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  1. In need of help/advice - college student
  2. What's wrong with me...
  3. high po2 levels
  4. Physical Therapist Messed Up My Shoulder!!
  5. Spirometry Results - Anyone Know How to Read Them??
  6. How Can I Cure the Medical Problems Ruining My Life?
  7. bilateral finger numbness,same 3 fingers each hand
  8. does it annoy you that...
  9. Help
  10. Strange illness, for 3 weeks - no change
  11. Sore Throat/Fever
  12. Attention Wart Haters!
  13. witholding prescriptions
  14. Who owns my health information?
  15. Do I have A concussion
  16. Sharp stabbing pain inside nose
  17. why does my daughter run 103 temp?
  18. at what times should i drink water
  19. wierd condition ?
  20. nasuea
  21. Chest pain, lightheadness, weakness, vomiting, and low energy
  22. Healthy Toenail Fell Off
  23. scared of pulmonary embolisim, only 18
  24. Pleurisy to for two months? Ideas? Suggestions? Help?
  25. Can it still change?
  26. Bad reaction to immune boosters
  27. Pre syncope??? Please someone read!
  28. Monocular diplopia
  29. A General Question regarding medical care
  30. please... any ideas!!
  31. woke up with a cold--should i hold off on starting prednisone treatment?
  32. Never ending cold
  33. sore enlarged knuckle
  34. Neck and Shoulder Pain, no idea what's wrong :( Please help!
  35. polyclonal proteins
  36. How do you know when you hit your head..too hard?
  37. Constant dull headache for 10 days...
  38. What is happening to me ?
  39. Blurred peripheral vision, numbness in hands and headaches.
  40. Does this sound like a blood clot in the leg?
  41. diahrrea
  42. swollen lymph node and abdomen
  43. pain from ankle up side of leg
  44. Bore Water to Blame??
  45. Leg pain
  46. swollen lymph nodes, CT results, mold exposure? confused
  47. want to know long-term expectations after injury
  48. slight fever + ulcer + wisdom tooth pain + ear pain + eye pain
  49. Tightness and feeling of somehting in upper left side under Ribcage
  50. GI Problems - Advice Please
  51. Need BIG Help. Strict Food Restrictions.
  52. why my arms and hands go numb
  53. left chest tightness, only 18!
  54. Is it serious?
  55. Severe upper right ab pain?
  56. Lightheaded near passing out
  57. I've Almost Given Up - Help?
  58. Neck & shoulders sore, headaches, chills
  59. how do i find out if i am lactose-intolerant ?
  60. Neutropenia
  61. Belly Button Pain
  62. Question on Heart Rate, anxiety and excercise...
  63. excellent dental health
  64. Explain this Phenomenom?
  65. Journey to Diagnosis: an exercise in frustration
  66. Scared....
  67. I look pregnant...
  68. Ab muscle
  69. blood pressure drops/when lying down/sleepy
  70. very anxious newbee
  71. Advice for a hurt arm...
  72. Unexplained nerve type pain
  73. one red spot on tongue...any ideas?
  74. Bad odor!
  75. worried about moms hearing?
  76. tongue twisted at few words
  77. Whats wrong with me???
  78. Stressed or sick?
  79. in pieces from mono
  80. Swallowing
  81. Infected insect bite
  82. shoulder arthroscopic surgery, but now muscle in arm might have torn?
