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  1. Foul smelling palms suddenly
  2. Special Alarm Clock
  3. Stomach Problems for 4 years...
  4. Why am I so tired?
  5. so many symptoms and no answers
  6. Please help me reach my health goals.
  7. Strange pimple like population, measles or so?
  8. Any experience with therapeutic muscle machine
  9. Been having symptoms for a month not sure what's going on
  10. Lump inside my bottomside of my tongue!
  11. pain below rib cage
  12. Teenage Daughter passed out..no warning
  13. im getting pains just under my rib cage on the right side
  14. Asthma or Panic Attack? Please help!
  15. Worried About Mole
  16. Why do I randomly get sick so much?
  17. Why do I get fatigued after riding to work a few days in a row?
  18. loosing weight since 3 months
  19. Because I don't know whats going on..
  20. Hand cyst
  21. What could be wrong ?
  22. Been feeling unbalanced for 2 months - getting worried
  23. why is this happening to me? desperate for help
  24. toe infection
  25. elevated body temperature when tired
  26. A Cold or Allergies?
  27. pain under left breast and upper rib area
  28. pain in liver area. tenticle or root on rib cage
  29. Beginning Symptoms
  30. Blood test result
  31. Question on this pain..
  32. fever question
  33. left side abdomen pain
  34. punch in the stomach.
  35. i have high CRP, C3 levels and high sed rate
  36. Dizzy in the morning...what does it mean?
  37. Extreme dizziness
  38. cant get a diagnoses
  39. Nerve or muscle strain
  40. Still not gaining weight...please help
  41. tremour
  42. pelvis injury
  43. Pineapple...to eat or not to eat???
  44. Why Am I Belching so Much
  45. How good is chocolate really for you?
  46. Missing mouth muscle?
  47. pain in lower right pelvic area
  48. Pain in chest when not drinking?
  49. Weird Blood Donation Side Effects
  50. pain in abdomen, right side
  51. Anyone have a tailbone that sticks out a little bit??
  52. hypothyroidism?
  53. question about legs
  54. Surgery; Tongue Numbness
  55. 19 male calf pain
  56. adenoids?
  57. Dizzy Feeling All Over
  58. numb hand
  59. Life threatening obesity - need advice
  60. Stomach cramps from nowhere!!
  61. How Often Should You Get Blood Work Done?
  62. Bronchitis? Sick for a week, don't know whats wrong!
  63. low body temperature
  64. Can heartburn not "burn"?
  65. Please Help!
  66. blood in urine
  67. Abnormal Body Temperature
  68. Why am I so tired???
  69. where do i go from here
  70. Why do i get so upset?
  71. Cervical Dystonia and Botox
  72. Help me please!
  73. Desperate for answers
  74. Everythings wrong...Low blood sugar maybe?
  75. Mom had to get throat stretched but why?
  76. Is it a drug interaction?
  77. what is it called when i have a bump in your butt
  78. Severe mucus congestion/ dry mouth!!!
  79. Blood work
  80. heart palpitations?
  81. Severe sore throat
  82. What causes sore eyes?
  83. Please help..confused..any ideas are great.
  84. Buttock discomfort (no pain) when sitting
  85. Speckled ANA - 1:1284
  86. Heavy Metals in blood have risen since last tested two years ago
  87. Hairy Outer Ears? - plz help!
  88. Self medicating with antibiotics?
  89. Sense of smell/taste off since general anesthesia
  90. BMI of 30.9, BP of 141/102 and resting pulse of 117...how bad are these numbers?
  91. Pain..left side under ribcage
  92. Nose bleeds, constant, severeish?
  93. sudden sharp weird throat pain
  94. Lack of fluids causing problems?
  95. Hypopituarism?
  96. stomach pain
  97. rib pain
  98. i have a mysterious bump above my belly button
  99. Underweight problem
  100. Easy bruising and stomach pain.
  101. Allergies vs. TMJ...
  102. low energy all the time
  103. abnormal mass on liver..
  104. Two Months - Still Undiagnosed.
  105. Chest ache in the morning
  106. physio pain please help !
  107. Low temperature???
  108. Sudden painful lump, is this an abscess?
  109. What's with the popping?
  110. How long should one wait to see if they can pass a kidney stone?
  111. General Anesthesia Questions!!
  112. Sick stomach every moring
  113. nausea 20 mins after eating
  114. what is good eat first before taking a bath or eat after taking a bath?
  115. Sudden Shivering
  116. Jaw injuries
  117. Son without a diagnosis!
  118. anti depressants
  119. 11 weeks of Medical Mystery - Need Help!!
  120. Stomach problems
  121. why are my ears closed
  122. grey skin, excessive head sweating, bad breath
  123. Lump on Inner Thigh
  124. help?
