  247. food getting stuck in tonsils
  248. SCM Muscle?
  249. ecoh heart scan
  250. Painful and swollen ride side and back

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