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  1. 8 year old, periodic leg pain and falling down for months now.
  2. Sudden Change in Behavior/Thinking/everything...Please Help...:(
  3. severe lower back/pelvic pain
  4. abdomin pain
  5. Mom has chest 'pain'
  6. lower lip throbbing
  7. Lump under skin
  8. Neck pain
  9. Shen Min DHT blocker
  10. Husband/new father is acting really weird with sleep. Really concerned, a little scar
  11. Really nowhere else to turn... Advice
  12. bloody snot
  13. Oily sheen on urine?
  14. Often smelling blood, and seeing it in my mucus
  15. testing hormones in saliva helped me sleep
  16. What was this?? Please help I'm freaking out!!
  17. Angry, Lethargic, Depressed?
  18. Freeze Dried Vegetable Powder Drinks Question
  19. why worse on damp rainy days?
  20. Recent Physical
  21. Stomach pains getting worse
  22. Do I have parasites?
  23. Too Skinny?
  24. Abdominal spasms (cramps)
  25. Why do I feel so terrible?
  26. Chest Burning - Looking for answers
  27. new bie
  28. What tests should I ask for?
  29. anybody knoew what this is?
  30. Ringed-shaped lump underneath nipple...
  31. Stomach Issues
  32. many symptoms, possible conditions?
  33. SEVERE Hangovers after little aclohol
  34. Help me out?
  35. Bump inside the bone in my right nose. Could it be a tumor?
  36. Uncomfortable breathing / muscle vibrations in chest / yawning lots
  37. lump in my scrotum
  38. weird ring around upper leg
  39. trapped nerve???
  40. Sternum and ribs not expanding!!!
  41. edema, pitted edema in legs & ankles
  42. Not sure if this is nerve related
  43. almost permantly ill
  44. heavy metal poisoning?
  45. Is this a heart attack, or dangerous?.
  46. Opinions with my issue.
  47. Need help with all around discomforting feeling on the left side of my throat
  48. whats going on with my body?
  49. Canine teeth clashing together.?
  50. swollen lymph node
  51. Chest Pain and confused. Can somone help?
  52. Pain in little toe
  53. Body Function
  54. Can someone help me!
  55. Seven years of vomiting, still no answers.
  56. Height and Weight
  57. digestion question
  58. firing a doctor
  59. Debilitating Malaise--Diziness--Fatigue
  60. Lump on my head
  61. Swelling
  62. growthing issue
  63. Chronic joint pain worsening over course of 6-7 years. 21 yrs old.
  64. When should you brush your teeth after eating sugar?
  65. Hi, Im new and I have a few problems!
  66. penicillin and phentermine
  67. Cervical Spondylosis/ MRI Results pls help
  68. Brain Fog - Phosphatidyl Serine
  69. PAIN in my Neck, tests came back clear, why?
  70. On/off colds?
  71. how much shud we wait for bath after taking meal
  72. Bug Bite or allergic reaction?
  73. What are the chances of a 19 year old having a heart attack?
  74. Want to gain weight
  75. too many medications, supplements?
  76. Lump in neck below jaw, pain in tongue
  77. Food Allergy
  78. Weak, feeling sick every day, eye sight continues to get worse…
  79. lungs hurt whenever i breathe in deep
  80. pain in left arm and left leg
  81. sudden eyesight loss for my 79 yr old dad
  82. Pain Swollen lymph nodes everywhere? Please help
  83. Tonsil issues and acid reflux?
  84. Puffy eyes, unusual tiredness, fatigue... Please Help!?
  85. breath issues...
  86. Chest pain - do I need to see a doctor?
  87. legs pains...
  88. Frequent Vomiting in a Epileptic Male
  89. Horrible Joint Pain and Swelling
  90. Neck pain sore throat head pressure
  91. tongue
  92. Hi - introduction & question please
  93. A few Questions
  94. Left chest muscle pain
  95. Lantent becoming active
  96. Chest pain for a year, new symptoms.
  97. Why I get so tired whenever I sit near a small fan?
  98. Brain fog, unawareness, stuffy nose etc.
  99. Stinging Thobbing pain in neck
  100. bump near naval
  101. I have a question, please help?
  102. why do i feel like i have rocks in my stomach
  103. Unsual felling of tongue
  104. Arm pain. Can anyone relate?
  105. Prickly feelings in chest
  106. Any Advice - A little Concerned!
  107. My son fainted
  108. Taking isoniazid (INH). What would you have done?
  109. flem
  110. loss of voice
  111. anxiety? or heart problems
  112. Blow to head. Brain Damage?
  113. why would you crave crayons?
  114. I feel like I am falling apart...
  115. Feeling a little lost....
  116. Health Insurance "Any good priced single coverage Ins out there
  117. so tired whenever I sit near a small fan help please
  118. I notice when I look down at lower stomach the right side sticks out more than left
  119. Rubbing eyes
  120. Whey Protein and General Gym questions
  121. Shampoo in the eye?
  122. feeling really tired, sore glands
  123. Sore Throat - muscle strain?
  124. how to deal with Mono?
