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  1. Persistent Cough.. please help? :(
  2. whats wrong with my belly button?
  3. lower leg water?
  4. long-lasting flu virus
  5. Bunch of problems with myself
  6. Does Alpha Lipoic Acid prevents Omega 3 Oxidation like Vit E?
  7. my 2 year old son has a lump
  8. panic attacks, seizures, something else?
  9. Painful urination after intercourse.
  10. Numb itchy right breast and underarm what could cause this?
  11. Bad neck and body pains
  12. i just had swine flu about 2 weeks ago now i feel dizzy
  13. Pain in left lower chest upper abdomen
  14. Abnormal Left Bottom Ribs, Painless Swollen/Lump
  15. Overweight and Short of Breath?
  16. chest and shoulder pain and cold feet and allitle cold sweat at night
  17. stomach distress
  18. URI??? Swine Flu???
  19. Getting scared
  20. Lot's of painful gas
  21. Strange unrelenting fatigue
  22. Dizzy
  23. Could it be my spleen??
  24. Sudden tenderness on the left side, under my heart
  25. Bump on Roof of Mouth
  26. This thing in my mouth!!
  27. Let's care about ladies' health
  28. Sweating head.
  29. Injured Calf - looking for advice
  30. scar tissue cure
  31. Mystery disease need help
  32. Wobbly weak feeling in thighs for 5 weeks
  33. Gastrointestinal Question
  34. Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify
  35. constantly exhausted and other symptoms
  36. just help lol
  37. PVCS, Cough and Other Issues
  38. my dad
  39. Cant stop coughing !!!
  40. tongue tied
  41. Question about Diverticulitis
  42. hard to breathe
  43. Stomach Issues... I think...
  44. Pain ,numbness skin on fire
  45. Trying to get down to 2-3% body fat... am I healthy though?
  46. Deteriorating Cartilage
  47. Weird Stomache
  48. Kidney's sore, Stomach garling/sore,black stools...
  49. why i have scars in my butt
  50. Abnormal CT scan
  51. left thigh hurts when standing up
  52. question on Kidney infection..
  53. pain in my arms down to my fingertips!
  54. chest and arm pain
  55. Frequent weeing
  56. Stomach trouble after consuming alcohol
  57. Back & Neck Pain
  58. Need Advise
  59. left arm stifness
  60. Shoulder MRI Results
  61. should i see a doctor?
  62. Continuous clearing of bowels in a day
  63. headaches
  64. Nephew gets sick when he goes to beach
  65. loss of hand control
  66. Numerous nasty bruises/hematoma after injury
  67. what could this be
  68. Sore throat for too long
  69. Post operative muscle cramp
  70. left arm feels heavy
  71. Cough and rash...what could it be?
  72. Itching & Bruising
  73. Skin rash
  74. Shortness of breath, constant yawning, tight chest
  75. Colon/bowel spasms following colonoscopy
  76. I get unsightly purple bruises easily
  77. Body Spasms ???? What are they from GAS?
  78. dry eyes
  79. what could this be ??
  80. Lots of random symptoms lately: dizziness, blue lips, shivering, sweating, headache
  81. Hard to sleep and breath
  82. Pericarditis, Heart disease!!!???
  83. Ocassional fever and back pain
  84. Pain on Right side of SIDE, Hip, Butt and soemtimes leg....
  85. Okay so I thought I had swine flu... Is it a different case?
  86. Haematoma
  87. How many calories a day?
  88. I feel sick constantly
  89. Why me?
  90. swollen lips
  91. Numb Fingertips
  92. Weight loss, loss of apetite, slow eating
  93. Can someone here please help me, what part of teh body is my PAIN coming from ?
  94. Cold feet and numb leg
  95. Large indention in leg muscle
  96. Pls help - cyst on back and VERY painful :(
  97. Breathing problems and back pain?
  98. Lidoderm Patches
  99. the top of my head feels really weird
  100. Not Wanting Antibiotics
  101. Really need your thoughts
  102. Shots or no shots
  103. Undercooked Vegeterian Pizza
  104. Bad taste in mouth!
  105. Enlarged Nodule
  106. when can you kiss someone who just had mono
  107. Sweating in palms
  108. years gone by and no answers
  109. Increased appetite?
  110. abnormal weight loss?
  111. I'm a worrier - Did I overdose?
  112. Any suggestions on sweating/dizzyness after..
  113. Need help understanding son's MRI results on shoulder injury
  114. symptoms
  115. floating stool
  116. weird smell
  117. Feeling weak and sleepy
  118. Help--swollen feet and hands
  119. Throat sore for 6 months!
  120. Pain in chest and exaustion after speaking
  121. What do these symptoms mean
  122. Lump on back
  123. any idea what is wrong with my arm?
