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  1. sharp chest pain sudden on left side only
  2. Thank you for the birthday greeting
  3. Splenic Infarct
  4. numbness
  5. Weird Contractions in chest
  6. Please help me, I'm desperate (what could this be?)
  7. blood test came back abnormal
  8. 19 Year Old Athlete, Inexplicable Trouble Breathing, Other worrisome symptoms
  9. dizziness, nausea, fatigue
  10. weird slight neck pressure
  11. How to Correct Leaning Forward Posture and Shorter Stride length?
  12. Waiting too long
  13. confused about head flushes
  14. Help :/
  15. Bethlem Myopathy
  16. Bone pain
  17. Deep upper vertical and bottom lip lines
  18. Help understanding Lab results
  19. Is there something wrong?
  20. Head is on Fire
  21. lymph nodes
  22. Burning sensation in right calve
  23. Hey all
  24. Constant Buttock and Leg Pain
  25. Good or bad diagnosis?
  26. Post Menopausal 1.2 cm endometrium
  27. mysterious upper abdominal pain
  28. idiopathic postprandial syndrome
  29. Chest pressure?
  30. Neck pain and a small bump in neck
  31. Severe pain in my leg(s)
  32. Appointment soon, but what do I need to ask?
  33. Could this be a hormonal imbalance?
  34. Abscess in incision
  35. Tingling in arms and face and feeling light headed
  36. Hello new
  37. Right dull ache
  38. Hi
  39. hey, heres one for you from someone who has been terribly ill/still in the woods
  40. My husband is 30 and has very low hormone Count and Low vitamin D
  41. high temperature in palm and feet while rest of the body is cool
  42. Constant chest pain
  43. Amyloidosis A
  44. Chest Discomfort From 2 weeks
  45. odd pain
  46. Strange sensation in legs and feet, nauseous in the morning...
  47. Feeling Sick Almost Every Morning
  48. FEVER! - Tetanus from the screw? the Bee/wasp/spider or what?
  49. Hello
  50. Hello from England :-)
  51. 7 mm lung nodule deep in the anterior left lower lobe
  52. This is my Hello to a place I a actually glad to be a part of.
  53. pycnogenol effect on cortisol?