  125. lump
  126. symptoms
  127. Stomach Issue During a Cold
  128. Never physically comfortable
  129. The ability to regurgitate on command
  130. Strep followed by loss of appetite
  131. left side of neck swollen and congestion
  132. Transfer totally paralyzed person to wheelchair?
  133. Cracking or popping joints?
  134. Not feeling well
  135. Right Abdominal Pains - spreading to left
  136. If a blood test comes back good does that mean I dont have Cancer ?
  137. Frozen Shoulder - Physiotherapy Help!
  138. A Cold or the Flu?
  139. How long is tooth enamel soft for after eating sugar?
  140. I'm Too Young To Be This Sore!!! HELP!!!
  141. I have no idea what could be wrong with me.
  142. Timing of Drug Side Effects?
  143. Suggestions for notes to take to initial Naturopath visit?
  144. Very strange right side pain
  145. How much sun exposure is the right amount?
  146. numbness and twitching
  147. Stomach pains EVERY morning.
  148. Chest Pain/Fever/Blood Shot Eyes - Help?
  149. Unprovoked 'Brused' pain in lower right rib
  150. Breathing problems.
  151. I really need help and advice
  152. MayoClinic Alternatives?
  153. CAT scan question
  154. Ocella complications/file for compensation??? HELP!
  155. Stomach problems, Weak/Drained, Cant Sleep :(
  156. havent brushed teeth in 8 years
  157. Is There Any Need To Use Shampoo?
  158. can't breath while eating
  159. Terrible fever
  160. CONSTANT sweet taste. Any ideas?
  161. I feel like crap lately, getting worse.
  162. sick mum
  163. I Can't Stop Itching when I get Hot
  164. NYC Endo
  165. Tight Chest, Lower Back Pain, Short breathing.
  166. White tounge Dry Mouth
  167. Hormone overdose...can't sleep, 2nd night up
  168. Twitching toes
  169. Everything wrong from the top down...
  170. lymph nodes
  171. Question on heart Rate BPM..
  172. Antibiotic Question
  173. answers on a postcard?
  174. Rash related to depression or past mono?
  175. OUCH!!!! Canker Sores!!!!!!!
  176. Too much starch! Ack!
  177. Constant raised temperature (38°) during several months
  178. injured hand from doing CPR
  179. Incredible pain on top of my head! =[
  180. Help! GF is sick!
  181. lump in center of chest
  182. citalopram interaction
  183. Crippling Muscle aches and Pains
  184. what can you do for lump in throat and sore neck
  185. How do I tell if my navel piercing has an abscess? I'm pretty sure it's infected.
  186. black sport on inside of cheek
  187. Help!! Worried my dad has prostate cancer!
  188. Pls help me undersand what is going on inside of me.
  189. Blood in Urine
  190. Sodium Benzoate and Vitamin C causing Cancer
  191. basketball and a broken wrist
  192. glands
  193. CBC result help
  194. Anxiety because of health issue? Please respond!
  195. Recurring Lip Lesions Don't Know What It Is
  196. Is it my heart?
  197. Thyroid disease and lung issues? Help!
  198. Upper left leg thigh pain
  199. Diamond shaped rash on back
  200. Meningitis
  201. Pain under ribs and upper back
  202. Unknown Diagnosis
  203. Bruising.. for no reason!
  204. Stuffy Feeling after getting-up in the morning
  205. broken wrist help
  206. 3 important questions..PLEASE HELP!
  207. What's up with me? Why do I feel like this?
  208. Flu bug
  209. What Is Considered a Low Grade Fever
  210. Back sore arms falling asleep
  211. Red face from drinking, but only sometimes.
  212. yawning
  213. Stress
  214. I'm not really sure...
  215. Chest pain
  216. Sore Throat on One Side
  217. painful submaxillary gland when i swallow
  218. Pain/burning on right abdomen and back
  219. Natural Treatments
  220. Knee/Upper Leg Issue
  221. Is it possible that I could have Tietzes Syndrome (Slipping rib syndrome)?
  222. tenderness under rib cage
  223. pain aftert 6 months since surgery for labrum tear
  224. Severe Rib contusions
  225. I am healthy, but do not feel well...
  226. "weird head," not quite a headache but ...
  227. Right hand Joints
  228. ive been ill for the past week, hoping someone could share a little insight please.
  229. sudden intense recurring pain
  230. choking and vomiting
  231. swollen tongue
  232. Severe Abdominal pain- had key hole surgery for appendicitis still in pain, pls help!
  233. Stomach problems !
  234. Headache and Jaw stiffness or numbness
  235. Dream or Not..?
  236. Kidney? Liver? Please help me trouble-shoot
  237. Disease Contaminated from Cats
  238. Scraped my side on a piece of rusty metal
  239. What Is this? Need Help
  240. Feeling sick after eating carbs
  241. hard lump on chest below clavical
  242. Shortness of breath, constant yawning, tight chest
  243. Blood Tests
  244. dizziness
  245. Leg still feels asleep.
  246. What is wrong with my lips?
  247. Use safe guard **** for staph infection
  248. Myster Bump on Chest
  249. Right Shoulder pain
  250. oversleeping

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