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  1. Very weird feelings going on?
  2. myeloma question
  3. I'm not sure what's wrong with me...
  4. Frequent urination
  5. HELP: Splinter feeling under the skin of foot and hands!
  6. Lumps under left wrist
  7. Strange:Dizzy when drinking cold drinks
  8. Concerned
  9. Could this be Strep?
  10. Pain down my left leg
  11. Please help
  12. Why as we are aging, it takes longer time to recover
  13. HUGE bruises without injury ... appearing nonstop!
  14. What do these shapes mean in my blood test?
  15. Asking for help. I dont know what is wrong.
  16. weird vision after eating.
  17. Injury, should I go to doctor?
  18. Is it possible to break your foot without realizing it?
  19. Constant feeling of being in a daze
  20. Vicodin for sunburn?
  21. High HBG & HCT but low MCH
  22. High folate in undiagnosed global delay and seizures
  23. help pls....
  24. HELP?? numbness and tingling and face droop!!!
  25. Help with diagnosing symptoms
  26. Hello and please questions about Testoestrone?
  27. thorat/ear infection. confused. HELP
  28. low wbc count for almost a year
  29. male nipple white tip swollen irritated
  30. Figure this one out if you can! =(
  31. I want to quit drinking coffee
  32. Neeed help diagnosing!
  33. Petechiae??
  34. Enlarged Red Blood Cells
  35. Havent been sick in over 24hours but still feel rubbish?
  36. people who stop watches
  37. Lump on left hand side of rib cage
  38. Chest/Rib pain for 7 months now, NO Solution?
  39. Malnutrition as an Infant leads to Physical deformities?
  40. Hard lumps in chest
  41. Which Doctor Should I Start With (Various Concerns)
  42. having to go to bathroom
  43. Am I Being Misdiagnost?
  44. Lymph Nodes...
  45. Very weak.
  46. Et
  47. “Physical Exam” But No Exam?
  48. Barium blocake after barium enima
  49. where ???
  50. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting,fits
  51. Need help diagnosing..
  52. Problem sleeping....
  53. Weird Bruising
  54. Sharp pain in stomach
  55. help me
  56. Not sure where to post symptoms everywhere.
  57. Death after smoking for few months? :-/
  58. Living in a place with no windows and air quality concerns
  59. *SEVERE* Right Groin/Lower Hip Pain (Female)
  60. My girlfriends health condition
  61. How much time does it take for the effects of tannin to wear off?
  62. 'Idiopathicthrombocytopenic purpura'.
  63. Nervous!
  64. Drunk Feeling
  65. Swelling, shortness of breath, and...
  66. Pins n needles
  67. Scabies - Dog shampoo with permethrin/sulfur?
  68. At my wits end...
  69. What could this be??
  70. Severe problems sleeping, thinking, focusing, and reading
  71. Todler nose block always
  72. Pain in leg
  73. Growing back a toenail?
  74. Abdominal Cramps After menses
  75. Donating Bone Marrow...
  76. Please put my fears to rest!
  77. Drunk Feeling
  78. Muscular Oedema Best Treatment?
  79. Suffer from Allergies, Asthma, or Breathing Problems?
  80. Just got my Blood Report. Some abnormal values.
  81. Unreal Fatigue - Please Help!
  82. Pain in THumb mid knuckles area. Due to Syndrome?
  83. Please help with my odd symptom list
  84. Arms feel numb after fainting
  85. Any advice, encouragement, or anything about my illness, undiagnosed a little sad.
  86. Strange symptoms lack of feeling?
  87. two months ago i had hemophilia, now i dont?!
  88. Extreme flu-like symptoms
  89. High white blood cell count for 30 years
  90. Help - Brushed my teeth with face wash by accident
  91. Wheezing/Whistling sound on inhale and exhale
  92. Strange shocks in my arm while working out.
  93. Extreme Shin Pain
  94. what causes veins in legs to become visible?
  95. Keep Catching Stomach Bug
  96. bad ephedra, caffeine and aspiring experience
  97. Reverse Fevers
  98. Rage Outlet
  99. New Baby with Hemoglobin count of 9
  100. Help with Husband's mood swings..
  101. Drug Induced Hives
  102. Adult Circumcision
  103. my nose throght
  104. IDk whats wrong... someone Help!
  105. Swollen Tongue; Unable to pronounce Correctly
  106. Bouts of light headedness and numbness.
  107. How do I handle this?
  108. Six day headache.. Need Help!
  109. blood clots on lungs
  110. Thumb joint pain
  111. Elevated White Blood Cell Count
  112. Sore stitches
  113. bloodwork
  114. Many symptoms: head, loss of strength in arm, etc
  115. Too much Iron in diet
  116. Need help figuring out chest pain
  117. Systemic ligament issues--is there a connection?
  118. Grandmother's coughing
  119. dvt in upper arm
  120. How to lose weight
  121. repeated INR spike
  122. adrenal - insomnia question
  123. General Anesthesia Question
  124. Head injury advice
  125. Fingertip Avulsion
  126. Constant Nausea (8+) months
  127. One moment I breathe through the left hand side of my nose, next the right hand side
  128. Dry Mouth/Hair Loss/Throbbing Pain in Tongue.
  129. neck mass question
  130. C. Difficile - Relapse.... Need advice
  131. what causes dentin to wear down?