  54. Itchy/tingling feeling on my scalp
  55. Dehydration ???
  56. neck pain and meningitis
  57. pins and needles all over
  58. Hi New Here
  59. Sudden whole body numbness which leads to sudden inability to breathe
  60. hi
  61. Hi everyone
  62. What's up?
  63. Stomach/Back pain
  64. Robotic surgery damage
  65. my 17 year old daughter, cant find a diagnosis
  66. Z-line
  67. body tremors
  68. Aches, Pains, Stiffness and Acid Reflux.
  69. Hello
  70. Gbs, ms, neither??
  71. carotid surgery
  72. What is wrong with me?
  73. Ceroma
  74. Strange, but it is a problem
  75. Intermittent pain mainly in thighs/legs/arms--cause??
  76. Everything hurts all the time
  77. hello
  78. Thin yellow vomit , abdominal pains , headaches
  79. Possible nerve pain and other muscle symptoms
  80. Carcinoid? Or paranoid?
  81. Breathe
  82. Any advice welcome: abdominal pain
  83. safest treatment for low T/low Vit D,
  84. Rare lymph found in CSF
  85. cold waves rushing through body
  86. Pressured head
  87. Fainting/concussion
  88. Tingling
  89. slight toothache, leftside neck pain when swallowing
  90. Nasal Nausea?!
  91. susceptible to vascular disease, neural tube defects, dementia, colon cancer
  92. Recurring Faint Feeling - no diagnosis - please help!!
  93. Mystery Illness
  94. Feeling very unwell for several years
  95. Sore muscles
  96. Accumulation of fat caused by steroids that still remains after 16 yrs
  97. hello
  98. Hi, I'm new..
  99. Hello
  100. Muscle Twitching and tingling
  101. Endoscopy
  103. Talking to my doc
  104. Eagle's Syndrome
  105. Chronic dizziness , migraine , vertigo , anxiety , panic , depression
  106. Need help desperately!! any advice??
  107. New to the board
  108. Hello
  109. Hello
  110. Weird stuff happening
  111. Foods with flour in them make me sick? Why?
  112. 28 Y/O Female- Persistent Pain- Doctors Stumped
  113. Dull Ache/Upper Right Quad
  114. Please help! undiagnosed symptoms possible anemia??
  115. grullagirl1997
  116. eye pulling sensation, can't sleep
  117. Upper body muscle pulses/pain
  118. Thumping in head
  119. Newbies
  120. No diagnosis yet
  121. Worried!
  122. Newbie
  123. Pressure in lower abdomen
  124. First Day Here
  125. Cortisol production on night shift
  126. Heavy Head
  127. Stress\Anxiety or something else?
  128. I keep passing out, is it because of lack of protein?
  129. Chronic Mouth Sores
  130. Is it better to wash hands with antibacterial soap or use alcohol hand sanitizer?
  131. cold waves rushing through body
  132. Lupus/fibromyalgia? Friendly info please :(
  133. Looking for a new doctor
  134. symptoms driving me mad
  135. Does anyone else take generic Seroquel at night and then an SSRI and benzo in the...
  136. Hot/Burning thumbs
  137. Been sick for 2 years: chronic nausea body pain
  138. Garcia
  139. Highly Sensitive People
  140. Just wanted to tell someone.
  141. Chest Pain/Burping/Bloating
  142. Radio Frequency Ablation
  143. IV Infusion- Newbie with Questions
  144. heavy head
  145. ferrous fumerate w omeprazole
  146. Drug...
  147. sjbva
  148. muscle twitches ... visible heart beat ... pain in rib cage and neck and head pain
  149. I like bad smells?
  150. Frequent fevers in the last two months + other seemingly unrelated symptoms?
  151. Night Sweats and Extreme Fatigue
  152. Please help - complicated
  153. Test results
  154. Intro
  155. Cloudy
  156. Been sick for three months...
  157. Sporadic chest pains
  158. Too many symptoms to count but no answers
  159. Elevated IGG and IGA
  160. Lightheaded. Dizzy help
  161. Night Body Shakes
  162. High Hemoglobin and Hemacrtocrit along with Low T
  163. 2
  164. Low WBC, normal RBC
  165. Hello
  166. Heavy Right side of head, chest and neck pain
  167. Burning Face and chest
  168. Swollen lymph nodes over 3 years
  169. Left side chest pain
  170. My health
  171. Painful on bridge of nose and swelling to 1 side
  172. am happy to be here.
  173. Talacen and memory loss
  174. lump in mouth
  175. Tingling after very stressfull days
  176. i am confused. plz help me
  177. Please help me understand my MRI results
  178. Rotator Cuff Surgery set for May 20
  179. Interferon and side effects
  180. MRI of my brain
  181. Lower right abdominal swelling, pain when walking, random sharp pain
  182. Infection at incision site
  183. pressure neck, under jaw, to inside my ear
  184. my first post
  185. Weird Last Month
  186. Depersonalisation for five years desperate f answer
  187. Washing produce with dishwashing liquid
  188. 'panicky feeling in testicles'
  189. Still searching for an answer
  190. Body Wash discontinued and since then parasthesia and burning
  191. post endoscopy pain
  192. Orthovisc injection #1
  193. Achey and swollen
  194. 20 year old male no sex drive
  195. Agina or Esophagitis
  196. Hypothyriod What Really Works
  197. help understand neckmri results
  198. Ovarian Cysts Symptoms
  199. Low cholestrol
  200. Maybe Vestibular Neuritis?
  201. Hair loss help from the implanon bc
  202. The Story Of My Non-Healing Wound
  203. many health issues do to systemic yeast overgrowth
  204. no pain control ....new laws
  205. Calf swelling
  206. Tired
  207. Why me
  208. I'm new! And a bit of a mystery patient!
  209. mylan vs sandoz levothyroxine
  210. Left Abdominal Discomfort/Enlarged Spleen?
  211. Looking for answers
  212. Crazy CBC Results & LAP Score? Help Please :)
  213. Many Prescriptions
  214. what could this be?
  215. Removed lymph nodes but now my ear is getting swollen
  216. Calf Strain
  217. I would appreciate any help
  218. question on thalassaemia
  219. One messed up dude!!!
  220. Worried about my health
  221. Need help with obsessive worrying!
  222. fluttering feeling in legs occassionally
  223. Frustrated and hopless... long post
  224. zap like feeling when trying to sleep
  225. mycobacterium avium intracellulare
  226. Any help would be greatly appreciated asap!
  227. Please Help
  228. welcome
  229. Multiple problems
  230. why do I've soo many medical issues
  231. Reactive Lymph Nodes
  232. 24 year old male worried about symptoms
  233. i feel i have a stone pressing in my left side of my neck
  234. nerve and balance
  235. head/neck relation
  236. Chronic “drugged,” “drunk-like,” “woozy” feeling
  237. I want to learn about Growth Disorders
  238. 19 Year-old Female, Incredibly Worried About Having Something Serious
  239. The ends are the same, no matter the means
  240. Hsp
  241. Myositis ossificans and typhoid
  242. Non painful swelling on right front under rib cage
  243. un-natural fat deposit/ bot belly? how to get rid of it!!!
  244. Zoloft
  245. Advice sought on Tremor in head while sleeping
  246. Right side pain
  247. Lower Right Abdomen Pain
  248. possitive light chain paraprotein results
  249. chest pains
  250. Withdrawal and exercise: Questions

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