  124. Has anyone ever recovered fully from this?
  125. I'm afraid.
  126. white spots in the mouth
  127. pain in both upper thighs
  128. Painless sore throat
  129. Very inflamed tonsils but painless!
  130. Occasional "episodes" - please help
  131. Got beat up! was i wrong not to go too hosp?
  132. Sudden bilateral finger peeling and darkening?
  133. Hand Fungus
  134. If I had a reaction to a flu shot once...
  135. hormone patches
  136. Pain under right shoulder blade
  137. No Diagnosis for Swollen Clavicle
  138. Chronic Headaches and Eye Discloration
  139. Wheezing sound in chest
  140. Help ... can anyone advise me on this?
  141. I Just want an answer
  142. Is it good or bad?
  143. Brain Fog/ Pressure in head/ Loss of mental clarity
  144. lower pain on right hand side
  145. veins on top of feet
  146. Knee question
  147. leg fatigue...
  148. Tingling in leg/s
  149. Help! Multiple Symptoms and Still No Diagnosis
  150. I have some questions
  151. Need help with neck and back pain
  152. Need help here
  153. Sore Throat, Fever, Headaches, White spots on throat.
  154. Mole Removal on Head=Bald Spot?
  155. no idea need help ?
  156. No idea what's wrong with me..
  157. Teen Female Lump on Groin
  158. how to tell the difference between a boil or herpes
  159. why is my mouth cold
  160. numbness and bruising
  161. Torn calf?
  162. Teenage boy having knee pains!!! :(
  163. Not feeling "right"
  164. Prednisone and lymphocytes
  165. Strange Pain Below Right Front Ribcage
  166. Good General Health Practitioner Recommendation in California?
  167. lumps under rib cage,
  168. Surgery to change head shape
  169. Dizziness - what tests are there for it?
  170. 45yo Male-swollen abdo, distended sternum, gastro reflux + ?syncopy...
  171. Persistent infection & High white blood cell count
  172. Symptoms, I'm at a loss!
  173. Cramp in abdominal muscle following operation
  174. What type of doctor should I go to?
  175. cold feet
  176. black and blue spot on my body
  177. lump in groin area and its oozing
  178. Lumps in leg???
  179. Incredible Lower Leg Pain
  180. Hip Pain
  181. Light white coat
  182. estrogen test results
  183. Acromioclavicular Seperation Grade 4
  184. Problems lately
  185. I dont know whats wrong with me
  186. Constant Dizziness/Lightheadedness & Chest Feelings
  187. Blood Test Results
  188. please help!
  189. asymtetric face growth
  190. My Skin
  191. pea sized lump near naval
  192. Large tonsils!!
  193. Any ideas what's wrong?
  194. Frequent swollen lymph node? Help!
  195. Has anyone had this happen?
  196. strange feel head
  197. Mouth tingling
  198. Chest Pain after milkshake
  199. lifelong major depressive disorder
  200. tight chest, cant breath, bruising below chest line..........ideas?
  201. Feeling not right
  202. Concerning Symptoms- Heart or what?
  203. Pain in Lower Right Abdomen
  204. dizzy feeling comes on for no reason
  205. What is the medical term for...
  206. Any help would be monumental -
  207. Can someone help me with these symptoms?
  208. Still don't know what's wrong with me!! (long)
  209. varicose vein treatment
  210. Red spots on skin!? Help please
  211. Pain in upper back left hand side
  212. Symbicort
  213. what causes tonsil stones?
  214. Not sure what's wrong with me - Please help!
  215. BK Amputee: Hibiclens solves folliculitis
  216. What causes cold intolerance?
  217. Can someone explain something to me, if you know???
  218. worried due to negligent doctor
  219. Fever for 5 days
  220. I Blackout get dizzy almost pass out and get a really bad headache afterwards
  221. What's wrong with my eye?
  222. Suffering in Pain and No one Can Help Me
  223. Child afraid at night
  224. varicose veins =(
  225. Strange Symptoms affecting speach - PLEASE Help.
  226. Question on bug bites...
  227. Will I do a new MRI in same branch or in different branch ?
  228. Strange symtoms/diagnosis, looking for suggestions, someone must have an answer >.<
  229. Tonsillitus????
  230. Week Long Debilitating Headache
  231. what is a white spot with a red ring on my chest?
  232. In The Morning
  233. Drunken/Stoned Feeling
  234. I'm scared and don't know what it means.
  235. joint discomfort/pain ..negative tests
  236. Swollen Bicep, high White cell, fever --?
  237. Lump on mastoid bone/anxiety
  238. pain in my back of my tounge and throat
  239. Low constant fever sore throat muscle aches headaches?
  240. fainting
  241. Severe abdominal pain
  242. Constant aching feeling in the bone in my left arm?
  243. How do I?
  244. Pain in side of pelvis
  245. Constantly getting colds, flu etc
  246. Back pain and stomach spasms??
  247. Rib bone pain
  248. What dosage of Adderall is therapeutic?
  249. Got a set of symptoms - need diagnosing help!
  250. Help!

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