  132. All over body Itching in warm sunny weather when active
  133. cholesterol 7.1
  134. Please help and offer suggestions before I take myself to the doctors
  135. Dripping sensation on leg?
  136. High Potassium / Low Sodium
  137. anyone have a clue?
  138. Stomach ache?
  139. Destroyed lips...over a year now
  140. New Tips / views on Fitness and fat loss
  141. should i be worried?
  142. Lump on leg, upper thigh
  143. dysautonomia and POTS
  144. Swollen knuckles
  145. Chest and head pain.
  146. Nobody Knows What's Wrong...
  147. Trouble breathing
  148. Got hit by a waterballoon on left ear now i cant hear properly
  149. please help my mom has had mrsa for a year
  150. Chicken Pox
  151. My little toes don't touch the floor..
  152. Weird lump in groin/leg joint area
  153. novasure prcedure
  154. What is wrong with me?
  155. Pain after sex? almost lasting a week
  156. Normal Changes in CBC Results?
  157. Slept for 12 hours - About to pass out
  158. turns out you can't turn off years of habit in 6 months
  159. Intense middle back pain, help
  160. Hallux limitus pain
  161. cervical sponylosis surgery at 70 years?
  162. Body Going Berserk. 1 Incident turning my life upsidedown!!
  163. Could this be anything serious?
  164. What is wrong with me? :(
  165. Am i cracking up?
  166. pain and numbnes in hand after iv drip attempt
  167. Unpleasant aftertaste whenever I drink certain beverages while not eating
  168. Need help now!!!! Very important
  169. Claritin-D
  170. lower pain in back when wake up..too much ibprofen?
  171. Body building confusions
  172. I'm Healthy but weight not increasing
  173. Hand tremors?
  174. shortness of breath in 62 y/o male??
  175. Whats wrong with my boyfriend!?!?
  176. Pneumonia continues?
  177. I've been feeling extremely and fatigued the past few weeks...
  178. I cannot live like this!
  179. Food getting stuck in the esophagus
  180. I get sick on average of once a month, what is my problem?
  181. Joint issues
  182. Neurological problem?
  183. I drank out of a cup I found, help
  184. Sick for Over 5 years - doctors keep telling me I'm fine
  185. Anger Issues - Help
  186. Bone Fusion and Medicinal Marijuana
  187. I just wanted some opinions
  188. Constantly mentally and physically drained.. Depression diabetes stress??
  189. rabies question
  190. Arm(deltoid) Really hurts!!
  191. Nasal drip, Please help.
  192. Skin Rash on My Ankles. Tight burning feeling
  193. Ever feel this way?
  194. Early sign of heart attack, or just muscle pain?
  195. Chest pain..Help.
  196. Throat, Help!
  197. Dizzy on a regular basis
  198. Ok pain in back left side of head?
  199. Rdw?
  200. Afrin and saline
  201. Sometimes feel out of oxygen when facing Air-conditioner
  202. Parasite?
  203. Creepy Crawly Skin Sensations
  204. Not feeling good
  205. Talking to self
  206. need help
  207. new glasses and dizzy attacks
  208. Lump in my throat
  209. First & sudden Left knee pain question
  210. Question about potentially infected cut and what to do (includes pictures)
  211. Problem with ear/face going numb
  212. Why am i getting irritable day by day ? please help me..
  213. I have a question/steel poisoning?
  214. Fever/Chills/Ache after Barium Swallow
  215. Fatigue after eating with no other thyroid or gerd issues.
  216. Bloating
  217. Lip peircing gone wrong,, Infection?
  218. help - multiple illnesses, are they related somehow?
  219. Solu-Medrol
  220. Hip/ Upper Leg Pain/ Radiating Pain
  221. Medication-Inducted Low Platelets?
  222. Vitamin D Overdose Help!
  223. bump on neck!
  224. Nauseous, disoriented while at work. . .
  225. Back-related
  226. Nostril-related
  227. Can anyone pls help?
  228. Pain on right side of back
  229. Some abnormal tests I don't understand
  230. Sudden, Excruciating Pain in Neck at Night
  231. My father
  232. Pure liquid diarrhea for 3 days help!
  233. Some pretty random symptoms, mostly involving breathing
  234. I feel like i'm at leas 60, i'm only 17.
  235. Digestive problems following stress that finally went away
  236. AAA? Please help!!
  237. Wost pain in left arm. Need answers please
  238. Throat/breathing trouble.
  239. Could i get some tips and some information from someone please!!
  240. Is there a Doctor House out there?
  241. Strange symptoms
  242. I had blood in my saliva, I also had a dry mouth.
  243. Weird sensations days after marijuana use
  244. Head aches
  245. Lumbar MRI
  246. Upper Throat
  247. HELP ME PLZ i think im dieing....
  248. Scared that something is going on with my throat/lungs
  249. flu like symptoms, please help
  250. Painful fingertips

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