  83. hormonal illness
  84. Please help diagnose..
  85. Neck Stiffness
  86. Worried aboout the pressure in my head.
  87. Armpit Irritation
  88. please help very concerned
  89. heaviness in chest
  90. Not Sure What This Could Be
  91. EXTREME dry lips (not chapped- please help)
  92. Big problem with big toe
  93. cord under armpit
  94. Facial bones
  95. canker sores
  96. Not sure what doctor I need to see
  97. High MPV
  98. Unexplained Body Odor I can't smell
  99. Warm sensation in chest
  100. Hip pain and lump in 21 y/o Please Read
  101. Why have I lost my appetite for meat?
  102. Rabies Exposure Worries...
  103. Please help!!!! i'm going insane here!!
  104. Knee Pain
  105. Many symptoms - feel awful 24/7 - please help
  106. Electrifying body-wide shock while running
  107. Needing to Pee Every few hours
  108. painful lump
  109. Tingling throat
  110. Can you be obese and have low blood pressure?
  111. Constant Nosebleeds
  112. Muscle injury question.
  113. Throat Chock
  114. What kind of shoulder injury might I have?
  115. Alcohol and it's effect on the brain and general health?
  116. Muscle tightness throughout entire body
  117. Sharp shooting pain from rib to knee?
  118. Weird feeling/numbness from left pectoral muscle down inside of left arm into palm?
  119. Head Symptoms
  120. Body sensitive to Medicines
  121. Which hand do you wear watch on? Left supposed to be bad for you?
  122. Pilonidal Cyst/Abscess
  123. Pilonidal Recurrance -10 years later
  124. C-Reactive Protein of 6.99?
  125. i have a mole or bite >
  126. Underarm + Arm Symptoms
  127. backbone pain
  128. rash
  129. BP too low? Knee injury? Confused by physical...
  130. Weird Symptoms
  131. Got a CAT scan and am nervous of radiation
  132. Multiple symptoms!
  133. strep throat
  134. What is wrong with me?
  135. Lump
  136. Pea sized lump in lower abdomen...
  137. Question Regarding Some Marks.
  138. how to control pulse rate
  139. Remembering
  140. vitamin D deficiency and other issues
  141. Diagnosed with glandular fever
  142. I have too much energy; can i stop / reduce this?
  143. cant figure it out?
  144. FL Law - is it OK to leave bedridden patient alone in house?
  145. My arm has a mind of it's own!
  146. blood testing before mri
  147. thumb stiff/weak/injury
  148. Swollen lymph node under jaw & tongue pain
  149. Black/ Red Dots/Sores in mouth
  150. Hip Pain
  151. Low Potassium
  152. Chest Pain
  153. Best place to live for old people
  154. Nausea,Burping,Pain under right rib
  155. Elbow cracking/tight sensation
  156. Ask help
  157. Blood Test Results
  158. Blood test result
  159. Confusing Urinalysis Results
  160. Worried about my symptoms
  161. biocellular analysis
  162. Chronic pancreatitis
  163. Flonase question
  164. body heat
  165. I really need advice please!
  166. Random Pain in Lower Left Ribs
  167. Painful Bulge On My Lower Abdomen
  168. blood-borne diseases
  169. Sick for almost 3 months.
  170. Prednisone Tapers and Side Effects
  171. pain in the tibia
  172. stomach pain
  173. Tired and cold all the time
  174. feels like a fish?
  175. MS fears—crazy, or legit?
  176. dry, itchy, bleeding patches?
  177. woke up dizzy and nauses
  178. Please someone try and help, wound question
  179. how do you get a dent out of your leg
  180. Shoulder pain, cracking, popping - extends to neck and jaw
  181. not sure what is going on
  182. Does Blood dry a bright red or a darker red?
  183. Possibly a pinched nerve?
  184. Frozen Shoulder & Cortisone Shot?
  185. Stange car sickness
  186. Brown hair, blond eye brows and facial hair
  187. general just not feeling well
  188. Help im such a wimp
  189. No stethoscope, electrocardiagrams for everyone?
  190. Need Help
  191. 1/2 RX pill stuck in throat, what do I do?
  192. Can anyone tell me what this is
  193. Iontophoresis...
  194. Drug for tendon and tissue repair
  195. Are Electric Toothbrushes bad for health?
  196. Is it possible that I have HIV?
  197. Why do my lower legs swell after bathing?
  198. Lesions found on right lung and mid back
  199. Mono, thyroid help
  200. Coughing, sore chest, trouble breathing
  201. roto cuff
  202. Cant Breath
  203. Are you obese?
  204. Feeling Ill after exercise/breakfast
  205. Left ribcage problems
  206. Fatigue,Nausea, Shaking
  207. what is going on?
  208. Diarrhea.
  209. Dissolvable Stitches
  210. What diseases can Mosquitos give a person besides West Nile and Malaria?
  211. thigh numbness
  212. pain in chest
  213. Swollen scrotum after abscess surgery
  214. Doctor/Medicine Trouble
  215. What could be the problem?
  216. ear stretching dilemma (pleeease help!)
  217. What could be the problem
  218. Stomach aches
  219. Big Vein for years? Got smaller overnight?
  220. overheat easily
  221. otoplasty ear pinning
  222. lump under skin
  223. burning patch/dead patch
  224. body change
  225. lower leg spasms/twitching/cramping/
  226. swollen lymph gland in the neck
  227. Hard mass inside inner rt. thigh
  228. Please help!!
  229. Callous on TOP of hand
  230. Confusion/nausea/faintness after using tanning bed
  231. Duragesic after 3 years
  232. Can U please tell me what is wrong ?
  233. Can anyone help, I'm quite scared.
  234. FOOSH Injury/Scaphoid
  235. stomach problem please help
  236. tennis elbow
  237. Walking health enigma
  238. Did I get sick?
  239. pain in left upper arm
  240. Low lymphocytes and lymph nodes
  241. Water Retention
  242. loss of wieght owing to anti deppressent withdrawel
  243. Could this be symptoms of a Blood clot in calf?
  244. Bad elbow pain
  245. shift work sleep disorder
  246. Some Questions
  247. stomach problem
  248. Malaria Question
  249. Tired and bad headaches after eating
  250. Nausea?!?

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