  125. Lots of new problems
  126. Please help no idea what is going on
  127. I'm not sure if this goes here but...
  128. Surgery to repair bicep tear and impingement
  129. painful left side
  130. heat rush
  131. knot under skin
  132. Meningitis in May 09 and havent felt right since
  133. 35 year old women trapped in an 80 year old body
  134. Can someone explain
  135. Very concerned
  136. Feeling cold sensation in upper chest area...
  137. bruising that lasts for a LONG time
  138. Malaria prescription?
  139. Enlarged Spleen & Low WBC
  140. New and hoping to get answers
  141. Question about diarrhea and "liver area" discomfort
  142. why am i constantly nauseous
  143. Viral infection
  144. Odd "malady" with my left wrist
  145. I've been ill so many times
  146. Name whats wrong with me! Nauseous, shaky, weak ect.
  147. 45 Year old male. Is the pain normal?
  148. should you take a bath when you ate
  149. Stomach/Back Pain After Consuming Alcohol
  150. Any idea?
  151. help..
  152. Concerned about treatment
  153. strange spots on my arm...
  154. Itching problem when doing cardio, cant grasp why? Please help :)
  155. Increased Abdominal Gurgling
  156. Information on Remicade
  157. brain zaps from tramadol?
  158. Sweet taste in mouth, can someone explain??
  159. I need help diagnosing a problem
  160. Another possibility? Allergy to plate in my neck?
  161. Urgent advice needed!
  162. Sitting down problem
  163. Large painful pimple ON my ********?
  164. Bizarre Stomach Issues - Please Help?
  165. Foot Drop
  166. Sore legs?
  167. Frostnip?!
  168. Mass discovered: Biopsy now? or wait?
  169. PAD...what do you go through with that?
  170. im 16 i if you dont grow in one year can you still grow
  171. Confusion Is my Middle Name
  172. Is This a Seizure of Sorts?
  173. saw black dots??
  174. Tongue Piercing help
  175. Can anyone tell me if I should be concerned
  176. Testicular pain...
  177. What does polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia mean?
  178. Should I be Worried about Menigitis?
  179. Chest Pain. Helppp?!
  180. Isopropyl Alcohol Indigestion
  181. Bruised or Fractured Pelvic Bone
  182. Considering going to Mayoclinic for an unknown illness
  183. Scleroderma-Morphea-Connective Tissue Diseases
  184. female problems
  185. Help
  186. Feeling sick dont know what might be wrong
  187. Food Poisoning , flu or heart disease Please help!!!
  188. mind disturbances
  189. grapefruit juice interaction
  190. Thigh Pain
  191. trying to figure out what is going on
  192. Vertical Abdominal Pain - No Bulge
  193. Does anyone know what the abbreviations on a cbc result stand for?
  194. primary care physician..plzz help
  195. Question about weight gain!
  196. Sharp temple pain
  197. too much tylenol, should I go to the doctor?
  198. Been dizzy for 2 weeks!
  199. lump
  200. Swollen Lymph Node in Armpit
  201. cant stop getting sick
  202. cold stuff combined with blood on my left nostril
  203. I only feel sick at night time??
  204. help
  205. Lumps near elbow
  206. help getting fustrated
  207. Chronic nausea and vomiting
  208. Is pain normal when having blood pressure taken?
  209. Stomach issues?
  210. Stomach cramping
  211. rickets
  212. gastric problem+tongue coated yellowish white
  213. Please read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  214. trachea and chest(maybe sternum?)
  215. Lupus Cough Medicine Question
  216. Pill swallowing problem.....
  217. Waking up in night with locked jaw.
  218. soluiton for segregation of saliva in mouth during nights till morning
  219. Narcotic Refills
  220. Enlarged Lymph Node in Mouth?
  221. Bump Behind Tooth
  222. red, itchy and painful rash on vigina
  223. Medication question
  224. nerve pain
  225. Laundry list of symptoms. Any ideas?
  226. What should I do? I'm scared ><
  227. blood in urine
  228. extremly annoying please help!
  229. upper bum
  230. Is Organic Juice (concentrate) good for health?
  231. Old brown recluse spider bite area...
  232. Is it broken?
  233. why is just one gland so painful?
  234. Swollen Lymph Node in Neck for many years
  235. Not feeling quite right
  236. Arm goes numb/dead while sleeping
  237. Fatigue with no cause
  238. Siatic nerve strange thing happened!
  239. black and blue and then a bump, please help
  240. Mumps then Orchitis,Male aged 26
  241. extreme tiredness
  242. Knee Pain
  243. Wrist pain
  244. Is this something to worry about?
  245. shortness of breath and tired
  246. T3 Uptake
  247. why is my left ankle swollen
  248. Large "mass" on lower left side of back
  249. Lots of "symptoms"
  250. Severe bloating, nausea and hot flushes with sweating during eating. HELP

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